Successfully Store, Transport and Ship Drugs

Storing weed is another of those forgettably simple tasks that can cause anxiety in the inexperienced cannabis enthusiast. Transporting and shipping weed is a process that can cause anxiety for any level of user. Both storage and transportation can be important to your legal safety as well as to the continued potency of your drugs, and they’re both rife with myths and misunderstandings. Let’s sort through this mess and try to clean it up.
I wish the “best legal storage” option was the same for everyone as it would be for a medical user in Colorado or California, but alas that won’t be case for quite some time in America. And in the current national climate, the vast majority of American marijuana smokers do not fall into that category. Also, I’d like to preface this segment by admitting that no, it is not likely that many people will follow these instructions. However, those people that do will be the absolute most protected against overbearing police and bad luck.

As always, inform yourself on your rights so you can have all your legal bases covered.

What Area Are You In?

College dorms are perhaps the worst possible areas to attempt to store weed. As a resident in a dorm you have no rights or expectation to privacy, and unlike a house or apartment the police do not need probable cause or a search warrant to enter your room. In a dorm you will need to exercise the utmost caution in storing and using your drugs. This means taking all necessary measures to mitigated the smell, sight, and access of your stash.

Vehicles are about the same level as the dorm, the only difference being the cops do need probable cause to search your car. In a vehicle the biggest contributors to arrests are the smell of weed or the sight of paraphernalia. If a cop sees a pipe in your car, or can smell the bowl you just smoked, he can search your vehicle to his heart’s content. Eliminating the smell and sight of weed-related products will increase your chances of staying legally sound by huge factors.

Apartments are a little bit weird. They do provide better protection than your car or a dorm, however they have their own pitfalls that be troublesome. For example, apartment management are the actual owners of your residence, so if a cop gets permission from them to search your room then you can be searched. However aside from that your rights are pretty good. Sight, smell or sound of illegal drugs can still grant the cop probable cause, but you’re at least reasonably safe from random search.

Owned houses are of course the #1 most secure area to store drugs. Houses are protected very strongly by our constitution and laws, so it takes a pretty significant effort for the police to enter your home. As always they can enter if they have probable cause, but search warrants for houses must be very specific and they’re pretty difficult to get without some serious sleuthing by a detective.

Storing Drugs in Low-Privacy, Ultra-Conservative Areas

If you find yourself in this situation you need to take extreme caution and realize that the wrong person seeing the wrong thing could really fuck up your life. You often get evicted from your apartment if cops find drugs, you can get expelled from college if they find it in your dorm, you can be barred from any number of govt. positions with a drug record – and this isn’t mentioning the thousands in legal feels, hours of community service, jail time, and so on. For this level of security I am going to recommend getting yourself a safe, an air-tight mason jar, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.  Oh yeah, I’m serious.

Safes are the drug user’s best friend in the world. A safe provides an unmatched level of legal protection, and if you’re any bit concerned with staying out of jail you should jump at the opportunity to protect yourself. Obviously the best option is a huge one – bolted down – which would be incredibly difficult to remove and confiscate. A small one is better than nothing, and could be a great option for the car.

The idea is simple – you want to have no smell to warrant probable cause (or for any dogs to pick up), and you want your safe to be so secure that to open it would mean destroying everything inside. To solve the smell issue, you’ll be using an airtight jar to contain the smellies (weed and paraphernalia) and the isopropyl alcohol to wipe up anything that touches weed or touches something that has a drug smell. This means every time you want to store your weed you’ll need to wipe everything down including your safe and your airtight mason jar. Is this a pain in the ass? Maybe a little, but you’ll be wishing you had if you get arrested.

Our reasoning for taking these extreme measures lies in the way our court system handles probable cause and search warrants. You see, safes are provided extra protection in courtrooms. Any safe will need its own separate search warrant to open in addition to whatever it took to get inside. And if the safe does not have drug residue and does not get flagged by the dogs, you have a very high chance of getting the case dismissed.

And here’s the best part, this is true inside vehicles as well! On the condition that it is not part of the vehicle (in some situations at least – the law gets confusing here). What you need is a small safe that is strong enough to not pop open “accidentally,” but also is not bolted into your vehicle. It would also be beneficial to have a locking trunk that is separate from the cabin of your vehicle and has no access from the cabin. If both your trunk and safe are only accessible via code (meaning the cop can’t just take your keys and open it), then you have the absolute best legal protection against unfortunate searches.

So to be clear, the best possible way to store weed or other drugs in your vehicle is this: Store your weed and paraphernalia in a mason jar, store that in a locking safe that opens via code (not key), wipe both down with alcohol, store the safe in your locking trunk and most importantly don’t have any drugs or paraphernalia in your car outside that safe.

And the best way to store in your house is basically the same as above but in a much bigger safe. Get a mason jar to hold in the smell, wipe it down with alcohol regularly, wipe the safe down regularly, and above all make sure there is nothing outside that safe to give the cops probable cause.

Do not ever open your safe for the cops for any reason, or under any circumstances ever! If they want in they can break it open.

Storing Weed in a Lax Environment

Here’s the deal, the only way to keep your weed moist also exposes it to mold. Curing it will make it impervious to mold, but the downside is it will get drier and it’ll always be dry. On that note, do not ever try to re-moisten your weed. I’ve heard ’em all – orange peel in your bag, wet piece of paper towel in your bag, humidor, etc. The only thing this does is give you lawn-clipping flavored weed and the chance for mold to grow on your stuff.

Mason jar is a term I’m tired of typing by now, but it really is the #1 factor in storing your weed. It limits its exposure to air (and thus slows down the drying process), and it holds the smell. If you get weed and it seems wet, you will want to cure it as soon as possible so it doesn’t mold. This is easily done by simply leaving it out in the sun or somewhere dry for about 30 minutes (or up to an hour depending on how wet it is). After it’s mostly dry stick it in the mason jar and it will last indefinitely. Cured weed can be stored safely in any dry environment, so if you are opposed to mason jars for whatever reason you’re free to do as you please.

Do everything you can to keep your weed out of humid environments – this includes humidors, refrigerators, freezers, bathrooms, the outdoors, the car, etc. You’ll find your weed will store longer while retaining better smoking qualities (taste, flavor, etc), over the long term. If you are smoking your weed very soon after buying it then you can probably get away with storing in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Storing Various Psychedelics

Strange myths often pop up with regard to all facets of psychedelic use, and storage is no different. The best techniques for storing psychedelics are nearly identical to that of storing weed. You want to limit the exposure to air, moisture, light, extreme temperature, and police. One common myth I hear is storing mushrooms or LSD in a freezer will keep them longer. LSD will keep for decades or more in a 70˚ dry, dark area, like a desk drawer. In fact, from my own anecdotal experiences I have successfully stored LSD in fairly extreme situations without any noted potency loss.

Storage of powdered psychedelics like mescaline, ketamine, 2c-*, DO*, *-NBOMe, and so on is fairly intuitive. Keep them out of the light, away from moisture, and out of the heat. Storage of liquids can be a little bit tricky, but is generally the same concept. Evaporation is what can make storing liquid ketamine, LSD, and other psychedelic solutions problematic. It screws with your ratios and makes dosing inconsistent.

Your #1 concern when storing and making liquid solutions is going to be your container. Choose a container that is glass and has an airtight, strong lid. Meaning one that screws on and won’t pop off, crack or break if dropped. It is common for people to use Visine bottles (or similar little plastic containers) to store drug solutions like liquid LSD or ketamine. These are terrible options as not only do they have the chance of popping open at unfortunate times, the plastic is also permeable so it will naturally evaporate liquid out and make your solution more concentrated.

Shipping Illicit Substances

Dark web and secret invite-only drug markets have made drug shipments via UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS more popular than ever. It is easy to fall into a false sense of security when using these methods since the drugs are out of your hands and out of your mind. But keep in mind (especially with the recent NSA/DEA/FBI collaboration and spying) that every one of these transactions are monitored and recorded.

Small time buyers and users are less likely to be targeted and prosecuted in any sense, and the same is true when receiving shipments of drugs. Even if your shipment is intercepted or revealed, as long as it’s a small amount for personal use you are unlikely to be targeted by the police. The sender is at much greater legal risk, and an intercepted package can be used as easy justification for a warrant. Receivers are most likely to be hit with a “controlled delivery” if the shipment is big enough to catch law enforcement attention.

Controlled deliveries are performed by an undercover agent dressed as a delivery worker. They will go to your door and get you to accept/sign for a package. After you do that a police team will rush in to bust you, ideally with the package opened and the substances being used. If you don’t recognize the delivery guy as your normal one, or if something seems suspicious about the delivery your best option is to deny it. Any package you receive with drugs in them should be left unopened next to the door for at least a day or two in case somebody stops by to arrest you. This will provide the best legal defense against “possession” of the drugs.

There are really only two options once you break it down:

USPS- United States Postal Service is my favorite choice as a drug delivery service. The USPS needs a warrant to open any of your packages, unless they provide probable cause of their own (smell, torn package revealing drugs, etc). The drawback is that using the federal government to ship your drugs is extremely illegal, and potentially more so than the corporate alternatives.

FedEx/UPS/DHL/other private shippers- The downside to using one of these options is that they do not need a warrant to open your package, and will cooperate with law enforcement if requested. I have heard anecdotes from trusted sources who tell me that these places often employ dedicated drug dogs to sniff packages. Whether that’s true or not isn’t even as important as the fact that they can easily do so and there’s no reason they wouldn’t. The upside is that you’re not using a federal service, but in reality this will make little difference when it comes to jail time.

Any company will look for certain things that might constitute a suspicious package. Obvious giveaways would be a drug smell, drug residue on the package, holes in a package revealing contents, etc. Less obvious identifiers are packages that are taped up much more than is necessary or normal, or packages that use fake/suspicious return and shipping addresses. For example, if your return address is an empty house that nobody lives at, or if you’re shipping to a defunct business.

Do not ever sign for a package. If your dealer requires it, find a new supplier. It opens you up to a myriad of legal problems, including potentially later on down the line. Do not accept a package if something seems off about the delivery person – if it’s normally a dude you’ve used for years and suddenly some guy with a cop’s buzzcut is at your door, don’t open it. After you receive a shipment, you might consider putting it in your safe. If anyone asks, you don’t know anything about any package.

To Sum it Up

There are two components to staying out of jail for any drug user. The first is knowing your rights and when to invoke them, and the second is keeping your substances safe and hidden. The more complex and secure the storage of your stuff, the stronger your legal defense will be in all situations. Every step the cops take that are not supported by warrants or consent makes your chances in court exponentially better.

Shipping and transporting your drugs to/from the seller are the most dangerous time for any buyer. Knowing how to package your shipments securely and who to ship with can be the difference between freedom and prison. My suggestion? Use USPS, a smell-less anti-static bag, double or triple bagged, in a brand new shipping box/envelope that can’t opened by itself but doesn’t look suspiciously over-taped. If you’re receiving NEVER sign for a package, and make sure the package is not opened in case the cops come knockin’.

Stay safe out there and feel free to comment if you have any questions or anecdotes of your own.

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2 Responses to “Successfully Store, Transport and Ship Drugs”

  1. Being-prepared Says:

    Hello I have a few comments/questions. I read that lead has no microscopic pores so there for if you had a lead container it would not let any smell out, and thus dogs wouldn’t be able to locate it or smell it. Have you heard or read about this?
    So here is another question. What if I stuck my drugs in an air tight smell proof container such as lead or the mason jar you speak of, then wipe it down. Then but it info a smallish coded safe. Then wiped that down. Then stuck that safe into a bigger, hidden,cemented down coded house safe. Then wiped that down.
    So if for some reason the cops had a search warrant for my house, and found my safe, would I have to open it? Or would they need another warrant to open it? And if they did either way, find away to open it up, would I then have to open the small safe inside, or would they need another warrant to open that one? And because the drugs are smell proof, and everything has been cleaned and wiped, the dogs are not reacting at all the whole time all this is going on.
    Sorry for all the big comment, just very interested in this and my own safety and rights. Thank you

  2. Lotus Says:

    No problem. You are definitely on the right track! The safe within a safe thing is probably a little overkill, but safes are afforded extra legal protection both inside a car and a house. You could be held in jail to make you give up the code for the safe depending on the situation, but they wouldn’t hold you forever and it really just depends on how badly they want in. So if you’re just a regular dude who smokes, they won’t even bother. If you’re a small-time dealer selling grams to your friends, they might keep you for a few days then let you go. If you’re a kingpin selling heroin to the entire West coast…well then you might need to get comfortable.

    Wiping everything down with alcohol on the outside is a good idea. The only problem is the dogs will mark even if they don’t smell any weed, so it might not even matter.

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