The most underrated Tool for Stoners

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In today’s world with the legalization of Marijuana on a wide scale all across the US many different products have come onto the scene. In fact there have been more advancements in products that help you get stoned in the last 18 months than in the previous 18 years. With all the new gadgets available you might ask yourself, What new product do I need the most? The answer to that question is simple, you need the most under rated product on the market. What might that be? A digital scale.
Yes, yes I know, I know digital scales are not by any means a “new gadget”. However, just because there are thousands of new products on the market doesn’t mean you don’t need one of the classics first. Digital scales have been available for centuries all over the world. With the new wave of legalization A LOT of time, research, and money has been put into improving digital scales. Some of the new scales on the market are down right cool. We’ll get to that in a second, but first some of you might be asking, why do I need a digital scale?

You need to own a digital scale because…

1. Scales aren’t just for dealers anymore. You can purchase a quality scale for $20 or $30 now a days. (instead of $100’s like it was in the 70s for a triple beam scale). They are a great investment to ensure that you never get shorted again. Judging the weight of marijuana can be a very tricky thing. You have different densities, different strains, different levels of moisture content, etc, etc. It can make it really hard to judge how much a bag weighs even for seasoned professionals. That is why all the seasoned professionals, a.k.a. weed dealers ( I bet they never thought they’d be referred to as “Seasoned professionals” right) , own digital scales. They don’t want to lose money by giving out too much weed and you don’t want to lose money by getting too little weed. You might be saying to yourself right now, “Well if all the dealers have scales, why do I need one?”


Are you really going to trust this guy? ’nuff said.

2. Marijuana is expensive. Prices are at an all time high. Paying for 3.5 grams and only getting 3.2 grams might not seem like a big deal but over time that can add up to hundreds of dollars in product you paid for but didn’t get.

3. Keep your dealer honest. It’s a fact, if a dealer knows you own a digital scale (even if you don’t check your bags often) he will be much less likely to give you a short bag.

Now that you know WHY you need to own a digital scale now you need to know WHAT digital scale you need to own.

As mentioned earlier with the legalization of marijuana a lot of companies have been putting in a lot of effort into developing products that just weren’t around 10 years ago. The same holds true in the digital scale market. Heres a run down of the different types of digital scales you can buy and some of the cool features they have.

Pocket Gram Scales – These are your standard bread and butter when it comes to digital scales now a days. They are small, portable, and very accurate. Most pocket scales weigh down to .1 or .01 grams (1/10th or 1/100th of a gram) and of capacities upwards of 500 grams and more. What great is there are so many different pocket scales available you have a lot of different options for what fits your needs the best.

Stealth Scales – Stealth scales are some of the latest and greatest digital scales to be developed recently. Many different types exist ranging from fake CD cases, to digital mouse that double as a real mouse and scale, to coffee mug scales, and so much more. They are generally weigh in increments of .01 and .1 grams as well. With capacities up into the 1000 gram range.

Jumbo Scales – These are the mack daddies of digital scales right now. Just because a scale is big doesn’t mean it cant be accurate too. If you find the right large platform digital scale you can get ones that weigh down to .1 grams with 1000,2000,3000 gram and more capacities. They are a real time saver over a digital pocket scale for all those “big jobs”. In a perfect world I would recommend everyone to own 1 pocket or stealth scale and 1 jumbo scale.

Now that you know WHY you need to own a digital scale, and WHAT scale you are going to get, the questions then becomes WHERE do I get it? You have a couple of options.

1. Walmart, Office depot, staples, bed bath and beyond, etc – These places all sell digital scales. Finding a place that sells digital scales can be a little tricky but these few stores are known to always carry either postage scales or food scales. If you are weighing multiple pounds at a time they can be great. Generally all scales sold at retail stores are sold for weighing food/postage and weigh in increments of 1/10th of an ounce. Again, this is great if you are weighing pounds at a time but if you are weighing anything less than a few ounces they won’t really be that accurate for you. Unfortunately at the current time I have never seen any of these stores carry pocket scales or any scales that weigh by the gram.

2. Seedy Gas Stations  – If you can go to a sketchy part of town you are likely to be able to find a gas station that will sell you a digital scale. They are usually decently priced at around $25-$40. The only disadvantages of buying one at a gas station is first being able to find a gas station that sells them and second the lack of selection. Most gas stations I have seen will only have 1 or 2 different pocket scale models only.

3. Ebay  – Ebay can be a good place to buy a digital scale because they have a wide selection and you don’t have to drive around checking out gas stations in the sketchy parts of town. The only disadvantages to using ebay is all scales are made and shipped from China so they are generally low quality and don’t last long. It also takes 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. Plus if they break you can’t really send them back you just have to throw it out and buy a new one.

4. Online Scale Store – We have found a few online stores that sell digital scales. The best one that we have found is because they sell scales specifically designed for Herbs so they all weigh in increments of .1 grams (1/10th of a gram) or less. They have a wide selection of different types of scales like those large platform scales, pocket scales, and some really stealthy looking scales. The last time I ordered from them they came with some of those free baggies that your drug dealer use to sell you grams of weed in when you were in high school (oh the nostalgia) and they offered free shipping on every purchase no matter how big or small (it also came in a discreet shipping box too! I was very pleased with that. I hate my post man knowing my business). I’m not sure if those promotions are still going on so don’t quote me but they were when I ordered. The only disadvantage to shopping with them was they stole my car and got my wife pregnant. Joking, but for real its hard for me to come up with something negative because I was overall happy with my purchase from them. I guess the only negative was the batteries that came with the actual scale were those cheap generic ones that went dead after 3 weeks but I ordered an extra set of duracell batteries from them and popped those bad boys in and it has been going strong since!

Here are my words of wisdom “Until Marijuana is 100% legalized and you can buy it at CVS or Walgreens you can never be sure you are getting what you paid for. Buy a digital scale and save yourself time and money.”

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