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Who is Lotus?

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Some say he lives for just 5 minutes after maturation, only to mate and die. Some say he was adopted by a family of gender-confused wombats and made to eat a steady diet of water bugs and cannabis leaves. Some say he is actually a machine-elf, and capable of experiencing all 12 dimensions of reality.

Now, as far as you’re concerned, Lotus is the world’s foremost expert on passing drug tests. Not only has he watered his own way to freedom, he has helped over 1,000 people on this very website pass their tests and continue to enjoy their poison as the man does his thing and tries to keep ’em down. What’s this, you haven’t been to our site before and want to know the dope on passing drug tests? Simple, check out our 2014 compendium on the subject courtesy of Lotus:

Drug Test FAQ / How to pass!

That’s all, folks. Keep it real and hang loose.


Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

We finally have a handy donation button that you will notice on the right hand side of your screen. If you have found any of this information useful or interesting, please consider helping us out. As you might have noticed there are no advertisers on Stoner Culture, and there is no plugging or shilling of any products. We feel that without the distraction of sponsor demands and advertising rules we are able to provide much more objective and helpful content (not that we haven’t considered it).

Thanks for reading and I hope you have found something entertaining or useful on our site. Of course, if you’re broke and you’d just like to say hi, feel free to shoot me an email at I’d be happy to hear from ya.


Stoner Profile: The Office

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

We are a humble, home-grown blog which aims to improve the quality of information regarding the Earth’s favorite pastimes. Comprised of a small but powerful group of somewhat unidentified contributors, the StonerCulture world is one of magic, mystique and adventure.


Random Contributors

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

This page is a tribute to all the random contributors to our site. Their stays were usually short, but they came to regale us with tales from all across the globe, and from a variety of different backgrounds. Without them, who knows where we’d be today. If you’d like to see your chosen moniker on this page, feel free to make some stoner-related art, or write up an article; you too can be internet famous!

Stoner Profile: Lotus

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Listed below are links to all the entries Lotus has made to Lotus is a consistent contributor to the blog. He is a daily smoker, and uses the occasional psychedelic. Dank is the product of choice for Lotus, and he refuses to buy otherwise. His hobbies include much more than just drugs, however, and encompass music, cooking, racing, and many things in between. You’ll see these and other hobbies appear and intertwine in some of his writings. If you want, you can follow Lotus on twitter (not that he ever updates)! Exciting new development! The staff of stoner culture entered the year 1999, and we all have e-mails! To e-mail Lotus, simply type into your mail client’s “To” field, and click send! Body and/or Subject text optional!

Big Boss

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

He is known only as “editor.” It is rumored that he once had a name, but during a period of strife he ate his name for sustenance. In any case, the man is the visionary who designed and created this very website. More myth than man, editor has been sighted driving around in his sporty little vehicle, riding around on his sporty little motorcycle, testing his endurance on a bicycle, and of course smoking the ganja (or occasionally enjoying a fine opiate). There are psychedelics in his past, but they will likely remain there for at least the immediate future.