Worker Gets 16 Years For 2 Grams Of Marijuana

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

MANILA, Philippines—Less than two grams of marijuana hidden in a rolled-up newspaper cost a construction worker up to 16 years in prison after a Pasig judge found him guilty of drug possession Thursday.

Full article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


This is insane. My mind is blown. A huge portion of humanity is still stuck in the dark ages. Where some of us make progress, others step backward, trip and fall. Leave your comments on this disgraceful violation of human rights.

News Story: 2007 Cannabis Arrests in US at All Time High

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Article Here

Your Tax Dollars at Work – 2007 Set New Record for Marijuana Busts

Just say no.

According to FBI figures released last week, 2007 was a terrific year for the War on Drugs (unlike the Wars on Terror and Poverty, which showed mixed results). Last year, police arrested over 1.8 million people for “drug abuse violations,” of which 17.5% were for dealing. That means approximately 1.5 million Americans were detained for simple possession of a product they chose to buy. Of those, over 872,000 were busted for pot, the least offensive illicit intoxicant in history.

It is absolutely disgraceful that a country so advanced as the United States would spend so many resources on persecuting their own citizens.

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