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Stoner Rap

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

We received this music video made by a follower on twitter. It should be watched by all weed smokers.

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Sour Diesel Weed… and a Guitar

Monday, September 19th, 2011

This is extremely potent stuff picked up in central Texas. Delicious.


A Town of Texas-grown Trichomes

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

A collaborative effort between a friend and I resulted in the following photos. These two are a small sample of the gallery.


King Cthulhu’s Music Chamber—Edition Two

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

A great song to lose yourself in (not Eminem) when on copious amounts of THC is “The Birth and Death of the Day” by Explosions in the Sky. By the way, Postrock (which is the genre of this band) is by far one of the most moving and almost spiritual genres on this planet.

Literally the song portrays the birth and death of a day. To experience this in a very moving and intense 8 minutes, you should listen to song. The album it’s from is called “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.”

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Austin City Limits—A Highly Stoner-Friendly Event

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Today, your editor in chief made a lengthy voyage to the Austin City Limits music festival. Here’s the low-down:


I eventually roused myself out of bed at noon after a night of heavy smoking with few breaks. Today was no ordinary day. Today was day 2 of the Austin City Limits music festival. The sole band of my direct interest, CSS, was scheduled today for 3:30. I managed to print my ticket and eventually make it to the show by way of a shuttle bus sometime after getting out of bed. If I may observe, the shuttle bus service was very well managed. I walked my way through a relatively short queue and boarded an air-conditioned bus which took me directly to the festival with a minimum of fanfare. After purchasing some water, which by indication of price was evidently in possession of some very special and amazing properties, I made my way to the AT&T Blue Room to wait for CSS. A band called the Fratellis were finishing up the tail end of their set. I sat on the ground and began to roast the tip from one of the joints I had brought. I took a few hits and extinguished the handy little fellow. I came up as the band played their hit song Flathead. I must note, now, that like many other music festivals, ACL absolutely reeked of pot at all times, so I wasn’t particularly worried about any problems arising from my smoking.

Eventually the band came on, and I toked up as they opened their set with the song Jager Yoga. I was not many rows from the stage, and the sound engulfed me as the cannabinoids began their familiar dance. I continued to smoke throughout the rest of the show with no problems. Some gents a couple rows in front of me were smoking out of a fancy glass chillum, and there were many other such instruments being used prominently. After the set ended, I wandered around the show and sampled various other bands while enjoying the rather intense effects of the herb.


All in all, the festival comes highly recommended to any stoners who wish to smoke while enjoying music.


King Cthulhu’s Music Chamber—Edition One

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Sometimes when I’m smoking with my hos intellectual drug companions outside, I get some mad auditory hallucinations. Musical hallucinations that must be quelled by the sweet sound of their real sister. Today’s real sister is:

STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9)—Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist from the album Peaceblaster

 (Click the song name to listen or download free from

This particular song is extremely entrancing, memorably melodic, and has a catchy beat. STS9 has some wonderful music for sleeping, or just listening to when you’re baked. Every time I listen to this song, I feel like I’m trudging through the jungle wearing a M16 on my back while chopping away foliage with my Vietnamese machete.  

Another one of my favorite albums by the group is Artifact (2005). STS9 also performs live (amazingly) and has lots of people dropping out of college to be their groupies (ACL 2008 anyone?). Speaking of ACL, our main writer is going there on Saturday! There will be coverage to some degree here, so keep checking back.

—King Cthulhu


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