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A 1938 Marihuana Identification Guide

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Marihuana_Identification_1938

An awesome dude on a forum I frequent was kind enough to share this gem with the world. Bit of backstory – before the DEA was even a wet dream in Nixon’s young mind, the US Govt established the Federal Bureau of Narcotics to combat the growing epidemic of cannabis use. In 1937, marijuana possession or transfer was first made illegal at the federal level, except for in medical situations. So shortly thereafter, they published this document to help the first interdiction officers combat the evil marijuana plant. Here’s a couple excerpts from the thing if you’re afraid to download a 6 mb pdf:


“Searcher No Searching!” Ok, now what?

Friday, May 4th, 2012

This new Flex Your Rights video explores an argument I’ve seen over and over throughout the internet. Asserting your rights is all candy and dandelions when it works, but in the real world it isn’t necessarily a straight-forward scenario. And honestly, this is not a perfect video, but certainly worth a watch. A major point I’d like to note, however, that could cause some potential confusion – when a police officer calls in a K9 unit, they will have a maximum detention time that they can wait for it. It’s usually a pretty long while – 25 minutes or so – but you aren’t just free to go if they don’t have PC. And unfortunately you’ll likely be handcuffed on the side of an uncomfortable highway. Yay!