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Happy 420, Internet!

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Just got back from the Marley Fest on Auditorium shores, downtown Austin. Checked out the unveiling of the new Willie Nelson statue as well! Enjoy these shitty cell-phone pics of my endeavors:


The layman’s perspective on a LSD trip circa 1953

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

LSD trip

My 12 hours as a madman is the name of an essay–which is a fancy term for TRIP REPORT. Written in 1953 by the aptly-named Sid Katz, a Canadian journalist who had a thing for covering the mental health scene. The main part of the essay is Sid’s best, and very creatively told, recollection of an acid trip at a mental hospital, all for the sake of science. Sid takes 200 ug of very good acid and has a strong trip. By employing a variety of Ph.D. mental health professionals as trip sitters, Sid managed to keep a very good record of the trip even though he abandoned his “notebook” after the first entry! Very interesting read if you’ve never taken LSD or a psychedelic before, and probably a story you can identify with if you have. Clicking the trippy photo above this text will also take you to the essay.

The Drug Experiences of Lotus

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

It’s amazing to think that I’ve been heavily into recreational drugs for 4 years now. On the one hand, I’ve gained so many experiences; looking back it seems like I’ve had a lifetime of memories in this short time. On the other hand, I’ve only been using them for a fraction of my life, and it’s incredible to look forward to all the possibilities ahead of me.

One thing is for sure, I’ve done a lot of drugs. I’ve done some drugs that most people probably only know about in a mythical sense, and some people probably haven’t even heard of! In this article, I’d like to share with you all my experiences with these drugs, and which ones I like, and dislike, the most. I’ll try to order them from most enjoyable to least enjoyable, but since drugs are such complicated issues, it wont be perfect.


The Psychedelic Review

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Have you ever heard of those mythical publications out of the sixties where spacey LSD-dosing scientists and essayists talk about drugs in the most official way possible? I had too, and today I found a glorious archive containing every volume of the ’60s publication The Psychedelic Review. Choice articles (PDF) include “The Pharmacology of Psychedelic Drugs,” “Four Psilocybin Experiences,” as well as “LSD and Sexuality.” The last one has a pretty trippy drawing on the last page, and in fact, most of the later issues are filled with all kinds of trippy content. Anyway, this place is awesome so go check it out. Leave any comments you may have below.

Trip Report: Shrooms On A Saturday Night

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

This is the story of an adventure undertaken by a psychedelics user.

At 5:40 PM, I ingested 2.9 grams of slightly damp psilocybin mushrooms at a friend’s residence. Shortly after consuming the magical fungus, my friends and I made our leave and walked back to my own residence at a brisk pace. The air was not warm, and this coupled with my fast walking caused me not to feel the initial come-up. After a quarter-hour of travel we arrive at our destination and I am coming up hard. I sit down at my computer and initiate play of the song Sheep by Pink Floyd. I’m tripping hard at this point, and some serious visuals are manifesting in front of my open eyes. (more…)

Review: Riding Motocross After Smoking Pot

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

This article was written for the site by Lotus, who you may remember as the author of the article on driving while high. What you are about to read is a really, really bad idea. You should not attempt to do anything described in this article unless you want to die. With that out of the way…


One of the greatest things about weed that I’m sure all smokers can attest to is how it makes almost every activity better in some way. From the sedentary lifestyle of sitting in front of the TV or computer screen to getting outside and exercising, everything just seems better. And, to most of us, we can do these things without much sacrifice to skill level or reflexes.

So, with this in mind, I decided to combine my two loves: marijuana and motocross. To protect my identity, I won’t release the information about my bike. But know that I’m an intermediate level rider (to the layman, this is, in MX racing class terms, the level just under pro or expert) who has over ten years of riding and racing experience under his belt. My bike is a finely tuned race machine, and under inexperienced hands it has the capability to cause serious harm.


Trip Report: Street Ecstasy

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

This trip report was written by a person who is a student at a private college in the southern US. The comments at the end of this document should serve as a reminder that it’s always worth testing the pills you get so that at the very least you know what you’re dosing yourself with. Safety should always be prioritized above all else when it comes to drug hobbies.


Experience Report: 10/25/08

Time of consumption: 10:30 PM

Substance consumed: two “ecstasy” pills

  • red, tightly packed with pink spots
  • Glock pistol logo
  • indented edge at top
  • no smell/taste (swallowed)

I purchased three hits of ecstasy a few months ago and had tried one pill back then.  It was different from these two… the first one was a blue ribbon.  The other two were red pills with pink spots packed tightly in there.  The front was outlined by an indented ring around the pill, and it was emblazoned with the indentation of a Glock pistol.


Driving While Stoned

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

What you’re about to read was written by our own dear member Lotus. You absolutely, under no circumstances, should in any way perform the actions described here. Now that the obvious is out of the way, I’ll tell you that Lotus is a very intense automotive enthusiast; he just loves cars.


A Sensory Experience, Courtesy of Lotus

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Lotus, who has posted here before, sent me this story he wrote the other night after smoking very excessive quantities of fine Austin homegrown:


Looking back on it, I do seem to remember a strange whistling sound in the background. I thought it was just a spurious noise, so I ignored it. As the whistling got louder, I could hear the sound of a plane’s engines roaring overhead. It was odd. I hadn’t heard them until just then, when they had been just as loud for at least a minute before. I realized that I had been hearing the sound, but I was simply not interested in it. As the whistling was at its highest peak, the thought crossed through my mind that it might be a bomb. I knew this was just the product of paranoia, but I started to become worried.


Trip Report: Some Potent Acid Plus a Lake

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This trip report was written by an avid weed smoker I know. He’ll probably write some more stuff for us in the future, so post what you think of this trip report down below.


For years people have used psychedelic drugs to get in touch with their spiritual side, even to try to meet God. This has become less prevalent in our modern world as people have become less religious, less spiritual and more inclined to get ‘fucked up.’ Unfortunately for these people, strong psychedelics can carry them into places they never thought existed, and they can meet God even if they weren’t intending to, or ready for it. This is the story of how I spiritually met God, died, learned the meaning of life and achieved nirvana, all while putting me and my friends’ lives in real mortal danger.