Who is Lotus?

Some say he lives for just 5 minutes after maturation, only to mate and die. Some say he was adopted by a family of gender-confused wombats and made to eat a steady diet of water bugs and cannabis leaves. Some say he is actually a machine-elf, and capable of experiencing all 12 dimensions of reality.

Now, as far as you’re concerned, Lotus is the world’s foremost expert on passing drug tests. Not only has he watered his own way to freedom, he has helped over 1,000 people on this very website pass their tests and continue to enjoy their poison as the man does his thing and tries to keep ’em down. What’s this, you haven’t been to our site before and want to know the dope on passing drug tests? Simple, check out our 2014 compendium on the subject courtesy of Lotus:

Drug Test FAQ / How to pass!

That’s all, folks. Keep it real and hang loose.

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