How to Smoke DMT

When I’ve first learned and taken interest in a drug, I always immediately begin research on how to most effectively administer it. It sucks going back later and finding out a large portion of valuable drugs went to waste. However, when I came across DMT (by making it myself), I could not manage to find a concrete source on how to use it. Some people suggested tossing it on a bowl of weed, a few claimed the trick was hitting with a torch lighter, others suggested making a crude device called “The Machine,” or using a lightbulb vape/crackpipe to similar effect. I was even directed towards buying expensive bong attachments – or specially crafted, highly priced pieces – and vaporizers.

Believe me when I say I’ve tried every damn one of these suggestions. Now, with hundreds of dollars worth of DMT wasted, I know how to do it: vaporization.

First off, you do not want the DMT to reach a burning point. So that immediately rules out the “bed of weed” and (especially) the torch lighter scenarios. This will produce absolutely nothing of value, unless you happen to value the inhalation of burnt, useless chemicals. DMT smoke is reminiscent of burning car tires mixed with a bit of plastic and a perhaps a dash of nutmeg. It is not pleasant.

A slightly more valid, but still terrible variation on the “bed of weed” concept is slowly melting the DMT into the weed, then gently igniting the DMT-infused weed. You still end up burning most of the product, but I managed to accidentally produce useful vapors every time. Perhaps you could perfect the technique with practice, but you probably wouldn’t want to. It makes your pipe taste like DMT for weeks (or until you clean it), and there are much easier and more efficient ways to achieve the DMT high.

I heard some acquaintances go on and on about the expensive attachment they acquired for their bong, and after using it I just don’t see the point. For one, you are absolutely losing significant amounts of DMT through that water, since the ultimate goal is trying to make the stuff into a vapor. During my attempt, for the amount used the effects were extremely minimal and disappointing. But after using the spirit molecule I didn’t have the heart to tell my DMT providing friends their money was wasted.

Truth is, there’s no possible way to successfully smoke DMT – that was a doomed experiment. But the good news is that you can vaporize the stuff to great results. If you wanted, you could use your fancy marijuana vape to utilize dimitri. I would not particularly recommend it, unless you have a spare bowl, whip and/or bag to use it with. Anything the vapor touches will be tainted with the smell. When I use a vaporizer for weed, I am savoring the pure, unadulterated flavor that the vaporizer grants me. Therefore, avoid vaporizing DMT in your vape. But if you were wondering, you want to get the stuff to about 155˚ Fahrenheit (or 70˚ Celsius).

My tried and trusted method that never fails is the crack pipe. Or “eucalyptus inhaler,” as you might call it at the glass store. A very basic pipe will do just fine, and will likely cost less than $10 at your favorite head shop. If you’re trying to be resourceful, you can just make a lightbulb vape. I tried making “the machine” out of a bottle, but it was such a waste of efforts. As a note, unlike the bong attachments, DMT-specific pipes are not a scam. They are usually overpriced, but it’s admittedly neat to smoke out of a trippy pipe when doing “the spice.”

Vaporizing DMT is not the most heroic method, as that title rests with oral administration. The most common format any average user will orally administer DMT is within an ayahuasca brew. The recipe for ayahuasca includes taking an MAOI-containing vine and combining it with a DMT-source, traditionally an Amazonian tree. DMT is inactive orally on its own, but the cunning Columbian natives somehow figured out mixing this specific tree with those specific vines can turn into a spiritual activity.

If you want, you can even perform a variation on the brew with similar materials, the specific vines and plants are not entirely important. Keep in mind that different plants will contain varying levels of psychoactives, and different alkaloids/harmaloids. Basically, changing the plants will mean changing the recipe. You’ll want to note how much % of your material is DMT or MAOI, and adjust as needed.

Ayahuasca brews can produce one of the most intense and overwhelming psychedelic and spiritual experiences known to man. It is an extremely long and strenuous process, both physically and mentally. Experiences can take well over 8 hours, and involve fierce bouts of vomiting (described as purging), and intense spiritual revelations. If you are intrigued by that description, be warned that MAOIs can be harmful if you are not careful. Please be sure to educate yourself on the dietary restrictions and various substances you’ll want to avoid. Otherwise you might die or something.


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