Stoner Rap

We received this music video made by a follower on twitter. It should be watched by all weed smokers.

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Anonymous vs The Man

This isn’t strictly stoner related but it’s still interesting. I happened across a good article over at the Huffington Post which provides an overview of the Anonymous movement and its growth and development. Click the pic to read the article. Here’s part 2.


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We’re in Bat Country boys and girls.


[Editor’s note: this piece is written by a new contributor known as Hashishan] Oh sweet sweet peyote, how you make me smile. For a whole day at least. Certainly a cactus put on Earth for humankind to sink our teeth into and enjoy the soft, fuzzy, never prickly flesh. However, an extraction gone awry is rather less than sweet. So, big FYI here kiddos, read up on a few different methods and various ways of extracting/dosing your peyote or mescaline based goodies because no joke here, a bad extraction leads to not just a foul, disgusting gunky mess but at times an unpleasant trip.So read up, dose it right and have a wonderful time 😉

Newt Gingrich took Acid (Shocking!)


“I remember Newt in his trailer before the filming started, he was scooting along the floor talking about blue bubbles and mini mee dragons,” Johnson Arnolds, a key grip on the campaign shoot told CBS news.
Things got really weird when Newt got onto the set and started talking.
“He was talking some really weird shit. We tried to tell him to keep to the script but the little rascal kept goofing around with that nonsense shit. In the end we just called it a day and four people had to escort Newt to his trailer because he thought he was on the surface of the moon,” director, Timmy Olsen, revealed.


Want some DETAILS with that weed?


In the course of my web travels I happened upon this site called iStrainGuide. It is awesome because it’s very SIMPLE and lets you get the lowdown on your weed as quickly as possible. Anyway, check it out and be sure to let us know if it’s good or not by commenting below!

4 Dank Budshots

Only one of these strains has been seen before here at Stoner Culture, and that strain is Sensei Star (previous version available here for your viewing pleasure).

And now…something completely different!

Any one of these 4 strains could easily cause a smoker to become extremely high.


New Dank Budshots–SkyWalker

This strong smelling weed is named Sky Walker. Here’s a high res picture of the buds:

Sky Walker

Click for large version! Leave a comment if this budshot rings your bell.

Arrest Warrant Issued for Not Opening Door

You may have seen the video of the Massachusetts man who refused to open his door for police. The cops were called on a report of domestic violence, which they are required to respond to. They are not, however, required to physically enter the home for such a call. They insisted that they be allowed in this man’s house, despite his and his wife’s assertion that there was no violence or argument taking place. Just some overbearing neighbors. If you watch to the end of the video, you’ll see an officer “politely” telling them of why the police expect to have doors opened for them.

Their story doesn’t end there. That “polite” cop – the one that everyone uses as a justification for cops being ‘the good guys’ – filed for an arrest warrant on both the man and the woman. The charges? “Maintaining a noisy and disorderly house.” Now, was this a legitimate complaint that needed attention, or police retaliation from some disgruntled officers who felt their authority was threatened? The penalty for first-time offenders of that law is $150. Did these citizens warrant an arrest over $150? It’s such an absurd assertion I can hardly wrap my mind around it. Imagine being pulled over for an illegal lane change and then immediately taken to jail.

This type of obscure, catch-all law is being used with more and more frequency as an excuse for police to circumvent common human decency and civil liberty. To avoid landing yourself in this situation, do not give the police any indication that you’re present at all. Just stay quiet, stay away from the door, and try to wait ’em out. They’ll give up eventually.

Lotus Vaporizer: Future of Portable Vaping?

All the new toys

All right, before I get into anything about this vaporizer, I need to remark on its name. This vape is labeled the Lotus Vaporizer; my favorite car is a Lotus, and I am known as Lotus. If that’s not the best coincidence ever, I don’t know what is. So when I heard that I would be reviewing a vaporizer with that title, I was very excited. I was also immediately aware that this type of bias could negatively affect readers who have no affiliation to the word “lotus,” so I made sure to include a number of neutral participants to provide their own insight. Ok, now let’s jump right in…
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