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Ever Wanted an Easy Way to Determine Candyflipping Dosage/Timing?

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Use this handy dosing spreadsheet made by the friendly mitztronic over at TCC! Play with the variables in the top-left area to get different results and figure out what will work best for you. Keep in mind this is of course a very basic and rough guideline, and not something you should put infinite faith into. If you’re on a Mac or don’t have Office on your PC I recommend downloading something like OpenOffice to use this resource.

We’re in Bat Country boys and girls.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


[Editor’s note: this piece is written by a new contributor known as Hashishan] Oh sweet sweet peyote, how you make me smile. For a whole day at least. Certainly a cactus put on Earth for humankind to sink our teeth into and enjoy the soft, fuzzy, never prickly flesh. However, an extraction gone awry is rather less than sweet. So, big FYI here kiddos, read up on a few different methods and various ways of extracting/dosing your peyote or mescaline based goodies because no joke here, a bad extraction leads to not just a foul, disgusting gunky mess but at times an unpleasant trip.So read up, dose it right and have a wonderful time 😉

New study: psilocybin improves long term mental health in humans

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Original article

I’m too stoned to do anything but put the link there for you to click on. Maybe this would be different if I had used shrooms more often. You can find some trip reports of my experiences here in our archives.

The Stoner Culture Psychedelic Archives

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

It’s that time of the year again. Time for a few more stoners to give in to their curiosity towards psychedelic drugs and try them, or try going back to them! In this post I will share with you some information which I’m sure everyone with interest of any kind in tripping will appreciate. Here are some of our past features. The first four links are exclusive to Stoner Culture! On to the data:

Trip Report: Shrooms On A Saturday Night – Very frightening shroom trip!
Trip Report: Some Potent Acid Plus a Lake – More frightening, very intense LSD trip!
Editorial: A Look at LSD – Good for new users
Lotus’ Guide to Psychedelic Use – Another must for new users
The Psychedelic Review – A magazine published during the 60s about tripping. What’s not to love?

We would like to invite you, our readers, to share any trip reports or psychedelic stories by commenting below.

LSD and the Spirit World

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Hidden in a dense green forest sits the remote village of a close-knit tribe. They are a simple people, one of the few remnants of ‘uncivilized’ culture not yet blemished by well-intentioned travelers. They all work as one to hunt, gather or cook food, tend to the young and elderly and perform all the various daily tasks any tribal village must. They sing together, eat together, dance together, tend to each other’s wounds and share in every aspect of life. But there is one person whom they all must turn to, someone who possesses a quality unlike any other member.


A Non-Comprehensive Guide to Recreational Psychoactive Substances, or, a list of drugs.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

There is a lot of information to sift through in regards to recreational drugs. Whether it’s from the DEA, MADD, your drug dealer, or a random website you stumble across, there tends to be quite a bit of bias in the answers you find. I’m going to try to accomplish the impossible: an unbiased guide to drugs!

I am inevitably going to fail, as I am admittedly extremely biased towards the responsible use of drugs. I believe that almost any drug can be used responsibly, and if everyone was thoroughly educated on them, it would be much more common that people could do so. Drug education could also have loads of other positive effects, of course, including a reduced stigma, further research, and better addiction assistance, but that’s another topic entirely.

So without further delay, let’s begin!


Lotus’ Guide to Psychedelic Use

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

[stc: this was written by our established contributor Lotus, who is a frequent user of psychedelics and occasionally rides motocross stoned]
Tripping for the first time on a psychedelic can be a very stressful time for any person. Most people have no idea what to expect from a drug like LSD, psilocybe mushrooms, or mescaline, and the rumors and myths surrounding these drugs can make it difficult to tell fact from fiction. I’m going to try to tell you some things to help you out on what can be a life-changing experience, so that it’s a change for the better, and not the worse.


The Psychedelic Review

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Have you ever heard of those mythical publications out of the sixties where spacey LSD-dosing scientists and essayists talk about drugs in the most official way possible? I had too, and today I found a glorious archive containing every volume of the ’60s publication The Psychedelic Review. Choice articles (PDF) include “The Pharmacology of Psychedelic Drugs,” “Four Psilocybin Experiences,” as well as “LSD and Sexuality.” The last one has a pretty trippy drawing on the last page, and in fact, most of the later issues are filled with all kinds of trippy content. Anyway, this place is awesome so go check it out. Leave any comments you may have below.

Trip Report: Shrooms On A Saturday Night

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

This is the story of an adventure undertaken by a psychedelics user.

At 5:40 PM, I ingested 2.9 grams of slightly damp psilocybin mushrooms at a friend’s residence. Shortly after consuming the magical fungus, my friends and I made our leave and walked back to my own residence at a brisk pace. The air was not warm, and this coupled with my fast walking caused me not to feel the initial come-up. After a quarter-hour of travel we arrive at our destination and I am coming up hard. I sit down at my computer and initiate play of the song Sheep by Pink Floyd. I’m tripping hard at this point, and some serious visuals are manifesting in front of my open eyes. (more…)

Trip Report: Some Potent Acid Plus a Lake

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This trip report was written by an avid weed smoker I know. He’ll probably write some more stuff for us in the future, so post what you think of this trip report down below.


For years people have used psychedelic drugs to get in touch with their spiritual side, even to try to meet God. This has become less prevalent in our modern world as people have become less religious, less spiritual and more inclined to get ‘fucked up.’ Unfortunately for these people, strong psychedelics can carry them into places they never thought existed, and they can meet God even if they weren’t intending to, or ready for it. This is the story of how I spiritually met God, died, learned the meaning of life and achieved nirvana, all while putting me and my friends’ lives in real mortal danger.