4 Dank Budshots

Only one of these strains has been seen before here at Stoner Culture, and that strain is Sensei Star (previous version available here for your viewing pleasure).

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4 Responses to “4 Dank Budshots”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    should be able to zoom in… but cannot. 🙁 Think that can be fixed?

  2. admin Says:

    We’ll fix it by posting some danker, higher resolution buds. Stay tuned!

  3. dru Says:

    romulan is one I’ve ALWAYS Wanted to see. Nyc Sour diesal, Black widow and o.g kush are tthe only strains I can get . I wanna trade an 1-2 oz of black widow or og kush for something else
    [email redacted by editor]

  4. Broocifur Says:

    woah I got snow cap in my grinder right now (:

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