New Dank Budshots–SkyWalker

This strong smelling weed is named Sky Walker. Here’s a high res picture of the buds:

Sky Walker

Click for large version! Leave a comment if this budshot rings your bell.

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3 Responses to “New Dank Budshots–SkyWalker”

  1. giovanni Says:

    i just tried it, i can say it is pretty good and smells great even for days. btw, it is so stinky that its too hard to grind it =) 9/10

  2. Iokua Says:

    i just bought 2.4 of some hindu kush/northern lights from my dealer not to long ago and their was this one bud, small eika not to big (bout one bowl kine), an i swears this is it. im excited now, never had skywalker, lookin forward to it.

  3. fabianski Says:

    Damm!! I just tried this bud and I just got to say it was really really dank!

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