News Story: University of Colorado Police Return Marijuana to Student

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

From this news site:


BOULDER – The University of Colorado Police Department returned about two ounces of Marijuana to a student on Monday.

Officers seized the marijuana and arrested the student, sophomore Cole Nicholson, after finding the marijuana in his dorm room.

Nicholson was charged with criminal offenses, suspended from CU for a semester, required to complete community service hours and write a paper on the negative effects of marijuana.

However, Nicholson is registered as a medical marijuana provider, and he says the marijuana is properly prescribed medicine meant for his brother.

After hiring attorney Robert Corry, the Boulder District Attorney dismissed all charges and CU reversed Nicholson’s suspension.

Because the charges were dropped, the CU Police Department returned the marijuana to Nicholson on Monday afternoon.

“This is a victory for CU students,” said Corry. “It’s a victory for Colorado’s medical marijuana patients. It’s a victory for Colorado’s medical marijuana caregivers who really, like Mr. Nicholson here, undergo a lot of risk in caring for people.”

Nicholson says he’ll take the marijuana back to his brother in Aurora.

“This is for my brother because he has debilitating pain from injuries in the past, and a doctor prescribed it as medicine that would help him live his daily life, and I just help,” he said.


This is a step in the right direction for the medical movement. Post your views on this happening by making a comment below.