Trip Report: Some Potent Acid Plus a Lake

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This trip report was written by an avid weed smoker I know. He’ll probably write some more stuff for us in the future, so post what you think of this trip report down below.


For years people have used psychedelic drugs to get in touch with their spiritual side, even to try to meet God. This has become less prevalent in our modern world as people have become less religious, less spiritual and more inclined to get ‘fucked up.’ Unfortunately for these people, strong psychedelics can carry them into places they never thought existed, and they can meet God even if they weren’t intending to, or ready for it. This is the story of how I spiritually met God, died, learned the meaning of life and achieved nirvana, all while putting me and my friends’ lives in real mortal danger.


Editorial: A Look at LSD

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

This essay was written by the same fellow who wrote the paper on cannabis as a sensory enhancer a few posts down—King Cthulhu. He will be a regular personality here at Stoner Culture, and while his writings may not always be exactly on the topic of marijuana, they will serve to cover the drug scene—which is, at some level, inseparable from the cannabis scene itself—at large.