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Hemp for Victory (1942)

Monday, July 27th, 2015

The most underrated Tool for Stoners

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

editor’s note: this article was written by an anonymous contributor. Thank you, anonymous contributor!

In today’s world with the legalization of Marijuana on a wide scale all across the US many different products have come onto the scene. In fact there have been more advancements in products that help you get stoned in the last 18 months than in the previous 18 years. With all the new gadgets available you might ask yourself, What new product do I need the most? The answer to that question is simple, you need the most under rated product on the market. What might that be? A digital scale.
Yes, yes I know, I know digital scales are not by any means a “new gadget”. However, just because there are thousands of new products on the market doesn’t mean you don’t need one of the classics first. Digital scales have been available for centuries all over the world. With the new wave of legalization A LOT of time, research, and money has been put into improving digital scales. Some of the new scales on the market are down right cool. We’ll get to that in a second, but first some of you might be asking, why do I need a digital scale?

You need to own a digital scale because…

1. Scales aren’t just for dealers anymore. You can purchase a quality scale for $20 or $30 now a days. (instead of $100’s like it was in the 70s for a triple beam scale). They are a great investment to ensure that you never get shorted again. Judging the weight of marijuana can be a very tricky thing. You have different densities, different strains, different levels of moisture content, etc, etc. It can make it really hard to judge how much a bag weighs even for seasoned professionals. That is why all the seasoned professionals, a.k.a. weed dealers ( I bet they never thought they’d be referred to as “Seasoned professionals” right) , own digital scales. They don’t want to lose money by giving out too much weed and you don’t want to lose money by getting too little weed. You might be saying to yourself right now, “Well if all the dealers have scales, why do I need one?”


Are you really going to trust this guy? ’nuff said. (more…)

Deadliest Drugs

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

This graphic shows the relationship between actual harm caused by drugs and news stories about those drugs. Enlightening. Cocaine appears to suffer a particularly unmerited bad rap, with pot and ecstasy coming in second, and third, respectively. Nothing here should come as a surprise to the drug war veteran, but the data is good for a glance. One thing users may note is the non-zero death toll for cannabis users; presumably, they included questionable incidents like fatal car wrecks where the driver smoked beforehand.



Medical Marijuana to the Rescue

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Marijuana has been one of the most highly used yet restricted substances known to man, boasting a rich history which has seen it develop from a completely outlawed substance to one that is legally authorized for patients seeking medical relief. It all stems from a groundbreaking article in the New England Journal of Medicine (1975), which backed claims stating that when marijuana was consumed prior to chemotherapy, side-effects of this treatment (including nausea) were greatly reduced or eliminated. Those who are facing painful chronic conditions or harsh treatments often have many questions when they first hear about the possibilities marijuana can yield in terms of relief from pain and side-effects from medication. It is vital that they obtain the objective information they require, but also that they have access to non-psychoactive marijuana that can best enhance its palliative effects without causing unnecessary side-effects. In the following post, we look into the different stages that cannabis use has been through, and discuss the importance of marijuana being placed in its rightful category by the Drug Enforcement Association. Its medical potential should be fully acknowledged, so that greater research efforts can be made to glean the full extent to which medical cannabis can help millions of patients around the world to the fullest extent possible.

 –Mel Dixon