Stoner’s Guide to Cheating/Beating Drug Tests

I don’t know that there’s a cannabis enthusiast in America who has not faced a stressful drug test situation (I’ve certainly faced plenty). Whether they’re related to probation or employment, millions of Americans face worrisome drug screenings every year.

Even completely clean individuals break a sweat inside the testing office… Hell, we’ve all seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine fails a drug test due to eating poppy seeds. It isn’t the most likely false positive scenario, but it is entirely possible. There are countless reasons why you might fail a drug test when no drugs have ever been ingested.

Americans should know their rights and when to exercise them, including (most importantly) those who are doing nothing wrong. If you’re on the wrong end of the justice system, the best-intentioned, most honorable man can be a victim. In this same vein, we should be well-versed in the capabilities and limitations of drug tests.

Short on time? Visit the Drug Test FAQ!

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The Drug Tests
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False Positives
“Test Proof” Drugs
The Drug Tests (a brief overview)

  • Hair Test Can test back for years, depending on hair length – Generally tested back 90 days – Very accurate – Very difficult (if not impossible) to beat – Second most common test (though a distant second)
  • Urine Test (urinalysis) – Can test back to varying degrees for different drugs, maximum of two months – Fairly simple to beat, depending on drug – Accuracy wildly ranges depending on type of urinalysis – Most common drug test by far
  • Blood Test – Only detects drugs from the last few days or so at most – Impossible to beat – Extremely accurate – Rare, though they are seeing more use in suspected DWI cases
  • Saliva Test – Only detects drugs used in that last 24 hours, in most cases – May be easy to beat – Not very reliable – Most logical solution for future marijuana “drugged driving” charges – Not used extensively in America today
  • Sweat Test – Not really even worth mentioning except for novelty – Hardly ever used, unreliable, expensive, silly

You are now familiar with the tests. I am not a teacher who believes in standardized testing, so I’ll simply take it on good faith that you’ve understood this much so far. As you can see, only two of the tests are used with any consistency, and coincidentally they are the only two that can be cheated.

With saliva tests, there’s really not a whole lot to say. The longest anything can be detected in your saliva is around 3 days (for amphetamines and benzos). The rest of the drugs are undetectable after about 24 hours. If you find yourself getting tested in these time windows there’s little you can do. Your best bet is to simply brush your teeth. Yep, sanitizing your mouth will help to eliminate any of the incriminating chemicals that might fail you.

Keep a bit of mouthwash with you to use a few minutes before your test. If alcohol is tested for, obviously you’ll want to find a good mouthwash without alcohol. It is important to have cleaned or rinsed your mouth within an hour of the test to give you the best possible chance of passing. You would do well to avoid actually touching your cheeks if at all possible during the swab. Try to put it in between your teeth or somewhere where it gets wet but doesn’t touch the inside of your cheeks. I have had numerous positive reports of people using this method to success, but I have not verified it myself or confirmed with independent testing.

The hair test suggestions will be brief. The only guaranteed pass you’ll have is by removing all hair, including body and facial hair. Any hair they can find is fair game. About an inch and a half will get them enough material to determine what drugs you’ve used in the past 90 days. Since your hair acts as a timeline of your drug use, this metric will stay consistent throughout the length (ie-each extra .5 inches will always equal about a month).

Limited success has been had by users who attempt to bleach their hair, or wash it with certain chemicals. One of the problems associated with testing is that the subjects rarely, if ever, see their results. So, a company could in fact hire a potential employee in spite of a failed drug test. Therefore, it is unwise to accept the experiences of people passing employment or probation tests. Too many variables.

Soapbox aside, about all you can do is shave or pray. Fortunately for most, hair tests are not used in pre- or current-employment testing in the vast majority of situations. However, I have personally come across them, so I know they do exist. Occasionally they’ll be used by extremely strict probation officers or courtrooms, but that is an occurrence even rarer than in the private sector.

3/29/13 Update! There have been reports that success has been had with “hair relaxers.” And in fact the science seems to back it up, finding that in certain circumstances as little as 5% of the original illicit chemicals remained after being treated with hair-relaxer.

Urinalysis is a much more exciting topic; the tests are more common, and they can be fooled. The sheer number of different urine tests – all varying significantly in price and consistency – makes for a complex situation. It’s such a tangled mess of confusion, most stressed-out test takers have no concept of where to begin. Let’s begin at the types of urine tests in practice today:

  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
  • Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT)
  • Radio ImmunoAssay (RIA)
  • Test Cup

“Whoa, what the hell are those names and how am I supposed to know what’s going on? Also, test cup!”

Let’s be honest, nobody really cares what the names of the tests are, we all just want to pass them, right? The majority of the time, you’ll have little idea exactly what type of test you’ll be getting. Websites can be found that contain lists of employers who drug test and the types of tests they administer. But I’ve found they’re often outdated and, frankly, wrong.

The test cup (or test strip) is the most common option in the urinalysis family. This test has soared in popularity in recent years due to its relative consistency, ability to be sent in for lab-confirmation, and low price point. The concept is extremely simple, and thus is pretty damn easy to pass. If you were to heat tap water to 98˚, you could possibly fool this one. Some of them do check for concentrations of creatine or uric acid, but they are fairly rare. Most of time they only check for temperature and drugs.

If sent to a lab, your urine will be tested for everything under the sun, including verification that it is urine. Companies do not check gender of submitted samples. It is prohibitively expensive, and would serve little to no purpose. As long as it is human urine, it will do just fine.

Most Common Tests:

  • 5 panel test – THC – Opiates – Methamphetamine – Amphetamine – Cocaine
  • 9 panel test – THC – Opiates – Methamphetamine – Amphetamine – Cocaine – Barbiturates – Benzodiazepines – Morphine – PCP
  • 11 panel test – THC – Opiates – Methamphetamine – Amphetamine – Cocaine – Barbiturates – Benzodiazepines – Methadone – PCP – Oxycodone – MDMA

You can find tests of any random number of panels, but these are the most common types of preliminary urine tests you will receive. The 5 panel is the cheapest and normally used by over-bearing parents and the like. Most corporate tests or probation offices will use the 9 panel, though the 11 panel does appear occasionally. In most cases if you pass one of those, they won’t bother you any longer.

Only substitution can provide the absolute guarantee. That is, take someone else’s pee and put it in the jar. It may seem like a daunting suggestion at first, but as long as you don’t try a sitcom-esque scheme it is definitely doable. In fact, the most difficult part of the exercise is finding a clean donor.
Facts/methods of substitution

  • Condoms or 5 Hour Energy bottles are your friend – The first step at acquiring your clean urine is to stow it away somehow. A condom carries the concern of breakage, but has the added benefit of being puncturable to provide a convincing stream for nosy probation officers. If concealment is not a concern, the 5 Hour Energy (or other small, thin container) will be ideal.
  • Temp must be in the range of 96-99˚F –The best way to ensure this is a portable hand warmer. Put your urine container in the warmer, and measure the temperature with a thermometer before pouring it into the cup. Another option is to simply keep the container in a warm area on the body. Armpits or other hot areas like genitalia will serve the purpose.
  • Urine can stay “good” for monthsIf left to its own devices, your urine will expire in a room within a few hours. Refrigerated, the lifespan jumps to a maximum of 30 days. If frozen, it can last up to a year! Simply unfreeze when you need it, warm it up, and you’re ready to confidently walk into any testing center.
  • Synthetic urine does work –Do your research on this, some of them are scams. But some are legitimate, and if you struggle to find a willing, clean donor, they can be a life-saver. Make sure to verify you are getting the most up-to-date option, as tests are constantly fighting an uphill battle against synthetic companies.
  • As of September 2014, I have had recent, confirmed reports from readers that current versions of QuickFix Plus and Dr. Green Agent X both pass drug tests with flying colors. If you know of a different one that worked for you, or have an update for us don’t hesitate to comment or email!
  • If you live in the following states Quick Fix Plus (Canadian version) is the ONLY effective synthetic urine: Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, California, Ohio, Colorado, and Canada. You will fail for lack of uric acid if you use the standard version of Quick Fix or if you use Dr. Green Agent X.

If substitution is not an option, you’re not completely out of luck. The recommended backup will not (contrary to popular belief) involve buying a “get clean” kit from your local head shop. These are all scams, and most of the time they do nothing but add some basic stuff like B12 or creatine, both of which could be bought without paying absurd markup.

The second option, in fact, is as simple as drinking water. If you drink a good amount of water the night before, the drug metabolites in the urine will be saturated in much more water than they normally would. And since drug tests measure concentrations of these, it can effectively be used as a cheating technique. With anything, you don’t want to go overboard. To begin with, too much water can kill you. Beyond that, many tests have screenings for certain acids in the urine that will also be diluted by water.

Therefore, if you are too successful in your dilution, they may throw out your test, and make you retake it. This could be good or bad, but if nothing else it gives you a few more days to get clean. An option to counter over-dilution possibilities is to take the aforementioned creatine or B12 supplements. Many individuals drink enough water so that their urine is nearly clear, as that is the natural color of healthy urine. So stick by your story that you drink lots of water, and there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It is also recommended that you do not use the first pee of the day, and that you take a sample from mid-stream. The reason being; when you sleep lots of junk is released by your body for expulsion the next morning. This means there’s a higher concentration of the stuff that can get you in trouble after you just wake up. By taking the test on your second or third urination of the day, you’re helping clear out the crap that has accumulated.

A proven yet more time and effort intensive option does exist. If you want to really ensure you’re going to pass this test, and cannot or will not substitute urine, you can help along your body with exercise. Perform a higher-than-normal cardiovascular workout for a week or two prior to the test. This will get your metabolism pumping, so the THC will spend less time relaxing in your fat reserves.

About 3 days before the test you’ll want to stop, and “fatten” yourself up. Pack on serious carbohydrate-heavy dinners, and it will help saturate the “dirty layer.” This is an effective technique for people who will be facing very difficult tests (including military-issued), and need that extra bump to ensure that they will pass. Combined with dilution, a two week break, and this method, even the most stringent tests will be passed. And, more importantly, passed legitimately.

Now, bear in mind, all of the immediately preceding information is THC-specific. Other drug-related metabolites are not processed in this fashion, so the metabolism-boost won’t help as much. Dilution is going to work for anything, however, as it’s just simply adding more of one thing than another.

Wholly legitimate strategies for passing will only entail a process of waiting. Which I think seems rather boring, but then I do have a tendency to take risks… Anyway, there are many handy charts for this on the web, but since you’re here, I’ll give you the basic time-table:

  • Weed: urinalysis – 5 weeks, blood – 2 weeks, saliva – 24 hours
  • Opiates: urinalysis – 1 week, blood – 24 hours, saliva – 24 hours
  • (Meth)Amphetamine: urinalysis – 1 week, blood – 4 days, saliva – 3 days
  • Benzodiazepine: urinalysis – 45 days, blood/saliva – unclear (likely 30 days for blood, 3 days for saliva)
  • Alcohol: urinalysis – 5 days specialized test (normal test 12 hours), blood/saliva – 24 hours

A more comprehensive list can be found at Erowid, however it is slightly out of date. All of the times listed here are worst-case scenarios, and applicable to chronic users of heavy doses. Abstaining from a drug for the times listed above will ensure 100% beyond any doubt that you will pass your test for that substance. For a single time – or inconsistent – user the detection times will be halved or greater in many cases.

If your sample is sent to a lab it will be inspected with very precise tools. However, these tools are expensive and exhaustible, meaning they are not interested in wasting those valuable resources on everyone’s urine, checking for obscure chemicals they’ve likely never heard of.

Usually, it will only be sent to a lab if you fail the preliminary test. If it’s for pre-employment, they may simply dismiss you altogether, false positive or not. It’s unfair and ridiculous, but that’s corporate America in a nutshell. But if it’s a probation (or any court-related) screening they’ll be – more or less – legally obligated to send it in for verification. At that point, there’s nothing you can do but sit back and wait for your results.

I hate drug test myths, I really do. I used to not really care, and take amusement in the naiveté, but now I’ve seen real harm done because of them. So here are some quick dismissals of urban legends:

  • Bleach does not “clear your system,” or clean it, or do anything. Quantities as little as 4 drops can purify an entire gallon of water. That means every harmful bacteria in that water is ensured to be completely mitigated with 4 drops of bleach. Imagine what a teaspoonful could do to the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract. I heard a person swear by bleach drinking. She was on probation for an entire year, and “passed every time but once” by drinking bleach. I didn’t ask for her method, but I would assume it included lots and lots of water, seeing as her digestive system seems to still be in working order…
  • There are no legal repercussions from failing a pre-employment test. If you fail, the only bad news is you’ll not be offered a position. But there will not be any officers knocking on your door (because of the drug test, anyway).
  • Tests do not test for gender, age, race, height, menopause, penis size… I believe the same episode of Seinfeld I mentioned earlier perpetuated this myth. Rest assured, males and females can substitute urine for each other to their heart’s content. There is no chance of discovery beyond actually transferring the liquid and keeping it at the correct temperature.
  • No those ridiculous “get clean” tests don’t work.I already addressed this briefly, but it bears repeating. Stop paying hard-earned money for this shit; you might as well spend it on weed. Most of the directions have you drinking so much water, you might start to wonder if they’re trying to help you pass or drown you. Truth is, they’re simply taking advantage of stressed-out people, and forcing them to perform dilution before taking credit for the positive result.
  • “My cousin passed by hopping on one foot while drinking lime juice from a shot glass and then performing three backflips.” Anecdotal evidence aside, drug tests are notoriously inaccurate. Dirty people pass, clean people fail, and everything in between. It’s not a fair game, and the only winners are those who get lucky. You can do what you can to increase your odds, though, and that’s what this page is all about.

Now that all that is out of my system, let’s move past “how to beat the test.” Most people are unaware what a drug test actually entails, let alone what test they might receive. And with fancy names and acronyms like like GC/MS, Radio ImmunoAssay, and EMIT, good luck taking a guess.

Here’s what test you’ll be taking if:

  • Pre-Employment/Promotion- It wholly depends on your employer. I know it seems like a cop out, but it’s true. In most cases, lower paying jobs (likeretail employers) will use the most easily fooled type: the test cup/strip. On occasion they are known to use EMIT, but it’s rare, and GC/MS is almost unheard of. You will most likely go into a private stall or bathroom unsupervised to do your business. I have been to one employer who wanted to hair test me, and I’ve heard of some others. It’s a rare practice, but it does occur. In most cases they will not retest if you fail, they simply won’t offer you the job.
  • Drug/Alcohol Related Probation- As with anything in the court system it depends on a number of factors. Most probation programs will also use the test cup. If you fail and maintain cleanliness, the same sample will likely be sent to a testing facility for further examination. If you fail that, you have violated your probation terms and your fate lies in the hand of your probation officer or judge. You’ll want to be clean or diluted, as you will normally be watched by a probation officer.
  • Serious Probation/Job Incident- I don’t know exactly what test federal probation uses, but I would guess the EMIT. For employer-given tests due to a worker’s comp application or a work-related accident, they will almost always use an EMIT or even GC/MS. In fact, I believe the insurance company requires this, not necessarily the business itself. You will go to a testing facility, and likely enter unsupervised in a private room. Real-substitution or a break from usage plus dilution is recommended, as synthetic can be detected.
  • Military The military almost exclusively uses Radio ImmunoAssay (RIA), and you NEED to be clean. You will be closely watched (inspected), and this test is extremely accurate and notoriously difficult to trick. Other high-security-clearance employment positions will also use either this or the GC/MS test.

Many chemicals are known to produce false positives, much to the chagrin of the unsuspecting test subject. Many medications (including over-the-counter) will trip a drug test, as well as some various foods. Some tests have been altered to reduce the number of false positives, but they still exist, and it’s still wise to take measures against them. False positives can even be caused by your own body. For the most part you’ll generally be ok with modern tests, but there are still some substances you’d be smart to avoid in the few days before a test.

  • Amantadine
  • Bupropion (Wellbutrin/Zyban)
  • Chloroquine (Aralen)
  • Chlorpromazine (Thorazine)
  • Desipramine (Norpramine)
  • Dextroamphetamine or DXM (Dexedrine, Mucinex, Robitussin, CCC, etc.)
  • Ephedrine (Energy supplements/allergy meds)
  • Labetalol
  • Mexiletine (Mexitil)
  • Procainamide
  • Phentermine (Adipex)
  • Phenylephrine (Neo-Synephrine/Phenergan/other allergy or cold meds)
  • Propranolol (Inderal)
  • Pseudoephedrine (Claritin-D/Sudafed/Zyrtec/various allergy pills)
  • Quinacrine (Atabrine/Mepacrine)
  • Rantidine (Zantac)
  • Selegiline (Deprenyl)
  • Trazadone (Desyrel)


  • Efavirenz (Sustiva)
  • Cannabis Seed/Hemp Oil
  • Pantoprazole (Protonix)
  • Dronabinol/Marinol (only legal in prescribed applications, not always accepted)


  • Fluroquinolones (Levaquin)
  • Ofloxacin (Floxin)
  • Papaverine (Papaverine)
  • Rifampin (Rimactane)
  • Poppy seeds (just like Seinfeld!)


  • Phenytoin (Dilantin)
  • Primidone (Mysoline)


  • Oxaprozin (DayproTM)
  • Sertraline (Zoloft)

There are a number of ‘test-proof’ drugs, including substitutes for almost any known illicit chemical available. The following few should go undetected by any of the lower-end tests like the panel cups/strips:

  • *Ketamine – Ketamine has been reported to trip drug tests for PCP, but I have never experienced this myself. I have passed tests that included PCP while using ketamine.
  • *Tramadol – While Tramadol is an opioid class of drug, it does not release the same metabolites as any other popular opiate/opioid. So it will pass panel tests (personal experience).
  • *Fentanyl – Another opioid that metabolizes into unique chemicals that would not normally be included on a panel test.
  • *Muscle relaxers (Carisoprodol, Cyclobenzaprine, etc) – Also known as Soma will pass panel tests (personal experience).
  • *MDMA – This can false positive a test for amphetamines, but most panel tests do not include it explicitly. Be careful with this one as it could burn you with a false positive.
  • LSD – Psychedelics are out of the system too soon (basically when you stop tripping) and are not tested for.
  • Mushrooms – Same as LSD
  • Mescaline (Peyote, Peruvian Torch, San Pedro, etc) – Same as LSD
  • Research chemicals (2c-*, DO*, *-NBOMe, etc) – Same as LSD
  • Kratom – not tested for and legal in most places
  • DXM – OTC so you can do it to your heart’s content. However it can trip a test for amphetamines so be warned.
  • Various synthetic cannabinoids (avoid the banned ones like JWH-018)
  • Nitrous – Legal and probably untestable.
  • Tobacco – only tested for insurance or healthcare purposes.

*The marked drugs WILL show up on a lab test, but the rest will pass.

I hope this information is helpful, I have been through the drug screening wringer many, many times. A page like this is what I always tried to find, but never could. I will continue to update this as needed, but if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave one below, or even e-mail me at

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1,175 Responses to “Stoner’s Guide to Cheating/Beating Drug Tests”

  1. smoking365marijuanaas Says:

    I never knew there was so much to know about drug tests.

  2. Luke Says:

    Thanks a lot for finding the time to explain the terminlogy for the newbies!

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    Curious about how to pass a test from my physician. How do I eliminate the THC from my urine while retaining the medications that are supposed to be in my system?

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    I’d need to know more about the situation. What do you need to keep and why? It might be doable but I’d need to know what you’re taking.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this information. God bless you!!!!

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    Taking a urine test for a farm related retail store, i’m thinking they will use the cheap-o test strip. any thoughts on the niacin/ cranberry pill method?

  7. Lotus Says:

    John, just drink a bunch of water and cross your fingers.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I drank over the course of 2/12 weeks and have been clean for 7 full days 8 on the day I report….I’ve always had instant read test but I have no idea what tricks my p.o has up her sleeve. What are my chances of being clean we I report on the 8th day. ???? Please help it’s tommorw morning (my test ).

  9. Joey Says:

    I had been drinking for 2 1/2 weeks and stopped the other day that will put me at 7 full days the 8th day when I report….my drug test are instant reads will I be clean by that time. I’m also drinking water and taking multi vitamins and peeing as much as possible. I want to know what my chances are??? Thanks

  10. Lotus Says:

    You’ll be fine, alcohol tests can only read up to a week. It’s very rare that they test for alcohol anyway.

  11. Joey Says:

    I NEED HELP!!!! So I went to report and my p.o surprised me with an ETG test! Never taken one before. All my test have been instant reads. I’m go crazy. I drank over 2 weeks and stopped 7 full days before the 8th that I reported. What the hell is going to happen?? Do I have any chance in hell?? If worse comes to worse what happens if u fail a alcohol test??? This would be my 1st fuck up?? I’m really in need of help….. Please

  12. Lotus Says:

    I replied to your previous comment as well, but you are probably going to be fine. ETG tests don’t go back super far, one week should be enough to pass the test. If you fail the test it’s up to your PO. They could fail you from the probation program, or they could give you a second chance. A lot of it is going to be how regretful/sincere you are if they catch you. But until that happens DON’T ADMIT TO ANYTHING. Act as if you have no worries about the test and that you’re totally confident in passing. I still think you will pass the test.

  13. Joey Says:

    Thank you so much man!!!!!! Thanks

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I my boyfriend uses my pee for probation drug test can they tell its a females?!?

  15. Lotus Says:

    No, no drug test on the market can test for gender, race, DNA, or anything besides drug content.

  16. TheDude Says:

    I used to be a heavy smoker but had been clean for several months. The weekend of May 4th I shared 2 small joints with a buddy and now I have to take a 9 panel pre employment on Tuesday the 21st. I’ve not had any since. I am 6′ 2″ and 240 and (obviously) not a very active guy. I know having more fat on me doesn’t help… is that amount of thc gonna cost me the job? Can I do anything in the next 3 days to make this work? Feel free to email me, thanks for your time!

  17. Lotus Says:

    I bet you’ll be alright, if you do a good amount of cardio till Sunday, then drink a bunch of water the morning of your test day you should be fine.

  18. TheDude Says:


  19. mortimer Says:

    Hi! I have real urine from a clean donor that I just got and I have the test at a lab at some point tomorrow for a job.. do I need to refrigerate the urine over night and keep it in a sealed container or is it fine in a plastic cup with plastic.wrap and a rubber band protecting it??? Because that’s how I have it now… Also I keep researching the best ways to make.sure I have the accurate temperaturefor when I do take the test.. is it ok for me to leave it in my genital area in a secure 3 oz bottle and it will stay warm enough or should I also use the hand.warmer as well… I bought a synthetic urine kit earlier in the day during a freak out when I realized I will be taking one tomorrow but after a lot of research I decided to.go with the clean urine donor route and am using everything in the kit besides the fake piss… So.I have the small bottle with a squeeze top, hand warmers and thermometer on the bottle… Or should I get a smaller bottle that will fit up in me???? My only worry with that is that I was told for lab urine tests theyll want at least 4 oz.of urine.for the tests… Is that true??? Help!! Sorry for babbling but ur site is the only one that’s really helped me and I really wanna do everything correctly since there will be no.second chances once I’m there… Thank u and I hope to hear from u ASAP!! :)

  20. mortimer Says:

    ALSO… After taking it out of the refrigerator in the morning do I microwave it?? If so for how long?? I’ve heard 10 sec… Please let me know! Thank u!

  21. Lotus Says:

    It would be best to store in a sealed container, if you do store it in the fridge it’ll last a max of 24 hours. Bring it out and let it warm up without microwaving it, or you run the risk of messing it up. Since you have something to test the temperature and monitor it while you keep it hot with a hand warmer I’d say you’re set. It needs to be within about 95-100˚ ideally when you go in to test. You can try storing it next to your genitals but that doesn’t ensure it will stay warm enough. You shouldn’t need much urine, just an ounce or two should do it, but more is ideal. You don’t want to come up short. Also don’t worry, it’s not as complicated or sketchy as you think, just warm it up out of the fridge right before you leave, keep it at body temp, then pour it in the test cup :)

    I’m thrilled to hear that our site was helpful! Please let me know if you need to know anything else.

  22. frodo Says:

    i just did 800 mg of ketamine IM last night and have a test tomorrow what are my chances of a false positive for pcp showing up. I think its just the panel test

  23. Lotus Says:

    I’ve been in that exact same boat my friend and I passed no problem at all. I expect you’ll be fine :)

  24. mortimer Says:

    So what I did was ran the bottle I kept it in under warn water then pit it in a condom and put it up in me since I hears being female is the best way to store it and keep it the right temp.. my test was Monday morning after I came out if the bathroom the temp must have been fine since she didn’t ask for another sample.. my only worry is that since its a lab thats doing the test they’ll be able to.tell its not fresh but it looked fine n its now Wednesday n and I haven’t heard anything from the employer about me failing… Do u think ill be ok with the way I did it? Thank u!!

  25. frodo Says:

    Okay thanks! I am taking my test soon and will let you know how i did =p

  26. Lotus Says:

    Yep mortimer, you will be perfectly fine. There’s no freshness test or anything that you can fail at this point.

  27. Lotus Says:

    No problem frodo, please let us know we appreciate the feedback!

  28. mortimer Says:

    Ok great! I’ll let u know, if I don’t hear anything by this afternoon I will be fine and other females should def use this method when substituting! Thanks for ur help ur site is the best one I’ve found!!

  29. mortimer Says:

    Well I PASSED! Thank u for all ur advice and this site.. its great! For everyone thats wondering using a clean donor is ur best bet if u can’t use ur own! Keep it the right temp and it will work!

  30. Lotus Says:

    Congrats and thanks for the kind words!

  31. usually mellow Says:

    thank you for this article! so if one were to abstain from thc for 90 days, and a hair sample was taken that is longer than 1.5 inches from the root, will this still test positive? i.e. if one wants to pass a hair test, does this require 90 day abstinence AND cutting hair to 1.5 inches?
    and finally, is there any way to know ahead of time what type of drug screen will be used for pre-employment drug screens?

  32. Lotus Says:

    The companies only test the hair at 1.5 inches, you can have 6 foot long hair and they’ll still only test the first 1.5 inches. If you abstain 90 days you’ll pass without question. Also look into hair relaxing if you can’t abstain for long enough.

    The only way to know ahead of time is to ask an employee or to try to find something online. Sometimes they’ll tell you in the interview but by then it’d be too late to do anything regardless.

  33. rodger Says:


    I took a UA on Wednesday of last week. I was told my urine was “a little hot”. It was still packaged and I was sent on my way. Should I worry?

  34. Lotus Says:

    No, if they accepted it then you should be fine.

  35. freaking out Says:

    So I haven’t smoked in a couple days but my mom says they r piss testing me in the morning and it says stuff like urinalysis, clean something and culture, idk if they r testing for weed or just usually check, wouldn’t it say on paper? *freaking out*

  36. roger Says:

    Thank you! I thought I would be, but a little reassurance puts the mind at ease.

  37. Lotus Says:

    “Urinalysis” means a urine test, usually for drugs. Make sure you piss early in the morning before the test, drink a bunch of water right after that (don’t kill yourself, just a few glasses or whatever), and you might be able to get away with it :)

  38. usually mellow Says:

    thank you lotus. very much appreciate the info, and your willingness to reduce much anxiety as a result!

  39. allie Says:

    If I have been court ordered to be alcohol tested, will my po also test for marijuana?

  40. Lotus Says:

    Hard to say. Probably not but it is at their discretion. An ETG test does not test for anything except alcohol, however the po can test for whatever they feel like. I wouldn’t risk it.

  41. candy Says:

    Your info is very helpful

  42. Lotus Says:

    Happy to oblige :)

  43. yungcaprisun Says:

    so i got caught at school with .5g’s of weed and in order to graduate i have to go to rehab before my court date july 2nd. first do you think the rehab place will be using the test cups and sending to a lab or the cheaper ones and i heard that they use the first test as a measurement to see that your levels are decreasing so would i be ok if i smoked like 3 or 4 days before the rehab test? like would the results be higher or the same as if i didnt smoke. please help

  44. Lotus Says:

    You can smoke up until the rehab start. How long is your program supposed to be? If it’s a month long just smoke up until you start the program and then you’ll be clean by the end of it, which is all that matters. If it’s shorter than that you might want to start getting clean a little early. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  45. Rosa Says:

    I was clean 8 days and diluted took a home test and passed took my actual test for pre employment the hr lady said I needed a retake because the test was inconclusive. When I asked the lab I was told it was diluted too much, I drank lots of water but the night before I ate nothing because I was a nervous wreack also the night before I drank some vinegar like an idiot, so the day of the test I had nothing but water. Second test I ate fruits that morning but by test time my pee was clear again however I ate red meat 3 nights prior. I notice also my pee is always clear because I always drink lots of water. Second test I took one at home and passed snuck the dip tip from head shop in my shoe and dipped in their cup at testing place came back with faint line but, it was a line. Handed cup to testing lady told her I cannot produce yellow pee I drink water a lot. What the hell is gona happen? I hope they don’t send it to the GC/MS testing thing because then I’ll more than likely be screwed, I thought they only send it if the test is a positive, I hope they don’t. This time also she took more pee and two vials not one like previous. What do you think they will do with my pee? Will they double check it this time? And this is not for some ngarly job this is for a bs 10 an hour job which is ridick!

  46. Lotus Says:

    My guess is that they’ll probably pass you. It’s bullshit that they retested anyway, but that’s the way it is I guess. I really doubt they’ll send it off, no employer wants to pay hundreds of dollars to test someone who doesn’t even work there yet. And for $10/hour at that.

    If you remember, please update us with what happens, I’m very interested to find out!

  47. worrygirl Says:

    hi–I smoke a few times a month, (maybe once a week at most) and only like3 hits each time, and the last time I smoked was May 25. I have a urine test sometime next week ( hoping i can push it to June 13 or 14) for a job I really want. Do you think my odds of passing are good? I obviously haven’t smoked since and have been drinking a lot of water every day. this site is very helpful btw. thank you

  48. Lotus Says:

    Glad to hear we are helpful! I think you have a pretty decent chance of passing, especially if you use the dilution technique. You are a very light smoker, which means you don’t have much THC to begin with. It shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks to be totally clean.

  49. Rosa Says:

    Hello thanks for answering me, you were absolutely right they did pass me! 1 point for stoners 0 the man. I guess what happened was I was already pretty clean with 16 days of no Mary Jane. But, because I am paranoid I still thought they would double check it.

  50. Lotus Says:

    Awesome, great to hear! Congrats and thanks for updating us, it will help other people in the same situation.

  51. Hired Says:

    Awesome information!
    I am a regular (usually daily) drinker that has been offered a great job, but of course with the caveat that I pass the drug screen. Do you know if ETG testing for alcohol is typically included for pre-employment drug screening? I’m not worried about ethanol in my urine, as I can certainly abstain for that. I’m really only concerned about the more residual ETG aspect (80 hours? really?) Thanks!

  52. worrygirl Says:

    my test will be either Thursday or Friday. i’m kinda scared to drink too much water bc they told me if it comes up diluted i need to retest or it’s an automatic fail :/ in the meantime i’ve been drinking cranberry juice in addition to extra water, and i also have done a few hot yoga classes for good measure. by Thursday it will be 19 days clean, and i am 5’8” and weight 125 lbs. my metabolism is pretty fast bc i never worry abt what i eat and that, combined with all the yoga i do, i am hoping puts me in the clear to pass this test legitimately. I will let you know when i get my results. waiting all weekend is going to suck! thanks for answering :)

  53. Lotus Says:

    Usually not. Only in very specific jobs would that be a requirement, and since alcohol is legal even then it’s pretty rare. I can’t imagine that you would ever fail for alcohol, it would have to be something they said beforehand too. So unless they specifically told you that alcohol would fail you, you have nothing at all to worry about.

  54. Lotus Says:

    You’re lookin’ at 19-20 days with a fast metabolism, low body fat and working out which will give you a great shot at passing. If you were a light smoker I would bet you will pass without dilution or any extra effort. As a heavy or moderate smoker you will still probably pass but you might want to dilute to be sure. If you decide to dilute then make sure to take some creatine and B12 to make the urine less suspicious. Let us know how it goes!!

  55. K Says:

    What do you know about a life insurance tests. Im switching insurance. Took a break from smoking for months for job reasons and recently took a few tokes for 3 days. Only to find out we are switching life insurance companies! I got some time before the test. Nice part is I get to schedule the test.

  56. Lotus Says:

    Not too much, admittedly. They are mainly looking for tobacco use and that sort of thing. If you’ve only smoked a little over 3 days you can likely get clean within a couple weeks. If you’re generally healthy and active, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Schedule your test as late as you can, and dilute the day of and you will be fine.

  57. K Says:

    Right on, they do the blood draw and the UA.You never know what they are looking for but can bet they will be looking for anything.

  58. Lotus Says:

    I would be really surprised if the blood draw was used for drug testing. That’s more likely to be for medical conditions. The UA is the only drug test if I’m not mistaken. Either way, the THC lasts much longer in urine than blood, so two weeks should do it for both. Just drink lots of water within a few hours of your test, and follow the general guidelines of diluting. Good luck!

  59. K Says:

    Cool, thanks for all the great info!

  60. Geoff Says:

    Snorted 5mg of oxycodone friday and have a UA test monday mourn. Never used for a week prior and not an everyday user as well. I drink large amounts of water everyday. What are my chances of passing?

  61. Lotus Says:

    Opiates are metabolized a little differently than weed, but if you dilute the day of it will work just as well. That’s a pretty short time frame but it’s possible for the opiates to be out of your system naturally by then, if you dilute you’ll have a good chance of passing I would think.

  62. tulip dawn Says:

    How long do I have to get the clean urine to the refrigerator before it goes bad?

  63. Lotus Says:

    Needs to be done within 30 minutes to an hour, however the sooner the better so try to do it immediately.

  64. Mimi Says:

    My question is if urine goes bad within thirty minutes if not refrigerated, how long will it remain good in a bottle in genitalia area if kept warm?

  65. Mimi Says:

    I just want to know basically how long do I have from time of collection to get it to my drug test facility..

  66. tulip dawn Says:

    Ok so I keep the clean urine in the refrigerator until the day of the teat. Then what if I don’t have a thermometer to get the urine at correct temp?

  67. tulip dawn Says:

    Thank you for your help! I’ve been freaking out the past 24hours!!!

  68. Lotus Says:

    It does not go bad for a few hours at room temp. The 30 minute-an hour suggestion is because of this:
    Suppose it takes an hour and a half to get the urine in the fridge, it’s still fresh. But now you take it out the next day and it takes a few hours to get to your appointment. Now it’s not fresh anymore.

    You want to give yourself as much leeway as possible to get it up to temp and have some time for delays. If you refrigerate it immediately you should be fine for at least 4 hours, maybe as many as 6. But the deterioration is gradual, so the fresher the better.

  69. Lotus Says:

    Glad to be of assistance! If you don’t want to or can’t buy a thermometer, then you will need to rely on body temp. If you have a hand warmer, you can use that to help get it warm, but don’t rely on it because hand warmers can get too hot and that will fail you. Try to keep the container warm with body heat before the test, so just keep it in your groin between your legs. The test gives a little leeway for temperature, so it does not have to be perfect 98.6. Within 96 and 99 will generally be ok, but you’re aiming for 98.

  70. steve Says:

    i drank 15 beers and 2 shots, will i pass the reg. alcohol test 36 hrs. later ?thx

  71. Lotus Says:

    Is it an ETG test or just a regular drug test? Drug tests will only show alcohol if it’s used within like a few hours, but an ETG can show up to 48 hours. 36 hours you might pass but I wouldn’t bet on it or anything.

  72. tulip dawn Says:

    I have one more question Lotus! I found a donor of clean urine but he is prescribed naproxen 500mg twice daily. I was looking online and it stated a few times that naproxen can give you a false positive for THC which is what im dirty for in the first place. Should I try his urine it not?

  73. AverageDude Says:

    I just moved to SoCal and don’t know anyone. I had a friend pee in a mason jar (before I moved), put it in a cooler and continually change the ice. Keeping it super cold. How long can I keep the piss on ice? It’s for getting a job at an oil company. Thanks.

  74. amanda Says:

    I smoked for like 4 days and tomorrow will be a week since the last time I smoked and I have to take a urine test tomorrow… what do I do?? Without someone else’s pee….

  75. amanda Says:

    The test is at labcorp

  76. Lotus Says:

    It’s very unlikely that it would false positive for naproxen. Tests nowadays are made to avoid that type of thing, it was much more common in years past. I would still trust the donor’s urine as long as you trust he hasn’t been smoking, but that’s just me.

  77. Lotus Says:

    Hmm, I would say at least a month or so, maybe 2 if you’re keeping it super cold. If you can manage to get it frozen it can last a year or so.

  78. Lotus Says:

    You can get synthetic urine from most headshops, just follow the instructions as detailed. If you can’t do that, drink a bunch of water, say 3-4 glasses before the test.

    Make sure your first piss of the day is at home, because after you wake up is when your urine has the most THC in it. Then drink all your water a couple hours before the test, and if you can take a B12 vitamin and creatine do that as well. If you can’t get B12 or creatine, try to drink a gatorade along with the water so your urine won’t look diluted and clear. With a little luck you might pass. Good luck!

  79. amanda Says:

    Thank you 😀

  80. amanda Says:

    If I only have b12 how many should I take?

  81. worrygirl Says:

    I passed my urine test!!!!!! 3 weeks of not smoking, plus lots of yoga (esp. hot yoga), water, cranberry juice, and I passed! Did not even try the dilution method :) thanks :)

  82. Lotus Says:

    Awesome, congrats!!

  83. Lotus Says:

    I wouldn’t take much more than the recommended dose. That should be enough to give your urine a neon yellow color.

  84. tulip dawn Says:

    Ok my test is tomorrow and I’m so nervous so wish me luck! I’ll definitely let you what happens! Thank you so much for your help lotus. Your a kind person:-)

  85. Lotus Says:

    Thanks, I’m glad to help! :) Good luck, I think you shouldn’t have any problems. Let us know how it went!

  86. tulip dawn Says:

    Im so sorry Lotus but im going to ask one more question. i just want to make sure I do this the correct way tomorrow. Ok my doctors appointment is at 230 so i will probably be taking the drug test around 3 or 330. When do I take the urine out of the refrigerator and place it in my groan so it will be at the right temperature for the test? Do I need to put it in the microwave at I? thank you for your time and patience.

  87. Lotus Says:

    You can microwave it to get it warm but don’t overdo it. Just put it in for a few seconds, check the temp, put it in again if necessary, etc. Just take it out right before you leave, if you microwave it to get it warm enough, then your body should have no problem keeping it at a good temp.

  88. amanda Says:

    Well I took the recommend dose of b12 which is 1 pill but urine was still clear….. so I drank a red bull…. still nothing… not sure if I passed.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    Lotus I passed my drug screening!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!!

  90. Lotus Says:

    That’s still fine Amanda, many people have clear pee. It’s what’s in the pee that is the problem 😉 If the urine was clear after drinking all that stuff I’d say you have a good chance of passing!

  91. Lotus Says:

    Awesome congrats Tulip!! Very happy to help

  92. tulip dawn Says:

    Lotus I passed my test! Thank goodness I found you and you gave me ur knowledge! Peace and love!!!

  93. amanda Says:

    Lol nope…. I failed it…..

  94. Lotus Says:

    Aww shit, well sorry to hear that. I really thought you’d have a chance at passing.

  95. Benzz Says:

    Clean urine is only good for 24 hours in the fridge? I get tested by cup, an also sent a lab. So what happens if I use urine that was refrigerated for like 3 days?

  96. Benzz Says:

    I guess I could freeze some and keep some in the fridge, but I don’t get much notice before a test, so I need to have some thawed each day to be on the safe side I would think. I’m trying to imagine hacking off chunks from a block of frozen pee haha.

  97. Benzz Says:

    Basically just want to know how a clear answer as to how long it is good in the fridge. I was thinking a week would be ok. Thanks

  98. amanda Says:

    It’s alright… it was for a job I didn’t even know was going to call me back, I already have one job so it would have just been extra….

  99. Lotus Says:

    Benzz, the urine will stay good for about a month in the fridge, a year or so if frozen. Sorry if that was unclear. A week should be perfectly fine to store in the fridge. In fact if your fridge is cold it can probably last a couple months, but I wouldn’t want to risk having rancid piss in my refrigerator!

  100. usually mellow Says:

    hi again lotus– i’m coming up on week five of no herb, (which has been a good reminder of its medicinal properties re insomnia, dysphoria, and arthritis). at any rate, while i bought “quick fix”, am thinking of freezing my own samples for the future. your recommendations on the best way to do this? as well as the best “defrost” process?
    p.s. benzz pretty hilarious re “hacking off chunks from a block of frozen pee”!!!
    thank you lotus.

  101. Lotus Says:

    There’s no real trick to it, just get a decent sized sample, seal it in a little airtight jar (like a plastic cup with a lid), and stick it in the freezer asap. Then when you want to use it simply melt it in the microwave, heat it up to 98˚ and just keep it at that temp (w/ hand warmer or whatever) as you travel to the testing facility.

  102. desperate Says:

    I have been on an adderall binge for almost three weeks now. This is my first time trying this prescription drug. The last time i used was Thursday night but I have a drug screening Monday at 1. Do you think I will pass? What should I do to be able to pass? Thank you

  103. Lotus Says:

    You might pass, might not, it’s basically a coin flip. Addys stay in the system for like a week, give or take. You can try to dilute (drink a few glasses of water) before the test to help your chances.

  104. Benzz Says:

    Thanks! Freezer it is

  105. Coupe50 Says:

    Help! I took a cyclobenzaprine Sunday morning and got popped for a 9 panel urinalysis tonight(Monday) will this show up?!

  106. Lotus Says:

    Nope. I’ve used Somas before 11 panels and they do not show up.

  107. Coupe50 Says:

    Thanks so much you’re saving me a lot of stress for the next two days of not being at work!!

  108. Anonymous Says:

    I smoke everyday, basically all day ; i have an interview for a job and i know they’ll piss test me . I smoked today(Sunday) i might have the drug test by the middle if not the end of this week (Wed -Fri ) . Will dilution still work? Ive smoked everyday for the past 5 years, at least 3 grams a day.

  109. Lotus Says:

    It could work but I doubt it. Best try substitution – either get a clean friend to pee for you or buy some synthetic stuff. As long as it’s a standard cup test substitution of synthetic piss will work.

  110. Hanak5 Says:

    Question, I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks. I was a daily user, 5’4″ 160 lbs. I’ve been drinking water, working out (not as much as I should have). I took two at home tests and passed both first void. I thought I was in the clear. I went in today to take a pre-employment drug screen. It was a morning appointment so i got up two hours early and drank two glasses of lemon water and a cup of coffee along with my daily mutli-vitamin . I went two times before my screening. When i went in I gave my sample it was pretty clear but still had a faint color (kind of neon from my vitamin). I thought it looked ok. But the lady came back and said they had some questions about my sample and would have to send it to the lab (medtox i think) She then said we could not proceed in the rest of my physical and sent me home. Is it possible they found THC in my sample or maybe it was just to diluted? Please help, I am so worried. If they did find THC should I ask for a re-test?

  111. Lotus Says:

    I’m sorry to say you might have just gotten unlucky here. Definitely ask for a retest, and what precisely was wrong with the sample. 3 weeks is usually enough time, and since you passed two at-home tests it seems like you were clean.

  112. WildBill Says:

    hey Lotus was wondering is there a difference between a saliva swab,and a DNA mouth swab?,If so what is the max detection range of THC on both test’s?

  113. fibrogirl Says:

    I get random testing for prescription drug monitoring. Can the lab tell if I use frozen urine? I know they do the EMIT or GM/CS testing. Also what is the best way to thaw the frozen urine?

  114. Sarah Says:

    I took two flexeril yesterday I never take them I hve a urine test tomorrow will I pass?

  115. Danny Says:

    I have a ua tomorrow morning and I know that it is for sure getting sent to a lab. But I smoked just yesterday. In a very heavy smoker weighing about 200lbs. This isn’t a pre employment test. It is however a government job and am getting random tested tomorrow. Any remedies here that may help with a test in less then 24 hours??? :( I feel fucked. Straight up.

  116. Lotus Says:

    fibrogirl– EMIT is very easy to beat, GC/MS is more tricky. However, neither of them can tell if you used previously frozen urine. If you can substitute clean pee at the right temperature, you are 100% in the clear.

    Best way to thaw is just in the microwave, then use a hand-warmer to keep it at the right temp. Check it with a thermometer – you’re shooting for 98.6˚ of course, but anything +- 1˚ should pass fine.

    Sarah– You will pass, flexeril doesn’t show up on any standard drug test that I know of.

    Danny– Know any clean friends? The only real chance for you is substitution of real urine. Synthetic will be caught at the lab, and you can try to dilute but I just don’t see it happening in such a short time-frame. If you don’t know anyone who will donate clean urine, I would just drink a ton of water (like near a gallon maybe), and take some B12 and creatine about 4 hours before the test. If you get really really lucky that might work.

  117. joey Says:

    How long does the synthetic cannibus stay in your system?? I dont smoke regularly but I did puff one time like 3 days straight and I didnt hold it in and I have to report soon and im tripping!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

  118. Lotus Says:

    What kind was it exactly? Different chemicals last different times, and some of them aren’t tested for or don’t show up.

  119. JT Says:

    I recently took a 5-panel lab test. Prior to that I’d smoked about gram per week, consistently, for years. I stopped smoking two weeks before the test. I’m lean, and I passed four at-home tests in the days leading up to the test, so I am confident I passed the initial EMIT (50ng). The thing that has me worried is that I take adderal, which is prescribed to me by a doctor.

    Question is: If my sample is flagged as an initial positive for amphetamine and sent for GC/MS (and I am confident it will be based on the lab I was tested and the forms I filled out), is it possible that pot could be detected at the lower levels (15ng) used in GC/MS tests? I assume it will be detectable given that I haven’t been pot-free for very long, but I’m wondering if, when they run a GC/MS to confirm a preliminary positive for one drug (amphetamine, which I will be able to provide legitimate documentation for), they will retest the sample for all drugs they initially tested for? In other words, will my medicine use trigger a confirmation test that reveals pot which wasn’t detectible at the 50ng level, but will be at the 15 ng level? Or can they do GS/MS looking for JUST the confirmation of amphetamine, (in which case I will refer them to my doctor)?

  120. Lotus Says:

    If you provided a copy of your prescription at the time of the test they shouldn’t send it off. If it does get sent off it will reveal any chemicals in your urine, they don’t usually run the test for one particular substance. People can and do use GC/MS for initial screenings, but they’re much more expensive than alternatives.

  121. Steven Says:

    Ok, so I smoked about 1 bowl a day… I havent smoked in 20 days and I have a drug test monday (8/5). I took sure jell/ gatorade today because I thought my test was today… what can I do to ensure I pass the test? I am 6’1” tall, 245lbs, and have a slow metabolism.

  122. Steven Says:

    Oh and I know I have an 11 panel test at a lab… thats about all I know though… I mean I didnt smoke like a s%&t ton every day… just enough to get a good buzz…

  123. JT Says:

    I offered it to the nurse who administered the test; she declined to look at it. She said, “If they find anything in the sample, a doctor will call you, and you can provide relevant information then.” What a shame. I was under the impression that I could give them the prescription at the time of testing, which would account for the adderal in my sample, and thus avoid having it sent for GC/MS.

  124. Lotus Says:

    JT- Yeah that is annoying. They may not send it off though, especially since you told them upfront you do have a prescription. Once it gets flagged they might just ask for the script and that’ll be that. Good luck, hope it works. Please let us know what happens!

    Steven- You have a pretty good chance of passing without any help. I would recommend just drinking a lot of water the day of the test. Make sure you take a piss when you wake up, so that your first piss is not at the test. When you sleep stuff builds up in your bladder and it can make the THC metabolites more concentrated. Take some creatine and B12 to give your urine the right color and content, and that should do it!

  125. JT Says:

    Got a call from the MRO today–he said, to my immense relief, that he’d found something in my sample which he guessed was Adderall (it was). I told him what I’d hoped to explain to the nurse in the first place: I am prescribed it and take it under the advice of a doctor. He was very polite and asked me to take a photo of my script, email it to him “and then we’ll be able to get all this finished up for you”. Sent him what he asked and got another call a few hours later saying I was all set and he’d told my future employer that my sample was clean and negative. I feel like a million bucks.

    Lesson learned. I’m slim and while I don’t “work out”, I hike often. As I mentioned up thread, while I smoke about 5x/week, it is a small amount at once (a gram or possibly a bit more per week, for years). If you’re in the same camp, you may also be able to get clean enough to pass a urine test by totally abstaining for two weeks. I’m not sure if the GC/MS test that was used to confirm the amphetamine in my system just didn’t detect any THC metabolites, or if the GC/MS is only used to find the specific substance that was found in the EMIT test. Either way, I’m elated and I wish anyone who faces a similar situation good luck. My advice: stop smoking immediately, get exercising until a few days before the test, and above all, stay calm. I have been so stressed about this it’s kept me up nights and I only wish I had been a bit more levelheaded and less irritable in the past few weeks. Best of luck and Lotus, thanks for your input.

  126. desperate Says:

    I took 15 norcos within a two day period seven days ago!! I will have a urine drug screening tomorrow. Do you think I will pass??

  127. dj Says:

    Bro I got a probation meeting in like an hour and I smoked a bowl last night what should I do

  128. Lotus Says:

    dj- Unfortunately I think I’ve seen this about an hour too late. But I don’t think I could have helped you in any case, good luck.

    desperate- I really think you will pass, but I can’t guarantee anything. Drink a good amount of water before your test and follow the normal guidelines for dilution and you’ll have a great chance.

    JT- Thanks for the update, we really appreciate it! Awesome to hear you passed and weren’t given any extra suspicion. Are you sure the doctor sent it off for GC/MS screening? That usually takes a week or two, he might not have sent it off at all.

  129. rdh Says:

    I need to know if after 19 hours of drinking vodka will I pass a emit test

  130. Big s Says:

    I bought a whizz kit which came with a ready mixed bag of synthetic and was wondering weather the stuff will actually work, it’s a pre employment 10 panel cup test.

    If not i stopped smoking the day before yesterday and my test is in six days is there anyway to flush my system out 6ft3 and around 10 and half stone with a extreamly high metabolism

    My thanks, Big s

  131. Big s Says:

    Also I can get clean urine but the place where I’m working is a 8 hour drive so refrigerator or freezing isn’t really an option

    My thanks, Big s

  132. Lotus Says:

    rdh- Yeah you’ll pass.

    Big s- You have a lot of options. You could keep a sample of clean piss in an ice chest and start warming up once you get there with a hand warmer. That’s what I would do. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, then the synthetic will work fine assuming they don’t verify the sample with a GC/MS. They shouldn’t, but shit happens. I don’t think you would pass naturally after only a week, so I would go with substitution.

  133. Sharptooth Says:

    Lotus you seem awesomely knowledgeable… I have been an everyday smoker for a couple years with exceptions of a week-month long breaks every blue moon. This summer starting in June I have been smoking twice a week and exercising nearly everyday. I have a pre-employment test that they send off to a lab on thursday. It will be a week of no smoking with lots of exercise when I take the test. I drank a measuring cup of vinegar tonight and the test is on the 8th. I plan on continuing to exercise the next couple of days and pound water. What are my chances? And what would you reccomend? Thank you!

  134. Sharptooth Says:

    Oh and I’m 5’10 about 170 with not much body fat

  135. JT Says:

    “Are you sure the doctor sent it off for GC/MS screening? That usually takes a week or two, he might not have sent it off at all.”

    Nope, I guess I’m not. I guessed that they had because three business days had elapsed before I got the call, and my understanding is that any positive result on an EMIT is treated as preliminary prior to confirmation with a GC/MS. But I’m not sure exactly what happened–perhaps they call the patient after a positive on an EMIT, before going the GC/MS route. Making a phonecall to someone to get proof of their prescription avoids the expense of an additional test. In any case, thanks.

  136. Lotus Says:

    JT- No problem, glad to hear it worked out for ya. Have a good one.

    Sharptooth- Thanks! Your chances are probably about 50/50 right now. You could pass but I wouldn’t expect to and I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. You’re doing most everything right with the exercise and water. Vinegar seems unnecessary.

    I would honestly recommend trying to get some clean piss from a friend, if at all possible. Otherwise just drink a whole lotta water the day of the test and make sure you don’t take the test first piss of the day. Also taking some B12 and Creatine will help make it look less suspiciously diluted. Good luck! Let us know what ends up happening.

  137. D Says:

    Friend was tested after further analysis at a lab(post urinalysis) and being tested for everything that the test said he should be, for soma. Now, my thought is that the doctor didn’t say anything, but is it possible that on urine test which tested for barbituates, it showed a very little slight amount of something that the doctor wanted to make sure what metabolites of that particular barb was? When he mentioned a week later that the test showed soma, my friend was flabbergasted. He didn’t know that soma can break down into a barbiturate, luckily for him, the doctor wasn’t concerned. Why do you feel that is? The poster seems very knowledgable, and when mentioning about testing for things like Flexeri(not broken down to a barb) and Soma, you emphasized that doctors basically do not really care if it does? Is it because it truly isn’t one of the more concerning types of barbituates and because of it’s relatively short half-life amongst the fact most people I would assume do not understand the molecular chemistry behind this muscle relaxer, no harm was done? I know it could potentiate well with opiates, but he tested negative for that. Is that a probable cause for this pain doctor to NOT be concerned? Even though, I bet this patient won’t be doing soma in the near run again, LOL>
    Any feedback from the guy who wrote this is greatly appreciated

  138. D Says:

    To the above poster before mine that says Soma does not show up, while it doesn’t during the urinalysis, if taken 24 hours prior to the test, a small amount under barbituates should he/she have taken the panel that does include barbs as one of the drugs tested for would show up if taken for further lab results. The metabolite(Miltown) is the barb that would show up if lab testing and further analysis was required. However, if one takes it a week prior to any test and even if it goes to the lab, I doubt that bar will show up unless taken every day in large amounts.

  139. Dan Says:

    I am in ab canada and am going to use a female friends urine. I am male. There is 100% chance I will pass? They wont check at all? It will be clean. I know you said it wont be detected but I am paranoid…lol I am a pot smoker

  140. Lotus Says:

    Dan- Yes you will be fine, there is no way to check for gender.

    D- Somas can false positive for other drugs, and then if they run a secondary screen they can verify if it is or isn’t any number of chemicals. I have personally done soma up to and during a UA, and it did not trigger a positive at all. If it showed a false positive then that was just unfortunate luck.

    Also, when screening the results in a lab, the doctor may have only tested for barbiturates in particular, and perhaps didn’t test for the presence of metabolites relating to Soma. Somas are not a barbiturate, if they showed up as such it was just a flawed test. Thanks for reading!

  141. Dan Says:

    Thanks man!

  142. Deano Says:

    I went to a job interview this morning & they gave me an on the spot drug test. It was a cotton swab I had to put in my mouth for 4 mins. I was afraid to saturate it with saliva & it did not register any results. They had me do it again with the same result, nothing. so she told me I would have to go the the lab within 48 hrs the form says its a 6 panel (10-6ST-200) Do know if this is a swab or piss test? I asked & she said its a swab. I am 6 foot 150 lbs with very little body fat.I smoked yesterday & have been clean for 24 hrs. If I wait the 2 days to take it I will be clean 72 hrs.. Does dilution work for the saliva test too? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Love the site!

  143. Lotus Says:

    Deano- That 10-6st-200 test is a urine test. Dilution doesn’t work for a saliva test, but they usually only detect within like 48 hours or so.

  144. Deano Says:

    Thanks Lotus now I’ll be prepared. Have you heard of Dr Greens agent X I passed using that a few years ago
    Thanks Again

  145. Cujo Says:

    Alright, so I was a moderate smoke up until about a month ago..I smoked 8 days before my urinalysis but hadn’t smoked for 2 1/2 weeks before that..then I passed a take home drug kit with a very faint line under the control a few hours before my drug test I took ‘clear flush liquid total body purifier’ took the test about 2 1/2 hours after drink the flush and I pissed 2-3 times between consumption and the test..well when I took my test, my piss was glowing neon yellow! The lady cracked a joke and mention how this generation drinks too many energy drinks. But then I know the results were sent to a lab…should I be as paranoid as I am right now? Took the test Thursday..and it’s Tuesday. I know it was UPS’d somewhere. Pre- employment for Windham resort

  146. Lotus Says:

    Deano- I can’t speak for Agent X personally but I have heard good things. Keep in mind that they change the tests every so often to catch these synthetics, so just make sure it’s still up to date and it should work. I would advise against smoking before the test because they might do a saliva swab at the time of the UA. Maybe not but just in case.

    Cujo- Those body purifiers are pretty much just some basic B12 and creatine with instructions to drink a lot of water. Assuming that’s the case, you should be perfectly fine. And next time just buy some B12 and creatine pills and a gallon of water, it’ll cost you way less than you spent on the kit :)

  147. Cujo Says:

    Finally an answer that gives me some piece of mind! Thanks!! Ill post and let ya know when I get the job!

  148. Lotus Says:

    Good luck Cujo!

  149. Cujo Says:

    Got the call, passed the test, got the job!

  150. Lotus Says:

    Hell yeah, congrats Cujo and thanks for the update!

  151. dragon man Says:

    question may have hair test at some point but it should 85-90 or more just stopped-energy sector on drill rigs-pays great but no room for error in this job so I get it! Will the fact that I take a cytoxic drug(RA) interfere with my hair test turns my hair white to grey further destroying cell growth. Will I be in good shape at 90 days no use? or longer if they want hair. I am clean naturally at 30 days brcause I am thin over all and have high metabolism. Questions or Comments appreciated.

  152. N00b smoker Says:

    So. Being a moron, I lost my job last month and my friends decided to get me high so I could chill out about it. I’ve been smoking once or twice a week since then, the 13th was the last time I did.
    Now I have an interview, because god has a shitty sense of humor. So my piss test isn’t even scheduled yet and obviously I’m not smoking until after my test but with a week and a half clean, plus lots if water, should I be fine? I’ve read that with regular smokers it can take a month to clean up out of the system. Is that something I have to worry about?
    Freaking out a little, which makes me wanna smoke, which is more proof that god has a shitty sense of humor.

  153. mevil96 Says:

    Soo im pretty sure i have to drop on wednesday and ive been smoking for ever but havent today i really need to get clean or ill get a violation of probation have any tips thatll help me minus drinking lots of water.

  154. Lotus Says:

    dragon man- First off, sorry about the arthritis that shit sucks. Second, 90 days of no smoking will pass you on any type of test without question. In fact the cytotoxic drugs would probably clean you out more than anything. Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!

    N00b smoker- You could pass with a couple weeks clean, you could also fail. It’s about a 50/50 chance. I would try to substitute clean piss if you can, and maybe consider synthetic. If you don’t want to do either of those then I’d go for dilution (and try to exercise a lot the few days prior to the test to sort of “burn it out”). Let me know if you have any questions about dilution and whatever else!

    mevil96- Substitute with clean urine or synthetic urine and be very sneaky about getting it in. I really doubt you can pass by any means in 2 days!

  155. Lee Says:

    I’ve hardly smoked in my ten months on probation. Smoked a blunt Saturday night after checking in get called for piss test toDay. What do I do ? 6’2 240. I can’t lose my fam again. Such a dumb decision. Since its only a blunt worth can dillution work ? Iono. Need help by Thursday. Can’t substitute

  156. Lee Says:

    If I fail I think I’m gonna seriously kill myself. So damn stupid. I hate weed.

  157. Lotus Says:

    Lee- Well, if you can’t substitute then your only chance is dilution. If you really only smoked one blunt in 10 months on Saturday, you might just get lucky and get away with dilution. I remember being in your position sweating bullets in the bathroom at the courthouse. Either way, don’t kill yourself even if you do fail, they might give you leniency you never know!

  158. inahet Says:

    I have a urine test for life insurance at my job tomorrow morning. I’m a heavy smoker and have been for some years, of course with a tolerance break or two in between. I do hot yoga at least 4 times a week and drink over 64 oz of water everyday. I’m 5’2 124 and just lost a bunch of weight. I’m a little scared right now haha

  159. Thomas Says:

    i have a drug test in the next 2 – 3 weeks, i stopped smoking today and i am buying probiotic supplements and chromium to help clean out my system and will be exercising regularly from now till then , i smoked most days and i am ‘big boned’. The test is a urine test should i pass? please help!

  160. Dub Says:

    Hey Lotus great advice btw…been doing a lot of reading up and you def got some knowledge…props! So my question is I already have clean urine Im substituting from my girlfriend (only person I know who doesn’t smoke) and got a bunch of hand warmers, but I’m thinking the hand warmers are going to set off the metal detector that I have to pass through before seeing my po…any other suggestions on how to keep the urine between 94 – 98 degrees? Maybe just take the hand warmers off before I go into the courthouse? Or any other thoughts on a method of keeping the urine at the proper temp that can make it through a metal detector?

  161. Lotus Says:

    inahet- Hmm now that is a unique situation. To my knowledge the insurance test is not an employment test so the HR dept. shouldn’t be notified officially of any failing. As far as I know you should not suffer any consequences from the insurance test, as they are mostly testing for diseases and things like cigarette use. Now your employer could be notified unofficially and every employer has a right to “random” drug testing, so it is possible you could get screwed. Your body type and habits do well to rid your body of THC metabolites, but I don’t know that you will pass any test if you smoked recently. I’m truly sorry but I don’t want to tell you anything to mislead you, and I honestly do not know what exactly happens under these circumstances. Please let us know what ends up happening.

    Thomas- You will have a good chance of passing. Keep up with your strategy and dilute the day of your test to give yourself the best possible opportunity. Good luck!

    Dub- Thank you very much for the kind words! Much appreciated. If you are afraid of metal detectors, try keeping it in a warm body part. Either between your balls and body or under your armpit. These will give you the best heating, and you’re trying to keep it at body temp. anyway so that should work better than anything. Keep a thermometer with you to make sure the sample is hot enough – if it drops too cold then either run it through really hot water at the courthouse or figure out some other way to get it hot.

    Keeping the hand warmers on till you enter should be fine, however on my own probation it has taken a long ass time to finally get to piss before so be careful to keep it warm after you take the hand warmers off. You can also try to get to he courthouse early, take the hand warmers in cold, and just activate them after you get past the detectors. That way if you get discovered nobody will be suspicious of your inactive hand warmers. By the way, try to use the thinnest possible container to allow for the best heat transfer from your body into the liquid. Condoms would work well, however they are prone to breaking so I cannot suggest that method unless you are extremely careful, and maybe even have a spare handy!

  162. Shinny Says:

    If my test site refrigerates the sample then sends it off to a lab will synthetic urine work?

  163. Lotus Says:

    No, the lab will test for certain metabolites that synthetic likely won’t have. It could work I guess, but very unlikely to.

  164. Thomas Says:

    Thank you lotus!

  165. coco Says:

    Ok last time I smooked weed was july 17 had a drug test done on aug 7 but I took a medication that was prescribed to me me for pain narproxen 500mg so that following thrusday I think was the 15 of august the MRO called to ask what can of medication have I’ve been taken so I told him what I was prescribed so he said ok and said that the test would be cancealed and it will be up to my employer to retest me. The last time I took the meds was on the 6th of august so today which is august 22nd I was told I need to go and retake the test. Should the medication be out of my system and on top of that its been 36 dayz since I last smoked in all most 3 years. When I got that call from the MRO I started drinking more H20 and some detox tea before the test today. I did pee this morning before the test and when I took the test I pee mid stream do I have anything to worry about this time my pee had color to it I take multi vitamines everyday first pee test I drank so much water it was clear just had a lite color to it. Should I be worried or am I ok.

  166. coco Says:

    Meant to say I have not smooked weed in 3 years but hanging with a friend I decided to take a few hits and that was on the 17th of july been clean from that for 36 dayz.

  167. Lotus Says:

    coco- Yeah you will be fine, no question. Naproxen should not false positive anything illegal, you should pass just fine without any special treatment. I don’t know how long Naproxen takes to come out, but I would assume it’s not more than a week or so.

  168. coco Says:

    Thanks I will keep you posted to let you no I still got a job never had this happen to me before not because of a medication.

  169. Lotus Says:

    Sounds good, thanks for reading and good luck!!

  170. Pogo Says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say this is the most objective and informative page on this topic I’ve ever found and wanted to contribute my experience. I have been a chronic smoker for 1.5 years (multiple GBs a day with minor 2-5 day breaks here-there) and had to take a labcorps 9-panel UA for a retail position today. I haven’t smoked at all in 20 days, and was lightly smoking a vape and the leftovers for a few weeks prior to abstaining. In addition to diluting and taking some b-12 today I have taken a few creatine pills here and there for the last week or so, plus I’m rather lean and muscular and actually dropped about 10lbs while moving this month (im now 143lb 5’10”). I know I’ll very likely pass, but between having some pretty intense anxiety/depression history and a 20-day break in my self-medication, I’ve been extremely worried over it. I’ll be sure to post results when I hear for sure, but thank you for keeping this message thread current, it makes me feel a lot better to read all the accounts and be able to contribute in the discussion.

  171. Lotus Says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I think there’s no higher praise than hearing our website has helped people in some way, so I really appreciate hearing that.

    Please do update us with the outcome. As you said you have a good chance of passing, so I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. Plus, I think of it like this – if an employer isn’t willing to hire you because of a (inaccurate, privacy-invading) drug test, it’s probably a bullet dodged. But I sympathize, I’ve been in a position where I needed a job and those tests are always nerve-wracking. Good luck!

  172. coco Says:

    I’m still waiting no call from no doctor took the test on august 22 the lab where it was sent are closed on the weekend. But checked fedex tracking and it got their on august 23 so that for bizness days. Just worried and tired of the waiting. Now last time it took 6 days for MRO to call about meds I took. To I’m thinking for this friday the 30th makes 6 days so it I don’t here anything that should mean I’m cool I just hate waiting thinking the worst.

  173. Pogo Says:

    Well I got the job so everything worked out! Hopefully I won’t be in the same boat for next time, got a clean substitute source now.

  174. Lotus Says:

    Pogo- Thanks for the update, awesome to hear you passed! I’m sure it will help someone in the future to hear your experience. Happy smoking

    coco- Yeah the waiting sucks more than anything sometimes. But no news is good news usually with regards to drug testing. I suppose you won’t hear anything till Tuesday thanks to the holiday.

  175. underpressure Says:

    Hey all! I’ve been reading all the posts and I’m encouraged by the abundance of success stories by all those who have passed. Unfortunately, I’m in the same situation as I have to take a pre-employment ua. I have been smoking everyday for many years now (approx. 1g a day of low-mid grade smoke). I stopped smoking about 5 days ago and have been doing rigorous cardio for at least 30mins a day and drinking lots of water. I’m 5’7″ 125lbs (approx 10% body fat, or less?) with the metabolism that allows me to eat anything and not gain a pound. I have already been hired on the condition that I pass this test. I have the option to schedule it when I want but sooner is better than later you know? I was wondering what you would think my chances could be of passing if I take the test 9 days after being clean and continuing to do the cardio and obviously drinking tons of water, or if I should try and wait a little longer. I appreciate the help!

  176. Lotus Says:

    I would really try to wait longer. You would be cutting it extremely close at 9 days. Even at 14 days you’ll have maybe a little better than 50% chance. If it were me I’d go as long as I could possibly get away with (maybe use the old family trip excuse). If you can get out as far as maybe 3 weeks you would be golden.

  177. coco Says:

    I think I’m good friday thet 30th made 6 dayz it doesn’t take that long to get results back. I’m still working managers have not called me in to let me go. How long does drug test results to come back I figure a week and 1 day should be done.

  178. Lotus Says:

    You generally know within 1-3 days. GC/MS results can take a couple weeks, but there’s no reason they’d send it off for that as it’s way too expensive.

  179. coco Says:

    What is GC/MS I just took a regular drug test don’t no the lango?

  180. Lotus Says:

    Yeah you didn’t take a GC/MS, don’t worry about that. But it means Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. It’s a very accurate test that can separate between any type of chemicals or metabolites and determine exactly how much and what is in your urine.

  181. Angela Says:

    Hi. I took 6 20mg doses of amphetamine salts (generic adderrall) last week from Thursday to Wednesday. I have a drug test (urine) for pre employment tomorrow (Tuesday). So 6 days since last taking one. Will I be ok??

  182. Lotus Says:

    Hey Angela, you should be perfectly fine with 6 days clean. It usually takes 2-3 days for traces of adderall to leave your urine.

  183. coco Says:

    I guess I’m good its been 9 dayz since my drug test and I’m still employed I’ve learn a real lesson leave that smoke alone. I will stick with my alcohol beverage on the weekends. Thanks for your support this was the most nerve racking experience I’ve been through.

  184. Shmeegs Says:

    So far I have found this feed to be very helpful, but i have a rather specific question. I was supposed to take a drug test this morning so my roommate peed in a Ziploc bag for me and i taped it under my boob to keep it warm. The test got rescheduled for tomorrow, and this is kind of gross I know, but I was unable to go home right away, I had to keep it on me for a few hours. Its been at 98 degrees the whole time, and I put it in the freezer when I got home, but I’m not sure if because it was warm for so long it has gone bad. I know her pee is clean, despite the fact that it looks like apple juice, but again I’m not sure if its smarter to try and flush out my system before tomorrow or use hers. The last time I smoked was a week ago, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Help???

  185. Lotus Says:

    Shmeegs- Should still be perfectly fine. You got it to the freezer within 24 hours right? If so it should be fine. Also you might consider transferring it to a more secure container… ziploc bags are very susceptible to leaking. A well-cleaned 5 hour energy bottle would probably work, though I’d invest in a hand-warmer and thermometer to make sure you keep it at the right temp. Good luck! Let us know how it goes :)

  186. Passafist Says:

    See your VERY knowledgeable on this topic, I’m freaking out right now……
    I’ve been waiting on a call back from pain mgmt (got hit by some Asian lady when i was walking) for some time now, and now they can see me on tues. I get scripts for attivan, and vyvanse but dont really take either (since wed). I smoked less than an 1/8 during Aug 17-25. Im like 6’6 and 240, and I KNOW they will probably do an in office 5 panel. Whats your guess on my fate? Probably going go hit the rx today and buy a thc test.

    (Its stupid if you smoke on occasion you cant get relief from pain…. my L 1-5 is gone and i have a fucked up S1)

  187. Passafist Says:

    Also – when i smoked an 1/8 a DAY, i peed hot for 45 days or so. If that helps at all. Want the THC test but im strapped right now as every penny i have is going to this appointment…. Its 225$ because i dont currently have insurance :\

  188. Passafist Says:

    I just took a First Check Test for THC and it came out – :-D.
    It says on the box “98% accurate” with free verification. On the litmus you could KIND OF see the + line but im confident that the test shows it like that when the strip gets wet. It was less than faint in full sunlight.

  189. Lotus Says:

    Hey Passafist, sorry to hear about your pain and your situation. I agree it’s beyond shitty that if you are a recreational weed smoker they think you’re drug-seeking in all instances. Anyway back to the topic.

    Are you sure you’re reading the test right? Double check the instructions. Usually the colored line shows up when you’re clean, not when you fail. But in any case, if the line shows up at all that’s your result. Even if it’s just barely there.

    For how much you’ve smoked you should probably pass by the time you take your test on Tuesday. Not 100% but most likely.

  190. Passafist Says:

    Yah i actually did misread it….. fml. I pulldd it out of the trash a little bit after and the line was a tiny bit more visible. Felt like i was taking a damn pregnancy test – now i know how a woman feels………. im just going to drink maybe a half gallon of extra water the next few days. I took the test on my first pee of the day n urine was dark. Nor did i wait until mid stream. Just grabbed the 1st 50ml.
    Thank you Lotus, this is definitely the most informative thread on urines ive seen.

  191. Lotus Says:

    You only need to drink the water the day of the test, though it’s never a bad idea to drink an extra half gallon of water probably. Good luck! Let us know how it goes. And thanks for the kind words.

  192. Passafist Says:

    I definately will update after the test, its the only way ppl will know what actually works for passing. There’s so many old wives tales about passing urine tests its ridiculous…….
    In past Ive tried, adding Visine, drops of bleach, drinks – Vales etc, Urine Luck (no i wasnt), and certo & water (none worked).
    I smoked an 1/8 a day for 10yrs and recently stopped smoking except every so often.

  193. Lotus Says:

    Awesome, yeah that was the reason I wrote this article. I was going through my own drug testing thing on probation/job searching, and there was very little good info to be had on the web. It was either shilling from drug test companies or “body cleanser” products, or just as you said old wives tales.

  194. Passafist Says:

    I do have one question, when i do take the test im 99.9% it is unsupervised. If i took a small Visine bottle and put regular H2O in it at body temp and put that in first just so the litmus on the panels absorbed it 1st do you think that would help before i added an = amount of pee?
    I just dont want to pay 200$ to be labeled a drug seeker lol.
    I hardly sleep from rhe pain as you can probly see from my post times as is. Just want this to be over :-(

  195. RaeRae Says:

    After reading this feed I have found a lot of helpful information, but noticed there aren’t too many females on here. So I suppose I will just ask you personally :) I am 5’5″ and weigh 143. I don’t have a lot of body fat and have a normal metabolism. The last time I smoked was the 31st of August and my probation UA test is today. Before then I only smoked a couple times a week, if that. What are my highest chances of passing seeing that my friend who was going to sub his pee for me won’t be off work in time. It’s 11:30 now and I will be taking the test around 4 or so. Thank you so much if you do get back to me in time!

  196. Lotus Says:

    Passafist– No the water trick won’t work because those tests often look for the presence of creatine. It might work to just mix a little in while you’re pissing though. Or if you want to go that route, just get some synthetic urine and put that in there like 50/50.

    RaeRae– Sorry if I didn’t get back to you in time. I’d say you have a pretty good chance of passing, especially if you drink a lot of water before your test. Good luck!

  197. me Says:

    So my boyfriend was recently hit by a drunk driver while at work, and although he didn’t immediately go to the doctor it turns out his back is broken because of the injury. We’ve been paying out of pocket to avoid the dreaded drug test but the treatment he needs is pricey.

    My question : is me peeing for him even possible / will he have the opportunity for a switcharoo? Also, if I am on birth control, will that affect the test at all, ie high estrogen levels? We’re so nervous because he needs his job but also treatment, and angry because it wasn’t even his fault.

  198. Passafist Says:

    Took my piss test today, i tried that water trick w/ adding tap to the cup first. Well Miami tap water will get you a positive result for PCP.
    They retested me twice and i just used my own piss. Well…….. I passed!
    #150 – 30mg percs will definitely kill some pain lol.
    Thanks lotus.

    The whole dont smoke weed to get a C II narcotic baffles me. I brought my old cali Sb 420 rec with me in case i failed i could attemp to show them i was “legit” even though FL does NOT have MMJ.

  199. Lotus Says:

    me– You should be able to provide a sample, birth control and estrogen won’t be tested for. He should have the chance for a switcheroo so long as it’s not court/military related. Who is going to be drug testing him? If it’s the doctor or the insurance it will not have any effect on his employment.

    Passafist– Awesome to hear you passed, pretty funny about the tap water. Maybe you should invest in a filter… :p

  200. Anonymous Says:

    I did the test for my probation, unsupervised at labcorp. My friend, who is a guy subbed is pee for me. Will they suspect anything because I used a males urine? Or should I be okay? I got the test completed, correct temperature and all…I just didn’t want to take a chance of failing an wasn’t sure if mattered gender wise since its unsupervised probation drug test.

  201. Rachel Says:

    Took my probation drug test at labcorp yesterday, did the ole switcheroo but with male piss, (I’m female…lol) will it matter? He is clean and I got the temp right and all…was unsupervised, taken at labcorp…will I get on trouble for using male piss? :/ I’m freakin out a bit haha

  202. Aurarock Says:

    Hello. I have a job interview tomorrow with a temp agency, and i am concerned about there being thc in my system.

    The frequency i smoke is 1 to 3 grams a week recently anyways. I believe that the last two weeks prior to me stopping i smoking was 2 grams each of the weeks. (Roughly). I stopped smoking on a Thursday i think, the fifth. so its been 12 days.

    The test is a 5-screen urine test administered on site. I have a very fast metabolism, ive lifted weights every other day this week and today i did enough cardio to make me want to die then sweated in the sauna for a good 20 min.

    Im drinking water like my life depends on it, and i just found cranberry extract vitamins! Popped one and i plan on peeing mid stream tomorrow and drinking a fat cup of coffee in the morning.

    How are my chances looking?

  203. Aurarock Says:

    I also drink a lot of water anyways. Just a lot more during the past 4 days since i got the surprise interview.

  204. Lotus Says:

    Rachel– You will be totally fine!! They do not test for gender at all, it would be crazy expensive :)

    Aurarock– Well it is hard to say. You are doing everything right, so that’s a big plus. You say 2 grams a week so I’m going to assume you’re smoking maybe one bowl a day or a couple every other day. That is pretty moderate use, it’s not very heavy but it’s not super light either. Two weeks is generally right on the cutoff unless your metabolism is slow. The fact that you’re working out a lot probably means you’re going to be burning off more of the fat-containing THC than the average sedentary person.

    I would have suggested you did the cardio yesterday and load up on the carbs today, but that’s just a personal theory that I have yet to see any studies on. I have heard it worked for others. So if I were you, tonight I would eat a nice, heavy meal, and take it real easy. Then tomorrow morning after your morning piss, I’d drink a bunch of water and eat a nice heavy breakfast (two or three breakfast tacos or a couple bacon and egg biscuits). Ideally this will help saturate the THC fat with enough “clean” fat to trick the test. Remember the test has a bit of margin for error, so as long as you’re below that line you’re good. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions! And of course please let us know how it works out!!

  205. Aurarock Says:

    Thanks for your feedback. It turns out i drank so much water that the test was inconclusive haha. Then i took a second and i tricked it! :) very happy thanks lotus

  206. Lotus Says:

    Great to hear, congrats!

  207. aphra75 Says:

    You people fucking make me insane. Maybe if you started acting like goddamned adults and stopped taking fucking drugs, you wouldn’t have to cheat the fucking tests in the first place. You make it worse for all of the people who DON’T do drugs. So fuck all of you.

  208. Lotus Says:

    Interesting viewpoint aphra, can you elaborate on why you believe drug users make it worse for the non-users? Wouldn’t it be the corporate/government policy regarding drug tests that make it worse? I work for a smaller company and they do not drug test, they pay more and they treat their employees better than most national corporations. Some people that work there still use drugs and it does not affect the company or its employees in any way. Seems to me that you’re raging against the players when you really hate the game.

  209. Silly1smiley1 Says:

    I smoked 2to3 bowls of pot for years now. today is the 27 & i need to take a urinalysis for my drs appt by the 18th. That gives me 23 days I’m going to start doing lots of cardio & intake lots of water! I’m chunky! Do you think just exercising heavily & lemon Water do the trick? In the past Ives used sugar free jelatinev( Knox) & it’s worked but my dr prescribes me opiates & Xanax that I need to show up in my test! Do you think I can pass this way or can you give me a way that I may pass? && do the detox pills work that clense the system? would i start take those now or the day of or before my test??? im confused, into which method i should use! Thank you

  210. Silly1smiley1 Says:

    Actually 21 days!!!! Please help! Can thc be removed from the system naturally by extreme cardio & lots of water in 21 days?? Can you explain the dilution method & b12 & niacin does that need to be taken now or the day before or day of ? Thank you again!

  211. Broocifur Says:

    hey aphra 75, don’t you have anything better to do then read this if you’re so great? GTFO.

  212. Broocifur Says:

    Anyways, I guess I was a frequent smoker for quite a few months and just moved so I’ve been job hunting and don’t want to fail. I know somewhere that I’m pretty sure will hire me but my boyfriend also applied there and failed their test, I guess it’s for 15ng/ml and he was at 30. I thought most were for 50. You do take it at a lab but after the first one everyone says they don’t bother testing again. I haven’t smoked for about 28 days :( and I just drank three glasses of water and peed in a powerade bottle and put it in the freezer because I’d really like to smoke now. It does have yellow tint to it. Since I am female I’m really hoping I’ll be able to keep it warm enough when I thaw it out. Any recommendations for the container before I try it? I was initially thinking a condom but I’m reading a lot of small bottles. Also do you think that this pee will pass? After I do whatever I end up doing I’ll share the results.

  213. Lotus Says:

    Silly1smiley1– Yes it is certainly possible to pass a test with dilution in 21 days. You don’t need to buy any “kits” (though we could make lots of money advertising for them on our site). All you need is water, B12, and creatine. Let me explain exactly what’s going on first.

    You do not need to load up on water, b12 or creatine until the day of your test, though I do encourage you drink lots of water just as a healthy daily habit. But so long as you do some cardio-heavy exercises and sweat a lot you’ll be burning off the stored fat and saturated THC metabolites. 21 days is a perfect time frame for this. You can work out hard for 18 days, then take a few days off and be fairly sedentary. The last night is when you’ll want to start drinking more water. Don’t overdo it though – it’s dangerous to your health and risks failing the test for diluting. Just make sure you drink a gallon or so from 8-12 hours before the test, and take your assorted vitamins (b12 and such) 1-3 hours before.

    You’re only really trying to do 3 things – pass the temperature test, pass the visual inspection (not even really necessary), pass the creatine test (if applicable, some don’t have it), and pass the THC test. Naturally, creatine will add the presence of creatine to your urine. The B12 adds a more convincing yellow color, though it’s more like a radioactive neon-yellow than a standard urine color. And the water obviously dilutes the THC metabolites making your chance at passing higher. Beyond that you can’t really supplement it further.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any extra questions!

    Broocifur– There are many different tests, some of which have different cutoffs and tolerances than others. 15ng/ml is pretty common on the more modern or advanced tests, but they are much more expensive than their 50ng counterparts. It does sound like they sent the sample to a lab, because a normal “pass/fail” test would not include an exact measurement. Environmental factors can also significantly affect the results, so it is entirely possible your bf would have passed a different test – 30ng/ml is a tiny tiny amount.

    I would have suggested freezing the urine in a microwave-safe container, but I think the powerade bottle should suffice.
    I wouldn’t use a condom because it has a reasonable chance of breaking, and I can’t think of a worse outcome at a urinalysis than looking like you pissed your pants and then failing the test. I usually recommend 5-hour energy bottles as a container, a hand-warmer to keep it warm, and a thermometer to keep check of the temp.
    Personally, I’d go ahead and smoke but I’m the gambling type. At 28 days you’re most likely clean enough to pass any test, but failing wouldn’t be unheard of I guess.

    Good luck and thanks for reading!

  214. Broocifur Says:

    is regular under the tongue for fevers thermometer ok? or is it supposed to me something fancy?

  215. Silly1smiley1 Says:

    Thank you for responding lotus! I have one more question. My Dr. Wants me to do a kidney ultrasound because my numbers are not correct. I’m thinking that in a kidney ultrasound they will be able to notice if I smoke marijuana. Do you think that a kidney ultrasound will be able to tell if I am a smoker or not? I would go after the 21 days of being sober but I’m just wondering if the dr is gonna walk out & tell me I found thc in your kidneys? I know an ultra sound of my kidneys are off track of a urinalysis but just wondering what your thought is on this! Thanks again

  216. Broocifur Says:

    So I did a test by thawing some out under hot water and put it in a five hour energy bottle inside of me and within an hour it was body temperature. Are you sure that frozen pee will work? That it is still good after being frozen and thawed out? I still don’t know if mine is clean and if I was to use someone else pee it’d either be my pregnant sister who I don’t know if they check prescriptions for prenatals type deal and if I use her fiances I would need to know that they won’t check gender or that he sometimes has a beer and I’m only 20 if that matters or shows. This is only for pre employment but I just moved to a new town and really need income.

  217. Lotus Says:

    Silly1smiley1– No the ultrasound will have no impact at all on drug test results. You will be fine.

    Broocifur– I am positive you can use frozen and thawed pee. It is good for about a year frozen, and about a day at body temp. Also, you can definitely use your sister’s fiance’s pee. They will not check for gender. You could use your sisters urine as well but there’s no telling what type of medications she’s on and they could possibly false positive for drugs.

  218. Scared x smoker Says:

    Hey there was heavy smoker quit 2 months ago going for cdl had to take dot drug screen kept failing home tests bought dr greens agent x please do ya think ill pass w that freaking out big time ugh

  219. Lotus Says:

    Are you sure you’re reading the home test correctly? Any line on the test no matter how faint means you passed. Agent X won’t do anything really. It will give you some vitamins and stuff but nothing you couldn’t have gotten on your own cheaper, and then it probably tells you to drink like 4 glasses of water. You would do better saving the money and just drinking a bunch of water and taking some supplements to add substance to your urine.

    At 2 months it would be insane to fail the test, I mean you’re close to being able to pass a hair test at that point. Just be calm, those home tests are not accurate and you should be fine.

  220. Alexis Says:

    I’ve been on probation for almost a year now.. I smoked my first time last Saturday 09-28-13.. I only took two small hits. I’ve been drinking water and cranberry juice. My probation officer will be testing me Next Friday. 10-11-13.. So it’ll have been about 12 days .. What are the odds I will pass? My friend is getting me a detox pill. What else do you recommend ? I’m suppose to get off this month. Help!!! Thank you

  221. Ryan28 Says:

    This is definitely the best place for info on this subject. Thanks to all! Especially you Lotus…I have a lil issue of my own…I have smoked about .5-1 gram everyday for about 8 years. I have a random coming up in 23 days. I have quit and I am drinking a gallon of water a day and taking cranberry pills. The test is a 10 panel urinalisys. Do you think I could pass? Or does synthetic show up on a 10 panel test? Thanks again soooo much!!

  222. Lotus Says:

    Alexis– You have about a 50/50 chance of passing in my experience. Read the section on dilution or my response to Silly1smiley1 higher up on this page for more info. I wouldn’t bother with the detox pill as they’re a ripoff. Just drink a lot of water the day of the test and take B12 and creatine about an hour before.

    Ryan28– You’re welcome! Thanks for the kind words. First off it’s great to be drinking a gallon of water a day, but it’s not going to affect the outcome of the test this early. It only really matters the day of the test. But don’t stop – drinking water is a good habit to get into 😀 I think you should be able to pass for sure at 23 days. Synthetic does not show up on a 10 panel but it could false positive for something so I would avoid it. For the record I did smoke synthetic the past and it did not trip any drug tests, but this was a few years ago and tests have changed slightly since then.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  223. Ryan28 Says:

    Thank you so much for the quick reply!!! You are a life saver but I failed to to put “pee” after synthetic. Will synthetic pee show up on a 10 panel? Thanks again!!

  224. Lotus Says:

    No it shouldn’t as long as it’s it’s a modern product.

  225. Ibbalibb Says:

    Just drink a lot of water on the day your test is. For me it has worked 5 out of 5 times!

  226. Ibbalibb Says:

    it does not matter if you blaze the same day. You will see negative outcome, just if you drink a lot of water the same day as the test is.

  227. Ryan28 Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again to all. I bought a couple MJ tests from CVS and I took one yesterday and failed…not even a smidgen of a line showed up. I still have about a week 1/2 (I quit on 9-23 and my test is on the 16 or 17th.) I work a lot so I don’t have a lot of time to work out:/ But I think I should still be fine. I’m going to test it again this Saturday and if I fail, synthetic pee it is.

  228. Lotus Says:

    Ryan28- No big surprise that you’re not passing at this point. By the time your test is you’ll have a much better chance. When you think about it you’re only 14 days in, and another week and a half will nearly double your clean time. I’d say you have a good plan though, if you don’t pass on Saturday definitely play on the safe side and use synthetic.

  229. Broocifur Says:

    So my test has to be done before 11am so I think I’ll go in the morning tomorrow. It was over a week I think before they called my boyfriend about his positive test results :( . When do you usually know the results? (I’m pretty sure it’s a lab because I’ve been given a list of collection sites.) Would it be a bad idea to ask them at the place I take it? I don’t know if I’m just paranoid. I’d like to know as soon as possible if my plan worked.

  230. Lotus Says:

    Hard to say. Sometimes they don’t tell you at all and you just find out when they say “come in to work tomorrow.” Usually the lab will process it 3-7 days, so I would expect to know within a week.

  231. kushberry Says:

    hello lotus, ok here we go I got into some trouble, a yr ago and have been clean since, except this week after my probation meeting I smoked about 5 times a total of guessing 2/3 grams, I have 25 days before I go back. I dont have a lot of time on my hands to excersise due to my crazy work schedule, and I will be drinking extra water and b12 about a week before, are my chances good?, usually just a swab but being cautious, and yeah im gonna wait till its over to toke, lol

  232. Lotus Says:

    kushberry- Ya you should be perfectly fine I think. Don’t worry about the water and B12 until the day before and the day of your test.

  233. wondering Says:

    what are the chances of passing a UA at doctors Ofc in 5 dys ? Smoked 3 times out of a bowel Only 2-3 hits each time Thanks

  234. California BEAR Says:

    I smoked about two hits of weed prior to that I had been clean for about two months my question is will I be clean when I yesterday 8 days later… I drank a lot of water and cranberry juice and its a test for probation if that helps

  235. Lotus Says:

    wondering– Chances of passing in 5 days is very low unless you barely ever smoke (like smoking one day every 3 months or so).

    California BEAR– I don’t think I understand you correctly, let me clarify. So you took a drug test yesterday, but 8 days before that you smoked two hits after being clean for two months? You have a pretty decent chance of passing especially since you drank lots of water. I couldn’t say 100% either way, but there’s a good chance you’ve passed.

  236. California BEAR Says:

    Well it was about a week ago but yes I took the test exactly eight days after I smoked I drank a lot of water right before the test I’m just hoping I didn’t dilute the test and it was sent for further testing in the lab or was just inconclusive

  237. California BEAR Says:

    I’ve also heard that u can be clean after 3-4 days after only smoking once is this true?

  238. Rosa Says:

    Can it detect if i use colored water ?

  239. wildsmitty Says:

    will I pass a mouth swab test 96 hours clean lotus

  240. Lotus Says:

    California BEAR– Did they tell you anything about it? Normally probation tests are immediate, meaning they’ll let you know if there’s a problem and they’ll send it off for confirmation that day. You should know by now if you failed, so you probably passed. You can pass after 3-4 days in theory, but doing so would take some serious luck and not much smoking. For example, if you never smoke and you take a one-hitter-quitter, then 4 days later take a drug test you’d have a good chance of passing. Other than that it would take some skill and some luck to get a heavy smoker passing in 4 days. The drug tests aren’t perfect though, so even dirty pee definitely shows up clean sometimes or vice versa.

    Rosa– It depends. If it’s the cheap panel tests with no lab confirmation then yes, as long as you get the water to the right temp (98-99˚). Many pre-employment tests and all the home test kits are going to be the cheap ones so water would work. The more expensive tests can check for the presence of creatine or urea nitrogen which will give you away if you’re just using water.

    wildsmitty– Yes sir I would expect you to :)

  241. wildsmitty Says:

    thanks lotus and one more question for u how many hours does it take for thc to pass a mouth swab test ?

  242. Lotus Says:

    14-48 usually. 24 hours for most people will be plenty of time.

  243. California BEAR Says:

    Well when I do test I piss in the bottle then drop it in a bucket and I leave they test it later
    I’m guessing ill find out the results when I go see my p.o in a few days I’m no longer a heavy smoker I didn’t smoke for about two and a half months before I did and even then it was only two very small hits I know for a fact I was clean bbeforei smoked because I tested clean for those two and a half months any more info u can give me would be greatly appreciated

  244. kmars Says:

    Lotus, I am not really a smoker as I have smoked maybe a total of 5 times this past year. however, I just had a pre-employment drug test today that I am a little nervous about. I took several hits from poor quality of weed on the 12th and 19th of Sept.-Then, on the 28th, I took maybe 3 hits of medical, which I’m sure the TCH levels were substantially higher. I am 6’1″ 225 and not very active due to grad school- but in your opinion do you think I had a good chance of passing, today?

  245. Lotus Says:

    kmars– Yeah I’d say you have a pretty good chance of passing. Did you take any basic measures like drinking water, making sure you piss in the morning before you test, etc? You’re at nearly 3 weeks clean, and you were a light smoker beforehand, so your chances are very high. It would take a stroke of bad luck to fail, so barring a flawed test or a false positive for something else you should be fine.

    C BEAR– I think you might be ok. Usually the PO will call you in right away if they find out you failed (though not always). I can’t really think of any more info than that, but I wish you the best of luck! Please let us know what happens.

  246. kmars Says:

    I pissed multiple times before as the screening was in the afternoon and drink plenty of water as I am in AZ and it’s still hot AF so I practically sweat all day haha. Hopefully, I pass and either way I thank you for you’re time and info. I’ll definitely refer anyone in the same position to your site. Cheers!

  247. Ryan28 Says:

    Turns out our randoms were pushed out to next week…not sure what day it’s going to be but I took another CVS home test on Monday morning and it showed a VERY faint line so I think I’ll be ok. Thanks again Lotus…you are awesome.

  248. Silly1smiley1 Says:

    Lotus, I’ve smoked now for 3 years only a bowl or a joint every night to sleep. I quit smoking on Sept. 27, then I smoked a bowl on Oct 5. I haven’t been able to wk out but I have increased my water intake. I’m a chunky female, very low metabolism ! I still abstained from smoking. I then I smoked two bowls on Oct 13. My doctor called & said I have to go in on Oct 22. So I won’t smoke at all, that gives me 8 days of not smoking! I have to have my anxiety & pain meds in my system, w/o pot! So my Question would be if I wk out vigorously for the next 3 days , drink lots of water w/ lemon & green tea am I able to pass this test? So, in all in the last 25 days I’ve only smoked 3 bowls, of regular weed not dro, the last time by the time I take the test would be 9 days ago, can I pass the test still having my prescriptions in my system? What can I do to wash out more thc in the next 4 day before I go to the Drs? On the day of reguardless, I have to take the meds b4 the test making sure that’s in my system! I just need to get the thc out? In sorry for repeating my self just making sure I explained enough to understand! Thanks lotus

  249. Silly1smiley1 Says:

    One more thing does in taking lemon juice & green tea help at all remove thc? Should I buy an expensive detox drink this weekend! I just can’t sleep thinking so much on how to rid of as much ad I can! Even though I’ve only smoked 3 bowls in 25 days my last two bowls would make it 8 days completely clean! I’m a nervous wreck! I love the herb but need my pain meds! :(

  250. Lotus Says:

    Ryan28– That’s awesome, good luck and thank YOU!

    Silly1smiley1– You’ve got the right idea – the best way to “wash out more THC” as you put it is to do some cardio work outs and burn off the fat containing THC. But with such a short time frame this is going to provide limited results. Working out increases your metabolism and allows you to expel more of the fat, so the more important factor is to slow down your metabolism again before the test. So for a couple days before just stop working out and be a fatass for awhile, and that will help to both slow the release of the THC-saturated fats and dilute the fat.

    Drinking lemon juice and tea won’t do anything to remove THC (maybe some extremely minor increase in metabolism), but the caffeine in tea is a diuretic (meaning it makes you pee) so it could be useful before the test. I do a similar thing by drinking coffee or an energy drink before my drug tests.

    I don’t know if you’ll pass or not, it could easily go either way. I feel like if you failed the test they would give you a second chance, or maybe not care? I mean if you have a prescription for anxiety and pain then that’s pretty much exactly what cannabis can be used medicinally for with great results.

  251. Silly1smiley1 Says:

    Thanks, Lotus I will let you know! My results I’ve been seeing this Dr. For eight years for pain & Anxiety! Some days I’d just rather some the good ol’ herb instead of being on meds! All of a sudden, 6 months ago my Dr. Made me sign a contract w/ him. Like no selling, no jumping clinics, ect. He hasn’t tested me yet but, it could happen!

  252. abc1234 Says:

    Was smoking weed on a regular basis since a long time, recently reduced it to only weekends, smoked a lot on sunday with a bit of LSD, havent smoke up since then. 5 panel test maybe on thursday, what are my chances. help please.

  253. Lotus Says:

    abc1234– The LSD won’t make any difference, but the weed is probably still heavily in your system. I would try to substitute with clean or synthetic pee if possible.

  254. ANG3L3Y3Z760 Says:

    Hi lotus my psych doctor surprised me with a drug AND alcohol test but i dont know if its for the etg test?..on the labcorp form if just says USD with alcohol…

  255. Lotus Says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s not an etg test, should only pick up anything within 5-10 hours.

  256. ANG3L3Y3Z760 Says:

    Thank u :)

  257. Angelo ms Says:

    Hi lotus , my name is Angelo i sent you a mail yesterday regarding my problem that I need help with

  258. Lotus Says:

    ANG3LY– No problem!
    Angelo– Hey there I didn’t receive any email from you, make sure you’re using the correct address (, or just ask the question here.

  259. Anonymous Says:

    My main man, Lotus! I am a regular smoker (.5 grams daily) for years. About 5’9″ and 220. Last smoked on Monday 10/21. Got 5 panel on tomorrow 10/26. Bought a fancy “quick cleanse” drink. (I know you frown upon that) what are my odds, and any more advice? Holler back!

  260. Lotus Says:

    Anonymous– What up! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your odds are pretty low. I’m about the same level of smoker (6’2 180) and my piss usually stays dirty for a few weeks. My best suggestion is to try to substitute some clean or synthetic urine if at all possible. If it’s not then try out your fancy drink and say your prayers! Seriously though, the drink will probably add some nutrients and stuff to your urine and will help to dilute your piss. Drink a bunch of water with it (but don’t kill yourself going overboard) and you just might get lucky. Good luck, I’m pullin’ for ya!

  261. Anonymous Says:

    lotus can u plz tell for how much time can we store pee in a condom at room temperature…becz ma friend is leaving today.and I will have a urine drug test very soon within a week

  262. Lotus Says:

    Room temp like 24 hours. Refrigerated should last you the week.

  263. Anonymous Says:

    just want to know…do they drug test in merchant Navy before joining as a deck cadet

  264. Lotus Says:

    Not sure but I’ve heard they do.

  265. vllll Says:

    I smoked 11 days ago but before that I hadn’t smoked in 2 months and when I would smoke before those 2 months it was every so often not every day or week. Im 5’1 120 lbs I only had 3 hits. I drink water with every meal and drank a lot of water yesterday night to dilute my urine will I pass if I take the test today.

  266. Just me Says:

    I smoke weed daily….I have not smoked for 7 days and I have a swab test in 2 days…..
    Will my saliva be clean enough to pass or is there something I need to do?


  267. Lotus Says:

    vllll– I saw this a little late probably, but you should be ok. You’ve taken all the steps to ensure you have the best chance of passing. There’s nothing more you can really do but your odds are pretty good in my opinion.

    Just me– Yeah you should be perfectly fine.

  268. Just me Says:

    Thanks!!! Love you Lotus!!!

  269. smokeee Says:

    ok so i have a drug test for a job. i was thinking have my gf ride with me n pee in a cup then ill put it in a lil squirt bottle n should i tape it to my leg?? or close pin it in a sock?? will the pee be ok as in 98° within 30 min or so of her peeing for me?? whats the likely hood of someone watching?? any ways around that?? thanks !!!…

  270. Lotus Says:

    smokeee– You’ll probably need to come up with a better way of keeping it warm. A handwarmer with a thermometer to keep tabs on temperature should work. You can also use body heat to keep it warm, but that will require a very thin container and storing it in a very hot area like your groin or your armpit. It should be good for a few hours before it goes bad if kept at 98˚.

    The likelihood of someone watching on an employment is very very low. Pretty much only in the military will this happen. But one way around that is to use a condom and stealthily puncture the condom and spray it into the cup as if you were actually pissing.

  271. Just me Says:

    I just took the swab test…it’s was labcorp test and they send it to the lab…
    I have not smoked for 9 days. Do you think I have to worry about passing????
    I want to smoke a bowl but I’m afraid to…..

  272. abc1234 Says:

    i dodged the test for a good 10 days. as i said last to last weekend i smoked up, before which i was smoking regularly for a long time until a month back where I cut down only to weekends, havent smoked since then. had a few redbulls over the 10 days alongwith cranberry juice, and as much fluids as possible. what are the odds now

  273. Lotus Says:

    Just me– You shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I’d smoke up :)

    abc1234– You got much better odds now. You could still fail of course, but you should pass as long as you make sure to drink lots of water and that sort of thing. Good luck!

  274. Nitro Says:

    I used quick fix plus for employment urine test, the MRO called me and said I tested for THC .. Knowing this wasn’t possible I am having it sent to another lab for testing. What are my chances for them finding out it was synthetic

  275. Lotus Says:

    Nitro– Pretty high honestly. If they do any sort of involved test they should find out quickly it is fake. Let me know what happens.

  276. Nitro Says:

    I’ll let u know… I thought they might just test it for the thc

  277. Lotus Says:

    You would be right if it was the standard panel/cup test that they check on the spot. Those just check temperature and in rare circumstances they’ll check for Creatine. But since this is a lab test they usually do a more exhaustive evaluation. That said it is possible you could sneak by with a little luck.

  278. kattie1142 Says:

    I started smoking crack again last Friday and first sober days tomorrow since I smoke three hours ago today so if I smoked today and my court test is on the 14th at about eleven am and its a cup response test will I pass I’ve been taking niacin and azeos and water and the amount of crack well let’s just say in a week I’ve done about 700 $ with my bf

  279. kattie1142 Says:

    Its nice to be able to discuss issues with what drug u take without having the negative comments thanks for this site :)

  280. Lotus Says:

    You’re welcome! This is a judgement-free zone :) I think people are smart enough to understand the risks of what they’re doing without harping on them like an old biddy.

    Anyway, you should be fine as long as you don’t smoke for the next week. Coke stays in your system about a week max so you should pass easily with the water and vitamins you’ve been taking. Good luck! Let us know how it goes

  281. kattie1142 Says:

    I will :)

  282. just Says:

    I took a pee test i used a cover my urine was sent to a lab i know i had a 5 hour window does it just mask my urine or does it hold everything in my system i tested myself before i went and passed but I’m worried because it was sent off

  283. Lotus Says:

    If you tested yourself before and passed then you’re probably fine. Not sure cause I don’t know anything about when you’ve last smoked, what you’ve used to pass and that type of thing.

  284. Shauna Says:

    Hello… So in the last oh 3-4 weeks I have smoked 5 hits several days apart.. last hit being 10 days ago and really just a hit.. not a full bowl or anything just a hit.. what are my chances passing a test today with dilution??

  285. Lotus Says:

    They’re pretty good I’d say. Dilution will work wonders, and you’re right on the bubble there as far as passing naturally. You could still fail of course, but I’d say more likely than not you’d pass.

  286. Clueless Says:

    I used my child’s clean pee this morning for what I assume is an EtG alcohol test. I didn’t know anything about refrigerating etc until I read your posts after the fact. I kept his urine sealed at room temp for 9 hours until test with PO. He took it sealed it etc. what will lab possibly come back with?? Thanks

  287. Lotus Says:

    Clueless– I bet you’ll pass, it can keep for about 12-24 hours in room temp conditions. It just depends on the environment with regards to temperature, humidity, bacteria, etc. Obviously the ideal would be refrigerated in a sterile environment, but nothing’s ideal :) You said it was at room temp for 9 hours, so it should be fine.

  288. Need Help Says:

    Will fake urine (quick fix plus) pass a 14 panel test? Heavy smoker for 10 years, not sure I have any other options. The test is done in my office, any recommendations?

  289. Lotus Says:

    Need Help- I would go for it. It should pass the test, though if it gets sent off you’re probably screwed. Have something to keep it warm – hand warmer around a little 5 hour energy bottle works. Have a thermometer and just make sure it’s at the right temp… and good luck!

  290. Need Help Says:

    Thanks for the quick response! I have the warmer and the bottle with the thermometer. I know they do the test in house and I think if it passes the panel I am fine (not sent to a lab). Can you elaborate on being screwed if it goes to the lab? Any suggestions on where to hide the bottle?

  291. Lotus Says:

    Need Help– No problem. What I meant by being screwed is if it goes to the lab they have ways to tell if it’s synthetic and it usually won’t get past them. But they normally only send it off to verify a failed result. If you pass the initial screening they won’t send it to a lab – it’s too expensive to do for every test.

    I’d either tape it to my leg or something similar. If you have a handwarmer then you won’t have to worry about keeping it warm, just hidden. They might ask you to empty your pockets, so try to avoid keeping it there.

  292. SOMAbody help me! Says:

    I was taking Carisopodol (Soma) for a neck surgery. I admitted having a prescription for a job offer and am getting lab tested (urine) specifically for Soma. I have not taken one in approx 10-12 days. Should the Soma be out of my system yet & my test results come back negative?

  293. Lotus Says:

    SOMAbody help me!– First off, I love that name 😀 Anywho, 10-12 days should be more than enough to pass a test for carisoprodol. It’s out of your system normally within 5-7 days so you should be perfectly fine.

  294. SOMAbody help me! Says:

    Thanks Lotus. I thought the name worked in this! I should be clean for the Meprobamate metabolite as well? By the way, this is the best site for answers, that I’ve found! Keep up the good work…Love from the OC, Cali.

  295. Lotus Says:

    SOMA– Thanks! It’s always great to hear those compliments. Yep meprobamate is detectable for 4 days max, so you will be clean for that as well. Much love from the California of Texas – Austin 😀

  296. Ryan28 Says:

    Hello again Lotus:) it has been 63 days since I’ve smoked the sweet ganja and I still haven’t been tested yet!! I’m sure I’ll be fine now haha:/ my question is: I’d like to smoke again after I’m tested…we will have randoms every 3 months or so after the initial test. What’s the best way to get back to smokin without fear of getting popped? Like maybe a little bit once a week? Any info you can share would be great!! Thanks again!! Love this place;)

  297. Lotus Says:

    Ryan28– Hey Ryan! Good to hear from you again. My advice for you is this: since you’re super clean by now after two months of not smoking, get a few nice, small, microwavable air-tight containers, piss into them and immediately stick them in the freezer. Urine will last for a year (probably more) frozen, and then whenever you have a test you can simply thaw one out, warm it up to body temp, take it to the facility with you and dump it in the testing cup. When you eventually do your initial test you should be able to figure out the best way to do that. Most places just have you go into a bathroom with the testing cup and do your business. But in rare circumstances they will actually watch you and/or make you empty your pockets.

    If you can’t freeze them for whatever reason (living with parents, roommates, so on), then you can always just substitute with synthetic piss and smoke to your heart’s content. However if you are dead-set on pissing clean by yourself, smoking a little bit once a week should allow you to pass in a pretty short timeframe. Personally, I would do the freezer method just for peace of mind. If you smoke once a week and then take a couple weeks off before the test, you’ll have a great chance of passing. But there’s always that small probability that you could fail.

  298. Ryan28 Says:

    I totally forgot about the ol’ freezer trick=)) I’ll probably end up doing that…the tests are at my actual work. The “tester” brings all his/her supplies and will just have us go into the bathroom alone. The only thing that scares me is the whole “getting it up to temp” thing…but I sure do miss smokin before bed…I’ve had the craziest dreams lately. I miss not dreaming and sleeping through the whole night. Just have to tell the wife not to use certain tupperwares in the freezer:P.

  299. Lotus Says:

    Getting it up to temp is the only tricky part, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. It sounds like your test is gonna be really easy to cheat, so it’s pretty much an ideal situation for substitution. Once you thaw out the urine, store it in a small, thin container – something like a 5 Hour Energy bottle works well. Then wrap it in a hand warmer and heat it up. This can get it too hot, so keep a thermometer with you to make sure it doesn’t go above 99˚ or below 96˚. Once you get it up to 98.6˚ you can always just stick it in a warm body part (armpit or crotch), and that should keep it at body temp. Just be sure to check it one last time before the test and you should be golden!

    You can also practice/experiment with water to make sure you have your process down beforehand.

  300. Buddy Says:

    Hey lotus, we test at lab corps and u believe it’s a 10 pan? Do you think a bottle of agent will work? Thanks!!

  301. SOMAbody help me! Says:

    Update…I passed! Thanks for relieving some of my stress.

  302. Lotus Says:

    If you mean the synthetic urine, yes it should. I’ve heard QuickFix is a good one. If you mean the cleansing stuff, no that won’t work. Better off just drinking a lot of water and taking some B12/creatine.

  303. Anonymous Says:

    I have a dot physical this Thurs. I have fresh urine collected Friday and quickly stored in freezer in rubber made container. I have substituted urine before but not frozen it was always from the night before. Will this still work?

  304. Lotus Says:

    SOMA– Thanks for the update and congrats on passing :)

    Anonymous– Yes, absolutely! Just thaw it out beforehand, and make sure it’s between 96˚ & 99˚F when you are doing the test. It will work just as well as fresh urine.

  305. scott Says:

    I smoked about a 1/4 oz of weed in a 2 week period I’ve been clean for about 11 days. I have to be tested sometime this week what can I do to pass this text?

  306. Lotus Says:

    scott– You can dilute your urine, or you can substitute with synthetic or clean pee.

  307. scott Says:

    Thanks ……I have someone that’s clean that’s going to pee for me. ….thank you for the advice. Once I’m clean I’m going to try the freezing method I love to smoke myself helps me sleep.

  308. Lotus Says:

    In my opinion, that’s the best way to go. No chance of failing as long as you can sneak it in at the right temp :) I’m the same way about sleeping. If I can’t smoke I have terrible insomnia that fucks with my sleep schedule and I end up with 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Smoking before bed is so helpful, even if I don’t smoke during the day I make sure to toke up before bedtime.

  309. Andrew Says:

    This site rocks balls. I just used my girlfriends sisters piss. Results shud be in today!!

  310. b.g. Says:

    I need help!!! Our random are coming any day. I.did 2 small. Bumps 2 days ago after months of sstaying off Meth. Is there any way of. Fooling. This test??

  311. Lotus Says:

    Andrew– Thanks!! 😀

    b.g.– Meth (and other amphetamines) stays in your system for 1-5 days. If it was your first time in months you’d have a pretty good chance of passing within a couple days. Best way to fool it would be to dilute or to substitute. If you dilute the day of your test you should have a very solid chance of passing. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  312. DietQ Says:

    Question regarding diet on the last 3 days prior to a test:
    I’m barely passing home tests with a faint line, ~2 weeks clean. Over the past week I ate clean, lots of lean protein and greens, and worked out a bunch. Also started creatine mono.
    Now switching to “last few days” mode.
    My understanding is I should keep up the creatine and maybe add in some red meat. But should I eat fatty foods? Should I eat lots of carbs?
    Any other guidance for the last few days other than ceasing exercise and continuing creatine? I also plan on ~48-60oz of fluid within the 4 hours prior to test.

    PS Lotus – thanks for keeping this thread active with your responses!

  313. Lotus Says:

    DietQ– My pleasure! Glad to be of service. You are on the right path, just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and you’ll be fine. Loading up on carbs and fat for 3 days is probably not entirely necessary, it’s mostly important for the very last day before the test. But it certainly couldn’t hurt so I wouldn’t really recommend changing that plan. In addition to the creatine I would probably take a little B12, to give your urine a little yellow hue.

    Also a faint line is just as good as a solid line, and even clean people will sometimes only get a faint one (it’s not a perfect science). So if you’re consistently getting that faint line then that’s good news for you.

  314. DietQ Says:

    Update: not passing as consistently as I thought :( Did a nighttime test w/o dilution (normal intake) and there is a ghost line if any at all. Second failed nighttime test in a row after a few passes. Definitely more faint than before. What the heck?! The only change is less exercise and a crappier more meat and fat-filled diet. Is there anything I can be doing? I’m going to down a bunch of cranberry juice tonight and test in the morning.
    Regarding B12, I take a multivitamin already and I could double up on the day of the test, I’ve tested and found this does make my urine a bit neon-ish tho.
    Thanks in advance!

  315. Lotus Says:

    Don’t forget those tests are really unreliable – they could be right one day and wrong the next (which is part of the reason I hate drug tests in general). Since you didn’t dilute it probably just means all the THC hasn’t left your system yet. That’s pretty much to be expected after 2 weeks, it just means you should be sure to dilute come test day. If you’re worried you might not pass even with dilution, look into getting a synthetic urine like Quick Fix and substitute that in (just be sure you get it at the right temp).

    Personally I think if you drink a lot of water you will have a good chance of passing. No guarantees of course, but you should have a good shot!

  316. drew Says:

    Hey lotus your super informative. I’ve been a heavy high grade smoker for years. Trying for the FDNY and foresee a piss test in February . I’m athletic build with very minimal body fat as I workout on a daily basis and have recently stepped up my cardio regimen like crazy. I’ve just stopped blazing recently and am nervous about passing the test. I eat very healthy and drink plenty of cranberry juice, water and cold green tea (teas tea in particular). I also take multivitamins every other day and started low dieses of niacin. What are my chances of passing the test if administered mid Feb? Gonna miss green but need this job

  317. Lotus Says:

    drew– Thanks! Your chances for passing in Feb if you are stopping now? 100%. You’re in shape, have low fat already (so not much THC will be stored in your body), and you have well over a month maybe even 2 months of clean time ahead of you. In fact you should be able to smoke until the New Year and still pass with confidence in mid-Feb. But it never hurts to be on the safe side.

  318. Hi Says:

    I have a dot-nida test coming up for preemployment. I have been abstaining from pot for 17 days. I’m 6’1 and 200 lbs. I smoked about 2 small bowls a day of basically schwag almost everyday for about 1.5 years before. Exercised pretty hard for a few days and now I’ve stopped bc not sure when it will be. I think I’ll be at least 21 days clean when it happens. Been drinking lots of water, cranberry, green tea and coffee and now eating pretty fatty foods the last few days. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Had some 4-5 day breaks in that year and a half.

  319. Hi Says:

    Sorry-it was always pretty low grade stuff. I’ve passed a couple at home tests after loading up on water etc. thanks!

  320. Lotus Says:

    Hi– Hey we have to approve comments because we get a lot of spam, that’s why your comments weren’t going through. Anyway, it sounds like you’re doing everything right. I’d say you have a great chance of passing as long as you load up on water, B12 and creatine on the morning of your testing day.

  321. Crystal Says:

    Hi! I’ve been googling for awhile now and this is the best help I’ve seen! Here’s my issue, I’m on probation for a dui and I was a regular smoker until early July , I just quit cold turkey so I could get clean before court. Then my date got extended so I smoked from Halloween till thanksgiving with a few day breaks in between . My court date was 12-11 and on the tenth I tested myself and I was clean. Well on Christmas Eve I was completely stupid and decided to smoke a one hitter and continued for about 1.5 weeks with maybe a 3 days where I didn’t smoke at all randomly in between. I wouldn’t smoke all day and it would only be a bowl pack or 1.5 a day shared with at least one other person. (At the time i thought id be fine untill i started googling) on the 27th I’ll be exactly 21 days clean. I’m a 23 year old 5’1 girl and weigh 110 at the very most. I would say my metabolism is normal, maybe a little above. I work all the time so I don’t have time to workout although I bar tend, serve, and cook so I guess that counts as something lol. What do you think my chances are of being clean by then? ? Thank you!

  322. Lotus Says:

    Crystal– Appreciate it! At 21 days you will have a very good chance of passing since you’re small and probably don’t have a lot of THC metabolites stored in your fat cells. I would recommend drinking a lot of water to dilute the urine and taking some creatine/B12. If you are still worried then you can sneak synthetic urine (like QuickFix) into the test instead. If you have any more questions let us know!

  323. ian Says:

    I’m on probation right now I have smoked once or twice and done some painkillers
    Such as oxycodone I just tried ky best to time it out between test so the day of the test
    I was clean my last test he didn’t tell ne wether it was clean or not n sent it to the lab when I came in a few days ago he told me I had to go to another office next week for a DNA test I’ve heard many things about how this DNA test is not for drugs but for a criminal data base but am still nervous if its hair I figure I’m fucked but if its blood or saliva is it possible since I’ve taken qcarbo32 and stay off anything for a week drink green tea and work out ill be good ? Ur help is appreciated

  324. Lotus Says:

    ian– As far as your DNA test is concerned, it is most likely NOT a drug test. Reason being, in the court system they have to specifically tell you the purpose and method of each test for legal reasons. If they told you it was a drug test but took your DNA, it would be a HUGE violation of privacy and thus a HIPPA (national health code) violation. It’s not to say it’s never happened, but if it did happen you could sue. Similarly, if they told you it was a DNA test and it ended up being a drug test, your lawyer could possibly get the results of the test thrown out.

    I’ve learned recently that hair tests can be mitigated up to 95% with hair relaxers. This is in contradiction to the previous notion that hair tests are impossible to trick. So if you are afraid of that you can try that out. Blood and saliva you’ll be perfectly fine since everything you took will be out of your system within 3 or 4 days (in blood oxy takes like 3 days weed maybe 5 days, and in saliva they’re both out about 36 hours).

    By the way, the fact that they are taking a DNA sample on probation is infuriating to me. Fuckin’ bullshit.

  325. Anonymous Says:

    I have a swab drug test coming up wensday and I smoked on Saturday. I’ve been brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day, I use mouth wash and have listerene strips, will I be ok?

  326. freakin Says:

    Do you know anything about herbal incense and if it can be detected in a follicle test, or a UA, for that matter? I just smoked about a gram over a 2 day period then got offered a job I applied for months ago. Will be tested, both hair and urine in the next week, maybe 2.

  327. angie Says:

    Im a 23 year old female 112 lbs and 5’2” i use to smoke every day but i recently stopped on 01/02/2014.. i have a drug test tomorrow 01/14/2014.. what are the chances of me passing that test.. i working out like twice a week, im drinking alot of fluids to maybe help my chances. anything will help. suggestions or advice of any sort

  328. angie Says:

    i really need the job with the messed up economy. any ideas will help

  329. Stoner22 Says:

    I had an interview on 1/13/14 and I really want this position for a dealership I smoke a lot! After I found out he picked me for “TRAINING” but not exactly hired he explained that they of course do drug tests. I’m not sure which type they do as I almost always had to take no drug test at all for a job. Only time I took a drug test was probation and one job and that was a saliva test which is easy to pass. What I’m nervous about is a piss test this dealership doesn’t exactly look like they’ll sound much money on lab test. But none of my friends are clean and I mean NONE. Sad to say only my sister the only one I know is clean. anyway, the training starts 1/15/14 and they do a background check on 1/20/14 so I’m guessing the urine test maybe on 1/20/14 as well. My question is do you have any suggestions? Right now my only thought is using a condom or something else light and not noisy to stick up me. I feel is the easiest way to keep urine at body temp.

  330. Lotus Says:

    Anonymous– Yes you’ll be absolutely fine. 24 hours is the normal limit for swab tests, and 3 days is the absolute maximum. Don’t bother with the mouthwash/listerine, I’d be worried the alcohol might trip the test.

    freakin– The short answer is that you probably won’t be tested for it. The long answer is that yes they CAN theoretically test for it but normally don’t (because it’s so rare). One thing though, do you mean the “legal high” type of stuff with synthetic cannabinoids on them? If you’re talking about “Spice” or other types of fake weed then those normally have synthetic cannabinoids. More places are in fact testing for synth. cannabinoids (like JWH-* or AM-* or CP-*), but there are so many of them that they can’t really cover all their bases. The most popular ones like JWH-018 are the most likely to be tested.

    If you’re just talking about smoking things like sage or damiana then you will have no problems at all.

    angie– I may have seen this a little late but honestly you’re doing pretty much everything you can. As long as you’re planning on drinking a lot of water before the test you are giving yourself the best possible chance. Try to take some creatine/B12 before the test too. Oh and make sure you take the test AFTER your first piss of the day, and also take the sample mid-stream. With a little luck you have a decent chance of passing (but with a little bad luck you probably won’t pass).

    Stoner22- Can you convince your sister to pee in a cup for ya? :p If not, you can just buy synthetic pee like QuickFix. It will pass no problem. You can do the condom inside you method, but I would be worried about having it break in there. That would really suck for a number of reasons… So if you want you can get a little 5 Hour Energy type bottle, use a hand warmer to get it heated up, and a little thermometer to check the temp and make sure it doesn’t over-heat. Then when you’re almost ready for the test you can hold the bottle under your armpit (or anywhere else that’s warm), and keep it at body temp that way.

    Let me know if y’all have any other questions!

  331. freakin Says:

    Thanks Lotus, they just might, it’s for a position with an oil and gas co.
    I will come back and post after I am tested and get the results.
    Best site for this info ANYWHERE! !

  332. freakin Says:

    I know that “Quick Fix” from spectrum labs will work for a UA. I have used it on multiple occasions with no problems. My ex-wife, who in in a hospital mgmt. position has also used it quite effectively. She even keeps a bottle hidden in her office, just in case.
    It also comes with a warming pad in the box.
    Just remember to get the “Quick Fix Plus”, there is more in the bottle to cover those labs yhat ask for a larger sample.

  333. Lotus Says:

    Yeah I’ve heard only good things about Quick Fix+ as well. Also I think the plus version has uric acid to help in states that test for presence of it. Thanks for the review.

  334. deepblade Says:

    Great info here! Here’s another question on detecting THC metabolites – and I understand clearance time is variable from person to person, but I’d like your opinion for peace of mind I suppose.

    I will have a screen exactly 16 days from my last toke. There are limited stakes here as my PDoc requires me to fulfill my ADHD meds contract before rewriting a script that I am after. If I fail I can just retest at a later date. I actually declined to test 3 years ago and stopped getting meds, but I’d like to get back on them, hence my situation.

    I’m 5’10” 170lb athletic male with low body fat. I weight train 4 days a week and run outside 20-30 miles per week, which has been my routine for the past two years. I have been a regular smoker for probably 10 years, which typically involves 1-2 hits a day of medium quality stuff 5 days a week. As I said my last hit would have been 16 days before the screen. Actually, two weeks prior to that I ran out of green and maybe smoked 2 hits 2 times a week until the last time that is 16 days before the test.

    What odds do you give me on passing? How much of advantage do those that exercise regerously have? I still plan on diluting to some degree with B complex and creatine – is this necessary or recommend? Thanks for helping so many get peace of mind with these situations.

  335. Lotus Says:

    deepblade– You have pretty good odds. Of all the people who have told me they were clean for 2 weeks before a test, only a couple have actually failed. People who exercise and have low body fat have a pretty significant advantage, depending on just how low their body fat is and so on. It’s simple physics – the less fat you have, the less THC metabolites are stored and the faster they’ll cycle out of the system.

    I would indeed recommend diluting because even with a low body fat % you’re still only 2 weeks out which can be iffy. Now the fact is you’re a light smoker and are probably gonna be clean at 2 weeks. But just to be safe (and since it can’t hurt anything) I would still dilute and take the supplements. Also, I would recommend not working out at all for 2 or 3 days before your test, and try to “fatten up” a little bit. That way you’ll have more clean fat and a lower concentration of THC. Don’t forget to make sure you piss in the morning before the test because a lot of metabolites collect in your urine during sleep. And take the urine sample mid-stream – the first bit of the stream has a higher concentration of metabolites.

    And it’s my pleasure helping people out. I hate drug tests so I like to do everything I can to combat them :)

  336. deepbalde Says:

    Thanks Lotus and I hope you are right. I think the odds are in my favor as well. I will post up my results sometime after Jan 23 for others to get some sort of “baseline” from if they are close to my usage history, metabolism, and time to test.
    It’s really a shame that these drug screens seem to target marijuana use as just about all other substances are cleared out so much faster, at least for urine screens. I mean is it really fair that one can bang down some hard drugs on a Friday and be clean the next Monday, while someone else smoked ganja 3 weeks ago and gets caught/fired/jailed because they pissed hot? I would say not fair at all, but then again this isn’t about being “fair”.

  337. Lotus Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. There’s no reason a weed smoker would be any worse at their job than a person who goes to a bar after work or has a glass of wine at home. And most of the time if you are hiring a true (meth/heroin/coke) addict you’d know it anyway just from how they look/act. But like you said it has nothing to do with being fair or being logical. It’s due to the financial benefit (insurance discounts for companies that drug test) and because of the stigma associated with recreational drug use. Because we’re all a bunch of lazy, free-loading hippies who can’t wait to steal from our employer or come to work blitzed.

  338. Rc Says:

    I just took a drug test for employment, yesterday night. I had my daughter with me and used he urine. She didn’t produce enough to fill to the line. So I had used some of my dirty urine. When I got to the testing site I aleady had some of her urine but it wasn’t enuf so she threw that out and made me sit in the waiting room drinking water. I had my little girl drink water as well and she gave me some more but still was not enuf and I had to top it off with my own urine. I am shitting bricks right now bc I really need this job. It might have been half and half but it was very clear since both of us were drinking water back to back. I’m worried but trying not to. I smoke twice a day and this Tuesday b4 the test I smoked that nite. I thought this was the best Website to ask my ques. Without judgement and u seem to really help people out. Also I did not smoke at all yesterday. Please help put mymind at ease.

  339. Rc Says:

    Also I’m 5’5 and 107 lbs. I have a very fAst metabolism. Does that matter? Help me please.

  340. Lotus Says:

    Rc– That’s a pretty unusual situation to say the least. I’m not sure what your chances are to be honest. Since you mixed in clean urine at a 50:50 ratio and were also diluting heavily, I’d say your chances are probably pretty good. No guarantees though since of course you were only 24 hours clean. Wish I could help more but I just haven’t really had any experience with those circumstances. Wish you the best of luck! Let us know what happens.

  341. deepbalde Says:

    Test day tomorrow! I remain clean and today is day 15 of that. No big deal. I actually increased my cardio during the last two weeks to 25 and 35 miles of running per week respectively, and ceased all strenuous activity a few days ago. I’m attempting to fatten up a bit now and I have my dilution methodology tested and down pat. I can put down a gallon of water over a few hours and take a few B complexes and literally watch my urine go from clear to light yellow (almost neon) in a matter of a few voids. I have been supplementing creatine (actually loading) for the past 5 days. Sounds good but…

    I decided to investigate my specific test and it’s an EMIT, but not the dummy EMIT I was hoping for. The FDSU5 (forensic drugs of abuse 5) also screens for adulterants such as creatinine, nitrite, pH, and specific gravity. Nitrites and pH shouldn’t concern me as I am not going to do post-urine adulteration. However the creatinine and specific gravity screens have me quite concerned. It appears that a creatinine value of 20mg/dl to 100mg/dl is “expected” and anything lower hints at intentional dilution. The SG values they are looking for aren’t clear, but there doesn’t appear to be much variation between high and low normal values.

    At this point I’m trying to figure out the least amount of fluid to consume to dilute and make sure I’m below 50ng/ml without falling below the normal values for creatinine and SG. I should have bought some test strips from eBay to determine the minimal dilution necessary (if any) to pass, but I’m out of time now. Should I go less aggressive with the fluids (maybe half gallon) in an attempt to satisfy the adulterants test? Do people really fail this part for drinking 8 glasses of water in the period of a couple hours before the test? Should I not worry about over-diluting since I’ve been loading with creatine? I think I can pass legitimately with minimal dilution since I was never a heavy smoker, but I don’t want to have to test again because my screen was inconclusive due to possible dilution. To be honest this test is driving me bonkers even though the stakes are so low (not losing a job or anything). It’s almost like I’m playing an unfair/crappy game and all I can think about is passing/winning so it can be finally over with. Since it’s an EMIT I should be given the initial result (positive/negative) nearly immediately, correct? Thanks!

  342. deepbalde Says:

    Well day 16 clean and I submitted a urine sample this AM but the results are unknown. I did slight dilution as I expected a creatinine test, but I was incorrect. I ended up doing a general EMIT for 8 substances with confirmation, meaning no adulterant test.

    The doctor gave me what I wanted as I fulfilled the medication contract, although I am still curious what the results were. I need to go back in a month and hopefully will be told what the results are, especially if it was positive and went to the GS/MS for confirmation. Kind of doubt it at this point though.

  343. Stoner22 Says:

    I got a great job position I’m
    A new hire long as my drug test goes well ill start soon as they get the results. I’ have until the 28th of January to complete the test . Unfortunately my test center only operates from 11am-2pm Monday through Friday. They are doing a 10 panel. Drug test. I’ll be using my younger sisters urine I think my problems lies with timing. My sister leaves for school around 7:45 am and. I want to head to the site. Around 11 it’s only 5 minutes away from my house. What would u suggest as far as keeping the urine good meaning so it doesn’t spoil. As far as keeping it warm I have a easy pour container that fits great between my legs and I have plastic wrap and a ruber band I have already practiced at concealing the easy pour plastic cup and it worked pretty well even under jeans. Is that good enough?

  344. john Says:

    Im taking a 9 panel oral drug test for probation. I brush my teeth and drink monster before i go in and pass with flying colors. Why would this be. I smoke weed everyday all day. How is this?

  345. Lotus Says:

    deepblade– Sorry I didn’t see your comment till today as I was out in the woods. To answer your questions, taking creatine will satisfy the legitimacy tests or should. You can dilute all you want and so long as your creatine concentrations are still proportional to the water you’ll be fine. In my experience people hardly ever fail for dilution. It does happen, but the number of people that dilute vs the number that fail for it is tiny.

    Also I am somewhat doubtful that the doctor will offer up the results of your drug test on a silver platter. But I do think if you asked them for it next time you go they’d provide them for you.

    stoner22– I think that container should work fine as long as it’s not too thick. You need it to be a little thin so that the heat from your body will transfer to the liquid and keep it warm. Basically you need to just keep it from about 8am to about 11am, right? That’s only 3 hours so I would bet that it would likely stay good on its own. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stick it in the fridge right away and then heat it back up around 11 when you take the test. You could even just have her pee the night before and keep it in the fridge till the next morning. If you don’t have access to a fridge then an ice chest would work fine too.

  346. Lotus Says:

    john– Oral swab tests are very finicky and only pick up the most recent 24 hours. You could have had a combination of luck and perhaps neutralizing and diluting the THC that shows up with your toothbrush/monster drink. Also presumably you wouldn’t smoke right before the swab test so it was probably a good amount of hours from when you last smoked to when you were tested. Can’t say for sure but those would be my guesses.

  347. john Says:

    Thanks for the reply. But it was 2pm when i brushed my teeth then started drinking monster. Then at 4pm i smoked and drove to probation. I took my test at 5pm. I am stumped. Maybe a monster is the way to cheat a siliva drug test.

  348. Clueless Says:

    Do you know if my urine would be positive on a etg drug test if I took 1 15 mg of adderal xr 7 hours before the test? I was completely clean prior of any drugs or alcohol for 2 months? Thanks!!

  349. Stoner22 Says:

    How thin does the plastic container need to be?

  350. Lotus Says:

    john– That’s very strange. Has this only happened once or multiple times? If you just figured out the trick to swab tests we can make you a famous man! 😛

    Clueless– EtG only tests for alcohol so assuming that’s all you took you will be fine. Adderall wouldn’t trip it.

    Stoner22– It’s not super important, just thin enough that it transfers heat pretty well. As long as it’s not more than a couple millimeters (1/16″ or so) thick it should work fine. If you heat it up to 98.6˚ at home and immediately keep it inside your body it will be fine. A thicker container would work too since it would just trap more heat in. It would just be harder to heat the contents of a thick container up.

  351. Clueless Says:

    Thanks! What if it is a test that tests for both drugs and alcohol? Thx for all your help.

  352. Lotus Says:

    Clueless– The EtG would be a completely separate test from a drug test. So unless they took some of the urine from that EtG test sample and poured it into a different test kit, or if you pissed into two different tests at the same time, then I think they are only testing for alcohol.

    If it was a test for both drugs and alcohol then it means it was not an EtG test. For example the panel test for alcohol only tests back about 12 hours, and an EtG goes back like 72 hours. If it was a panel test with alcohol (which I have encountered), they are very inaccurate about the actual alcohol. I got drunk as hell one night and took an alcohol test about 6 or 7 hours later and pissed clean.

    The amphetamines are a different story. If it was a panel test with amphetamines and alcohol, then you will probably not pass since you took the Adderall that same day. You might get lucky though if you hadn’t used any other amphetamines that week, or if you drank a bunch of water during your test. It’s possible that the amphetamines would not have been fully metabolized and released through your urine. But I wouldn’t count on it. Hopefully it was just an EtG test and you’ll be fine.

  353. Clueless Says:

    Thank you so very much!! Your site rocks!!

  354. Clueless Says:

    Another question – if I have clean urine and freeze then take out to defrost (I assume about 8 hrs) then take with me to test – if not tested – can I then freeze the same urine again for the next month in case tested? Or should I just get clean urine and freeze again? I really appreciate your help!

  355. Lotus Says:

    If you warm it up to room temp you’ll want to replace it with fresh stuff for next time. It’s probably not necessary if it’s only warm for an hour or two, but 8 hours is too long and you’ll need to replace it to be safe.

  356. Clueless Says:

    Thanks. I have yet another question. How long for adderal to get out of your system before a clean drug test?

  357. Lotus Says:

    Usually about 3-5 days, sometimes about a week.

  358. Stoner22 Says:

    Trick to swab test is easy I’ve done plenty brush teeth and gums use peroxide when brushing of course don’t swallow use listerine too. I never got a problem even smoke the day before and took a test I never put the swab on my cheek though I leave it between my teeth stick gets wet enough I pass everytime

  359. Lotus Says:

    Thanks for the tip Stoner22, I’ll have to add that to the guide.

  360. Stoner22 Says:

    Currently waiting for my drug test I heated it up
    To 101 degrees got here at 1130 and it’s 1245 this is ridiculous I’m pretty sure I have nothing to worry about though since it’s disclosed between my legs and privates BUT COME ON

  361. Stoner22 Says:

    After 2 excruciating hours I finally took the test. Went well except for holding pee betwen my legs -.- measured between the right degrees and he checked the specimen got yes on both I should get a call from my job Tuesday or Wednesday

  362. Lotus Says:

    Stoner22– Hell yeah good to hear! Best of luck but I think you’ve got it now :)

  363. ?? 4you Says:

    Hi boyfriend had urine test today has not smoked for 48 hrs he does smoke often, but not all day long just couple puffs a day and not every single day he had 5 screen but drank “the stuff” he had nothing to eat or drink since 7 pm last night they said nothing after midnight but water, woke went to bathroom several times in am and consumed water all day the day before he drank the bottle of that stuff hr before filled it w/water drank that used bathroom here then drove to test gave them sample he said looked bit light but not to much they said was inconclusive and would send to lab now we don’t know what to expect.what do you think will happen? Guy trying to white him said he may reschedule test for couple days but they sent it off

  364. ?? 4you Says:

    Also sorry he’s used before and passed but were thinking they may be getting bit smarter and testing for more then that any advice besides someone else’s urine stuff he could do to retest by Friday?

  365. ?? 4you Says:

    He smokes vdoes nothing else and will not till he finds work from now on sadly he wasn’t smoking much at all anymore but loss of his job he started up again he got phone call stopped second he knew , but seems to be are luck lately. Guess what would you do if ya had to retest in 2 days from last test that was inconclusive and sent to lab or do ya think news won’t be good?

  366. ?? 4you Says:

    Every other time he’s used the drink it worked but has been couple yrs

  367. Lotus Says:

    ?? 4you– Hard to say. The lab might find too much THC and fail him. I’m not sure why it would be inconclusive that’s a little strange. There’s not a whole lot you can do in 2 days if you can’t substitute. Drink a bunch of water and take creatine/B12 is the best suggestion I can give. If you can retest I’d try to get synthetic urine and pass that way.

  368. Stoner22 Says:

    Got the call from the job AND I GOT THE POSITION I WANTED this site rocks

  369. hippychick Says:

    l took a ua for a job 2 days ago … had to retest today as urine to dilute … l had alot of coffee this morning and a bottle of soda had peed prior to finding out l had to retset they gave me 5 min to get to the collection point and gave me 32 oz of water l was required to be observed on this test the urine was almost colorless … what are the chances l will pass given this info … only smoke fyi

  370. ?? 4you Says:

    Just wanted to let ya know lab came back w neg result ,so with no smoking for 48 hrs and flushing system/peeing for that 48 he pulled frozen bottle of” The stuff “out of car defrosted it then put in fridge he drank it an refilled w/bottle of water drank that as well and went for test without urinating till test was inconclusive sent it to lab was negative today. We weren’t sure bout it being room temp/frozen must have worked though :-) Says this is 5th time for him over the yrs but last time was bout 6yrs ago so we were not sure, thanks for your advice ,first time ya could find anyone w/real answers about this kinda thing :-) He wanted me to tell ya he had couple beers night before as well and what outcome was .

  371. Clueless Says:

    Me again …. Do you know if adderall shows up as methamphetamines in a urine drug test or is it something different? The reason I ask is that I am an a prescription drug (Effexor XR) that does show up as a false positive for methamphetamines in a urine drug test – so I was curious if it shows the same or not. Thanks for any insight!

  372. Lotus Says:

    Stoner22– Rad! Congrats, glad to be of service :)

    hippychick– When did you last smoke? How much did you normally smoke?

    ?? 4you– Hell yeah that’s awesome! Beers and extra water probably helped flush out the system and reduce the concentration of THC metabolites. Thanks for updating us

    Clueless– The majority of tests differentiate between amphetamine and methamphetamine.

  373. BayArea Dabster Says:

    Hey Lotus, i get tested sometime this morning between 10am-12 pm. I smoked a few hits on wednesday (about 4 hits) And on thursday i took 2 maximum strength azo pills to flush my urine. My emp officer uses the iCup and i was thinking about mixing water in with the urine. Some other kids at my school told me it worked for them and I was curious what you think about my plan. Please get back to me asap i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks lotus, we all appreciate your time on this thread

  374. Lotus Says:

    BayArea Dabster– Sorry I am probably replying too late to help you. Mixing in water in an iCup would probably be fine, as long as the water was the right temperature. I’d recommend drinking as much water as possible before the test.

  375. ??WILL I FAIL?? Says:

    hi there i was wondering how to pass a drug test for cocaine but keep my medication (methadone) in my system

  376. Lotus Says:

    ??WILL I FAIL??– No real way to do that. Coke is out of your system within 5 days (sometimes less) so you can just not use coke for about 4 or 5 days and pass that way. Otherwise there’s not really much you can do.

  377. seattle Says:

    I have heard that synthetic pee will not work any more I have to go to a job that does onsite testing what would be the best option for me to use and I can’t use my own pee smoke like a chimney but my buddy has a boy that I can get clean pee from but he is young will his pee work for me or should I use the synthetic option please let me know asap thank

  378. Lotus Says:

    Clean pee will work no matter what age, gender, etc the donor is. Also, synthetic urine works fine assuming you use a modern formula (like QuickFix Plus).

  379. seattle Says:

    What about the monkey whizz synthetic have you heard of anybody failing a test with it? It comes with a bladder can you do manual labor when wearing the bladder suck as tying rebar and packing rebar around? Do you think it can be worn for 10 hours a day? This form has helped out a lot thank you for responding as fast as you did. What do you think of of the product the urinator have you heard of it. I guess it take two 9 volt batterys has a computer chip and a heating element and you can put your own real or synthetic pee in it.

  380. Lotus Says:

    Q: What about the monkey whizz synthetic have you heard of anybody failing a test with it? It comes with a bladder can you do manual labor when wearing the bladder suck as tying rebar and packing rebar around?

    A: Sorry, I’m not really familiar with that device. I don’t think you’d need one though. I don’t think the foreman or super on site is gonna want to watch you piss. That’d be pretty sketchy.

    Q: Do you think it can be worn for 10 hours a day?

    A: I don’t think the synthetic urine would stay warm for 10 hours, and the device itself would probably be really uncomfortable. Other than that I don’t see why not. Can’t you leave it in a vehicle or bag and sneak it on before the test?

    Q: What do you think of of the product the urinator have you heard of it. I guess it take two 9 volt batterys has a computer chip and a heating element and you can put your own real or synthetic pee in it.

    A: Sounds like a giant waste of money to me. Just get a couple handwarmers, a thermometer and a thin container like a 5 hour energy bottle.

    In my opinion you should just get Quickfix or AgentX whatever synthetic stuff is available, and keep it in a 5 hour energy or similar bottle, then use a handwarmer about 10 mins before the test to get it hot, and check it with a little thermometer. This method will save you about $100 over the urinator. I don’t see a problem with Monkey Whizz but they just seem a little sketchy to me.

  381. shara Says:

    I am in a drug program,I drank vodka last night,I have a ua test today at 5pm that they are sending to the lab,will the alcohol show

  382. Lotus Says:


  383. Stink3 Says:

    Hi, I lasted smoke exactly 29 or 30 days ago , a couple hits of a bowl. I was a previous smoker heavy but stopped in August of last year. Smoke one time prior to the Jan time around Nov 3 hits that time. I had an ua for a new job today, drank a half gallon of water last night, took a home test in the Am which came back negitive. Tried to drink a lot of liquids today before test. Nervous because this is a good job, sample is being sent out. Will I be ok to pass?

  384. Lotus Says:

    Aside from some crazy Final Fantasy bad luck, you should pass the test 100%.

  385. Stink3 Says:

    Thanks. I hope so. Really good position and company!

  386. deepbalde Says:

    Well the doc sent my urine test results via stale mail and THC (and everything else) came back negative. Yay. You can read my situation if you scroll up to January.

  387. TT Says:

    With regard to pre-employment testing. It used to be that you emptied your pockets and they put you in a private bathroom with toilet water blue and sink shut off. Is this still the case? I don’t think they can “frisk” you or ask you to remove any clothing other than your coat unless the employer requires a physical exam. Please let me know.

  388. TT Says:

    With regard to substituted urine; Will 92 degrees pass or does it have to be exactly 96-98 degrees? Hard to keep a sample in that range. I’ve tried hand warmers and tostie toes. Any advice is much appreciated.

  389. Lotus Says:

    deepblade– Good to hear! Congrats and thanks for the updates :)

    TT– Depends where you get tested. Most places don’t even bother having you empty your pockets. 92 will not pass a test with temp check, you’ll need to be at least above 95 and probably within the 96-99 range. If you’re having trouble, try using a thinner container and using body heat to keep it warm. Either the armpit or groin are good areas that should keep it in the right temp range.

  390. OregonGrown Says:

    Hi I have a urine test for diversion for a DUI. It is mainly looking for alcohol I think (which I have been clean of) but I smoke for my back. Do you think I am safe using my girlfriends sisters pee as a substitute who is clean? I’m believe it gets sent to a lab to be tested. Costs $80. Then another in a month that supposedly detects alcohol up to 2weeks prior that costs $105. Also if I clean out and use my own next time will they be able to tell samples are from different people? Or would they even check? Thanks

  391. Lotus Says:

    They won’t check and can’t check. You will be perfectly fine assuming the donor is clean.

  392. cord Says:

    Interesting thing happened. Went to take a test with synthetic urine and while i was urinating accidentally spilled a bit of my I own dirty urine in cup. I quickly poured what little was in there into the toilet and shook it very well. I then poured 3 oz of synthetic into cup and gave it to the employee. I had just smoked meth night before and xanax. Will that residual urine affect my teat result?

  393. Lotus Says:

    No that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  394. vimigo87 Says:

    I have a drug test at lab corp tomorrow and its a urinalysis. I was going to buy some agent x synthetic urine but im worried about the possibility of it being detected that it is synthetic urine. Do you know if I have someone pee for me and I place it in a condom and put it in my bra would it stay normal temp and if it will still be good if I have to sit a couple of hours to take the test?

  395. Lotus Says:

    Synthetic urine is made specifically to pass those tests, it will work fine. I have heard positive results from Agent X and from Quick Fix.

    I’m not sure if keeping it in the bra would keep it at a high enough temp. Usually you want to keep it in the groin or under an armpit or something. Also a condom isn’t recommended because it might break, I’d suggest a thin container like an emptied 5 hour energy bottle.

  396. Alaska Says:

    I have a drug test tomorrow morning using an icup with built in adulteration. don’t know what that means exactly, but I planed to use agent X which ive had in my room for several months. … is that oookay?

  397. Lotus Says:

    Yep, it should work fine. Agent X has a shelf life of at least a year or so. The adulteration is checking for chemicals and temperature, but Agent X should take care of that for you. Just make sure it’s the right temp when you pour it in (96-99˚F)

  398. gotcha Says:

    30+ days clean from thc, hair cut to about 1/2 inch been repeating 409, dawn, tide, hair dryer in between those and afterward applying heet which is 99% methyl Alcohol and again hair drying after rinse. Hair test tomorrow I’ve been doing this method for the last week esp day of my last hair cut. Thoughts?

  399. Lotus Says:

    I’m gonna guess you’ll pass just due to your clean time + the short length of your hair. I don’t think washing it is gonna help – the only thing that has proven to work is “hair relaxer.” Good luck!

  400. worried Says:

    I went cold turkey late December to early January of this year. Prior to that I’d smoke 4-6 times a week. I relapsed about 2 and a half months after quitting (3/15); I literally took half a pull from a bowl. I have a U.A. test tomorrow, but I’ve been working out drinking lots of water for the past 17 days, and as suggested, stopped working out for the last two days. I’ve passed three home tests (50ng), one 7 days after taking that pull, another yesterday morning, and one today. The second one had the most solid line (does this even matter?). I am still nervous as hell. Should I just take someone else’s urine or try and pass it with my own? My concern with packing someone else’s is coming in “too hot”… And are these home tests really accurate? This is for pre-employement.


  401. Lotus Says:

    They’re not incredibly accurate, but if you passed 3 consistently then I’d say you have a good answer there. Also since you were clean for 3 months with only a tiny amount smoked on one day I would say you were probably clean within the week anyway. You should be perfectly fine using your own.

  402. babygirl Says:

    I took a 5 panel yesterday with sub urine in a bottle and put it inside me. The pee cup didnt have a temp strip on it. The lady just took the cup and poured it into a test tube put it in a package with the slip I brought in. Would she have told me if it wasn’t warm enough?

  403. Lotus Says:

    Yeah they probably would have failed it right then. You should be fine.

  404. babygirl Says:

    You’re a doll!! Thanks…

  405. LadyB Says:

    Hi! First off thanks for all the helpful advice this is the best website I found for passing a drug test! I just had a couple questions, my plan is to collect the urine from my donor in a plastic solo cup and then transfer it to a five hour energy bottle and place it in the refrigerator tonight(my test being tomorrow am). Will that method work? I have an appointment at 9 am for orientation and drug test I don’t know when the drug test will be,however. The orientation could take 3 hours will my urine sample stay usable if it is warmed by my body for 3 hours if need be? I’m a woman and I have large breasts so I was planning on keeping the bottle in between my breasts will that keep the urine warm enough or get too warm possibly?

  406. Lotus Says:


    my plan is to collect the urine from my donor in a plastic solo cup and then transfer it to a five hour energy bottle and place it in the refrigerator tonight(my test being tomorrow am). Will that method work?

    Yeah that should work fine.

    The orientation could take 3 hours will my urine sample stay usable if it is warmed by my body for 3 hours if need be?

    It should be fine for 3-5 hours, but if it takes more than 8 hours or so you should probably have a backup plan.

    I’m a woman and I have large breasts so I was planning on keeping the bottle in between my breasts will that keep the urine warm enough or get too warm possibly?

    I don’t know if it will keep it warm enough or not. You can do an experiment with water tonight – see if it stays at temp after a couple hours and if so urine should be no different. I would recommend a better option though. For example many girls have had success keeping it inside them, and guys typically keep it in the groin area as well since it’s warmer there.

    Good luck! Let us know what happens.

  407. daniel Says:

    hello, im in the army and for the past 3 weeks ive been smoking spice. well I guess my unit found out (don’t know how) and I took a urine test and passed, but I also had a blood test with an additional pee test, will I pass this one also?

    many thanks

  408. Lotus Says:

    Wish I could help you more daniel, but without knowing exactly what types of tests they administered I can’t tell much. I can more or less guarantee the blood test will come up negative, since everything has probably left your blood by now (when was the last time you used it?). If the additional pee test is a RadioImmuno Assay or GC/MS then they MIGHT pick up something. But it depends on many factors like when you last smoked it, what type it was, what type of tests they use, etc.

    I would guess you’ll be in the clear but I can’t promise anything. Best of luck, let me know if you have any more questions.

  409. Daniel Says:

    Let me elaborate..i was using the very same day of all the test, i had been smoking non stop every day for the past 3 weeks (4g a day). I really dont know the name of the test. The first pee test is your standard army one, after i was done with that they took me to the hospital lab and i had my blood drawn and an additional pee test (dont know what kind of pee test, the cup looks like the regular army one) like i mentioned earlier i got the results from the first standard pee test with negative results. Im just freaking out about the blood test and the additional pee test. Hope i cleared it up a little bit for u. Keep up the good work!!!

  410. Lotus Says:

    The first pee test is probably a simple panel test only checking for the normal illegal drugs like weed, opiates, speed, benzos, etc. The second pee test is probably a lab test, and may or may not include advanced screening via GC/MS or RIA.

    If the spice contained any of these synthetic THC chemicals, you have reason to be concerned: A-796260, AM-1248, AM-2201, AM-2233, AM-694, JWH-018 5-chloropentyl, JWH-018, JWH-019, JWH-022, JWH-073, JWH-081, JWH-122, JWH-200, JWH-203, JWH-210, JWH-250, RCS-4, RCS-8, UR-144, XLR-11.

    Most spice “blends” do not advertise which ones they use, and typically avoid the JWH-* and AM-* series since they are illegal. So you might get lucky and they might use one that is not in that list there. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to tell since companies consider their ingredients to be proprietary/trade secrets. Basically if it’s one of those 20 or so chemicals that you ingested, you might be (for lack of a nicer term) completely fucked. BUT there are hundreds of other chemicals it could have been, so you might be in the clear.

    Again I really wish I could help more and wish you the best of luck.

  411. Daniel Says:

    Thanks!! I really value ALL the info. You are doing a great job! One more question i do have is how long till the unit gets the results? (last question.promise) how long till i find out the results?


  412. Lotus Says:

    Appreciate it! Don’t worry about the questions, I enjoy answering them – it’s what I’m here for 😀

    Typically a lab test will give results within 2-3 days, but sometimes it can take up to a week or more (it depends on how backed up the lab is and whether they have to do additional screening or not). Since it’s on military time it could take a couple weeks, hard to say.

  413. Anonymous Says:

    I took ecstasy last night around 11:00 I was notified that Lowe’s wants me to come in for a swab test tomorrow at 3pm can anybody help me with this… I really need pointers quick on how to pass the test!!!

  414. Lotus Says:

    You should be fine honestly. Not much you can do except try to drink a bunch of water and use a mouthwash asap before the test (within 15-30 minutes before).

  415. worried Says:

    Lotus, I have smoked weed for years. I quit to be able to take my drug test. I have to take it Friday and that will be 12 days clean. I did buy OMNI capsules and plan to drink plenty water on Friday before I go. I am 5ft10in and weigh about 280 so I have plenty fat cells. I am very worried, what do you think my chances are to pass?

  416. Lotus Says:

    You could pass, but it is about as likely that you’ll fail even with dilution. I’d recommend picking up some synthetic urine (or a clean friend’s pee) and using that instead for 100% confidence.

  417. worried Says:

    My worry is keeping the pee at the right temp. If I get the sample of clean pee at 630 a.m. and can’t take the test until 12 where do I store it?

  418. worried Says:

    Also, If I use the five hour energy drink bottle, will that be enough pee to fill the cup or enough to satisfy the lab?

  419. Anonymous Says:

    hey lotus i stopped smoking about 18 days ago. last week (4/15-4/21) i drank water very heavy. This past monday (4/21) i took a u/a test yesterday i got the results ,and it came back negitive diluted. So i had to take another test. they caught me by surprise so i didnt have enought time todrink alot of water,however i used the restroom about 3 times prior..lotus do u think i have anychances on passing the second?

  420. Lotus Says:

    worried– You need only a very small amount to qualify for a sample, the cup doesn’t have to be full. Typically about 20mL will be enough to pass a test, which is just over a tablespoon of liquid. A 5 hour energy is 57mL for reference, so around 3x as much as the minimum required. You can keep it warm by keeping it in a handwarmer or taping it to the inside of your leg in your crotch area. Use a thermometer to make sure it’s within 96-99˚F and you’ll be good.

    Anonymous– Yeah you have pretty good chance of passing. There’s no guarantee of course, but if I was a betting man I’d wager that you’ll pass. Many people will be clean by 18 days, but for some people with slower metabolisms it can take a full month. Don’t forget that you don’t have to be 100% clean, it just has to be below a certain threshold.

  421. worried Says:

    Thanks Lotus for all the help. I used my husbands pee. I put it in fridge the night before and warmed it in the microwave to 102 degrees. I put it between my breast and went and took the test. It took about one hour and the degrees read 97 when they tested it. I passed!!! So Happy!!!

  422. Lotus Says:

    Glad to hear it! Thanks for the update.

  423. riff raff Says:

    I have a probation drung test in about 9 days and I’ve been smoking alot for about 3 weeks straight almost a quarter ounce a day ,do I have a chance of passing my urine test? I’m not exactly sure what method they use to test the urine but I know it goes to a lab. I’ve never been on probation and I dint wanna go back to jail ! Please Help ! I’m 6ft and I weigh about 140 ,does vitamin pills work or with they show up in my system ? Also does the grade or quality of the weed matter

  424. Lotus Says:

    Quality of the weed doesn’t really matter. I would recommend finding someone’s clean urine to use or buying synthetic urine (QuickFix is good or Agent X). Don’t gamble your freedom on a very low probability of passing. You have about a 40-50% chance of passing on your own. Look into the whizzinator if you need to do it in front of someone.

  425. riff raff Says:

    Thanks ,I appreciate the help. But where can you find one of those ?

  426. Lotus Says:

    Plenty of head shops carry whizzinators or synthetic urine, and you can also find ’em all over the place online.

  427. leeander0811 Says:

    I’ve been smoking meth for about 2 months…but not daily about 4 to 5 times a week and quite a bit…would you mind telling me what to do as far as drinking or taking before a urine test…how many days before do I start as well….Thank you so much

  428. Lotus Says:

    If you stop using meth for 5 days (or more) you will pass any urine, blood or saliva test 100%. 3 days is all it takes for most people, and sometimes you can get lucky after only 24 hours clean. If you’re trying to dilute as a last-ditch effort then drink lots of water a few hours before your testing time. If you can take a week off you will pass for sure, and you’ll have a nice drop in tolerance next time you smoke 😀

  429. B-ri Says:

    Hey wanted to tell my story quick…I smoke quite a bit and learned I was taking a basic test-5 panel. I was clean for two weeks and am in great shape. 6 ft 185 lbs. two days prior to test I had a few bat hits and afterwards drank tons of water as well as a gallon of cranberry juice the night b4. On the morning of the test I also used champ detox as directed…I was told I would have results in a day. I eventually got the results eight days later and I failed for having very low amounts of weed in my system. It was my first test and everyone I talked to bet their life I would pass. Did I do anything wrong or is this a little fishy???

  430. Lotus Says:

    Two days clean is too short to pass with any level of confidence, even while diluting (the detox kits are pretty much all b-s). I am not surprised you failed, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if you passed either. It was a big gamble to smoke so soon before the test, and unfortunately you got burned from it.

  431. B-ri Says:

    Sorry I hit the wrong key…thanks for your input. The test was sprung on me. My employer tried to take money out of my paycheck to pay for it and I told him it was illegal where I live for him to do that…I already worked for a week. He backed down And I was just wondering if I was right… Guess I learned the hard way about those “drinks”

  432. Lotus Says:

    Some employers will try to steal from you every way from Sunday. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that you know his true colors now and aren’t going to be taken advantage of later on. You are right that if you work for someone it doesn’t matter what a drug test shows, they must pay you for that work. Drug tests are not admissible in a court of law, and they cannot be used to withhold pay for work that is already done.

  433. fountainhead1993 Says:

    Lotus, I am currently on probation and I have to call in every day to see if I have to take a drug test. If my group number is called, I go in. I was in jail for 6 months in one county and had charges in another county that I went to court for immediately after I was released from the former county. I was placed on this probation. The night I got out of jail, my dad bought me a 6 pack Cuz I turned 21 in there but license was expired. I drank 2 beers. The next day my group number was called in (wtf are the odds??) The place I go to is a lab. My PO called me a few days later and told me that I failed for alcohol (I also had to take a breathalyzer test when I was there, so I’m not sure if I failed Cuz of that or urine detection). I didn’t drink again until this past Mother’s Day (I only had one beer). My group number was called in again that Thursday (Mother’s Day was Sunday). Idk if I am being tested for just ethanol or etg or what. Sorry for the long and pointless build up, my question is, will I have failed for alcohol? I haven’t heard from my PO yet but it takes a few days for the lab to get the results to my PO. He said 2 failed tests and I will have to explain to the judge why I’m using. Any insight?

  434. Lotus Says:

    You shouldn’t fail for alcohol as far as I can tell. Even the better EtG tests only go about 72 hours or so. You should be fine with 4 days clean.

  435. Anonymous Says:

    I have a pre employment drug test (urine) on Wednesday morning. I smoked straight THC at the end of January. I’m almost positive that I will be clean from what I have read. Also, I had quite a few beers Saturday night (6 or 7) and Sunday afternoon (5 or 6). Will they use an EtG test? And will I fail it?

  436. Lotus Says:

    No they won’t use an EtG but if they did you would pass anyway. You should be plenty clean for THC.

  437. BW Says:

    Dear Lotus,

    I have been a habitual smoker for quite some years and recently found out I will need tot take a pre-employment UA test at a Concentra facility.

    On a time constraint, I have managed to gather all my needs for subbing. A clean specimen, container and a pretty good knowledge of the process.

    My concerns are keeping the specimen up to temp. My plans are to get the specimen from the donor take the 15 or so minute drive to the facility. I have a coffee mug filled with hot water for storage on the way over. Upon arrival i would bring the specimen back down to temp of 110 or so then store it in a safe and warm place. How long will it hold body temp while stored?

    Also wondering if you had any experience with this facility in particular or if all pre employment UAs are similar.

    I’m pretty nervous but as long as i’m confident and practice it won’t be entirely too difficult

    Feedback Appreciated.

  438. employable? Says:

    i was offered a position today and should’ve quit smoking a month or more ago… i have probably at MOST 2 weeks before i will have to take the test and smoke about 1g of potent bud (death star, og skunk, etc) every day (for probably about 3-4 years). My biggest concern is that i haven’t seen anything about difference in passing a UA after smoking wax (dabs, whatever) and edibles. i’ve been vaping the death star wax a few times a week for about 3 months and had some delicious cupcakes on 4/20. is there a chance in hell that i’ll pass without finding a clean friend? any info on how dilution works with wax? i’ve drank about 2 liters of water in the past 2 hours & plan on upping my cardio to the max/eliminating fatty foods, etc. i last hit the bubbler this evening and won’t pick it up til i’m employed! help?!

  439. Grandeur Says:

    Hey all, I need help. I am 6ft 210 pounds and workout for a couple hours each day. By the time I take my text on Tuesday afternoon, (5days) I will have not have smoked for 21 days. My body fat is low and I sweat a lot when I workout. I have been hydrating well. I will also by done with an Herbal Clean 7 day premium detox the day before. Before stopping, I smoked pretty regularly. Do any of you have any advice/do you think I will be ok to pass a urine test. Thanks for any help!

  440. Lotus Says:

    BW- First, I would recommend getting the specimen to 100˚ and storing it next to a hot part of your body. You must submit a sample between 96˚ and 99˚, and it could take longer than expected for it to come down from 110˚. If you get it to 100˚ and then place it in a warm spot on your body (groin being the obvious first choice), it should stay between the desired temp for more than enough time – at least a few hours. If you don’t have it against your body it could lose temp pretty fast. I’d recommend practicing for about a 45 minute waiting time. Most likely you’ll get in within minutes, but I have heard stories of people having to wait for almost an hour. So plan for the worst and hope for the best.

    I have not had personal experience but I have heard first-hand reports from people who visited Concentra facilities. It is pretty much the same as any lab test. You go into a bathroom (sometimes empty your pockets) and piss into a collection cup. Then you give that to the people who will check for temp, pH, creatine, adulterants and drugs.

    employable?- There is no difference in how the metabolized THC is stored after eating, vaping or smoking. What that means for you is: the wax and other forms of THC are going to work the same as if you had smoked, so follow the same guidelines for dilution that you’d follow otherwise.

    I’ll be honest, if I was in your position I’d just buy some synthetic urine and go that route. QuickFix Plus or Dr. Green’s Agent X are both reliable. Two weeks is cutting it close in the first place, and if they do it sooner you’re probably screwed. At least keep some on hand so you don’t get caught off-guard.

    Grandeur- You should be fine – I’d give you a 90-95% chance of passing. Unless you’ve already bought it, I wouldn’t waste your money on a detox kit. Take some creatine and drink a whole bunch of water the night before or morning of the test, maybe a little B12 but not too much. Much cheaper than a detox kit, and that’s exactly what they’re going to give you.

  441. secretstoner Says:

    Ok. Awesome site. This is my scenario:
    went to job interview, had to test at labcorp after interview.
    managed to meet with sister and get part of a 5 hr energy of her urine.
    gave it to the screener and it JUST met the temp line. She said they might order another.
    she just filled one tube.
    I got some more urine from my sis and froze it.
    Will I need to worry about a retest? My temp was good.

  442. Lotus Says:

    You’ll probably be good, but I’d keep the extra frozen stuff on hand for a couple weeks just in case. They probably won’t wanna spend money on another test, so I wouldn’t expect them to retest. You never know though.

  443. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I used ready clean for my drug screening was clean for 6 days before the test im worried about thc it was sent to the lab but im going to be working at a lab so I guess it’s how they do it what do you think my chances are of passing ? I was on probation and always used ready clean always came back clean im just worried do you think they will use the cup or more thank you in advance

  444. Lotus Says:

    First, the probation tests are typically the cheap panel tests (which are easy to fool). The reason for that is that when you’re testing dozens of people weekly, it is more cost efficient to test with panel tests and then just confirm positive results with a lab if needed. Since this is for employment, cost is not as big of an issue since they’re only needing to test one or two people. Especially if a drug testing lab is the employer, since they can basically test you for free.

    I hate being the bearer of bad news, but Ready Clean isn’t really doing much for you at all. Basically it’s having you drink a few glasses of water before the test, which dilutes your urine and maybe adds some basic supplements like creatine. You could have taken a creatine pill and some water on your own and saved the $15.

    I would not be surprised if you passed, but your chances of passing really aren’t that great. Dilution can only do so much, and lab tests can be pretty effective at determining THC content. Thanks for reading, but next time ask before your test!

  445. FreakinOut Says:

    OK…I was gonna go with Agent X, but on 2 trial runs my temperatures were off (too high or low). Problem is that the location they’re sending me to always has an hr wait no matter what time of day (i asked). I tried the Omni detox drink twice and passed both home testing kits. This is for a new job. When you say they don’t work…are there any exceptions? I am probably going to have a heart attack soon…
    Thanks for your help in advance

  446. Lotus Says:

    Ok first, take a deep breath, drink some tea, put on some calming music, light a few candles. It’s all gonna be ok 😀

    Home test kits are very unreliable compared to a lab test – you could probably pour some 98˚ water in there and pass it. Lab tests check for presence of uric acid, creatine, pH, and specific gravity, along with adulterants. So the detox kit can actually put you at risk of failing if the lab is testing for the ingredients they use in that kit (and there’s no telling what they use because it’s a “trade secret”). Trust me, you’ll have a better chance by tossing the detox kit, taking creatine and drinking a bunch of water. However, I’m not sure how much clean time you have, so if it’s less than two weeks I wouldn’t risk it and instead I’d go with the Agent X.

    As far as keeping the temp right, what is your method? If it’s getting too hot then try taking it off the handwarmer/heating pad and keeping it in your groin or under your armpit. Try doing that and checking the temp after an hour with a thermometer. If it’s within 96-99˚ you’ll be good. If it’s too low you might try getting a thinner container, and if it’s too high then you might try taking it off the handwarmer earlier. Once you get it up to temp the body heat should be sufficient.

  447. FreakinOut Says:

    LOL…Lotus, seriously like freaking out here. Thanks for your quick response. The test is tomorrow. I did two runs

    1) put it in the microwave for 10 sec then wrapped the heating pad in a couple of sturdy undies i was wearing. I checked it periodically for an hr and noticed that at about 30 mins it was at 98. But because this clinic is so busy i wanted to give it an 1 hr. so I left it the heating pad in my crotch area. When i took it out after the hr, I took a thermometer and it read 101.2. This is where i panicked.

    2) Today I tried the microwave 10 secs and then just put it in my sturdy undies. I monitored every 15 mins or so. It took approx 30 mins to hit 98. After that it plummeted quickly. When I took the temp it was still like 100.

    3) I did read somewhere that someone put the container on the defrosting vent in the car on the way to the clinic. Then used the heating pad. Do you suggest this?

    What is the temperature I can get away with? I think the bottle reader is a little off. If it’s 100 will it be a red flag? My concern is the wait time at this place. Would I even be able to use a public restroom there in the waiting room to see how its doing? I also considered that if it was reading too hot….although disgusting….I could dip it in the toilet water to cool it. I get 4 mins right?

    Also does this Agent X synthetic premixed stuff come with the right levels of uric acid and all that? I was also reading that labs are getting fancy now and detecting this stuff.

    Any advice is appreciated. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  448. Lotus Says:

    Hmm, sounds like your container may be a little too thick. Typically people have good results with just body heat – the hand warmers are just to get it up to temp. What is your container? Perhaps try using a 5 hour energy bottle, or any other really thin container that transfers heat well. If you get it up to 100 at home, then just keep it next to your body (as close as possible), it should be fine. Defroster should work ok too but I don’t think that gets quite hot enough on most cars.

    The temperature range they test for is 96-99˚. I’m not sure if 100 would pass or if they’d disqualify it outright. Probably depends on the tester and other factors. A little too hot would be preferable to cold in my opinion. It won’t take long at all to submerge your sample in cool water and bring it down if necessary. You should be able to use their restroom without too much suspicion. There are things people have to do besides pee that they might need a little privacy for… haha.

    The current Agent X and QuickFix Plus formulas have been proven to work as of earlier this year. Unless the labs are doing something I haven’t heard about yet, they should pass without issue. They are formulated to contain the right levels of creatine, uric acid, pH, specific gravity, etc.

  449. Paranoid Says:

    Hey all,

    I am taking my first drug test soon and I’m stressed about it. I am 20 years old, 5’6 and 185 lbs and I have a decent metabolism. I haven’t smoked for 17 days, I work out daily and drink a lot of water. I have an orientation for an internship monday and I’m not sure whether or not I’m being tested then. If I’m being tested at orientation, what are the chances that my sample would be sent to a lab? I have started preparing just in case. I took a at home drug test and it came out negative. I drink over a gallon of water everyday and I started took a creatine supplement with some water today. Is there anything else that I should do?

  450. Paranoid Says:

    Also, what would be my chances of passing?

  451. Paranoid Says:

    I also smoked a bowl or two everyday

  452. Lotus Says:

    Samples are sent to a lab pretty often, but not always. They usually are not tested with GC/MS, so there is some wiggle-room. Sounds like you’re doing everything right to give yourself the best possible chance of passing. I’d say under your circumstances you have over 75% chance of passing if they test Monday. Only thing I would recommend is to skip working out tomorrow (Sunday) and instead load up on food to slow your metabolism and help saturate the stored fat (which has THC) with more “clean” lipids. Make sure you pee in the morning and continue drinking water throughout Monday, and you should be fine!

    Also just FYI, the more you smoke sometimes the faster you get clean. People who smoke multiple times per day are generally more efficient at processing the THC, so they will often get clean quicker than someone who smokes say once every couple days.

  453. Paranoid Says:

    Thanks for all the great info! I’ll be sure to let you know what happens tomorrow. I highly doubt that I’ll be tested tomorrow since I don’t start the job for a few more weeks, but I’ve just been preparing just in case.

  454. anxious Says:

    Hi all,

    I need to have a pre-employment physical/drug screen at concentra this week. I am a daily smoker, medical grade, but haven’t smoked for 11 days and will probably need to take the test on Wednesday at the latest. I’ve been exercising a bit more than normal and eating a cleansing diet for the most part. I was able to pass an at home drug screen for THC after 1 week of not smoking and following this regimen. I understand that substitution is pretty safe and have read many people saying that it was easy to pull off at concentra. I am concerned that using a synthetic would be a bad idea because I am also prescribed benzos and should test positive for that since they are prescribed. If I use synthetic, my prescriptions wouldn’t show up. I am concerned that since it is a physical and I will also be getting health/prescription coverage from this employer that I will need to make sure the prescriptions show up. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

  455. anxious Says:

    also, what is ordered from the employer is a “general employment physical and TB test and 10 panel drug screen” If I don’t use synthetic, I planned on bringing my prescription bottles with me to show that I take them as prescribed…

  456. Lotus Says:

    anxious– First off, don’t worry about the prescriptions showing up or not. Nobody is going to say anything if you don’t have benzos in your system. There’s no law that states you have to take your medications, and there’s no reason your insurance company would prefer you were taking benzos every day. There are many serious long-term negative side effects to benzo use, so if a doctor or insurance company was requiring you to take them it’d be ethically questionable to say the least.

    If this employment opportunity is important to you, I would go with substitution. Passing the at-home test is a good sign, but those tests are pretty unreliable and you could still get screwed at the lab. But I will say that a 10-panel is a pretty basic test and is generally easy to fool. So if you’re willing to risk it you should have a good shot at passing. And ya, bring your prescription bottle of benzos if you go that route.

  457. Screwed Says:

    I took a ua this afternoon but I smoked the night before I usually drink water and pass 5 panel. Pee’d 4 times and drank 1/2 gAllon of water before going in and got a non negative and they sent it to a lab what are my odds ? Fingers crossed !!

  458. Lotus Says:

    Sorry to say it but I think your username is accurate in this circumstance. The 5 panels are usually pretty easy to trick, but the labs aren’t quite so simple. I wish you had asked me before the test, I could have probably given you some useful advice. But at this point I guess your best bet is to just hope the lab declares it a false positive.

    If this is for probation or something you can try to request a retest, and use clean pee or fake pee. That would be my #1 goal in your situation.

  459. Screwed Says:


  460. Mike Says:

    I live in ohio and I heard they test for uric acid in pee samples. I picked up a product called BC Entities Field Kit Synthetic Urine kit. Does this contain uric acid or do u know if it will pass a lab test. I have a piss test tomorrow and I don’t know if it’s an instant or a lab test and I am worried with all the talk I’ve been hearing that they can test for synthetic urine now. Please any advise would be great.

  461. Lotus Says:

    I’ll be honest with ya Mike, before I read your question 10 minutes ago I had never heard of “BC Entities Field Kit” in my life. After some research, I have determined that the BC Entities Field Kit is made by Dr. Green and is basically just a sample of Agent X along with some extra paraphernalia (bladder, belt, heating pad, thermometer strip).

    That should be good news for you, since Agent X has a good track record of passing tests.

  462. Mike Says:

    So do you know if a lab will detect synthetic urine. I mean do they always check to see if it’s real urine or not. Cause I’m worried that they may check that and I don’t wanna get a PV.

  463. Lotus Says:

    The labs like you to think they can detect it, but for the most part they cannot. The modern synthetic urine formulas like QuickFix Plus and Agent X are both able to beat most labs except for ones that use GC/MS testing. For parole/probation they will typically use a panel test (very easy to beat) and then a lab to confirm a positive (failed) result. GC/MS is extremely rare so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

    That said I don’t know how old that kit is, so you might want to trade it out for QuickFix Plus.

  464. Mario Says:

    Hey i was wondering how long can urine be warm when kept in a 5 hour energy drink? ive been smoking weed for almost a year and i wanna get a job now but i stopped around 2-3 weeks of smoking. i wanna use this method but i am worried that it wouldnt be warm enough when i am about to take the test

  465. Lotus Says:

    You’ll need to either get a hand warmer or stick the bottle in your groin or other warm spot on your body. The urine will cool relatively quickly if left in the open, but can last for hours if you take steps to keep it warm. Get a little thermometer to ensure you’re between 96 and 99˚F. If you keep it at the right temp, the urine will stay good for at least 6 hours in the bottle. Refrigerated it can last a month, and frozen a year or more.

    If you’re 3 weeks clean, it might be easier to just use your own urine. You can drink a gallon or so of water the morning of your test, and take a creatine and B12 supplement. That will give you an excellent chance of passing – nearly 100%.

  466. Anonymous Says:

    Hey there I’m currently being drug tested for alcohol and i know they do ETG testing for it. Right now I’m clean and haven’t had a drink in over a week and I’m considering having a beer. If I was to pee in a water bottle and freeze my clean urine (unthawing the urine to the correct temperature before the test, which is unsupervised by the way) would everything be fine with the test? I’m worried that the ph levels and other stuff in my pee might give it away that I froze my pee, would it?

  467. Lotus Says:

    You would be fine to freeze and reheat your own clean urine to pass the test. Just make sure it’s between 96 and 99˚ when you submit it and you’re golden (no pun intended)!

  468. MisterH Says:

    Ok thanks a bunch! Oh and when they send it to the lab they have us drop the urine in an open bin. It sits there for a few hours. Does it have to be exactly 96-99 degrees fahrenheit or could i just make sure it’s at least not cold/warm?

  469. Paul Says:

    smoked 10 days in a row stopped last Tuesday. Have a drug test next Tuesday. Total of 2 weeks will have passed.
    I am 6 foot and weigh 124 pounds I have lost 14 pounds this week living on water. Do you think I will pass in another 7 days.

  470. Lotus Says:

    MisterH– No problemo! Usually they have a strip on the cup that tests it right away, but if it doesn’t have that then you don’t need to worry about temp at all. Probably best to get it as close as possible just in case.

    Paul– You have a very good chance of passing especially if you dilute and take creatine the day of the test. Can’t say 100% but the odds are definitely in your favor.

  471. polly Says:

    Just wanna say awesome that you give your time to help :) Don’t know if you can help but hoping so..on a pain contract and failed a urine test 2years ago because i pee’d clean..not because i sold my meds but had taken more than I should have and ran short 4 days so they cut me off completely and had to get new doc and he seen my results from old doc and tests me now..trying to go clean of pot for almost 3weeks and wanna use diluting but need my pain meds in system many hours should I take my pills before the test for them to be present?

  472. polly Says:

    Also I live in Washington state and we just legalized pot..does that mean that can’t use pot against me getting my meds now..hopefully

  473. RLewis Says:

    Been reading you thread Lotus and find it very helpful. Here is my story. I’m a regular weed smoker that smokes like 2 grams a day/ 2 8th per week. I’ve been clean 10 days now since I got call for job interview. My second interview is in 3 days and I have been working out a lot. I usually work out a lot like 4- 5 days a week for 2 hours. Im 6ft and weigh 240pnds. I took a home test yesterday and failed. I’m not sure how long after my second interview they will ask me to do my test , but I was wondering what are my chances and what you think I should do?

  474. RLewis Says:

    One more thing is that I bought the qcarbo 32 last week when I was going to do my first interview and drank the whole thing, with lots water. I even did the certo remedy and with all that I wasn’t drug test on site. I was told about the second interview after the first. Second interview is Monday at 4:30, but I can sorta guarantee I wont be doing the test that day. Maybe the day after, but I’m not sure. I was hoping to try stall or something. I wanted to do the friend piss thing but just one thing beating me is how to make sure that the pee stays at right temp without hand warmer or whatever.

  475. Lotus Says:

    polly– Thanks! I’m just glad people are finding the information helpful. Every drug test beaten is a win in my book 😀

    First off, I would not recommend diluting because you have a good chance of diluting the pain meds which could fail you. If you’re 3 weeks clean from MJ you’re probably ok. You could drink a couple glasses of water before your test, which would help dilute a little without going over. I would talk to your doctor about how they feel about marijuana. You could say that it worked well for your pain in the past as a supplementary analgesic, and gauge their reaction.

    You should take your pain med 5-8 hours before the test to ensure that it shows up. If you take them 30 minutes before the test your body won’t have time to process them, and it might not show up. Opiates will typically stay in the urine for about 3-5 days after you take them, but if you drink a lot of water and dilute, it might cover it up.

    By the way, if you eat a bunch of poppy seeds and take dextromethorphan (DXM/robitussin) it can actually trigger a test for opiates. So if you run out early again, try that method and it can help give you a positive result.

    RLewis– First, I always tell people those “cleansers” are a ripoff. None of them actually do anything, they just trick you into drinking a lot of water and give you some creatine and B12 at the most. So I’m not surprised if you failed a test at 10 days even after cleansing twice.

    Second, with two weeks clean you have maybe a 50 or 60% chance of passing with dilution. So if you want to risk it, you might or might not pass. Your call. If the job is super important, it would be my own decision to try to substitute.

    Finally, if you can’t use a hand warmer you can use your body to keep it warm. Assuming you’re a guy, you can strap a very thin container under your balls. That will keep it at body temp since your junk is much warmer than the rest of your skin. You’ll need something about as thin as a condom for this. I don’t recommend a condom since they have a risk of breaking, but a thin water balloon or maybe a 5 hour energy bottle could work.

    You can test whatever method you choose with water beforehand so you can be sure. Use the method of your choice for about 30 minutes or so, then check temp with a thermometer. If you can, bring a thermometer with you when you test. That way you can be sure you’re at the right temp, and if you need to you can run hot water over the container in the bathroom.

  476. Paranoid Says:

    Sorry for the late reply!! Passed the drug test!! Thanks for your help!

  477. Lotus Says:

    That’s wonderful to hear! Thanks for letting us know the outcome, it’s very helpful

  478. RLewis Says:

    Hey Lotus , thanks for your feedabck couple days ago. I wanted to share that I just did the whole certo remedy and got a faint line on a home drug test. I drank like five (5) bottle of the Gatorade fill with water and I did the home test 1hr/half and got a visible faint line. does that mean it’s pass? Also I took 3 250mm of Niacin during the hour, so I’m not sure if that what made it possible. What you think.

    P.S: I wish I could post the image result, but I’m pretty excited. I did one of the test this morning without using this method and it was a fail.

  479. polly Says:

    Lol..your awesome :) Thankyou so much !!!!! ♡

  480. Lotus Says:

    RLewis– No prob. Yes, no matter how faint the line, it is a pass. A faint line means even though you passed with the extra water, there is still a small amount of THC metabolites left. Drinking all the water is what helped you pass. The Niacin doesn’t do much except add some extra substance to the urine. Before the real test I would recommend taking creatine along with the Niacin, and drinking at least the same amount of water. Don’t worry about the certo.

    polly– No thank YOU! 😛

  481. love+gratitude Says:

    Hi Lotus! Thanks for all you do! I’ve spent hours researching on the internet – making myself crazy – and you seem to have the most reliable information out there.

    Here’s my situation, and I’d love your take on it if you have the time.

    Just offered my dream job, pretty much out of the blue. Last step is the drug screen, of course, which is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 at the local Labcorp office.

    I am a female in my mid-30s. 5’4″ 140 lbs. (I could stand to lose 15 – 20 lbs.)

    I have not smoked in exactly 30 days (from the moment the possibility of this job came across my radar). Before that, I would take a few hits in the evenings on a daily basis (for the past several years). Usually just once a day, but sometimes 2 – 3 times a day.

    Anyway, I simply canNOT fail as I would be devastated to embarrass the person who is getting me the job. They have really gone out on a limb for me, and my failure would be a direct reflection on them. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!

    So, naturally, I’m stressing out!

    I am not a natural risk taker, and it seems that all of my options carry a significant risk.

    Option 1: “Hope and a prayer” I have been clean for 30 days. I have not exercised, taken vitamins or altered my diet in any way. I don’t know if 30 days is enough considering I haven’t helped things along. I don’t drink coffee, but I drink a ton of iced-tea (my caffeine). I have taken an at-home test with my first pee of the morning and passed with a faint line. *Concerns: I know home tests are unreliable. I don’t know if 30 days is enough for the Labcorp analysis.

    Option 2: “Substitution” I have a donor that will give me a fresh sample (about 3 hours before test appointment). I have practiced with the heating and hiding. I would plan to keep sample warm in a hot water thermos, drive a block away from testing facility, check temp to be about 101°, tuck sample in between my legs. *Concerns: I do not have a thermometer that doesn’t beep loudly, so I will have to hope that stays warm enough tucked inside the crotch of my panties (I plan to double-up). I am nervous about fumbling the bottle, having enough of a sample, and having the right temp. *Pro: If the temp is acceptable, and the technician accepts it, then I will have peace of mind.

    Option 3: “Puriclean Instant” Friend picked this up for me at the local head shop. Guy at the shop said he’s sold 10,000 bottles with only one known fail. Ingredients contain much of what you suggest (Vits C 75mg, B1 40mg, B2 40mg, B6 40mg, B12 100mcg, Sodium 100mg, Potassium 240mg). It also contains Creatine Monohydrate 100mg, Psyllium Husk, Fructo-oligosaccharides, and Cascara Sagrada Bark. I know your stance on these packages, but it was purchased for me (I think it was only $30), and if I have to go to the store and purchase these supplements separately, then I will spend more $$$. *Concern: Flagged for dilution, color too bright (although I’ve taken many vitamins in the past that give me the neon yellow pee).

    So… Just wondering what your take on my situation would be. Everyone tells me not to stress and that it will be fine. But I am not good at risks and I CANNOT FAIL!!! If I embarrass this person and risk their job after they got me my dream job, I would be DEVASTATED!!!!! (And so would they, because they are trusting that this drug screen will be an easy pass for me.)

    Anyway, please talk me down the ledge. I need some sleep and peace of mind. I just cannot decide which option to take, because they all seem so scary. I appreciate your help and objective opinion!

    Thanks a million!!!!

  482. Lotus Says:

    Sorry I didn’t see this last night, I was sleeping. At 30 days clean you have a great chance, especially having passed an at-home kit. If you take the detox thing and drink a bunch of water with it you’re very likely to pass.

    You can grab a cheap thermometer from the dollar store if you want to substitute. But you will probably pass on your own.

  483. love+gratitude Says:

    Thanks! I think I’m going to bring the substitute, and if I get spooked, I’ll have my own detoxed pee as a backup. I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

  484. Lotus Says:

    Awesome, hope everything went well for ya!

  485. Max Says:

    Ok so ive been a thc smoker for years, im 5’8, 220lbs.
    Last time i smoked was 2 days ago i report this friday
    in the morning, getting a UA strip test for sure..What can i do
    besides the switcharoo pee..Thanks in advance.

  486. Lotus Says:

    Nothing really, if you want any chance of passing you need to use synthetic urine. Even if you dilute your chance of passing is minimal.

  487. love+gratitude Says:

    UPDATE: In the end, I decided to do a hybrid. I tested my donor sample at 99.8 in the parking lot before I tucked it and went inside the Labcorp clinic. They sent me into the room by myself and I locked the door. Filled the cup with my donor sample, and then topped it off with a splash of my own mid-stream (I had drank the Puriclean Instant” drink earlier that day. The technician accepted it, marked it as the right temp, and sent me on my way. Today, I was informed that I PASSED!!! I start my new job in a week. Thanks for the help, information and support!

  488. Lotus Says:

    Hell yeah, love to hear that! Congrats and enjoy the new gig 😀

  489. RLewis Says:

    Morning Lotus, so I still haven’t done any drug testing as yet. I went for my second interview on Monday, they offered the job and ask me to come in on the 6/30/2014. I now will be clean for 21 days on the day of the testing and as I said before I’ve been hitting the gym much harder. I passed another home test yesterday by just drinking only a gallon of water with no certo this time. Got a faint line again , which is a pass as you said. Do you think I should just go with the diluting method still? I plan on still bringing a sub (friends pee) just encase. Kinda still worried but also more happy that I got two faint result so far. I also test without dilute but no line was shown:(

    P.S: I’ve been going gym for 4 years now 4 -5 times a week for 2 hrs . I’m 6ft 1 and 240pnds. When should I stop working out prior to my test?

    I just did one more home test drinking maybe nearly 8 cups a water during my workout and got a faint line again..

  490. Lotus Says:

    Stop working out 2-3 days before the test and carbo load to kill your metabolism. At 21 days your odds are a lot better, I’d say maybe 75%. If it were me, it would be a hard decision. Someone recently reported succeeding by doing half substitution, half real pee. That seems like a good idea since it will help regulate temp, while also ensuring a clean sample. Of course, it’s a minor pain in the ass to keep a sample warm and hidden and all that.

    I’d say continue with the plan of diluting, take the substitute as well (keeping it at the right temp), and do like 75% real diluted pee, 25% clean substitute. That way you don’t have to worry about temp so much, and with the natural dilution and the clean sample you’re pretty much guaranteed to pass.

  491. John Says:

    Hey lotus I was clean for a month smoke a blunt a day for two weeks. I have a test Tuesday which will be 15 days since I’ve smoked. I’m 5’7 160 lbs I’ve been pounding water, cranberry juice, and working out. I’ve passed to home panel test already but the lines are very faint. I have a clean donor and could use the sample within an hour but the temperature concern really worries me. I would love to pass on my on, but this is a dream job and I don’t want to screw it up. Loved your article and reading all your feedback. Your a saint and who deserves an award for kindness.

  492. Lotus Says:

    Appreciate it! It’s certainly a good sign that you’re passing home tests, if only with a faint line. I’ll recommend the same thing I did to the last guy, which is combining your real pee with the substituted stuff to ensure good temp and a clean sample. Use a thermometer to make sure the donor sample is about 99˚, then keep it warm next to your body (groin area typically) until the test. Use about 50% of your own pee and 50% of the clean sample to guarantee a pass with good temp.

  493. RLewis Says:

    Many thanks for helping me out here lotus. I have one more concern about my test tomorrow. I will also be doing a physical test with the drug screen. Do you know if I will be wearing a gown regarding the physical? I was planning to sub with my own pee, but now worried if I will be asked to remove clothes for physical? The job is a warehouse job and I will be using one of those electric pallet jack for work. I’ doubting that they will need to check my groin area for any physical needs..

    Your advice are very much taken into consideration. I think you should be getting paid for all this advice you giving us

  494. RLewis Says:

    Just took my fifth home test Lotus and line color seem much brighter. I drank the certo again with Gatorade and took the test like less than an hour. I had only 6 glass of water all morning , but my pee was still light yellow. Haven’t taken any vitamin today either which would contribute to my color in the pee. I now worry about creatine level. I usually eat meat everyday. Beef once this week,chicken,Tuna and had haddock yesterday with five pieces of chicken. I was taken also jack3d for pre work out but haven’t in a week or two. Should I be good Lotus? Should I Sub still? I was gonna but the physical test got me worried they would put me in a gown and see the bottle between my legs even though I looked in the mirror and my thighs are a lil thick so the are close together which hides the bottle.

    P.S: IDK why I’m still freaking out. i was going to get the USB all in one detox pills and NOT sub.

  495. Lotus Says:

    I think I should be getting paid too!! 😀 Unfortunately if I start advertising it will make us just another peddler and I wouldn’t be able to say shit like “don’t buy these products they’re bullshit.” And I can’t really get paid any other way besides charging for the site, but of course nobody would read it. Especially since most of the time people need drug test info it’s for a job, so money is tight to begin with. It’ll just have to remain a non-profit from the kindness of my heart till I can figure out some way to monetize it.

    Anyway back to your situation – I hadn’t considered the prospect of a physical… that’s a good question. I have had a physical before that involved the old “cough test” which would be pretty disastrous if you had a bottle of urine there. If they give you a gown to put on, it would probably be best to stick the bottle in your pocket or something.

    Go ahead and plan on peeing naturally, and you can take the bottle for backup if possible. Basically, the morning of the test drink a good amount of water – about a gallon at most, don’t kill yourself. Also, about 5 or so hours before your test, take a dose of creatine and B12 supplements. That will ensure your urine passes for content (the labs test for creatine, uric acid, specific gravity, temp and pH). If your test is in the morning, make sure you pee once before the test. That will flush out a lot of crap that settles when you sleep.

    Since you are passing tests consistently on your own, you should have a solid shot of passing with that method. The substitute can be there if you need it, but shouldn’t be necessary to pass. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  496. RLewis Says:

    I will definitely come back and ll let you know the outcome. I’m keeping my faith in God also, because he didn’t put this beautiful herb on the earth to make us worry this for a freaking job. I;m from Jamaica and I used this as a medicine to keep focus and for spiritual meditation. I never have a problem with it. I’m a web designer and a college student with a 3.8 GPO, I shouldn’t be worried like this. Not my dream job but, the pay and benefits are really great and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty for the right money.

    If you need a website Lotus let me know, I can hook you up with something. here’s my portfolio.

  497. WorriedGirl Says:

    Lotus you are super helpful and insightful and I am so glad to have found this site! I am a 5’4 female and weigh 117 pounds. I think my metabolism is normal. I have a life insurance physical scheduled for next week but am planning to reschedule hopefully to another week or two. I am a closet smoker and my dad is paying for my life insurance and I really don’t want him to find out. My last day I toked was the 21st so I have been about 7 days clean (If I get another 2 weeks I’ll be close to 30 days clean). I think I am an occasional/frequent user (smoked about a gram a week). I would smoke small bowls every day to every other day. I do have a sub (friend’s pee) but I have never subbed before and would definitely like to use my own pee. Don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the temperature correct and all that jazz.. I took an at home test this morning (second void) and got a super faint almost nonexistent line. I don’t know if that counts for a pass or not -__-. Are the life insurance UA the same 50ng cutoff? Some sites that I researched said that the life insurance UA’s are stricter than pre-employment tests? I’ve been drinking a lot of water so far and am planning to take another home test within the next week. Should I be worried? Are home tests reliable? I just want to pass! :(

  498. Lotus Says:

    RLewis– Yeah I agree. Without our idiotic laws, weed would be the most pleasant drug in existence. The only reason people become paranoid is because of police and fear of losing their jobs and other social necessities. And I might take you up on that website offer! I have a new project in the works and I’ll contact you about it.

    WorriedGirl– Thanks! Glad to help. First, the barely visible faint line means you’re on the bubble between passing and not passing. If it’s a 50ng/ml cutoff, you’re probably between like 50-60ng/ml. At 7 days clean that’s not a surprise at all, as your body is still working to get all the metabolites out of your lipids. Home tests aren’t super reliable, but they’re better than nothing.

    The cutoff in the UA is most likely at 50ng as well – the reason they’re more “strict” is because it’s typically a lab test. A pre-employment test is usually a panel or cup test, which are extremely easy to trick. Lab tests usually include pH, specific gravity, creatine and sometimes uric acid. So with a take-home test, you could probably pour tap water in the test and pass – but a lab test requires real pee. Not that much more strict, assuming you plan to use actual pee haha

    Usually insurance tests are done where the guy comes to your house and you submit the urine there. In this type of test no temperature is typically conducted. However if it’s a test where you travel to a lab or clinic then they might test for temp. If you can past 21 days then you shouldn’t have a problem passing on your own. But don’t be afraid of keeping a sample at the right temp. It’s really no rocket science – if you practice a bit on your own at home and bring a thermometer with you you’ll get it down no problem.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  499. Huggy Says:

    Ok so i have to take a probation test on the 18th i stopped smoking on the 23rd so thats 25 days clean should i take a substitute or just go with the diluted 5`8 225lbs..or what else can i do..thanks

  500. Anonymous Says:

    Recently I had to take a Base line test for a MIC. They put me in an MIP program which they made me take a urine test for. 2 days before the test I smoked… I had not smoked for 6 days before and I sweated a ton from hot baseball games. The day before my test I went in the steam room for 20 mins, drank at least a gallon of water and a full Liter of cranberry juice. I also took two Niacin pills to try and clear my system. In the morning of the test I drank 20oz Gatorade w/ sure Jell to dilute my test.. I also drank 3-4 cups of water and a cup of cranberry juice and took 2 multi vitamins. I didn’t have anything to eat tho really before. I also peed multiple times the night/morning before. What are the chances I pass? I’m 5’10 150lbs and have a very fast metabolism as well. Also if the test is diluted would they make me re take it even if it’s just a base line and I haven’t been caught with and weed related issues or previous records and how soon would I re take the test? Also it has been 5 days since I took the test and nothing has been said. I took it on a wed at 10am and it is now Sunday.

  501. Huggy Says:

    Oh i forgot before i stopped smoking i was an everyday smoker about a gram a day.

  502. WorriedGirl Says:

    Well I read some of your past posts saying you can use 50% your own diluted urine and 50% of a sub’s urine (or something like that). Do you think that’s a good idea, especially for a UA insurance test? If I take the home test again and see a darker line do you think it would be okay to use my own urine? Also if I dilute my urine and it doesn’t have the yellow color would they have me retest or do they automatically deny me insurance? Thank you for the quick response!

  503. Hope33 Says:

    I have been smoking for 6 months prior to june 3rd when I stopped and I was smoking wax twice a day during this time (2 hits)… I have a drug test coming up on july 9th and I have been working out 45 mins 4 times a week im 5′ and weigh 150 I took two thc test the ones with a cup and strip on the lid and failed both until today I did an “instant clean” test but my urine was clear which I know is a red flag for UA test…it had a faint red line under the positive line which is better than the two previous test which I failed im so worried I know my body fat is not low but trying hard to sweat this out to pass the test …any advice or am I screwd?



  505. Lotus Says:

    Huggy– Wow Mr. Grumperton over here. Water, exercise and fake pee is the solution for 99% of people, would you prefer I lied and told them some bs about a magical cleansing drink? To answer your question at 25 days clean you should be fine on your own. You can dilute to ensure a pass, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

    Anonymous– A base line test is basically telling them where you’re starting from. They do that so that if you fail the test today, they know in two weeks if you pass that you’ve improved and made progress. The one thing you don’t want to do is pass the first one and then fail one later on. To answer your question, your chance of passing isn’t super high. You might have, but probably not. The good news is that it shouldn’t really matter – if you fail just say that you smoked a few weeks ago but you have stopped and should be clean soon.

    WorriedGirl– Mixing your own and a sub is a fine idea, I don’t really see any problem with it.
    -If you pass with a solid line and have over two weeks of clean time then I would be pretty confident in using my own. Then again, if you’re at like 14 days clean or something I might use a little clean substituted stuff for good measure.
    -If you dilute and it doesn’t have a yellow color they won’t fail you outright just for color or smell. They will test for creatine content, pH, specific gravity and uric acid to check that it’s a legit sample. If it passes those tests then you’ll be fine. This is why I always recommend people take creatine supplements, and a little B12 to give yourself extra metabolites in your urine. If they find that the sample is diluted they might retest, if they think you’ve tampered with it then they might deny you.

  506. RLewis Says:

    Lotus, why do some people stick their beak where they don’t belong. I think he’s jealous because you’re getting all the attention and his just a dumb ass seeking one. VAMOOSE you swine whoever you are. smh people just freaking nosy man. Go dive in your momma boy and leave Lotus alone you impotent goon. I hate people like that yow…..uuughhh

  507. RLewis Says:

    Anyway Lotus, update on what happen this morning. These people told me that I was coming in today to do a drug screen, physical and sign papers for the new position W4 form and etc. After she gave me a paper to sign for the clinic that they are sending me to do the test. The date of the test is 07/07/2014…That’s one more extra week I got to make everything right. God as been soooo good to me I cant even tell you how I prayed last night.:) I’m a strong believer and I respect all your inputs on all this Lotus , but when God is in control, you can move mountain. I feel a lil better now. I will be 29 days clean on test day. I think I will go with a lil dilution just encase. I just ordered 5 more test strips and will be using them to see my what my improvements are like. Thank you Lo Man..:)

  508. Lotus Says:

    Who knows, maybe he was having a bad day 😛 Maybe he just needs to smoke a bowl! It’s all good though 99% of people are appreciative, you’ll always get one or two goofballs on a site like this.

    That’s great to hear man! Very glad everything is working out for ya. You should have no problem passing on your own, especially with a little dilution to seal the deal. Thanks for the updates – I am usually not a big prayer, but I’ll send some up for you 😀

  509. RLewis Says:

    What do you know about e screening Lotus? That’s what I’m going to be doing. I think that computerize (e cup ) will be very technical to pass.

    This is where I”m going to be doing my test. check it out if you can :

  510. WorriedGirl Says:

    I will be 27 days clean by the time I take my test. Also I heard faint lines on home tests are still passing? So if I retest using the home test and don’t get a solid clear line should I be worried? I started working out and have been drinking tons of water. I normally pee about 10 times a day which i think is good? Also can you explain creatine? So if I drink too much water does it decrease the amount of creatine I have in my system? Also I heard that I shouldn’t work out about 3 days before the test? Is that true? And why would that be?

  511. Lotus Says:

    RLewis– escreen is easy to beat you shouldn’t have a problem. They test for pH, creatine and nitrites (like B12) – I’m not sure if they even test for temp. Just make sure to take a creatine pill and maybe a B12 so you pass those checks.

    WorriedGirl– Faint lines are still passing, but the fainter the line the more THC metabolites there are. Basically, a test is fading the line as it detects THC level, allowing for up to 50ng/ml. So if you have 25ng in your sample, the strip will make the line about half as visible. If you have 50ng, then it’ll be barely visible or not visible. The problem is, these tests can be off by a good margin, so it might give you pass at 60ng which might fail you at a lab.

    If you use a few home tests and they all show a line, you can assume that you will pass. But if they give differing results (some with a line, some without), then you might want to be concerned. The more you pee before the test the better really, because it will keep the concentration of THC metabolites low.

    Creatine is a substance that your body produces and uses to deliver energy to cells around your body. Weightlifters and athletes often use it to improve muscle mass, and put on weight. The importance in a drug test is that all bodies produce and use creatine, and it breaks down into creatinine which is easily detectible in drug tests. So testers will use it to verify that results are real urine by checking for the presence of creatinine. If you don’t take creatine before your test and you dilute your urine, the test might not show enough creatinine which might fail you. Taking extra creatine will ensure that you’ll have plenty in your urine.

    You shouldn’t work out from 3 days before your test because you want your metabolism to slow down. Basically THC metabolites are stored in your fat (this is why it takes a month to get out of your system), and when you work out it burns that fat and releases it into your urine to be expelled. If you stop working out, your body won’t burn as much fat or release as much THC. That means the concentration of metabolites in your urine will be lower than otherwise.

  512. Michelle Says:

    I am buying long term health insurance & have a prescription for amphetamine salts (adderal) and don’t want to admit to insurance company.
    How long will 10 mg show up in my system – I think they do a full panel test.

  513. Lotus Says:

    Anywhere from 3 days to about a week. If you go 5 days you’ll usually be ok, especially if you dilute. But a full week off would be safe.

  514. El Amigo Says:

    Found all the answers I needed just reading the thread, but wanted to leave a supportive message – excellent service you’re providing Lotus, keep up the good work. Don’t sweat the naysayers; keyboard morality is the cheapest kind. Best regards…

  515. Lotus Says:

    Appreciate it my friend :) Have a good one!

  516. RLewis Says:

    Hey my bro Lotus,good morning to you. So you said that they check for ph, creatine and nitrites. Base on the fact I’m going for the dilution method, does B12 and creatine covers all those from raising red flag? I have been on creatine Mono since Monday and prior to that been eating red meat and also take creatine supplement usually for my work, so that’s been covered. I understand that the nitrites is basically checking for bacteria. Am I right? And for ph level, do I need to do anything to keep this in the correct form? Do they not check for specific gravity? Just need to understand a lil more of these procedure even though I’ve been reading up on them , but still cant grasp a better understanding of theory behind all this.

  517. Lotus Says:

    You are set on creatine, don’t worry about that at all. Nitrites are used in certain cleansing drinks and the drug testing companies test for high nitrites. The B12 is basically used to give your urine a more yellow color. There’s really nothing you can do to affect pH, and it should be fine anyway. eScreen or eCup tests do not check for specific gravity as far as I’m aware. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they do not.

  518. Anonymous Says:

    I took a tramadol for a headache an in on probation I’m on color code so if my color gets called I have to go take a ua I was wondering will this show up on a drug test ??

  519. SexySofis Says:

    Hey Lotus :)
    I have to take monthly UA’s for my pain mgt dr, which are lab tested only. I have a friend who doesn’t smoke that will give me her pee. However, my question is, how do I then get all the other drugs that my dr expects to be there into the thc free sample? For example…the pee will have no thc, great! But, my dr wants to see the fentanyl, propranolol, robaxin, effexor in that same pee. How do I get those to show up in the sample? Can I dilute them directly into the clean pee? Help!?

  520. Lotus Says:

    Anonymous– Nope! I used to use tramadol all the time while on probation. If it’s the normal “cup” test you are good.

    SexySofis– That’s a tricky one. You can’t just put them straight in because some of those drugs are metabolized into different things. For example, fentanyl turns to norfentanyl and if that’s not in there the test might not pick it up. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head but I’ll try to come up with something.

    How much weed do you smoke, how often and how recently?

  521. RLewis Says:

    Passsssed my test Lotus!!! Your feedback were awesome. Even though my pee was a lil clean by passing the home drug test with 7 faint lines, I still went with subbing because of how easy you made it sound and by building my confident. Ty Man. I was sooooooo freaking nervous, I couldn’t piss when I went in the bathroom on my first attempt, and the lady came knowing on the door in less that two mins, She was like “bring your sample out”, I said “I cant peeee”lol. She told me to go and drink some water and she’s going to let the nest 5 person ahead of mean see if I’m ready after that. I waited 20 more mins with the 5hr energy bottle between my ass crack and balls lol. Its soo warm down there in my crutch haha. Then when I went back to pee I still couldn’t, only two lil drips, so I just took out the clean pee and pour it out in the cup which barely reached the mark then i dribbled two lil drops in the cup with my own pee to bring it to the mark. The toilet water was not blue here, so I was worried my pee would not be has clear as my donor, but I didn’t give a ##@. I was ready to tell her that I only got that much pee in me lol. I came out, handed her the pee and stood next to her while she check the temp. It was 97.8 she said and when I left my house which was like 35 mins away I had it at 98.9. Man I’m good. lol. I was also lucky because I had a physical right after and was put in a gown because the wanted to check for Hernia, due the the job position required lifting. I took the bottle out my crutch and put it in my pants pocket. I was now saying they better not ask to check my pants or else I’m going to raise But the doc was a sweet heart and I let her touch my stuff lol because I was now on my way out. She said good luck with your new job and handed me my results and sent me on my way. Yyyyyyaaaaay. Thats my story. Thank God , because he helped me and did this for me. I have soooo much faith in The Lord and he knew I wanted this job.

    Thanks Lotus, you’re also a major help!!!!

  522. SoCal Says:

    Hey lotus are you familiar with random dot drug tests? I have someone’s clean pee but I’m curious what kind of test they wil do thanx

  523. Lotus Says:

    RLewis– Love the success stories!! Appreciate your comments

    SoCal– It’ll be a lab test. Check out page 7:

  524. ms Says:

    Hey I’ve got a drug test tomorrow and I’m using my sister’s pee will I be ok? I go to a lab to take my test

  525. Lotus Says:

    Yep just make sure to get the temp right, check the article for info on that.

  526. SoCal Says:

    Thank you bro! And also will synthetic work or should I use someone’s clean piss? And what’s the best process to do this warming the pea up step by step sorry super paranoid. And my boss told me about my random b4 hr told me he is super cool. My random was schedueled on Monday so I called in sick yesterday and today thinking go going back Thursday. Do u know if they will still will make me take it when I get back or did I dodge a bullet. First random dot testin 7 years. My boss told me Thursday b4 that I was gonna get popped Monday.

  527. Lotus Says:

    Synthetic or real will work fine, if you can find it the real stuff is ideal but not completely necessary. Best process to warm it is just microwave it or get it to 100˚ the best way you can, then keep it between 96-99˚ for the test. Use a thermometer to double check the temp. If you read a couple comments up a guy describes how he kept it warm. They will probably still make you take it when you get back.

  528. SoCal Says:

    I was gonna practice with the quick fix bottle since it has the temp strip on it can I practice temp with water?

  529. SoCal Says:

    And what kind of temp strip do you use and where do u get it?

  530. SoCal Says:

    And won’t the lab test for synthetic urine

  531. SoCal Says:

    Should I use a different method so I know temp is accurate sorry I’m freakin out bro!!!

  532. Lotus Says:

    I would just use a regular thermometer from the store or even a food thermometer. You can certainly use the quick fix bottle that’s plenty good, I’m not sure if those are good for more than one use though. The labs will test for synthetic but Quick Fix is good enough to trick the lab. My suggestion is just heat up the synthetic urine to 100˚ at home, then keep the bottle warm either with a handwarmer or under your balls and just check the temperature periodically. No worries btw that shit is stressful but if you just break it down into steps it’s easy as pie. Warm it up, keep it at temp and pour it in the cup 😀

  533. SoCal Says:

    So u would rather use synthetic over real urine? What did u use to clean out the 5 hour energy drinks so they don’t detect that

  534. SoCal Says:

    And a regular thermometer won’t that break easy? I know there gonna have me empty out my pockets

  535. SoCal Says:

    And can I practice with water for temp or is urine gonna heat up different

  536. ms Says:

    I’ve read that they can tell by checking the hormones to see if it’s male or female, but I’m going to go on faith and use my sister’s urine, she is clean and not prego,thanks for the help wish me luck tomorrow,I need this job

  537. SoCal Says:

    Please answer brother

  538. Nervous Says:

    Hello. So glad to see this is still active. My husband has a test for a really awesome job opportunity tomorrow morning. We stopped smoking on May third but were regular tokers. He took an at home test that came up negative but he’s panicking. He could either do the test himself, have my sister (who is on progesterone only birth control) pee for him, our user synthetic. Your advice would be much appreciated!

  539. SexySofis Says:

    I smoke a LOT, like all day, everyday. I use a one hitter much like people who smoke cigarettes, so I pack it anywhere from 1-5x about every 1-3 hours.

  540. Lotus Says:

    SoCal– Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, hopefully everything went good if you took the test already! If not, it doesn’t matter if you use real or synthetic really. Real is good but it can go bad relatively quickly (12 or so hours) whereas synthetic usually lasts a little longer. They make digital thermometers and metal food thermometers that won’t break very easily and can be easily concealed. You can practice with water that should be fine.

    ms– They cannot check for gender with the tests they use and even if they could it would be illegal. HIPPA privacy regulations prevent against that type of test, so you will be fine to use the sister’s urine. Good luck!

    Nervous– If you have both been clean since 5/3, that’s 60 days clean and he will pass with an absolute certainty. Honestly even with the option to substitute I would suggest peeing himself since there’s basically no chance he could fail.

    SexySofis– I have thought about this a lot and honestly I can’t think of any good solution. The only thing I can think of is giving someone who’s clean some fentanyl, but that’s pretty dangerous for them and not the best idea overall.

  541. ms Says:

    Update,I passed and got e job!! thanks for all the tips and info it gave confidence!!

  542. Anonymous Says:

    Hey man great job on the site!!!!!! So have a test coming up, its a lab test, but have a clean buddies frozen sample in the freezer for the last month so im ready, but recently read that frozen samples can throw off the s /g, just wondered if youve heard that anywhere as well, its a test for med school so will probably be top of the line

  543. WorriedGirl Says:

    Hey Lotus, So a friend of mine gave me like a synthetic pee kit for me to use. Would synthetic pee be okay to use for life insurance? Can I mix the synthetic pee with my own or would that not work? After 2 weeks I tested again and I got a super faint ghost line again :( I’ve been using the first void to be accurate but I’m worried I won’t be able to be clean by the time I get tested. I’m going to keep testing myself 2 more times until I have my test but if my line doesn’t get any darker should I just use a sub’s pee?

  544. Lotus Says:

    ms– Wooo!! Great to hear, thanks for the update

    Anonymous– Thanks! Hmm, I haven’t heard that one before. I don’t see the mechanism for that, unless they evaporated a significant portion of water content when reheating. To avoid that, thaw the frozen urine like you might defrost a steak. Put it in the fridge for a day or so to thaw it out, then reheat it slowly (don’t boil or simmer it) to keep from evaporating it. Remember that urine will last about 30 days refrigerated so you can transfer it over a little early to be safe.

    WorriedGirl– So you’re like 20 days clean now, right? It wouldn’t be terribly surprising to fail a test especially on your first void (which has more metabolites collected). Try taking a test later in the day and see what result you get. Personally, I would avoid using synthetic for a life insurance test because they are doing it primarily for health reasons. It could actually be beneficial to you to have those results, and most likely you will pass on your own especially if you dilute and take creatine. For the record though, you can certainly mix 50/50 real and synthetic if you feel you need to.

  545. WorriedGirl Says:

    Yes, currently I am 21 days clean. I researched some other websites and they said to eat fatty foods getting closer to the day of the test? Why would that be? Would that help build up creatine levels? I tried a home drug test today (not using my first void) and did get a little darker line. I didn’t dilute as much either. Its more visible but I’m still worried. Some people have said that they needed to be 30+ days clean in order to get the THC out of your system.

  546. Lotus Says:

    Loading up on fatty foods slows down your metabolism and reduces the concentration of THC metabolites in your fat. It doesn’t help with creatine, but you can get that by taking creatine supplements. Some people do need 30 days but for the majority of people you’ll find they only need about two weeks especially if they dilute and take those precautions. If you’re consistently getting darker lines that means you shouldn’t have a problem passing the test.

  547. Madtown Says:

    Hey Lotus,

    I know it’s been said over and over again in this thread, but thank you for all your help. I’m on a deferred prosecution agreement with two UA’s in a 12 month period (this started in January). I was clean for a good three months, and maybe had a hit once every 2-4 weeks the last three months. Last week I maybe had one hit a total of three different times throughout the week, the last time being Saturday. I got a letter that day saying that I have five days to submit to a UA and send in the results.

    I already ordered the Whizzinator assuming that it isn’t worth the risk of going the diluted route, even with the small amount I have smoked. I’m 6’6″ and 230 pounds with average metabolism, so I’m guessing that five days isn’t enough time. I’m a business owner, and if I were to go back to jail for a failed UA, my business would come crumbling down and my livelihood would be gone (and so would my girlfriend). So the $170 was worth it for the Whizzinator. I’m going to have someone provide clean urine about 24 hours before the test, and keep it in a refrigerator until a few hours before the test.

    A few questions: How long before the test should I take the clean urine out of the fridge and bring it to temp? What is the best way to bring it to temp without ruining the sample? There are heating pads that come with it, so I’m guessing that will be good for maintaining temp on site, but should I use those to warm it up too? What is the ideal temperature for a test? Last question…how long will the clean urine remain useable when stored in a refrigerator?

    Thank you so much for everything. I’m beyond nervous right now thinking about what may happen should this fail, but plan on practicing with the Whizz as soon as it arrives and getting the process down perfectly before the day of the test. Looking forward to hearing your input.

  548. Lotus Says:

    I know it’s been said over and over again in this thread, but thank you for all your help.

    I will never complain about too many compliments… flattery will get you everywhere 😛

    How long before the test should I take the clean urine out of the fridge and bring it to temp?

    It will stay good for about 8 hours at least so however long you feel comfortable with is fine. I’d give myself a good hour before the test to make sure I got the temp right and everything.

    What is the best way to bring it to temp without ruining the sample?

    Typically people use handwarmers and those type of things, however you can use anything you find easiest. Be careful if you use a microwave that you don’t start boiling it as that can remove water and screw with the sample. A somewhat tedious but effective method would be to double-boil it (like you would do to melt chocolate), as it will get it to temp slowly and consistently.

    There are heating pads that come with it, so I’m guessing that will be good for maintaining temp on site, but should I use those to warm it up too?

    Those can be used but sometimes they’re a little slow to heat up and unreliable, so don’t put yourself in a position where you’re dependent upon them. You can certainly use them to maintain temp, just keep an eye on the temp with a thermometer cause they can get it too hot or cold if you’re not careful.

    What is the ideal temperature for a test?

    Ideal temp is 98.6˚ which is average human body temperature. Anywhere between 96 and 99˚ will pass the test. Typically people heat their sample up to 100˚ and then keep it around that level till test time. You can even use body heat to keep it at 98.6˚ if you keep the container in your groin (this may not work if the container is thick though).

    Last question…how long will the clean urine remain useable when stored in a refrigerator?

    About a month. At room temp it’ll last about 8-12 hours.

    Glad to help and thanks for commenting! You can easily practice with regular water to make sure you have a good method to keep the temp regulated. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  549. Stevie Says:

    I just took a drug test this afternoon for my employer. The test was in a cup that had to be sent out to a lab. I had three hits 6-7 days ago and haven’t smoked marijuana since last August. Since I smoked I have been drinking a lot of fluids and today my urine was pretty much diluted and pretty clear. I was wondering what your thoughts were and what happens if it comes up dilute.

  550. Lotus Says:

    I think most likely you’ll pass but it’s hard to say. The timing is right on the bubble. If it comes up diluted they Will often ask for a retest, but I kinda doubt it will.

  551. Stevie Says:

    First of all thank you for your time ! Without having a much experience with this does that mean in a dilute test that they would essentially not be able to pass or fail me but now decide wether or not they want to retest me?

  552. Lotus Says:

    Correct, a diluted sample is basically “inconclusive.” Some people treat it as a fail, because they think it has been tampered with. But most of the time they’ll get a retest. Also most of the time it does not come back as diluted, it’s a relatively rare scenario.

  553. The Horseman Says:

    Hi Lotus,

    Height 5ft 10″
    184 lbs
    Do cardio 1 hour everyday (6 mile runs)
    Do 100 sit ups everyday
    Eat healthy
    Drink healthy (green tea water and cranbeerry only)

    I was clean for about 3 months smoked for about 1 month averaging at about 3grams a week. I stopped smoking again for 2 weeks and silly me had a joint whilst drinking with friends. Not smoked in a week again.

    Found out i may get drug tested in about 3 weeks 24 days…

    I recently done a drug test after 7 days clean and got a faint line on the first check strips 50 cut off

    Do you think i will pass in 24 days?

  554. The Horseman Says:

    sorry miss type i will be clean 24 days by the time the test comes………

  555. Lotus Says:

    You should definitely pass! I wouldn’t even be worried about it honestly, just keep doin what you’re doin and you’ll be good :)

  556. The Horseman Says:

    Thanks for the reassurance Lotus.

    I have 6 of the first check THC tests and one 6 panel test that they use on site.

    I will continue to check myself starting tomorrow night (12 days) and continue to do so.

    Once I get to the 20 day mark I will use the 6 panel and hope that I test negative on that as well.

    Kind Regards

    The Horseman

  557. K. Says:

    just so y’all know the information in here is not correct well at least the part about the detox drinks I have personally passed about 5 test and done opiates the day before and this was for the most strict probation in this state

  558. Lotus Says:

    K.– Did the detox kit tell you to drink a lot of water with it? That’s what made you pass. Thanks for commenting!

  559. Jwolf Says:

    Hey lotus. I am in drug court and took 2 somas. I know people in my program that say they have taken them and passed but I keep reading there are a lot of people test positive for benzodiazepines is that true? Anyway I have like 9 days left and really need to know Im gonna be ok for a regular test today. I need some reassurance ASAP! Thanks

  560. Jwolf Says:

    PS I also take trazadone and have for months and people say that it shows up as a bezo which is totally not true. Anyway convince me I’m ok with the soma or should I pawn my iPad and buy a expensive 10 panel pee test to make sure?? Low on money don’t want to have to do that but don’t want jail either. Thanks lotus

  561. Lotus Says:

    You will not fail from soma I have taken them during probation and passed.

  562. Jwolf Says:

    Thank you lotus! I bought a home 12 panel test and all the bars were solid. I just took my real test and even though won’t know for sure for a few days I feel very positive. There is just so much bad info on the internet so thank you so much for helping. I think why somas get such a negative rap is because a lot of PMC s do specifically test for them but courts really don’t.

    I understand why a lot of people can get a false pos for opiates on somas because some somas have codeine in them and people don’t read them but I don’t understand the benzo false positives?

  563. Anonymous Says:

    Hi lotus thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to us and keeping us away from trouble!!! I have a question for you. If I get the clean urine in the refrigerator within an hour and keep it stored in a sealed jar how long will it stay good? If I got the clean urine on Tuesday and have a drug test on Friday will it still be good?

  564. Lotus Says:

    Jwolf– Yeah I think you’re spot on with your logic. Most people don’t fully understand their drugs or drug tests, so it’s possible their soma had codeine in it, or their test was a laboratory or GC/MS test (which will both show somas). Also, sometimes you can get a bad test which can show any drug even though you hadn’t ever taken them. Best of luck! Lemme know how it goes.

    Anonymous– It will stay good for a month in your refrigerator. Four days will be no problem.

  565. Anonymous Says:

    So I have a clean sample..if I have heated it up then re froze will it be good to use again?

  566. Lotus Says:

    As long as you didn’t have it heated for more than 6 hours it should be ok.

  567. Freddy Says:

    Hey Lotus. Thank you for all the useful info. I have a quick question about my situation that I hope reaches you in time. I didn’t smoke for a while (100% clean on urine test) and then I smoked a few bowls of marijuana 18 days ago, then about 3-4 hits six days ago. I am being tested in 15 hours with a Siemens Viva-E Analyzer which is an EMIT urine test. I know I may be on the cusp of passing as I am an infrequent smoker who is skinny with low body fat and a fast metabolism. My question is if I try drinking a lot of water and taking vitamin b-12 (for yellow color instead of clear) will this throw off the results of an EMIT test and show that I made a conscious effort to dilute my urine? I am hoping an EMIT test does not measure creatinine levels but I am not sure. Thanks in advance. Love your site!

  568. Lotus Says:

    It probably won’t detect dilution but there’s a small chance it could. To reduce this take creatine supplements a few hours before the test, that will help give your diluted urine a higher concentration of creatinine. I can’t guarantee your passing even if you do everything right, but if you take creatine and dilute a good bit you have a good shot at passing.

  569. Dawn Says:

    Lotus thank you for helping others in their troubling times! Ur a good person that’s obvious. Ok I have a question that I really need answered by the end of the day today (July 31)!!!! I’m prescribed subutex and my doctor told me on Tuesday that I need to take a drug screening. I found clean urine from someone that also takes subutex as well(thank god)!!!!! Here is my problem I live 3 hours away from my doctor Bc I I moved and we now skype for our appointments. Please explain to me what you think I should do!! Do I keep the urine in ice for the trip or in my crouch for the whole trip? I got the urine in a frig within 45 mins! And I also bought a at home drug test because I wanna make sure it’s ck. please help me lotus I’m really freaking out!!!

  570. Lotus Says:

    First off, relax this is no big deal. Whichever method you feel comfortable with should work. Personally, it would be my choice to keep the urine in a little ice chest and start warming it up about 30 minutes away. That way it will be nice and fresh. But if you don’t have a cooler ready, it will last the trip without going bad, so it’s no problem.

    To warm it (and keep it warm), get a few little handwarmers, and a cheap thermometer. Remember you’re looking to hit 100° first, and between 96-99° is what you need for the test. Once you have it at the perfect temp, crotch it and take the test!

    Best of luck and feel free to ask if you have more questions! I will try to check later in the day but I’m drivin around for work. Let me know how it goes!

  571. stuff Says:

    Lotus, thanks so much for all the tips and great comments. Your site seems like the only legit and non judgmental one out there so wanted to run my situation by you. I’m 5’2 140 lbs female taking a pre employment 10 panel on 8/6. I smoke 1-2 hits 4x week, exercise 2-3x week. Got notice about the test on 7/30, so haven’t smoked since then. Going to try the dilute method, so been drinking a lot of water and planning on getting vitamins/supplements too. My bf says I should work out heavy 8/2-8/3 to help w detox. Is that cutting it too close? Do you even think I have a chance of passing? Trying to stay calm but obviously stressed, I really want this job. Lemme know, thanks!

  572. stuff Says:

    Sorry two more questions – cardio or weights for workout or both? And never heard of the fat loading a few days before, does that really work? Thanks again!

  573. Lotus Says:

    If it was me I would consider it too close for comfort. You could pass in that time if you’re lucky, but you’re gonna be counting on a whole lot of luck and not much else. If you can, buy some QuickFix or Agent X synthetic urine and substitute that in (or find a clean friend to donate pee). QuickFix is like $30 but if you need the job it’s worth it.

    If you can’t buy the synthetic stuff, then you can work out hard until the 4th. Then you’ll want to do the opposite until the test – eat a lot, burn very few calories, etc. Of course dilute the day of the test and take creatine/B12. You want to go 100% cardio, as that will help burn through the fat (which contains THC) as fast as possible. Fat loading definitely works, but it’s not a magic bullet. Basically, the more fat you put on before the test, the less concentrated the stored THC metabolites will be.

    Best of luck, let me know if you have any more questions!

  574. stuff Says:

    Sounds like I’d be better off subbing… not what I wanted to hear, but hey better than hearing that I failed right? Will suck it up and try it out, real nervous as a first timer. I’ll let you know how it goes, thanks so much for your honesty!

  575. Lotus Says:

    Yep, I hate being the bearer of bad news, but it would be a lot worse if you ended up failing. And don’t be afraid of subbing, it’s super easy and many people do it successfully every day. If you need any help with it let me know.

  576. polly Says:

    Just wanted to check after doc appointment. that and she never tested me..she always has before but better safe than sorry 😀 I just wanted to send my love and gratitude again for the job you do without any judgment or belittling. .I only wish there were more people like you in this world. .it would be a whole better place :-) Much Love Polly

  577. Nervous Says:

    Hey Lotus, have you ever known anyone to have any luck subbing with P-sure synthetic urine? I did a UA, that was sent to a lab, last Wednesday. The temp was perfect but I haven’t heard anything. This was a random test for work and I was caught completely off guard so synthetic was my only option. Thanks in advance!

  578. Nervous Says:

    I should also add that it’s being sent to a lab that has locations in Oregon and Florida. Florida is where I took the test, surely they wouldn’t ship it all the way across the country when they could send it just a few hours away? I’m just worried about the uric acid. Ugh. Testing for weed is just stupid.

  579. Lotus Says:

    Sorry, I can’t say I’ve had any first-hand encounters with P-sure. Wish I could help ya. Please let me know what the result is when you get it.

    Regarding your second question, they’re certainly going to send the sample to the Florida lab. And given your location I’ll bet that the P-Sure will work since it’s relatively easy to trick tests that don’t look for uric acid.

  580. worriedwife Says:

    Hello Lotus,
    We my husband swiped a parked car while in his work truck. This means an automatic drug test for him and on the same day. This is their company’s policy. Anyhow, the issue here is we are occasional smokers. We probably only smoked 2-3xs in the pass 6months. We cant even finish a joint between us. The last we smoked a joint was on July-23 and only half of that joint is what we were able finish. We work out the least 3 days and the most 5 days a week. My husband only drinks water and his pre workout drinks through out the week. The day of his drug testing he drank plenty of water to be safe. He said his pee was clear and thats not only because he drank a ton of water that day but he drinks water always and his pee is always clear. We are still waiting for results on Wed, Aug-6. What are his chances of passing?

  581. worriedwife Says:

    Forgot to mention my husband’s drug test was on Saturday, Aug-2. Whats are his chances of passing per my previous situation detailed.

  582. Nervous Says:

    Still no news, but also still employed. It’s been four business days since the test. I only worry that it may have actually been sent to OR via UPS ground as the copy of the paperwork I was given had the OR address on it. Surely they’d at least fly it out? But hey at least they’re not going to find anything illicit in the urine. Still sweating about it though.

  583. Nicole Says:

    Hey Lotus, thank you so much for writing this up. And for answering a million questions for all of us. So happy to see you’re still active on this comment thread! I learned a lot from reading your article and also reading everybody’s problems and your answers. However, I’m wondering if you can answer a question I still have.
    I have to go take a test tomorrow. It’s a plain ol’ 5 panel which I learned from you is the easiest to trick. I bought some synthetic urine (Dr Green’s Agent X) tonight, but I’m thinking I’m going to dump it and fill the container with a friend’s clean urine so I can rest easy about it knowing it’s actual pee. I’m curious to know, since I’m getting a fresh sample, it will still be warm — is it good to go if I slap a hand warmer on it and crotch it until I take the test? Or should I warm it up more than how it comes out, to account for how much the temperature will drop on the drive there? It’s not a long drive. 15 minutes max. and if I have to wait in the office, there’s a little more time for it to drop. Will the hand warmer be enough? Thank you so much for everything. There is too much false information out there….I read and drove myself crazy all day today. Wish I had seen this sooner. Thank you again.

  584. worriedwife Says:

    Correction of date last smoked was on July-20 and drug test on Aug-2…

  585. Nicole Says:

    Me again! I had to just use the Dr Green’s Agent X, as my donor decided to worry and back out at the last minute. I had the temperature correct and had practiced A LOT like you said to. My execution was flawless. I even dressed up really professional-looking so nobody would be suspicious of me. I asked if they wanted to know about my medications beforehand. They didn’t, which I already knew. But it was good for the effect. So, now, just playing the waiting game. I hope it will work for just a normal 5 panel test. Really need the job. Thank you for giving me the confidence to pull this off. It means so much!

  586. Lotus Says:

    worriedwife– Your husband has the best chance possible of passing given his circumstances. If I were a betting man I’d put my money on him to pass. But I’m not, because you never know when these tests will screw you. I know you want to hear something more concrete and this answer seems like a cop-out, but honestly he did the best he could given the timeframe and his situation. If he fails you can chock it up to shitty luck.

    Nervous– No big surprise on the wait time, I’d expect to find out by Friday. Local labs can take up to a week or even 10 days in rare cases. I still doubt they’re sending it to Oregon, that just seems stupid to me. But then again drug tests in general seem stupid so… who knows. And they don’t typically fly samples, since they are considered bio-hazardous and are extremely expensive (or even prohibited) to fly. It’s far cheaper to send them via climate-controlled truck. Which makes it even less likely to ship it clear across the damn country. But we’ll see.

    Nicole– Ha! That’s awesome to hear. Nice touch with the dressing up, I like to do that too. Although one time I think the doc got suspicious BECAUSE I dressed up… didn’t matter though I passed anyway. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll pass – the hardest part is temp and if you nailed that then the 5 panel should be easily tricked. Good luck!

  587. hopeful Says:

    so I am a regular smoker everyday or every other day, about a bowl. I had to take a pre-employment drug test yesterday and my I didn’t have enough clean urine to get to the line so I drank water while there and then had to add a very little of my own urine to the sample. What are my chances of passing.

  588. Lotus Says:

    You should be perfectly fine if most of the sample was clean. Other people have reported doing the same thing and passing no prob.

  589. hopeful Says:

    OMG thank you…you seem to be the most reliable source that I can find! Fingers crossed cause I really need this job to get out of the one I am in!

  590. erika Says:

    Hi Lotus, I had a UA yesterday, 13 days after I last smoked. My second to last toke was a week before that, and I had been smoking 1-3x/week from for a month leading up to my second to last toke. I’m 5’9, 130lbs, super fast metabolism and very low fat percentage, weight train 5x/day. I drank a lot of water before and the morning of my test, without taking supplements. Did not use the first pee of the morning, used mid-stream, bladder nearly exploded before my test, but my pee was still pale yellow in the cup. Please give me some peace of mind and tell me I will pass, and thank you so much for this awesome website

  591. Lotus Says:

    I’d expect you to pass. 2 weeks is typically the time frame where people start to pass, and since you smoke infrequently before then it’s even better. You have the best possible chance given your situation, so barring some bad luck you should be fine.

  592. alec Says:

    Hey lotus, I’m on probation and get tested every 28 days or so, I usually smoke for two weeks after every test which leaves me 15 days to get clean naturally. I’ve been doing this for months… However, I fucked up last night and took only one small hit of a bowl and I test in ten days. I drink enough water to be borderline poisoned and take cranberry pills. I’m 6′ 200 pounds very muscular and fit. I’m a block mason 12hour days under the sun. I’m still debating if I should find a clean donor to be safe but I feel that trying to keep it at the right temp. Is tricky. Fill me in bro I’m in a jam here haha.

  593. Lotus Says:

    Keeping a sample at temp is super easy, don’t over-think it. Find a thin container that transfers heat well, use hand-warmers and a thermometer to keep it at about 100˚ until you test then let it cool to 98˚. Easy peasy. That said, you might be able to pass on your own if you’re really uncomfortable with subbing. It’ll require you to take it real easy about a day or two before the test, and load up on carbs and shit to kill your metabolism. This will slow the release of THC from your fat cells and help you pass. You’ll also want to take some creatine and B12 to make sure your urine has the right concentration of metabolites and doesn’t come up as diluted. If you have any questions about either method let me know!

  594. alec Says:

    My probation officer is female and won’t watch me pee she never has, she stands around the corner. I’ll find a donor and sub out, I’ll just piss in the toilet and dump the donor piss in the cup while I’m pissing. Bro you are saving a lot of people on this site. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks!!!

  595. erika Says:

    Hey Lotus,

    You were right- I passed! I was mistaken when I told you I wasn’t taking a supplement. I have been taking whey protein for weight training.

    Thanks so much!!

  596. joe Says:

    I took sure jell and my probation officer said it was too clear. She said she was going to send it off to the lab. Will sure jell show up on the results from the lab?

  597. Lotus Says:

    erika– Congrats! Glad to hear it!

    joe– Nope it shouldn’t.

  598. Symphony2014 Says:

    Hey Lotus
    Thx for the above info!
    I’ve been clean from weed for a couple months except went on a binge of 3 grams spread out from 7/31-8/8. I have to take the ecup test this Friday 8/15, I’m thinking of using dilution method which I know will work but a little worried about creatine levels, I just saw your site tonight and went and bought some creatine supplements and popped a couple tonight 8/13, I see that it takes 48 hours for that creatine to show up, any chance this could be sooner and should I take any more creatine or is there no point? I’m planning on drinking a gallon and half of water before ecup test

  599. DL Smoker Says:

    Hi Lotus! First off, thank you for this blog. I was doing research all night on how to pass a 9-panel oral drug test for my promotion and stumbled across your blog. You are very knowledgeable and made me feel more relaxed about taking the test.

    Here’s my story: Before a couple of months ago, I had stopped smoking trees because I was trying to find a job. When I found one, I still hasn’t picked it up again because I just had grown used to not smoking anymore. About 2-3 months ago, I started back up – mostly 1 blunt a day and skipping a day or two here and there. Last Thursday, my boss surprised me with a promotion (yay!), but in order to get it, I had to go through the pre-employment background check and drug test (awww :-( ).

    I smoked one blunt around noon that Friday and quit after that. I immediately started the dilution process that you outlined in your blog. I hadn’t scheduled my test yet because my BG check hasn’t come back, so I figured I had from Friday to about Thursday or Friday off next week to prepare for the test. I found out that my test was on Thursday (today) and that it wasn’t a urine drug test – but an oral one (yay?). So that’s when I hit the Internet hard to do MORE research – and came across this blog.

    Now – honest opinion…if it has been about 144 hours (I think that’s 6 days – lol!) since I last smoked, brushed my teeth and used mouthwash this morning, drank water on my way to work, and then used mouthwash again – started chewing gum – and took one last swig of cold water about 25-30 minutes before my oral drug test – and it was the one where you hold the stick under your tongue until the little piece turns blue … do you think I passed it?

  600. Lotus Says:

    Symphony2014– Really sorry I didn’t get to you in time. Creatine doesn’t take 48 hours to show up, it can take anywhere from 4-48 or thereabout. I always advise people take some the morning of the test to boost their levels a bit, in addition to taking it the night before. I hope you passed!

    DL Smoker– I think you’ll be fine honestly. 6 days is usually enough to pass the swab test, even without mouthwash and those types of things.

  601. Anonymous Says:

    Okay quick question, I’ve possibly got a test next week and am thinking of substituting sisters urine, question is this will the birth control she’s
    On show up? Not sure which one but thats all she takes…

  602. Lotus Says:

    Nope you’ll be fine.

  603. Irish84 Says:


    6′ 220lb smoker on and off for 10 years. I am 30. I have been clean since July 15th and today is August 17th. I have done a GNC 7 day cleanse. Drank cranberry juice, cardio 3-4 days a week for two weeks now. I have pounded water like it is going out of style. I have purchased so many damn at home drug tests that I cant even count. I keep getting the faint line from the CVS/Walgreens version. I purchased the cheaper Amazon tests and now the line is even fainter. I am convinced that I am not going to pass. I have a buddy coming to my house who has to leave to go out of town. I can refrigerate his and use it this week when I get the forms from my employer….or I can use my wife’s but my concern is she uses and an antibiotic. ( Monodox and Scoplatal something) Two questions….I have seen a few answers on here about refrigeration. I was going to use a Gatorade bottle that has been cleaned out max two-three days. Will that work? Or should I use my wifes? Worry there is I would not be able to prove my prescriptions if asked about it.

  604. CuriousT Says:

    Great thanks

  605. Welder Says:

    Hey Lotus, Thanks for the article. I have a pre employment drug screen tomorrow. Im pretty sure its a cup/dip test. And I also believe they send it to a lab after initial results. I quit smoking about 17 days ago after previously smoking about a joint a day for a little over a month. Im a little bit on the heavy set side, but I do stay active. You think with plenty of water 17 days is enough? I have the option of using Quick Fix Plus, but Im not sure If somebody is gonna be looking over my shoulder and the whole substitute idea makes me nervous.. What do ya say?

  606. Irish84 Says:

    Also to add….one of those two I forgot was a blood pressure medicine. She uses both for an acne treatment from her dermatologist. My buddy just stopped by on his way out of town and used the Gatorade bottle. I have it sealed with the cap and it is in my old dorm fridge now. I also have a synthetix5 at my disposal. I am going to be going to a Quest in Missouri if that detail matters. I would rather use my wifes as I know it would be fresh from the morning. She smokes cigarettes as well. Sorry to ramble but I am freaked out as I put in my notice at current employer thinking I would be good by now and I AM STILL GETTING THE DREADED FAINT LINE! I wish I could post the pics but I cant here. Any and all help almighty Lotus is greatly appreciated.

  607. DL Smoker Says:

    Thanks Lotus! I should be getting my results on Monday. I’ll let you guys know the outcome. :-)

  608. Lotus Says:

    Irish84– You can use your buddies no problem, it’ll stay good in the fridge for about a month. Just reheat it an hour or so before the test and you’ll be fine. It should stay good for about 8 hours once you reheat it. Remember though, a faint line means you did pass, and those tests are not very accurate. I would be surprised if you failed after a month off – there are a lot of people on this site who have less than half the clean time and still pass. Also I don’t think they would ask about your wife’s meds, however they might cause a false positive for something random. Unlikely but you never know.

    Welder– You’ll probably be fine after 17 days. You might consider taking the Quick Fix with you just in case you have the opportunity to use it (make sure you have a thermometer to check temp). If not you would probably be fine with just lots of water and some creatine+B12 (take that tonight and tomorrow morning).

    Curious T & DL Smoker– Glad to help! Lemme know how it goes.

  609. Irish84 Says:

    Thank you so much Lotus. So here is my concern….the CVS/Walgreens version I get decent faded line. The Walmart ICup or whatever and these single drug test strips I got off amazon show a very very very faded line if any. Out of pride and for the fact I quit for what feels like the whole summer I want to take it myself. Last questions about the sub method. The Gatorade bottle is about a quarter filled with his urine. The rest air. Will this matter if it is sealed and in the fridge? it went in immediately after he did it. My wifes meds being a blood pressure pill and an antibiotic I cant imagine it showing up but just wanted to double check that again. I take my test sometime this week. I feel like if I push it off until mid to late week I have a good chance. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  610. DL Smoker Says:

    It went great – I passed and got the raise!!! 😀 Fellow stoners: Listen to Lotus when it comes to passing drug tests; shoot, he helped me pass MY test – lol! Lotus – you need a Master’s degree in Stoner-Drug-Testology – lol! Thanks again – SO much!

  611. Lotus Says:

    DL Smoker– Someday I’ll get my Stoner’s Doctorate. Lol thanks though I appreciate the kind words, and I’m glad you passed!

    Irish84– Personally, I think you should be fine to take it on your own. I would do that if I was in your position and had a month off. That’s my 2 cents on that. But if not, the gatorade bottle will be just fine. You could probably keep it in an open container as long as it was cold enough. The main thing that makes it go bad is heat, because the bacteria in there will grow and break down the sample.

    I can’t tell you 100% if the wife’s meds will cause any problems, but check this list of drugs that cause false positives and see if any of them match her prescriptions: If you don’t see hers on there, then it’s probably fine and you can use hers if you want.

  612. Itonia Says:

    Thanks so much for all of this info and for still being active on this thread! I’ve got a similar situation to DL Smoker, but I’m probably, well… Screwed. I’m a fairly regular smoker, about 1-2 bowls per day. I applied for and got a promotion, but didn’t know they would require another drug test, and only found out yesterday, and my supervisor had me go to labcorp today after my lunch break, gah… Of course, I freaked out about it last night and wasted money on a detox drink (synthetic urine is illegal to sell in my state, and I had no time to order online), which I still took today along with lots of water and Gatorade (probably 64 Oz Gatorade and about the same or a bit more water since about 8am) and B vitamins (I was already supplementing B12 on doctor’s orders) and a multivitamin about an hour before the test. My sample was pretty clear, but still faintly yellow. I know it’s highly likely I won’t pass, but I’m wondering if I diluted enough for it to be inconclusive. I’m pretty sure my employer would believe that I’m always well hydrated and would hopefully let me retest. In the meantime, I ordered some quick fix and am having it overnighted. I failed a Walmart thc drug test without dilution last night, but didn’t have a chance to try again before the actual test. So, I guess my question is… Is there any way to estimate if you’ve consumed enough fluids for your sample to come out as diluted?

    I’m already planning out how I can explain myself, just in case… Sigh…

  613. Lotus Says:

    That sucks! I feel for ya, that’s a shitty situation. You might get lucky and pass, there’s always a chance that the test won’t pick it up. But I’m not gonna lie, your chances aren’t great. Best of luck though!

  614. Anonymous Says:

    Hi lotus. I am a very light smoker. I only smoke about twice a year. I had a couple of hits with some friends 3 days ago. It was the first time I smoked since May 17. Before that I hadn’t smoked for a year. I got a promotion at my job and unexpectedly it’s pending a drug test. The test will be 6 days after I smoked. If I hydrate and take the b12 what our my chances? Thanks for the help.

  615. Lotus Says:

    I think you’d probably pass however if it were me I’d get some synthetic or clean urine just to be 100% sure

  616. America 420 Says:

    Lotus I’m taking a panel test that gets sent to a lab in two weeks and I just quit smoking yesterday and was smoking at least 5 times a week before I quit what are my chances of passing if I stick to drinking a lot of water and exercise

  617. Lotus Says:

    Your chances are pretty good! I’ve had a lot of people on here do the same exact thing and pass. In fact out of dozens of people, only one has failed and she had only 11 days clean. Do a lot of cardio until about 2 days before the test, then take it easy and load up on carbs to slow down your metabolism. Drink a lot of water of course the day of your test, and take creatine the day before and the morning of your test. You should pass.

  618. America 420 Says:

    Can a lab detect that it’s fact urine

  619. Lotus Says:

    I’m assuming you meant “fake.” They can’t detect good fake stuff like QuickFix+ or Dr Green’s Agent X.

  620. Anh Says:

    I just want to say thank you for being so active still !! A life saver to all of us. Been reading these posts since last year scrolling all the way down until now lol.

    I guess I am a daily smoker for the last couple years, I am 5’11 and 160lb male, athletic body, fast metabolism, more muscle and less body fat %. I last smoked on August 7th, been working out excessively the last 2 weeks, lifting weights and running around 4 miles for 5 days a week. Been drinking lots of water and juicing to help with the detox. Taking complex B vitamins every morning for the past week. Cranberry juice and just drinking veggie juices that contain all the greens you can think of like kale and beets and etc.

    Have to go to Kaiser for a physical and drug screen on Wednesday August 27th at 1045am. Probably gonna exercise once more tomorrow morning then stop metabolizing the fat from there and covering it up with fast food.Thinking about sneaking in a synthetic urine bottle swapped with my sisters clean pee that same morning and holding it in my crotch, incase I can’t use it due to the fact that they had me strip down into a gown or its observed I would have to resort to my own pee which i have been preparing for lately by exercising and detoxing. Should I go with the synthetic urine, or my sisters piss, or my own piss… I did a little bit of cocaine last friday too :( got too excited that i got hired. but I know ive been sweating like a monster this past week and staying hydated.. This job is crucial for me :( was so irresponsible. they contacted me so fast

  621. Everyday toker Says:

    Lotus, your info is the best. Smoke everyday for 30+ years. Followed your advice for substitution with frozen/thaw clean urine. Start my new career with a Fortune 500 company next week . Substitution is the only to go for “us” chronic users. Thank You !!!

  622. Lotus Says:

    Anh– You’re welcome! From what I have heard Kaiser will not make you strip or do anything like that, so subbing should be easy. You’ll just go into a bathroom, pee, come back out and hand them your sample. If your sister is 100% clean, I would say go with hers primarily, then 2nd option synthetic, then your own piss as a last resort. You would probably pass with your own pee at 20 days clean from weed and 5 days from coke, but I wouldn’t do it unless you have to just in case. As far as your method for getting clean, you’re doing everything great. If you decide to try your luck with your own pee, just make sure to stop working out about 2 days before the test, and take some creatine the day before and the morning of your test. Best of luck! Let me know if you have any questions, and which route you decide.

    Everyday toker– That’s killer! I love hearing success stories! Best of luck to your with your new career

  623. Anh Says:

    ohh man fucking love you Lotus!!! Instant messaging. I will keep you posted!

  624. Anh Says:

    What if my sister took a midol a few weeks ago and is getting her period soon maybe a week? Shouldn’t be a problem right? Will definitely donate if I pass this test!

  625. Lotus Says:

    Midol shouldn’t show up or false positive anything. That would be sweet!

  626. Anh Says:

    What if I get my sisters clean urine at 7am, is it possible to keep it warm until 1130 without the urine going bad? Or I should immediately refrigerate it and just warm it up couple hours before.

  627. ct Says:

    Lotus, you are life saver! I hope your Karma bucket is over flowing!

  628. Lotus Says:

    ct– Thanks! So do I 😀

    Anh– Yep, it will easily stay good until 11:30, and would probably be fine until about 3 or 4 pm. However, try to keep it at body temp the whole time. If that’s gonna be an issue then refrigerating it right away might be a better option. Just go with whichever seems easier to you.

  629. America 420 Says:

    Does synthetic urine pass the labs tests

  630. America 420 Says:

    Sorry my phone just now loaded your answer

  631. Friend of a Friend Says:

    When a test comes back positive on 1 category of a 10 panel test and it is sent to the lab for a gc/ms test do “they” only retest for the category that came up positive? Or do they recheck all 10 panels with the gc/ms test?

  632. Lotus Says:

    The way a GC/MS works is it shows every substance present in the urine. So it will basically give a detailed list of metabolites they find, then someone will simply look at it and see if there’s anything questionable. So if you have a different drug than the panel, most likely they will recognize it.

  633. Gerad Says:

    Hey I failed a drug test and was given a second chance and im sure Im doomed to fail again (brownie incident) . I ha e a real substitute but the test was suppose to be today but postponed till 2maro. Its been at room temperture for 24 bours and fridge for 2. Will they spot the substitue and will it be fresh enough?

  634. Donna Says:

    I got stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and failed miserably. I had taken some allergy meds (loratadine, pseudoephedrine) and was nervous, and couldn’t do any of the field tests properly.

    My initial alcohol test showed a .02% — three beers over six hours.But because of the failed field test, I was arrested and seen by a “drug recognition expert” and given a UA. I was not charged at the time, but told I would be charged if there were any drugs in my system. My UA was sent to the state crime lab on July 1 and I’m still waiting for results.

    I’m not sure what the test will reveal. I was clean prior to that day (hadn’t smoked for three- four months). Approximately three hours before the UA I took two long hits of very potent weed. I had not eaten much all day (probably 500 calories, and nothing for approximately eight hours prior to test) no I’m guessing my creatinine was low. I drank three beers (48 oz.) two waters (44 oz.) and a cup of coffee (10 oz.) within two – three hours of taking the test so I suspect the UA was fairly dilute as well. I’m a female, 5’11” and 150 pounds, I work out but I have a fair amount of fat.

    What do you think? I’m guessing I *might* show THC around 5 – 10 ng MAX. I’m not sure if they’ll charge me with a UA that low, but it’s a little town and the state has a big push for DUI convictions. It’s a BFD because I could conceivably be charged with a DUI 4th, none since 1999 but Missouri has a lifetime lookback period. My attorney says the DA is waiting for the test resutls before charging me. Since I’m looking at possibly five years of jail (OVER TWO HITS OF WEED), I’m freaking out. Thoughts?

    Any speculation as to how the lack of eating and drinking so much fluid might work out in my favor (or not)?

  635. Lotus Says:

    Donna– In my opinion/experience (which does not constitute legal advice in any way), they would be more likely to charge you with possession than with a DUI. It is more likely to stick, and it would be an easier play for the prosecutor and judge than convicting for a DUI given the conditions of the arrest. That would probably be better under the circumstances for you anyway (I hate the current DUI, DWI and open container laws, but that’s another story). Worst case scenario the attorney could probably plea you down to possession in the end.

    As far as your chances of passing or not, it’s really hard to say. You’ll be on the very low end of the scale as you guessed, but depending on the type of test they’re using it could be sensitive enough to pick it up. If the lab uses a GC/MS test, they will be able to identify both the allergy meds and corroborate your story there. But they also will likely pick up at least a low level of THC. If you really had only smoked those two hits exclusively just before the test, they may not have even had time to process into the urine yet. The extra liquids will help a lot, and the lack of food would be either neutral or beneficial for you.

    Creatine levels aren’t going to matter in this case – I always recommend it to people because it is a factor labs use to confirm the sample isn’t diluted. However in this instance I really doubt they’re going to be looking at creatine to make sure it’s a genuine sample. And if they did find something wrong, it would probably play into your favor because you could figure out a way to pass the retest.

    I am really pulling for you and hope the test comes back totally negative and no charges are pressed. The fact that they’re waiting means that they know they have no case other than the shaky UA, and you might consider requesting a retest if they come back positive (and obviously make SURE you pass the retest). Please keep me updated on the outcome, and best of luck to you.

    Gerad– Man that is pushing it to the extreme. At 24 hours the urine is either bad already or just about to turn, so you’ll need luck and a quick submission (reheat it within minutes before the test) if you want to pass. I would recommend trying to get a new sample, or buying some synthetic stuff. Best of luck!

  636. Donna Says:

    Hey Lotus, thanks for the response. There was no possession involved. ALL they have is the .02 BAC and whatever comes back on the UA. Also, no evidence of driving impairment since it was a sobriety checkpoint. It’s a bad situation … just hoping the THC is so low they don’t decide to pursue it.

  637. Donna Says:

    And … not only was there no possession … I BEGGED them to search my car, told them where to find the allergy meds to identify what I’d taken, and they refused to do so. There was much much discussion as to whether I should even be taken to the police station but they decided to “err on the side of caution.”

  638. Lotus Says:

    I don’t know about Missouri law, but I know in certain states you can be charged with possession if you test positive for marijuana under certain circumstances. Basically the reasoning is that if it’s in your system, that means you were possessing it at some point. It’s insanity to me, but that is the law in places, so that’s why I mentioned that. It might be different in MO.

    It’s great that they are happy to risk ruining someone’s life to “err on the side of caution,” when the person did nothing wrong to begin with. Sobriety checkpoints are a disgusting practice.

  639. Fatguy Says:

    Hey just thought I would drop a post from Canada, and I have a lot of experience with being tested per-employment tests and one surprise test. I believe in subbing a clean sample it works, it’s easy just like the man who runs this site tells everyone.
    Only thing is temp keep it against skin in bottle or pouch and one hand warmer with elastics to keep on other side.
    Stop stressing out people with this. Do a couple of runs at home with water and getting to temp and how to maintain it for long periods.
    I just did my 8 test yesterday and passed with flying colors, eh see that colors not colours like you silly Americans say, eh not bad!!
    Relax and get a clean sample it’s stress free.
    I believe LOTUS this is your site or post, and I want to say that more people need to be honest and helpful to our Culture we do nothing wrong by smoking after work and harm no people BUT A REFRIGERATOR so if you aren’t into this or don’t smoke F^&%%# off from FATGUY.
    To my weed smokers down south of us blaze on and do what is right, beat the test and F&^$% the man every where.

  640. Lotus Says:

    Thanks for the comment Fatguy, and for using the correct spelling of color 😛

  641. Lotus Says:

    There’s no hard and fast rule on it, some docs are more worried about the opiates being present (to make sure you’re not selling them) or that you don’t test positive for things like heroin or even marijuana, and some are worried that you aren’t following the program properly. If the docs question you about it, just be honest and say they made you feel like shit so you didn’t take them for awhile. I really doubt they will kick you out for one test, especially if it wasn’t the scheduled drug or an additional illegal one.

    I have never heard of someone being dropped for missing a non-narcotic, typically they get dropped for not having opiates. I hope everything goes well for you, I can speak from experience that having constant physical pain is no way to live.

    Btw, tell them that those other drugs are making you feel terrible, and see if they can’t do something about it. Typically there are alternatives that you can take, and remember they’re there to make you feel better, not worse. It wouldn’t make sense to take some drugs that make you feel good and others that make you feel terrible.

  642. Lotus Says:

    Glad to help, it makes my day when someone tells me they got a new job or passed an important drug test. I wish I could figure out a way to monetize the site, but there’s not much I can do without ruining the information.

    I was an opiate addict for 3 years. No particular drug, just whatever I could find. Opana, Oxycodone, Morphine, Fentanyl, heroin, or even vicodin or tramadol if that’s all I had around. So I know how bad withdrawals are and how intimidating it can be to quit especially when you have a real need for it.

    But let me say that the thought of quitting is almost always worse than the act. By that I mean, yes it does suck horribly for a couple weeks, and then you feel shitty for a few months, or even a year. But you still make it out of bed, have good times and bad, watch great movies, enjoy beautiful days, listen to awesome music, and so on. So it’s not just 100% misery all the time.

    And then a wonderful thing happens. Eventually the shitty feelings sort of fade out, and without realizing it you feel good again – and you don’t need any opiates to do it. Then a couple years go by and your time on opiates seems like a weird blur, and the time in withdrawals just seems like a brief illness. None of it is “real,” it all just sort of happened and is part of your past. And the best part? You don’t have to constantly be worrying about where your pills are, what time you need to take them, how many you can take without running out, when you’ll have to get more, etc etc. That was the worst part for me, being a slave to some fucking chemical.

    So if you ever want to quit, move to the mountains of Colorado and live out your days smoking God’s greatest gift to our lungs, I promise you that you can do it. Don’t think of it as one big task, break it down into steps. Take the first step by getting your records copied – that should be easy enough. Then you can go from there. And if you need any help quitting, advice or just want to talk about addiction I’m always available.

  643. Lotus Says:

    It makes perfect sense. Your story is heartbreaking and you sound like a good person which makes everything that much worse. Most people (including myself) who get addicted to opiates do so out of youthful foolishness, personal issues like depression, or other “selfish” reasons. Sadly you were forced into that life and have to play the hand you’re dealt.

    The whole scenario with your parents is absolutely brutal, and while I thankfully can’t relate exactly to that, I lost 3 very close family members that I had known since birth within about 4 months of each other in late 2010. They were huge mentors to me, and people I could always call upon for sage advice and comfort in times of need. So while I may not know exactly how you feel, I have a good reference point. When the third passed away I had no idea how to cope with the grief and began the deepest depression and resulting addiction I have ever had. I’ll spare you the details but the worst of it lasted for about 3 years and I barely survived.

    I can confirm that benzos are an extremely dangerous drug to quit. You can actually die from withdrawals in the worst case scenarios, unlike opiates which might make you think you’re dying at the worst. Alcohol and benzos/barbiturates are the two classes of drugs that can kill you via withdrawals, so you must take it extremely slowly and carefully when you get off. 6mg of Xanax is a lot, but it’s honestly not that bad as far as benzo addictions go. My advice is to start cutting back on that now while you’re still on a moderate dose, because it’s definitely not going to get any easier as time passes.

    Benzo addiction is something I am particularly fearful of, because a friend of mine accidentally killed herself taking benzos. She was prescribed them by an irresponsible doctor, and was taking up to 20mg of Xanax a day (this is after a decade or so of use). One night she blacked out and just started losing it – she took her whole bottle of Xanax, a bottle of some sleeping pill, and perhaps was drinking on top of it. Her boyfriend had gone out for a jog and when he got home he found her next to a pool of vomit with 911 dialed in her phone. By that point she was already gone.

    Jesus this is a terribly depressing conversation, haha. Sometimes life can be depressing though I guess. I know your situation probably feels extremely trapped, and like there’s no good options at all. And I can’t say that I know exactly what you should do, or what exactly you can do (I know Chrohn’s can be debilitating). But it sounds like you do not want to be a slave to your medication, and I really believe that you can escape them. You are a very strong person – I can tell that simply by reading your comments.

    Assuming you can continue the care with this pain management clinic, why not discuss tapering back your meds with them? You can do it very slowly and carefully, so that you don’t have any hellish withdrawals from cold turkey. I have tried both cold turkey and tapering. To me tapering down slowly works much better and is easier to stay clean. When you just stop all at once your body and mind are absolutely screaming for you to take the drugs.

    You can also consider taking it one at a time. Perhaps start with the benzo, since that is probably the more dangerous drug with worse long-term effects. Then once you get back from that, you can come down off the opiate. Maybe you can try setting a loose goal – for example just say “by this time next year I will be off the benzos, and will be tapering down from the opiates.” It might seem like a really long ways away, but if you don’t make any changes you’ll be there very quickly and probably worse-off than before.

  644. Lotus Says:

    You’re welcome back here anytime! Please do keep me updated and we wish you the best of luck with everything!

  645. Insomniakk Says:

    Ok – read through all of this and i’ll go ahead and ask my question for the all knowing Lotus. Just notified of a pre-employment test that I need to take before Sept 5th. Got the e-mail stating it is a “Urine Drug Test Full Service Nondot” – Not sure what exactly that is but, either way… I’m about 5’11” 235lbs. Since November of last year I started smoking again and have pretty much daily until a month ago when I slowed down and then ran out on August 16th. Took 1 hit at a buddies house on August 23rd. Haven’t smoked since. Also, I am prescribed adderol which im sure will show up (I’ll be sure to take my prescription bottle with me) Im going to try to put off the test until the following week just for good measure but, what do you think? Dilution and B12? Its at LabCorp and I think they actually test for creatine levels but not sure. Thanks!

  646. Lotus Says:

    Insomniakk– Ok first, the “Nondot” thing just means that it isn’t a Dept. of Transportation (DOT) drug test. They have specific guidelines and regulations regarding their tests, and they’re a little bit different (and more expensive) than what an employer would normally purchase. The Full Service just means they’ll be testing for the normal variety of illegal drugs, which is more than the typical “panel” tests that you might find at WalMart or whatever. But it isn’t a GC/MS which is the most accurate and detailed test.

    They do test for creatinine metabolites as well as niacin and pH, so you’ll want to take some creatine supplements the day before and morning of the test if you choose to dilute. I would recommend against the B12 in this particular case because they look for it as a cheating agent, and you don’t need to worry about color at all. In normal doses you’d probably be fine, but just to be safe avoid it or take a very small dose.

    I’m willing to bet that if you can postpone the test till the 8th or later you can pass easily with dilution. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but the odds are on your side. The one hit on the 23rd won’t make a very big difference, and at this point the metabolites from that particular session are probably mostly out of your system.

    Other dude– Looks like you derped out on our comment system lol. Hard to say whether you’d pass or not, it depends on how much water you drank and so forth. If you want a guess I would say yeah, but at the same time it’s like 50/50.

  647. Insomniakk Says:

    Well I took an at home test and obviously my AMP was positive. THC on the other hand had the most faint line but, I could make out a line I think. I was notified via e-mail of the test and it went to junk. I’ve also already started this job and will be working all day tomorrow so, im just going to act like I never seen it and go through the day like normal. The damn near invisible line had me concerned a little… Crossing my fingers I can wait until next week.

  648. Insomniakk Says:

    Also, how much creatine do you think? I’m 5’11” and about 230lbs. Thanks buddy.

  649. Insomniakk Says:

    I found this on their site as well… very interesting lol

    Dilution – Result of ingestion of large amounts of water typically just before urine donation or as a result of physiological conditions. Specimens meeting dilute specifications typically are not considered questionable donations.

  650. Lotus Says:

    That is interesting, I wonder if they mean it’s not questionable as in they’ll accept it? Strange wording, but I rarely hear of anyone failing due to dilution, they usually just request a retest if anything.

    I’d just take 3 grams of creatine per day, that should be plenty. But you can take more if you want – there’s no upper limit in the test they usually just want to make sure it’s there at all.

    The faint line is a pass of course, and don’t worry too much about those tests because first off they’re very inconsistent and second you haven’t diluted yet so it won’t be very relevant.

  651. blckbuttrfly1 Says:

    Hi Lotus been reading the whole forum and the info is awesome. I have a 10 panel escreen for a job I’m already temping in which I suppose they want to make ft. The money is great and I can’t afford to lose out pn this opportunity. I’m 5’4 about 115-120 a half blunt full blunt smoker everyday clean for two weeks tomorrow. What are your suggestions for me besides using someone’s urine?

  652. blckbuttrfly1 Says:

    Forgot to post that I am a heavy coffee drinker but have also been sweating profusely due to the weather and drinking lots of cranberry, green tea . My urine is clear however I’m not sure of my thc levels. Test is no later than Wednesday of this coming week.

  653. Anh Says:

    Lotus, I passed my drug test! Used someones clean piss and a small bottle. the bottle I used had a thermometer on it. It was the same synthetic urine bottle, but instead I poured the synthetic out and substituted it for real clean urine. Then wrapped a heat pack around it. Kaiser had me pee around 4 or 4.5 oz. they split it into 2 cups and send one off to a private contract lab and one to their local lab downstairs. I assumed they were checking for synthetic urine at the private contract lab? wheww! Will donate after I get a paycheck :) thanks homie

  654. Lotus Says:

    blckbuttrfly1– Thanks! My best advice is just follow the dilution instructions to a t. Make sure you take creatine the day before and of your test to ensure you don’t get a diluted result. You’ll be right on the bubble as far as passing, so if you do everything right you should be ok, but no guarantee. I would go for synthetic urine to be safe since the job is important.

    John.M– I’d prefer if you emailed me, lotus(at)stonerculture. Just because this conversation is getting pretty detailed and I wouldn’t want you to get identified.

    I’m pretty sure “Declared meds not provided” simply means that you didn’t have the prescription with you when you tested. I could be wrong about that though. The rest of the info about the baseline and so forth I would need more info to assess. If you can send me an email I’ll let you know info I will need from the results and I can help you out from there much more effectively.

    However really quickly, baseline is basically just used to determine your own normal baseline for that drug. So the past screens might have had a lower baseline set automatically for you, while this new baseline is what they’ll compare future tests. Also it can definitely jump around a lot depending on many different factors, for example how many times you had peed since waking up, when you took your last dose, what you had to eat, etc.

    Anh– The lab downstairs is just to provide quick preliminary results, and the send-off is to do a more thorough test. For the record good synthetic would have passed both too, but I’m stoked that you passed! Congrats!

  655. Esmerelda Says:


    Stressing out over a pre-employment drug test I will have to take about 1 1/2 weeks after stopping (for the last couple of years I’ve been smoking about 3-4 bowls a day).

    As you yourself have said, usually it takes at least 3 weeks or more to test clean for sure, but I’ve been following a few suggestions to maybe speed up the process:
    – added cardio to my exercise regimen
    – been eating a low-fat, low-carb, high-fiber diet
    – completed a “weekend detox cleanse”
    – drinking H2O, detox tea and green tea like it’s my job
    – taking a cranberry concentrate diuretic
    – refraining from booze

    I am also planning on doing the “fat ass” plan 3 days before the test (loading up on carbs, not exercising) and popping some creatine and B-12 the morning of.

    I’m a fairly small-ish female (5’4″, 129 lbs), so I’m HOPING my fat reserves aren’t too big and I can maybe move a lot of the THC out of me before the test, but not sure if all I’m doing will even have an effect …


  656. Lotus Says:

    There’s not much to tell you that you don’t already know. You’re doing great with your program, it’s just a matter of luck with the test. You have a good chance of passing, but you are definitely well within the danger-zone. If it were me and the job was important, I would probably get a synthetic urine kit. But if you can’t get one for whatever reason, keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll have a solid chance of passing.

  657. blckbuttrfly1 Says:

    Thanks Lotus I actually had a feeling that the test would be extremely thorough so I used someone else’s and followed all the instructions I’ve seen here regarding temp. Didn’t get immediate results because this company requires it be sent to the lab so I’ll let you know how it went.

  658. Bec Says:

    Hi Lotus!
    Great site. The best I have found after long, extensive research.
    I read about half the posts, and skimmed the rest. Ok….
    So i am going for the substitution part for a pre employment at a Lab Corp.( technically I am starting the job before i even take the test, so its REALLY impt for me to pass)
    I already had a physical, (DOT btw which I dont understand bc its not relevant to my position)
    on the paperwork it says the MRO will bea dr where I had my (DOT) physical. They took a urine sample there. Will they compare?
    Heres where my real questions lie. I am gonna use my bfs. He doesnt do anything, but has been prescribed OTC Zyrtec (NOT Zyrtec D) and Zantac 150. I told him to stop taking the meds. But its only been like 2 days- think it will produce a false positive? and there wont be a problem of them comparing my female pee in the physical to his pee for the drug screen?
    thanks in advance!!!

  659. Bec Says:

    oh i was told it was a 10 point panel and on the paperwork it says the test requested [ ] 788221 7P. i tried to research it, but found nothing…
    and the mro is not the same dr that saw me before… sorry to be bothersome, but you are the only person out there willing to help, and have been active over the years! BLESS YOU!

  660. Bec Says:

    Im sorry, hopefully this is my last question. I was reading about chain of custody, mros etc. Beings that I told the Dr what meds Im on- depakote, welbutrin, ativan at my physical… and my bf does not take any of these- will this ]raise suspicion? or will they not care as long as theres no positives? i know im probably freaking out more than I need to be. but this is super important to me. I know employers dont want to pay more than need be. i just dont want to get caught subbing

  661. Lotus Says:

    John– Of course, I’ll remove them right now.

    Bec– The physical urine sample won’t have any effect on your drug test. They are performed by different clinics and they’re looking for completely different things. Those meds your bf is on will not have any negative effect on the results. If it was the Zyrtec D with pseudoephedrine it could possibly show up for amphetamines, but even that is unlikely. They will not be checking for medicinal drugs that you are taking, they only ask you that so they know if something might cause a false positive or is on their list of banned substances. And gender is not an issue, they will not and cannot check for that at the drug testing facility.

    Basically, you should be perfectly fine.

  662. John.M Says:

    Lotus, I appreciate that very much. I guess I was getting a little detailed. Will email and break things down if thats still ok. This is a great site and happy to have come across it. ..John

  663. Lotus Says:

    Of course it’s ok! And no worries on getting detailed, I’m just concerned about the off-chance of someone getting you in trouble or whatever.

  664. Megan Says:

    So my brother took a drug test for job today, he
    Had clean urine from someone else, but
    It was a little bit short in the amount they needed :( so he had to use a
    Few drops of his own dirty urine(he is a regular pot smoker) is there any chance
    He could pass this test due to the majority of the urine being clean?!! He’s desperate for this job!

  665. Megan Says:

    Lotus, I left this message b4 but it must’ve not gotten submitted, anyhoo….. My brother had a drug test today. For a job, he took in clean urine but didn’t have enough to fill to the line so the girl made him add to it, of corse he had to add his own dirty urine (he is a regular pot smoker) he said it was a very small amount. Is there anyway he will pass this test or is he screwed? He really needs this job:(

  666. Lotus Says:

    Hey it went through but I have to approve them because we get thousands of spam comments every day. It depends on how much he had and how much he added. The tests do allow for a small amount of THC metabolites in the urine, the thresholds for panel tests are typically set at 50ng/ml for the average test, lab tests around 20ng/ml and GC/MS tests (the very expensive tests used for confirmation) at 5-15ng/ml.

    All that said I bet he will be fine as long as it was a pretty small amount of his own dirty urine. Best of luck!

  667. Floridagirl Says:

    Just found your site today. I’ve been interning at a place that hired me after I finished my Master’s. Did a background check and everything prior to internship, fingerprints the whole works.Now my second day on the job, they advise me I need a drug screen! Totally sucks! I have Psure but am afraid it will be sent to a lab. I think my son can pee for me, I just smoked some chronic last night, no way I’m peeing clean. It sucks that these fascists cant realize that bud helps, not hurts. Anyway, no question, great site! If you’re from Florida and reading this, VOTE YES ON 2 in November…..BLESS!!!

  668. thisguy Says:

    hey so i quit smoking weed exactly on august 8th. took my personal drug test kit (fda approved) and still failed today as of September 16th. What gives? I am 6’4 230 lbs. pretty healthy about 15% BF, and i work out 3 to 4 times a week. Hoping someone can answer this for me. I was a stoner before this, 4 to 5 joints a day for about a year. thanks

  669. Lotus Says:

    Floridagirl– Thanks for the comment and kind words! I do not live in Florida but I will throw up a post on the site to hopefully increase awareness. I think we both unfortunately live in states that will be among the last to shake off the stupidity of prohibition.

    thisguy– First off a few questions:

  670. Are you sure you’re reading the test right? Remember, a line means you pass, no matter how faint. If it’s there, you’ve passed.
  671. Have you taken any other drugs recently, including legal or over-the-counter drugs?
  672. What time of day did you take the test, and had you pissed at least once that day?
  673. Do you have another test you can use, and was that the only test you have taken since getting clean?
  674. How much water did you drink the day/day before you took that test?
  675. My initial reaction is that most likely your test was bunk, or you’ve misread it. Even the top-of-the-line panel tests that clinics use, or even lab tests (excluding Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectometry-GC/MS or RadioImmunoAssay-RIA) can give false results. If you know you’re reading it correctly, the first thing you should do is immediately take another test – or get another cheap test from CVS/wherever – and confirm that you are actually failing the test and not just getting a bunk test.

    It is not unheard of to still be dirty after a month, in rare cases people have metabolites in their urine for up to 60 days. But those cases are extremely rare, and typically have no relation to your body weight, exercise, etc. It just depends on how your body processes it. Let me know if you have any other questions, and what you end up figuring out.

  676. Metabolized Says:

    I noticed fattening up as a tactic. I usually slim down. While I’m on vacation during the summer I will smoke copious amounts, roughly an ounce per week myself, for three to four months. When summer is over, I take about three to four days off from smoking before my piss test.

    During the summer months, and the week leading up to the test, I’m only living off maybe a couple bread-sized sandwiches per day. I usually weigh around 190lbs by the Spring (from eating tons of camp food while working through the fall-spring), then I drop to about 155-165lbs by the end of summer from a much leaner diet (@ 5′,11″). During this bulk down time I pretty much just live off coffee, cigarettes, and dope, with those couple sandwiches per day. The week before I return I start doing some light pushups and skip rope (to improve myself a bit for the physical testing that comes after the piss test.. really light, like 10 pushups in the morning, 10 at night, and jump rope 30 times before and after the pushups just so my heart rate isn’t exceptionally weak during the physical test). The night before the test I drink a tall glass of water before bed, then have another right after I wake up. I’ve been doing this routine and passing yearly testing since 2004, so ten years of tests with an absolute zero-tolerance employer. I only partially failed twice, but that was because I have a higher than normal body temperature, due to high metabolism, so the nurses don’t believe me when I tell them I’m just hot lol. But they just make me sit and drink water for an hour then repiss and I always pass the second time after I’ve sat stationary long enough and drank enough cold water to lower my body temp a little, either that or the second piss is just as hot as the first, and they realize I’m telling the truth.

  677. Lotus Says:

    Thanks for your comment Metabolized. But I think you’ve misunderstood my suggestion. I’m actually describing basically the same thing you are – working out like crazy before the test. But my method has one little twist on it. Right before the test you carbo load to kill your metabolism and tell your body to stop burning fat. This will reduce the concentration of THC in urine and improve your chances of passing.

  678. blckbuttrfly1 Says:

    Hey Lotus it worked…I passed! :-)

  679. Lotus Says:

    Radical! Glad to hear it and thanks for the update!

  680. thisguy Says:

    hey lotus, thanks for the reply but tomorrow i have a drug test and i bought this detox drink just in case called vale detox. Been drinking lots of green tea and water since i failed my personal test. I hope this works for me. I will take it as it follows.

  681. thisguy Says:

    just an edit to my last post, i was sick on august 19th and was taking novamoxin amoxicillin trihydrate 500 mg 21 capsules. if i could get some tips on that would be great. thanks

  682. Lotus Says:

    It would have been better to just get another drug test instead of wasting money on the detox. Those don’t do anything for you except make you drink water and give you a couple supplements you could have bought on your own for much cheaper. Best advice I have now is just drink a bunch of water and hope for the best. Take some creatine if you can but that would have been best yesterday and this morning.

  683. Going crazy without it Says:

    Got a hair test in two months. Haven’t smoked for 3 weeks and got my hair cut short after the first week of abstaining. It’s said they only test the last 30 days but I’m trying to play it safe. Hoping my hair will be long enough by test time. Now when they take my hair are they gonna pull it out by the root? Are they gonna cut it? And if they cut how do they know which end is the last 30 days? I’m concerned because I didn’t completely shave my head so the first 1/4″ of hair might still contain thc. Completely stressed out, in pain and running short on luck.

  684. Lotus Says:

    They only use the amount specified. Each 1/2 inch covers a 30 day period, since hair grows about that rate for most people. So for your test they will cut the hair to 1/2 inch and use the part closest to the scalp. If a girl came in with 15 inch hair, they wouldn’t use a whole strand which would cover years. As long as your hair is about half an inch long they will use it. They only need a few strands, so don’t worry about how much they’ll take – it won’t be noticeable. If you’re still worried you can just cut your hair 1/4 of an inch and that should take care of it.

    You’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.

  685. Going crazy without it Says:

    Thanks! Most comprehensive and informative site I’ve found! U rock!

  686. John.M Says:

    Hey Lotus, All went well. Im relieved. Thank you so much again for taking time out to answer my concerns. …John

  687. Lotus Says:

    John.M– Great to hear John! Very glad it worked out for you. Don’t be a stranger :)

    Going crazy without it– Appreciate that! Best of luck, let me know how it goes.

  688. nervous wreck Says:

    I haven’t smoked in a little over a month, I drink a lot of green tea and water regularly (that’s all I drink), I’m 5’5 about 145 pounds. I’ve also taken niacin and cranberry pills along with midol (I heard that can help although I’ve been taking it for cramps). I was smoking heavily (about a quarter a week) prior to quitting. I have a drug test Monday morning. Do I have a good chance of passing? It’s for pre – employment. (My paper says 10 panel standard)

  689. red state blue Says:

    Ok Lotus, you’re doing the Lord’s work here. I’m not usually one for commenting on the Internet, but I do feel like a reassurance based on your copious experience would go a long way for me right now. Thank you, and I mean it.

    Here we go.
    First of all: 5’10, 177lb, regular smoker (all praises to Jah, a bowl or two a day) on and off for a year or so, no other drugs (zero, not even prescrip.) in my system. Regular exerciser- heavy cardio (about an hour of sweating 6 days a week, and daily yoga), and a very healthy diet for about a half year before this date (“veggie-conscious”, almost never any meat). College Student, work at the library, make art and music in my spare time.

    Sound like a normal dude, right?

    Kicker- I live in one of the big red police states (guess which one), and got arrested for a bit of bud after a bogus traffic stop (cop said I ran a crosswalk without properly coming to a stop, smelled some old weed in the car- asked me if I had any, I stupidly said yes thinking he’d just slap me on the wrist for an old .5 g bag in the dash- nope, spent ten hours in county jail that day. “I want to be in America, ok for me in America…”). I’m now looking at a year of deffered adjudication probation beginning on the 30th. I know for a fact I will be drug tested on the 30th, and randomly drug tested from then on. I do not know the method, but some snooping around suggests it will be a UA.

    Knowing this, I stopped all ingesting of de healing herb on the 2nd of Sept. Have been squeaky clean for 25 days (will be 28 days on the 30th), kept my regular workout and diet routine, and have drank reasonably large amounts of water throuhout my fast from the ganja plant. No creatine, no B-12, just waiting out the metabolites and preparing my body.

    tested myself on the 16th with Walgreens At Home Marijuana Test, had a faint line negative result. Tested myself on the 20th with’s cheap coke/thc test strips, again, faint negative (dark negative for coke). Tested myself 2 days ago, again faint negative. Tested myself today, again, faint negative (you see my pattern here). Usually tested an early morning void, no excessive dilution, no synthetic detox. Also, bear in mind that I do not have the $ to buy any more testing or detox gear, and have one more at home test to use.

    So, it comes to this, Lotus:
    1) faint negatives are still negatives, correct? I guess I thought it would get darker at some point, but now I’m worried that the probation goons are gonna get suspicious if they read a faint line. In your experience, does the fact that I haven’t even tested positive once (even though the negatives are faint, albeit definite) bode well? Or should I be worried that the tests are not increasing in boldness?

    2) should I even bother trying a dilution method on the day of my test? Should I stop exercising on the 28th? Or at this point am I around the Thc metabolite level that I will be at on the 30th, and should just keep doin what I’m doin?

    3) Probation in red states is serious, serious BUSINESS (emphasis on purpose, if you get my drift), and I’m worried that even though I’m “clean” by the dipstick methods, I might not be clean enough for a lab. From what I read, the goons usually only send positives to the lab. Do you think a faint negative dipstick test would trigger a PO to send it to a lab test, and if so, am I probably still ok to pass that as well?

    4) If nothing else, I can honestly say that this has been an ordeal of the higest magnitude over literally nothing. A clean test on my first day would probably go a long way to convincing my PO that I’m not “on the sly” trying to outwit my probation. ( I’m not). I would be happy to have some reassurance that my detox efforts to this point have not be in vain, and that my “natural” detox will likely be effective for a probation situation (not a pre-employment screen).

    The stakes are high Lotus, but Jah is higher than all.
    Any thoughts on my situation would be appreciated. I’ve worried myself sick that somehow I didn’t stop early enough, and that this first test is going to be a disaster.

    Man, this police state thing is real as hell my friends.
    Stay safe, watch for the blue shirt and the snitch, and pray for Babylon ta’ fall.

    Jah bless,

    -red state blue

  690. nervous wreck Says:

    I haven’t smoked in a little over a month, I drink a lot of green tea and water regularly (that’s all I drink), I’m 5’5 about 145 pounds. I’ve also taken niacin and cranberry pills along with midol (I heard that can help although I’ve been taking it for cramps). I was smoking heavily (about a quarter a week) prior to quitting. I have a drug test Monday morning. Do I have a good chance of passing? It’s for pre – employment. (My paper says 10 panel standard

  691. nervous wreck Says:

    So I did the math and looked at my calendar. .looks like by the time of the test I’ll only be 21 days clean :( .do I have a good chance of passing? I hope you’re able to reply soon. I’m tweaking out.

  692. Lotus Says:

    nervous wreck– I’ll give you a better reply tomorrow because I’m tired right now. But yeah you have a very good chance at 21 days clean. The majority of people who have at least 14 days clean and follow the dilution instructions pass.

  693. Concerned Says:

    Hey lotus, great site and help. My case : daily smoker for some years have had breaks here and there. It’s been exactly one month since my last smoke and I got the job offer but I haven’t accepted it yet will do in Monday. I know I need to drug test but not sure when (maybe this week or the next). I haven’t really changed much in terms of physical activity but I’ve been drinking more liquid and what not. I’m 6 ft around 180 lb so certainly not fat or anything. If I take it this week, what are the chances I’d pass? Haven’t tried at home kits will do it tomorrow.

  694. Bec Says:

    just an update that I passed and still have my job :) thank you again!

  695. Lotus Says:

    Bec– Awesome! Thanks for the update!

    nervous wreck– Sorry I couldn’t get back to you yesterday, I was crazy busy and ended up getting stuck at work. When I got home I was so tired I completely forgot. I assume you’ve already taken your test. Well in any case, I’m pretty sure you will have passed given your clean time. Best of luck to you and let me know how it went!

    Concerned– You have an excellent chance of passing. I’d be surprised if you failed. It is extremely rare that people fail after a month clean, and your at-home test should verify that. If you’re still nervous when you take the test load up on water and creatine (day before and morning of), and you shouldn’t have a problem.

    red state blue– I’m going to guess that you’re in the same state I am, which is the wonderful place where everything is bigger. Except their tolerance for weed. I also got busted in TX, in one of the harshest counties in the country, so I feel your pain. To answer your questions:

    1) Yep, a faint line is just as good as a solid line. If you are getting consistent lines that’s a great sign. Those tests are not super accurate so one faint line could be questionable, but if you get 4 or 5 then you can rest easy knowing you’re on the safe side.

    2) You can keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and probably be fine. However, I always suggest that people do a little bit of dilution and make sure you piss before your test just to be sure. If you can piss about an hour before the test, load up on water during that hour, then take the test, you will pass 100%. I wouldn’t worry about exercising or not, that isn’t going to make much difference in your scenario.

    3) Yeah, I was on probation in this state and you’re completely right that it’s a serious business, and programs are designed for people to fail. However that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to succeed, you just have to be on the ball (they count on people getting lazy or giving up). If you’re getting a faint line, that means you will pass both the preliminary panel test, and the lab test. If you happened to get a shitty panel test that failed you, the lab should confirm that you’re clean.

    4) The natural way is the best way and pretty much the only reliable option. The detox kits are basically just a scam, and any “home remedies” are either dumb or useless (and sometimes dangerous – I had one chick tell me she took a teaspoon of bleach to get clean… sketchy). It certainly won’t have been in vain.

    As a note: In the worst case scenario where you did somehow fail the test, you would fail very slightly. Once the lab came back and showed that you were barely above the threshold, you could point to that and say “yeah I smoked in the past that’s why I’m here.” Your PO will understand that weed takes a long time to leave your system, so if you have a low amount in your system they will usually excuse it as long as you pass the second test.

    In conclusion, you will be 100% fine. I can promise you that from experience getting busted in the shittiest county in Texas, as well as hearing from hundreds of random people all over the country and world who have been in your shoes. This year will suck but it will pass quickly and be in your memory sooner than you think. Hey look at the bright side – when you can smoke again your tolerance will be back to nothing!

  696. steve s Says:

    used dr x two days ago. they used the ECO cups. I passed. the dr x I used was over 4 years old…..HA!

  697. Lotus Says:

    Cool thanks for the update steve! And congrats

  698. Reaching4theRandom Says:

    How about the non DOT Ecup tests? I toke too much to dilute so I subbed some synthetic for my test. Temp was good but I was supposed to hear back about the job from the employer that afternoon and have heard nothing for a day now. I’m freaking out because I really want this job. I’d call them but what the fuck do I say if i failed?

  699. Lotus Says:

    If you went to a lab or a clinic it usually takes a couple days to get results for that. Synthetic will pass the ecups no problem though, assuming you got a good one. If you used Agent X or QuickFix you will be good.

    Usually the employers won’t really accept any excuses for a fail, even if you were absolutely clean and can prove it. It’s stupid but that’s the policy.

  700. Hopeful Says:

    Hi Lotus! I’ve scrolled through the comments and I think you answered my question but I’ll ask anyway. I take diet pills off and on and have for years. I stopped months ago because I was trying to quit. I decided to take one Thursday w/o thinking because I had a pre-employment non-Dot, 10-panel test, no ecup due today. I took an at home test afterwards because I panicked and all showed negative except the one for AMP! I went to a clinic where they send the sample to a lab. Question: do those labs check for things like phentermine specifically? Note: I do have Rx

  701. Hopeful Says:

    Also, have you known anyone to say that they called to inquire of prescriptions? Or

  702. Maecy94 Says:

    Hi, I don’t usually smoke because I’m on probation but I did on the 4th of this month and I have to take a drug test on the 25th. I’m like really freaking out about it. Do you think I will be okay, what should I do or drink? Please help.

  703. Lotus Says:

    Hopeful– If a lab gets a positive result for Amp as you did, they will send it off to verify exactly what the drug was. When they find out it’s phentermine they will either dismiss it or ask for a prescription. Also, labs have better tests that often will not get positive results from things like phentermine, so it might not show up anyway. Best of luck! Let me know if you have any more questions or updates.

    Maecy94– I wouldn’t freak out too much haha. 20 days is usually more than enough time to pass as long as you drink a lot of water the morning of your test. Take some creatine the day before and morning of too, that will help give your urine the right metabolites. There are tons of people who have less clean time than you and still pass their tests, sometimes as few as 10 days. You could still fail if you have really bad luck, but if you make sure to drink lots of water the day of your test you should be fine. Oh also don’t make the test your first piss of the day. Meaning, wake up, pee, then drink a ton of water, then take your drug test. Best of luck! Let me know if you have any questions.

  704. dede21 Says:

    I took 30 mg of o xycodone on Tuesday. Had drug test Thursday. First time I had taken anything in a few weeks. Drank a cleanser, took 2 idol and drank 64 oz of water before the test. It was a 10 panel urine test. Will I pass

  705. dede21 Says:

    Was supposed to say midol

  706. Lotus Says:

    Only two days is gonna be really pushing it even with dilution. You might pass but it’d be close.

  707. dede21 Says:

    That’s all I have taken in awhile. Im hoping I pass. It’s for a job. I had no idea this job would drug test being if is only temporary.
    When I did the test my pee looked like a neon yellow color. I do pee alot during the day, more than the average person. Im hoping that helps.
    have you known anyone to pass on such short notice? Unless they used someone else’s clean pee.

  708. Lotus Says:

    Yeah it’s not unheard of, hell people have passed the same day after smoking weed. It’s just that the chances are a lot lower. The color isn’t a big deal, it’s neon because the detox kits have B12/niacin in them. You’d have been better off saving the money and just drinking lots of water by the way. Or spending the money on synthetic urine which would have guaranteed a pass.

  709. dede21 Says:

    Thanks lotus

  710. dede21 Says:

    Hey lotus. I took the test on Thursday. It was a 10 panel test. Some say it tests for o xycodone and some don’t.
    I know this site is for smoking, which I don’t do but i appreciate any help you can offer

  711. Lotus Says:

    Yeah our site started for weed but it has expanded to pretty much include all drugs. 10 panel tests usually have an opiate section, which may or may not catch opioids (synthetic opiates). Oxycodone (semi-synthetic) metabolizes into Oxymorphone, which is less common to test for than say Hydromorphone, since that is a result of heroin, hydrocodone, morphine, etc. So basically, it can be tested for but isn’t always included due to the rarity.

  712. Anonymous Says:

    i cant believe i did that. i havent taken anything in awhile and on tuesday due to rheumatoid arthritis my sis n law gave me 3 10mg oxycodone. took two around 12:30 pm and then took the other around 6pm on tuesday and then on thursday took the drug test around 1:00.
    i have read that it can take 3-4 days to leave your system and then i read that after 8-24 hours it cant be detected.
    i did use a cleanser the day of and drank water. i didnt buy the cleanser. it was some that someone else had purchased and gave to me.
    i am hoping since that was the first time in awhile i had taken anything that it will be out of my system.
    i was supposed to start the job today but they gave me an option to start next week which i accepted. i would hate to be working and then they come in and fire me because i failed.
    hopefully by next week they will have the results back.
    i will let you know.

  713. dede21 Says:

    That was me above lotus. I was using a different computer.

  714. Lotus Says:

    I figured haha. Well you have like a 50/50 chance of passing or not. The conflicting information you get for how long it takes to leave your system is partly because everybody’s metabolism is different. Some people will have it leave their system in a day, some people in almost a week. Most people will take about 3 days to be clean, but that’s under normal conditions. Dilution (drinking lots of water) can cut that time in half.

    Of course, some people are confused about drug tests and will give information that is true for some tests but not true for others. For example, blood/saliva tests will show opiates 8-24 hours, but urine tests typically 24-72 hours.

    Please let me know how it goes and I wish you the best of luck!

  715. dede21 Says:

    Thanks. I should know by the end of the week.

  716. Busy B Says:

    I have a parole urine tomorrow. I have taken oxymorphone 7.5 and other opiates. First question… Does vinegar work? I can’t substitute due to the fact that they will be watching me very carefully. I am prescribed hydrocodone so my second question is… What Does oxymorphone come up as ??? Also does vinegar work

  717. Lotus Says:

    Vinegar will not work. If the test is a panel test it would show up as “Opiate”. When they send it to a lab Oxymorphone will simply show up as Oxymorphone, since that’s the final metabolite. It’s not like heroin or morphine which metabolizes to Hydromorphone.

    If you can’t substitute then try diluting your urine by drinking a ton of water before the test.

  718. Soscared91 Says:

    Hello I took a drug test this morning and used some friends pee temp was find but I had to use a little of my own pee to reach the line im 22 days clean and was a daily smoke maybe once or twice a day on and off for over a year..this specific test is sent off to a lab…should I be as worried as I am?

  719. Lotus Says:

    No you will be 100% fine, and that’s not something I say lightly.

  720. Soscared91 Says:

    Omg thanks I’m panicking!

  721. Soscared91 Says:

    I also had took a home test and it came back negative I still decided to sub just to be on the safe side

  722. Lotus Says:

    Yeah you would have probably been fine on your own anyway, but you have nothing to worry about :)

  723. dede21 Says:

    Hey lotus. I still haven’t gotten a call yet. Its been a west since I took the test. Surely they would let me know if I failed before starting the job.

  724. maggie Says:

    I have an 18 panel urinalysis today. Is synthetic urine detectable in that test?!?

  725. Lotus Says:

    dede21– Yeah it can take awhile to get results, or they might just not tell you and let you start working unless you fail.

    maggie– No synthetic will not show up on any panel test.

  726. dede21 Says:

    So I got a call today to start the job on Monday. It has been 8 days since I took the drug test. Surely by now they would know if I failed or passed.

  727. Lotus Says:

    If you got the call to start I’m sure that means you passed. In which case… congrats!

  728. keys4me Says:

    I have a salvia test in the morning i had smoke some weed lastnight around 11pm what do i need to do to pass

  729. Lotus Says:

    Use some (non alcohol) mouthwash as close as possible to the test. You’ll probably be ok though

  730. Josh Says:

    I just stumbled on this site looking for some help. I smoked some weed for about a month and stopped yesterday 10/26/2014. I have a probation urine screen Thursday 10/30/2014. I am male, 5’11, 154 pounds, and have a very hyperactive metabolism. Should I attempt to dilute my own urine or use a clean donor? And what options can I use to keep the sample warm enough without using handwarmers? I’m VERY broke and can’t get them.

  731. Lotus Says:

    Definitely use a clean donor, you don’t have great odds if you try to pass on your own. You can keep it warm by keeping it in a thin container (5 hour energy bottle or similar) and using your body heat to keep it warm. Between your balls and taint area should be warm enough, and warm it up to 100˚ in a double-boiler or microwave or something first to make it a little easier. Use a thermometer to make sure you’ve got the right temp.

  732. Josh Says:

    Thank you very much for the quick response. Helpful info, but after microwaving the sample and using my body heat how should I be able to tell if its still warm enough without using a thermometer? Because I won’t have a way to tell in front of my P.O.

    If that isn’t obvious…lol. Thanks again!!!

  733. Lotus Says:

    Hmm… I suppose you’ll just have to sort of guesstimate it based on your own body heat and the temp of the sample. If you can, check the temp just before you go in for the test. If it’s still right at that time then you should be fine. I’d recommend practicing with water tonight or tomorrow so you can get a good grasp of your plan.

    Some people recommend using a condom to store the urine, I don’t typically suggest that because it has the possibility of breaking or leaking which would be a disaster. But if you can maybe double up the condoms or get a water balloon or something more sturdy you could use a little needle to poke it and make it seem like you’re actually pissing. That way even if the PO is watching you closely you could still do it.

  734. dede21 Says:

    Thanks lotus. Yeah I must have passed. Surely they would know by now

  735. Josh Says:

    Ok. That’s a great idea! Thanks again for your help. You are a lifesaver! I’ll be sure to let you know how everything goes. Wish me luck!

  736. Unimportant Says:

    I have a urine test tomorrow at 5:30pm for my intensive outpatient rehab program for drugs/alcohol (not sure what level the test is but I’m assuming it’s pretty high since it’s testing for all drugs and alcohol). I went in for opiate addiction last Wednesday and finished detox this Monday. I was prescribed tramadol today for my torn labrum. If I take the tramadol today/tonight will it show up on my urine test tomorrow evening? If not, how much can I take without it showing up? or Can I take as much as I’d like without it showing up? (I’m also still taking my detox meds: Suboxone, Clonidine, Vistaril, Robaxin, & Trazadone, but they know I’m taking those). I’m a 6’4, 235 lb Male

  737. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I smoked 4 days ago late nigbt and then I ate a weed brownie and it hit me very hard. I don’t smoke regurlarly. It was a one time thing. What are my chances of beating a drug test for walmart later today or tomorrow morning?

  738. Lotus Says:

    Unimportant– Well it depends on the type of test. If it’s a higher-level test (lab or GC/MS) then it should probably show up. It stays in the urine anywhere from 1-4 days. So it might not, but it probably will and it’s impossible to really predict. I wouldn’t risk it. If you are prescribed it then can’t you show them the prescription anyway?

    However if it’s a panel test (little iCup or dipstick tests) then you would be fine and I have taken tons of tramadol while being tested with panel tests.

    Anonymous– Not very good. Try to substitute with clean or synthetic urine if at all possible. If not drink tons of water before the test and pray.

  739. Pk23 Says:

    Smoked once a day, out of a one hitter. Just one packed one hitter a night. Haven’t smoked in 25 days, 6’2 220 lbs. I have a urine test in the AM, should I be alright?

  740. Pk23 Says:

    Forgot to mention that was for only about a month that I smoked out of a one hitter.

  741. Lotus Says:

    Yeah you’ll probably be ok. Drink a lot of water in the morning and make sure your test is the second piss of the day (meaning wake up, piss, drink lots of water, take the test).

  742. ChrisV Says:

    Lotus, I know i will be drug tested at the end of this month, but i dont know which. Im worried about a hair test. I have not smoked in 2 months, but i did take 1 aderall pill a week ago. So it will be around 4~5 weeks since i took that to the point ibhave to take the test. Do you think it will show up? I only took 1 pill. I have short hair on my head (less than 1 inch), and i can shave the rest but im thinking shaving my legs and arm hair will be suspicious. Its because of a nasty a custody suit i know i will have to take a test, but not sure if just urine or hair. I know my urine will be clean, but hair is worrisome. Should i start a hair relaxer treatment? Does that work? Thanks so much.

  743. ANONymous Says:

    I need to pass a urine test showing oxycodone in the urine. I saved said urine 2 weeks ago and put it in a bottle in my room. My room is ALWAYS cold!! No warmer than 74° ever. Will the urine still pass the test showing the oxycodone in it????? NEED TO KNOW Dr.s appointment tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  744. Crash Says:

    Heavy smoker 5x a day for two years.smoked on Thursday morning and my test is in the morning at 10:30 ish. Haven’t smoked since and wondering why they told me not to eat or drink anything 20 minutes before the test? Been brushing daily and mouth wash mixed with hydro peroxide will I be safe if they swab my cheek lining or should I even be worried about how they handle the swab inside my mouth? Or should I try and hold the swab in my teeth to avoid contact if possable?

  745. Crash Says:

    Thanks in advance lotus!

  746. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve come out of rehab and lapsed on Listerine, will this be picked up in an urine test?

  747. Lotus Says:

    ChrisV– It might show up, but the amount might be so small that it doesn’t get flagged for violation. There has to be above a certain threshold of drug metabolites to fail the test. You can have a very small amount and still pass, since there are “atmospheric” levels of those chemicals in most people. If the tests were completely strict about no metabolites at all, almost everyone would fail every test due to these atmospheric levels.

    I have heard positive results (confirmed scientifically) about using hair relaxers, but I cannot guarantee it will work every time. I do think that it’s worth a shot, and if you want to try it then use the hair relaxer a few days before the test. Using it as close as possible to the test should give you the best chance of passing.

    Also, if your hair is buzzed relatively short (let’s say an inch), then that means the test should only show up to 60 days back. As long as your hair is about an inch they shouldn’t take it from other parts of your body. But if you do shave your head, then keep in mind the hair on your body follows the same “rules”. So if you have 1 inch arm-hair, then that would be 60 days. If you have 1/2″ arm-hair that’d be 30 days. If every hair on your body is 1/2″, that should more or less guarantee that you’ll pass a hair-test. And I don’t think they would be suspicious since many guys don’t have particularly long body hair (mine is like 1/2 an inch naturally).

    Hopefully this all made sense to you, if you have any other questions please let me know!

    ANONymous– Probably not, urine only lasts about 24 hours at room temp, maybe a couple days at best. I wouldn’t trust it, but if you have no other options then it might be worth a shot.

    Crash– Try to avoid contact as much as possible if you can, but they’ll probably do the swab themselves. Mouthwash will definitely help, the reason they told you not to eat or drink is because they don’t want it to affect the results. But obviously we DO want to affect them so by all means use mouthwash and drink water before hand.

    Anonymous– No, Listerine shouldn’t show up.

  748. Crash Says:

    Graduated! F to the yeah! Sincere gratitude!

  749. Lotus Says:

    Hell ya man love to hear that! Congrats

  750. Dilution Method Says:

    Hey Lotus,
    So I took less than half a gram of MDMA at around 12:00 am and the following got called for a random drug test that I took at 5:20 pm. When I found out I had to take a drug test I decided since it was very last minute to go with the dilution method. While I was on the MDMA I was drinking a lot of water and was urinating a lot too. I didn’t stop drinking water up until the actual test. 3 hours before I also drank a detox drink because it had all the B vitamins in it to help make the urine look yellow and also had 200 mg of creatine monohydrate for faster digestion into the urine. I didn’t use the first void of the day I used about the 5 or 6th one. Right before I went in to take the test I took an at home first check test and it came out all negative. Since I figured the remainding urine in my bladder will also test negative I went to take my UA after that. After I got home I got really paranoid and have been freaking out. Shortly after I bought another at home test and this time it came out also negative. I am having both of the home tests I took sent to the company that does a free GC/MS check even if they come out negative at your request. I will have those results sometime next week. Hopefully at the same time I will hear back if my UA is positive or negative. I know I cut it really close, I feel very stupid for placing my diversion in jeopardy. But taking the steps I took in this emergency situation, and considering that I had been drug free of everything else for 6 months before this (it was a lapse in judgement situation) and was urinating and physically active during the MDMA trip , that I could have gotten away with the dilution method and vitamins/creatine and plus home kits to confirm the dilution happened. What will you say are my chances? Appreciate any input!

  751. Dilution Method Says:

    I also only peed in the cup at mid stream, and this test is a standard five panel one they use at probation offices.

  752. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. So they will never pick up the Listerine I drink?

  753. Lotus Says:

    Dilution Method– You definitely gave yourself the best chance possible. I can’t say for sure what your odds are, but they’re probably not too bad. Please let me know how it goes, I’m very curious.

    Anonymous– It is possible that they could but not very likely.

  754. Thehorseman Says:

    Hey Lotus.

    I have been 80+ days clean (was a moderate user 1/8th a week)

    Recently I was at a friends house and they were smoking pot should I be ok to pass a 20ng/ml test strip?

    I tested myself after the night in topic with a “first sign” 50ng/ml and got a faint line (you can clearly see the line) I’ve been made aware that a faint line is still a negative line and the how faint or how solid the line is its the exact same result….?

  755. Lotus Says:

    You should be 1000% good to pass (and yes I meant to put three 0s). Contact with second hand smoke will not cause a fail, unless maybe they were exhaling directly into your mouth.

    And yeah, the faint line is just as good as a solid. The tests are not accurate enough to distinguish between “barely passing” and “completely clean.”

  756. Thehorseman Says:

    Thanks for the reassurance I will be back next week with .my results

  757. Marinol Says:

    Hey – need some advice here… I’m a heavy smoker on probation with a valid marinol script – ( which was approved by a previous officer I had ) if I get tested will the marinol cover me ? Thanks!

  758. Lotus Says:

    You should definitely let your po know ahead of time so it’s not a surprise. But unless your probation is in a state/county that doesn’t recognize your prescription (like if the script is from cali but you live in tx) you should be fine.

  759. amesmcd420 Says:

    Hi..ive been clean for 14 months (with only one other slip) due to being on drug treatment court program /felony probation and i test randomly once a week..recently i smoked from sun. 11/9-wed.11/12 probably about 2grams total.. i wont test agsin till at leat sunday 11/16..and usually its a blue dot swab test but my p.o recently has been popping us with instant result observed urine tests…..on my other slip up i tested clean on a UA 6days after smoking lightly for 3days without diluting…what do you suggest for me in case its another urine test? Im female 4″9 ,150# and physically disabled so not physically active…..thanks in advance…

  760. amesmcd420 Says:

    Also ive been told that drinking baking soda and water mixture can mess up ph balance and help cheat a urine test if done correctly

  761. Lotus Says:

    Well 4 days is much too close for comfort for a urinalysis. A swab test shouldn’t be an issue, but a urine test might give you trouble. If you might get a UA then drink as much water as possible before the test.

    Baking soda is basic and thus raises pH. If you drink a lot of water it can lower the pH and throw off your results, so drinking baking soda could in theory offset that. However in practice I’m not totally sure it would work, because I haven’t seen much about it. I can tell you that those instant tests do not check for pH so it wouldn’t even be an issue regardless.

  762. amesmcd420 Says:

    Ok..thank you ive also been drinking alot of coffee so ive been using the bathroom like 4times a day other than pissing…ive been told it helps….im hopung for a swab also hoping my color dont comw up till the end of the week….your answer helped…keeping my fingers crossed

  763. Charles Says:

    I am an occasionally smoker, two to three times a week, and I quit smoking for 20 days, then took a few puffs, then quit again for 20 more days. Do you think I will be able to pass a probation urinalysis?

  764. Lotus Says:

    amesmcd420– Best of luck I hope it works out well for you!

    Charles– Yeah you should be fine with that amount of smoking and clean time

  765. Charles Says:

    What do you think about the sure gel method? Is it detectable in urinalysis ?

  766. Lotus Says:

    I doubt that it would make a difference or improve your chances, but it almost certainly would not be detected.

  767. Marinol Says:

    Lotus- have you heard of labs testing for thcV to determine if marinol and marijuana were used? I’ve called a few labs and no one can give me a straight answer. This is for a probation test


  768. Lotus Says:

    No, that is not going to be on their standard results. They only test for THC-COOH which marinol will trigger, and thus fail you for marijuana. The only test that would differentiate between the two would be a GC/MS, but that is almost assuredly not going to be done outside of some extra legal avenues (like if your lawyer specifically requested a GC/MS confirmation).

  769. High five! Says:

    Hello, I have a few questions about preemployment drug testing. Up until about a month and a half ago I smoked about a blunt to two blunts a day, and then stopped due to changes in availability and what not. I have smoked occasionally since then, once on the 8th, and then again this past weekend, three to four days ago. What I smoked this weekend was just some leaf trim, more because I wanted the sensation of smoking and that was all that was available at the time. I smoked four of these blunts, but didn’t get high at all, as I highly doubt the thc content in the trim had any potency. I just found out today I will be taking a drug test on Thursday, two days from now. I am 5’7, 125 lbs, with 9.8% body fat and a very active and healthy lifestyle. I have been drinking a lot of water(more than normal) and cranberry juice since finding out, what are my chances of passing a urine analysis ifI continue dilution methods?

  770. High five! Says:

    I’m considering taking in a clean donor’s urine, but I have never done that before and am very afraid to get caught or that they will have the door open. It is for a retail job that I really want to get into, but had no idea would be calling me back so soon. Do you have any additional suggestions or know of anyone who has been able to pass under these conditions?

  771. Lotus Says:

    Well you can probably pass on your own, but if you have access to clean donor or synthetic urine you should definitely use that. It is very easy to substitute and there’s basically no chance of getting caught. Unless the test is for probation or the military then you will go into a closed room by yourself to give the sample. If you need any more help with either option let me know, however out will be faster to read some of the recent replies I’ve given to people, since I won’t be able to reply again till late tonight at the earliest.

  772. High five! Says:

    I wound up not being able to get clean urine from a donor for my test today so I took my chances. I will find out my success/possible failure and be back to let you know. I’m really curious of the standards of how long it stays in individual systems; I guess this is a good time for me to find out my own limits. I will let you know just for the sake of research.

  773. Lotus Says:

    Yeah assuming you drank a lot of water beforehand and followed the steps for dilution I would bet that you passed. But please do let me know I appreciate hearing the results from people. It helps me answer future questions.

  774. helpmefast!! Says:

    So I was passing tests with a faint line for thc (all I use) and I last smoked Sunday (11-16). I had a couple slip ups and smoked mid grade in very small amounts like 4 or 5 times in 4 days. My random color/number came up for tomorrow between 11 and 12 in the morning. …it’s a 9 panel icup test for probation and I need to know what the best method to pass is asap plz…I’m 6 5 and 220 lbs. I’ve been slamming water tonight and about to go get some b12….please help me lotus!! As soon as u can!

  775. Lotus Says:

    Lots of water in the morning and some creatine either tonight or early tomorrow morning. Also if you can get synthetic piss I would use that. Maybe mix it like 50/50 with your real stuff or whatever.

  776. helpmefast!! Says:

    Can’t mix or use creatine….they say the test can detect creatine amounts and the man watches u in a mirror while you pee….I’ve been drinking coffee this morning and waiting for work to open to get water…will coffee help? Also didn’t eat anything this morning except for a handful of trail mix….any more suggestions? Thank u 4 your help!

  777. Lotus Says:

    Yeah coffee and other caffeinated beverages will help since they’re a diuretic and will help pass your urine more quickly, which gives it less time to collect metabolites.

    As for creatine, when you drink a lot of water the creatine content in urine becomes very low, so that’s what they’re testing for. Taking the creatinine supplement will increase the level in your urine so you are back at normal levels.

  778. helpmefast!! Says:

    I passed lotus…..thank u for all your help….God bless u

  779. Lotus Says:

    Awesome! Glad to hear it, congrats :)

  780. What to do Says:

    I have a pre-employment UA test at a lab. I usually smoked 2-3 hits of good quality dope a night for 30+ years, very slow metabolism, 6’2″ 285 Lbs. I will have stopped toking for 21 days when I’m to be tested. I still have 5 days until the test have not been very active the last 2 weeks. My problem is that I have to fly to another state for the interview/test I can get a clean sample but not sure how to transport it since as you have stated it should be refrigerated to maintain a quality sample don’t want to use fake since DOT test. Also have read in other post that taking approx. 8 TUMS to help make sure the Specific Gravity is at an acceptable level. Is creatine mono-hydrate powder better than pills to maintain the creatine levels? That is if I try diluting. Hope to hear from you soon before the resting stage prior to the test. Thanks for this blog I will defiantly donate pass/fail keep up the good cause.

  781. bobby Says:

    Hi lotus how long would it take me to pass a urine test after smoking 1 joint (0.3 gram at the most) with a clean system??

  782. Lotus Says:

    The type of creatine doesn’t really matter. You just need to take enough the day before and day of to get your levels a little high. Basically all the water in your body is going to leave very little creatine in the urine. So when they test for it, it won’t show up which tells them that it is diluted. Taking the extra creatine will overload your system with it, and the extra stuff will end up in your urine. So even though there’s a lot of water, there’s enough creatine to verify it as a good sample.

    As far as the Tums go, that’s not going to do anything for the gravity. What it’s going to do is raise the pH. Tums is basic, which is why you take it when you have acid reflux. It helps neutralize the acid. Pure water will typically be neutral (depending on various certain factors), so the labs test for pH to make sure it’s not tampered. However the range for their tests is 4.5-9, which is a very wide range. What I’m trying to say is, most likely the Tums aren’t going to help you pass at all, unless you happened to pour a bunch of hydrochloric acid into your bladder. And in that case you’ve probably got more problems than a drug test.

    Specific gravity is really only affected by water intake (unless you have kidney issues). Too much water will lower the specific gravity, and dehydration will raise it. But for the most part you don’t have to worry about that. Adding things like creatine and B12 supplements will add content to the urine which will slightly raise the specific gravity. So if you’re taking creatine that should be fine.

    The DOT test is really nothing more special than any other lab test. The only difference is they have specific requirements on what substances are tested for and with what quantity. Normally this is established by the lab or the individual employer, however the DOT test makes this equal across the board for all federal positions. If you want to substitute with synthetic urine, you should have no problems doing so. Use a current version of QuickFix Plus to ensure the quality. I have had reports from people who have used it and passed DOT tests.

    All that said, with 21 days clean when you test, you have a really good chance of passing on your own. If you drink a good amount of water prior to the test and make sure the test isn’t your first pee of the day, you should be fine. Follow the normal dilution instructions and it should work out fine.

  783. What to do Says:

    Will taking the creatine asap be better than waiting till 72 hrs before? Time to get to airport and wait for fight takeoff is 4 hrs. My flight is 5 hrs long.

  784. Lotus Says:

    bobby– At the most 2 weeks, but probably about a week or so. Could be even shorter depending on your metabolism and other factors.

  785. What to do Says:

    Thanks. I mentioned the flight time to find out if it was feasible to freeze a good sample and have it be ok for the UA. And I was also wondering how much over the recommended daily dose of creatine should I use to load my urine if I dilute? Your advise does give me some sense of relief I’ll will keep you posted on the final results.

  786. Lotus Says:

    I didn’t see a flight time, but the biggest concern to me would be getting it on the plane and everything. If you froze it and kept it in a thermos it would probably stay cool for the duration of a domestic flight. However I don’t fly so I don’t know how feasible it would be to get it on board and keep it from getting hot. Basically, as long as you can keep it under about 50 degrees it will stay good for awhile. As for how long it will stay frozen, well just freeze some water and see how long it takes to get above 50˚ in whatever container you plan to use.

    You don’t need to take a massive amount of creatine. About 2 or 3 grams both days should be sufficient.

  787. Lotus Says:

    Oh sorry just saw the other post you made with the time. For the creatine it doesn’t really matter. If you take it now it will probably give you a little more in your urine, but taking it 72 hours before would be fine. For the flight you could probably take an ice chest to keep the sample cool during the 4 hour trip to the airport, then keep the urine in a thermos for the flight. Should stay cool I think, but again I don’t know anything about flying.

  788. Alex Says:

    So i have a drug test in the morning, i collected clean urine from a donor but didnt refrigerate it, ive had hand warmers keeping it warm the whole time. Will it affect the test if i never refrigerated it. I recieved the clean urine at 2pm and the test is at 7am following morning.

  789. Lotus Says:

    It should be fine

  790. Trixy Says:

    Hi Lotus. Have to take pre-employment drug screen. Is that a urine test? Was planning on using synthetic urine. I saw that you said if it was sent to a lab, they would know it was synthetic. Is that true for synthetic that contains uric acid? What is the difference between drug screen and drug test? Thanks in advance for knowing all the answers.

  791. Trixyspice Says:

    Hello again. I was told today that I will take the drug screen at the recruiter’s office that I got the new job through. I was told by the recruiter that they usually don’t do drug screens, that the company hiring you does the drug screen/test. The recruiter said that he has the “equipment” at his office to do the drug screen. I was surprised to hear this as I’ve always taken tests at a lab. Any idea what kind of screen they will do in an office setting? It is just an office, there is no lab or clinic there. I’m not sure what he meant by “equipment” at his office. Can they do urine tests in an office setting? Could it be similar to a drug screen you would buy @ Walgreen’s? I’m hoping now it will just be a swab test.

  792. Lotus Says:

    Yep, if it’s a piss test it will probably be the cheapo panel tests you’d see at the store. Synthetic would definitely pass no problem. Could definitely also be a swab test, in which case you should avoid smoking for about 3 days before the test.

    To answer your other questions, good synthetic (Agent X, QuickFix) will pass any normal test, including lab tests. The only test it won’t pass is a GC/MS which I can promise you won’t be doing. Drug screen is just another name for drug test, although typically it implies a panel test or other less strict version of a test.

  793. High five! Says:

    Hey there Lotus!

    So it has been almost two weeks since taking my preemployment drug screening. I’m assuming I must’ve passed because I got the job and have heard nothing about the test since! I wanted to say thanks for keeping up with this page, it really had a lot of information about different scenarios and body types and it’s good to find real stories rather than the fear tactics provided on most other websites.

    I will definitely recommend this page to anyone looking for answers in the future. Take care! :)

  794. shy guy Says:

    Hi lotus. I dont smoke often and ive been clean for a few months. I smoked two hits off a joint yesterday afternoon. I take vitamins and supppliments. Which I also took yesterday. Im currently on ptr. But my case shows closed online. I checked in at 8am. And was told that I had to be at labcorp in 30 mins. I chugged a huge bottle of cranberry juice and a half bottle of water and took my vitamins and thermogenics as always. I stalled for 15 20 mins so I could get rid of my first pee. I got that out theway took a dropper with water n bleach in. Gave my first sample mid strean n I had to do another one cause it wasnt enough so they threw it out. Gave me 32oz of water and then I gave second sample mid stream and put a very tiny drop in smaller than half a bb. Im freaking out. What do you think my chances are?

  795. shy guy Says:

    Also im a fit male. Very high metabolism. Hardly any body fat. Constsntly active but yesterday was my off day.

  796. Anonymous Says:

    I am getting a sample in the morning and then am to just show up at a testing place I can choose from a list. My main questions are if going within a few hours to test do I need to put in fridge and before that what should I have him pee in? Do I use a ziplock or a regular Tupperware container and then how do I clean the container he pees in and the one I use to take in to make sure no contamination. I am so scared I could die

  797. Scared to death Says:

    How do I clean the containers used to store a friends clean pee. If I get it at 7:30 am and test by 10:30am do I need to keep it in a fridge or anything. I am scared to death. I really want this job. I get to pick from a list of lab corp locations any way to know where best to go. I am freaking out. Feel like having a heart attack so scared.

  798. Scared to death Says:

    Lotus Please respond. I test in the morning. Thanks.

  799. Lotus Says:

    High five!– Thanks! Glad you found the site helpful.

    shy guy– That’s a tricky question, I don’t really have any experience with that. You might be ok but I can’t say for sure, let me know how it goes.

    Scared to death– It should stay good no problem for a few hours. There probably isn’t any real difference in lab location, pretty much all the same.

  800. shy guy Says:

    I was so lucky! My case WAS closed!!!!! They didnt tell me so that test didnt count! Sooo relieved!! I still love this forum by the way! Good job!

  801. Lotus Says:

    shy guy– Radical! That’s great to hear! Did you happen to get the results from the test or no? Anyway, congrats and thanks for reading.

  802. Anonymous Says:

    Lotus, How do you know for sure the urine is still good after a month of refrigeration or a year in the freezer?

  803. Joebug21 Says:

    I have a drug test in 4 days for thc and it’s a urine test is it possible to pass when I’ve smoked 2 days ago

  804. Lotus Says:

    Not really, definitely try to get clean or synthetic urine.

  805. big country Says:

    I have a drug test tomorrow, and I was worried about failing for addy. The last five days I have been chugging water and green tea. Today I got a 7 panel at home test to make sure it was all gone. passed for amps, but failed for thc, no line showed up at all. I havent smoked in nearly two months, but I was in a room with people who were smoking over the weekend. I dont know what to do. Im thinking about going with the sure jell method, because I dont really have time for anything else. The test is for probation, and will be sent to a lab for gc/ms. Will the sure jell show up in the lab test??? Thanks in advance, Im freaking out right. I didnt think secondhand smoke would make me fail

  806. WillyD Says:

    Took a pre-employment urine test at labcorp this afternoon (Wednesday the 10th). Took 3 norcos the previous Sunday…which wasn’t the best decision I’ve made, but it is what it is. First time I’d taken any sort of substance in over a year. Anyways, used the dilution method with plenty of b vitamins day-of. Good odds, ya think? And do u think they even test for opioids on a standard pre-employment test? I heard somewhere that labcorp has to do a specific test for opioids and won’t trigger the opiate column on a 5-panel (assuming that’s what they did on me).

  807. WillyD Says:

    Forgot to add…29, 6’6″, 160 lbs, thin and extremely high metabolism (obviously). Great forum, by the way

  808. Corporate sucks Says:

    Ok, so I’m typically a light smoker. I smoked for 5 days in a row, but only 2 hits off a really small bowl each of those days. The last I smoked was on a Sunday, I got popped with a swab test at work Thursday morning (this was all last week), I brushed suuuuper good prior. It is now Wednesday and I have yet to hear anything, what do you think my chances are?

  809. Corporate sucks Says:

    I’m freaking out, I knew better but it got the best of me and I caved. I have a wife and 2 kids to support , if I fail I would have let them all down.

  810. Anonymous Says:

    Lotus, I really appreciate all of the time and effort you’ve put into this awesome and informative tutorial. In fact because of it I think I have finally realized subbing is my best option. But I will need to freeze it, and for long periods, maybe up to a year. I asked earlier how do you know for sure it will last frozen up to a year or refrigerated for a month, but you did not reply. I have a great dream job that I have had for over 20 years and they recently implemented urine tests. 50 ng cut off. If positive on the 50ng, they then will use gas chromography and test at 15 ng. I want to keep my dream job AND keep my mental comfort level. But I really would appreciate some data to reassure my concerns about refrigeration and freezing. I plan to use real urine.
    Any advice?

  811. Lotus Says:

    big country– You should be fine, those at-home tests are not very accurate and prone to false positives. If you took another it would probably pass you with flying colors. Don’t sweat it.

    WillyD– With your metabolism and rarity of use I wouldn’t be worried at all. Opiates have a detection window of about 4 days at the absolute max, so it would take a complete worst-case scenario to fail. Most tests do look for opioids with their opiate section, some don’t. Nowadays most of them do at least include the hydrocodone test. Which by the way is a semi-synthetic and thus would metabolize into hydromorphone, which is also the metabolite of morphine and included on almost all opiate tests. But in any case, you’re fine.

    Corporate sucks– Swab tests show up to about 48 hours at the most, so you’ll be just fine. Nothing to worry about.

    Anonymous– I think you’ve accomplished a first here at Stoner Culture, that is not getting replied to by me! First off, I should mention that the 30 day refrigeration and 1 year frozen guidelines are very conservative. It is totally possible that frozen urine would last 10 years and still be perfectly viable. However, if you want to check for yourself to be sure it’s still good, there is something you can do…

    Test strips like these: will allow you to see the basics of your collected urine. The only things you’re really worried about on those are the pH and specific gravity. Labs test for only a small set of parameters when they are checking for authenticity, those being pH, specific gravity, creatinine, nitrites and (depending on the state) sometimes uric acid. Creatinine, uric acid and nitrites aren’t going to disappear into thin air, so the only thing I’m worried about changing are specific gravity (due to evaporation) and pH (due to atmospheric and/or chemical changes to the substance).

    For reference, the pH range a lab is looking for is 4.5-9.0 (a pretty wide range) and the specific gravity is 1.003-1.020 (a pretty narrow range). You can use those strips (or similar ones, whatever works for you) to guarantee that your specific gravity and pH is within the acceptable range. If it’s pretty close to the edge I would be hesitant to trust it, because the strips are not going to be perfectly accurate, so use your best judgement. And as always, feel free to come back and ask any more questions if you need!

  812. big country Says:

    I took another at home test today, this time only for thc. This time there is a very faint line, but the box says any line at all is negative, so that makes me feel a bit better. I stayed up all last night studying for finals, and drank a bottle of cranberry juice and a bunch of green tea. Continuing to drink the green tea and water today, along with b12. I go test in about an hour, so wish me luck. I’ll be sure to post back when I get my results. Thanks lotus!

  813. Corporate sucks Says:

    Thanks so much for the reply, it’s been 8 days and I haven’t heard anything. I figured if something was up Lab Corp would’ve contacted me before contacting my employer by now. Thanks for some much needed sleep!

  814. Crash Says:

    Got another one for u lotus! Company is giving out discounts for non nicotine users, for ins purposes I believe its a urinalysis or blood test what plan of attack should I consider? Last time I smoked a hooty was last Friday because that’s my only party day I get for the week. A month ago I was a heavy user 4-5 times a day for a year past month has been dramatically less with only smoking like I said a couple of hooties on Friday that’s it what should I do for preparation?

  815. Lotus Says:

    Crash– I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, do you smoke cigs and want to pass for nicotine? Or do you smoke weed and don’t want it to show up on your nicotine test? In my experience they don’t test for drugs on the nicotine test most of the time. If you want to be safe I would make sure you’ve been totally clean from weed for about 14 days and then load up on water and creatine the day before/morning of the test.

    If you’re a cigarette smoker, nicotine can stay in your system for a wide range of time. Sometimes it’s a couple days, sometimes it’s a month or more.

    Let me know if you have any more questions or if that didn’t answer it.

    Corporate sucks- Awesome, hope everything works out for ya and thanks for reading!

  816. Crash Says:

    I don’t smoke cigs just the herb, but the ins. Co. Wants to test for nicotine with a blood test or urine ( not sure which one) and my question I suppose is do the see the thc in my blood or urine or just testing for nicotine?

  817. Lotus Says:

    Well for the most part they do not test for anything besides nicotine. However I’m not 100% sure that will be the case since all insurance companies work differently. Sorry I can’t give a more straight-forward answer. My best recommendation is to abstain from smoking for about 14 days before your insurance test, then use dilution and creatine supplements the day before/day of. That way it won’t matter if they test for it or not 😀

  818. Freaking out Says:

    34 year old male, I smoke regularly (every day) but only once before bed and what I consider to be a small amount (1/4oz lasts me about a month). As things usually go, I smoked and woke up the next morning to a job offer “out of the blue”. Was a oral fluid medtox 5 panel w/alcohol Mail-away kind. Was 113 hours clean by the time of testing. Put under tongue, wait until it turns blue. Can you look into your crystal ball and give me your feeling on this? My old employer found out and is hiring my replacement. I’m going to feel real stupid losing both jobs at Christmas time. I’ve had many professional jobs over the years and never been tested before. If I’d even had an idea this could happen I would have done things way different. Just looking for some idea as to the detection time.

  819. Lotus Says:

    Lucky for you those tests only show up to 24 hours. So the Crystal meth ball shows a lucrative new job in your future :)

  820. Freaking out Says:

    Just wanted follow-up to my post from the other day…I did pass the test! But thank you for easing my mind those two days of waiting.

  821. Ely Says:

    16 year old male, I have a drug test tomorrow at Care now, I smoked 2 blunts a week ago with friends and im freaking out because I just got a job and they wanted me tested tomorrow to start Wednesday, what should I do to pass?? I need help Asap! Im not a regular smoker and ive drank 3 bottles of water today

  822. Lotus Says:

    That’s gonna be really tricky Ely. I don’t know if you’ll be able to pass with your own urine even if you dilute it with a lot of water. If you can’t get synthetic urine or clean urine from a friend, then just drink as much water (and maybe an energy drink) as possible before the test. If you have it available take some creatine tonight and in the morning.

    If you are an infrequent smoker (like on the weekends or less) then you might have a pretty good chance of passing. If you have any questions lemme know. Best of luck to you and let me know how it goes!

  823. help me 24 Says:

    I had a urine test for work I had clean unrine but was only at half I needed so I used mine I’m a heavy smoker pd herb and I drank a good amount of viniger about a hr bfor do u think I’ll pass

  824. filthyphil Says:

    I just used the new Quick Fix 6.1 version batch number was P143J02U bough it from I just stashed it in my boxer briefs few hours prior to my test. I subbed the piss and passed my 10 panel DOT screen so basically it was easy and the shit works for realzzz.

  825. Lotus Says:

    help me 24– A lot of people have done that and passed, but it will depend on how much was in there. Also not sure if you knew this but you don’t have to fill the cup, you just need enough to go up like 1/2 inch on the cup.

    filthyphil– Awesome! Love to hear success stories, thanks for the update.

  826. stateproperty Says:

    This is,,,, hands down,, the best consultant site I have come across… In behalf of the 420 community I would like to thank you for your fight on prohibition. First let me start that I am 6′ and used to weigh 238 pounds. I am a heavy smoker, been on probation since june 2014. After Thanks Giving I was told I would be tested in two weeks . ( so lets say test was going to be given on Dec. 10 – 15, 2014) I had tried every product on the market and still managed to fail with the home test kits. (failed for THC). I have stopped smoking the same day I was giving the heads up. I went to my probation office on Dec. but had a stomach bug. I informed my P.O. of my situation and they postponed my test till Jan . last week I bought another home test kit and failed again even with a lil flush…. until I found your site three days ago.. Today I am happy to say that with 8 glasses of water and Gatorade I PASSED! I am ready to take my test .. your method is truly the best way to pass… Thank You so much. Of coarse this is my 5th week without smoking but I was still failing , I also was juicing every morning with wheat grass, Kale,spinach, and dandelion ( taste gross but with crushed Ice it goes down easier).I never exercised but still manage to loose 30 pounds in 5 weeks, I did not starve myself but did change my diet with healthy foods. a lot of chicken breast and 2 steaks a week… don’t know if this is what helped but up until i found LOTUS I was failing. Dilution but not to over do it , really works . Again thank you for peace of mind, I will let you know how my test goes later this week…….. Keep on with the fight ….

  827. stateproperty Says:

    Oh and one more thing I have been smoking for 20+ years non stop. up until exactly 5 weeks ago.. I had no withdrawal except for theses last two weeks that I could not sleep. I also have a question off the topic…. If our Constitution says we have freedom of religion (which is false) why can’t I smoke my weed religiously? but yet our politicians get drunk in every black tie event then drive home, plus they all keep bottles in their desk ,at the office which are public buildings, for special occasion?

  828. Anonymous Says:

    Can cocaine be transmitted through female fluids causing me to test positive for cocaine during a probation urinalysis. Or kissing and sweating. Female is a heavy user. I took the test approximately 36 hours after being with her

  829. Ted Says:

    I had to take a drug test today with out a lot of notice. I drank about half a gallon of water and also took midol before testing. I haven’t smoked in 4 days. Do you think it will work?

  830. Smith Says:

    I have an oral swab test in 72 hours. Can I eat a brownie tonight and still pass? I a using Listerine and brushing a lot. It is alcohol containing though, do I need alcohol-free? Thank you for the help. Can you also list the source if you have one for how long weed can be detected by oral swabs?

  831. Lotus Says:

    stateproperty– Thanks for the comment and congrats! Glad our methods worked for ya! Oh and yeah, our politicians are some of the most hypocritical people in the world. No big surprise there, but maybe someday the tide will change. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

    Anonymous– No, that’s not possible. Have all the kinky cocaine sex you want, as long as you don’t use the coke you won’t fail.

    Ted– Well, it might not work, but it’s a way better chance than otherwise. Best of luck to you!

    Smith– Yeah you should be ok to pass after 72 hours of eating the brownie. The alcohol in the Listerine shouldn’t matter, unless they’re doing an alcohol-specific test. Weed can be detected up to 72 hours in an oral swab but the average time is about 36 hours. I don’t have my sources right now since I’m in the middle of changing my OS so all my files are backed up and a pain in the ass to access.

  832. Ava Says:

    My husband has a really good job and when he started it 4 months ago he passed the pre-screening with Methadone in his system,so we were thinking they must not test for it. It was legally there. But, he does metabolize things fast. 3 times he has had drug tests and smoked weed the day before, but passed them,but he was far from a regular smoker. The pre-screen test he had took 30mg. of Methadone 2 days before the initial pre-screening test and abt. 10 mg. everyday after,even the day he took the test. They now tested him on Friday morning and today is Monday and he has still not heard anything from them and I am guessing that is a good thing. But, I have scared myself by reading all the BS on the internet. So,I had convinced myself he is going to be caught this time because a site said that pre-screening tests are usually only a five panel and after those they use a 10panel. Well I called the place that does the testing pretending to have to take a pre-employment test in the next couple of days and I wanted to know if the pre-screening was the same as the random tests and she said yes they would both be 9 panel tests. I told her I needed to know what medicines I needed to bring with me when I take the test. Just trying to be sneaky getting the info. So, this made me feel better because it was a 9 panel and they must not test for methadone. But, me always feeling impending doom I have convinced myself that he probably got lucky on that pre-screen test and now they will find the illicit Methadone. But,I found your site and I wanted to know your honest opinion, do you think he got lucky that first pre-screening test or they used a non-methadone 9 panel then?

    Now when he took the pre-screen he told the woman that he had a letter stating he was on MMT and she told him that he would be fine and would probably not need to prove it. I later assumed she said this that first time because she knew that Methadone is not something they test for in their 9 panel when it did not become an issue.But, I got on their site and it says that methadone is tested for in the 9 panel,but this place is another state, not here where they tested him at and they test it first and if it shows positive they send it there. It is now Monday afternoon and we have not received a call so I am hopeful but still worried. He went and signed back up for MMT today in hopes if it did show up that they may not ask the dates of his treatment since it is Methadone Maintenance something that is taken long term. Hoping is all we can do at this point. Sorry this is so long,but you needed to know everything to make your inference.

  833. Lotus Says:

    First off, 9-panel tests do typically include methadone. But methadone can be out of urine anywhere from 1-10 days, depending on many factors (including metabolism). So it’s possible that he passed legitimately the first time, but not a guarantee. If they do question him about a methadone failure, have him provide the documentation from before.

    And be more careful in the future! You’re not gonna keep getting lucky smoking weed a day before every drug test.

  834. bra Says:

    Going into navy in June. When should I stop smoking and get clean. A month, 2, 3???

  835. Lotus Says:

    If you’re in pretty good shape I would say be clean about 30 days before. If you want to be really safe then stop smoking like 6-7 weeks ahead of time. Most people can get clean after about 14 days but since it’s the military I wouldn’t risk it. You don’t want to screw that up!

  836. ipass eveeytime Says:

    Every time i have take a 5panel test i take a water pill then drink around a gallon of water pee about 3 to 4 times before the test also on the way i will drink a monster before i get there pee at the nearest place to the test facility making sure my urine isn’t clear monster gives a yellow green color to urine but after all the water you drink before it comes out normal color and have never failed knock on wood that is th e cheapest way i have found also if have the cash you can always buy the drink from any head shop that also works but it strips all of the vitamin out of your system good luck every one

  837. stressed Says:

    I smoked alot for about 2 months and i have a pre work urine test. Ive been clean for 9 days drinking 3 gallons a water per day. I am afraid i am not going to pass. Is there anything i can do. I have the test in the morning?

  838. Lotus Says:

    I’ve never told anyone they are drinking too much water but you might be the first. Don’t drown yourself, a gallon or two is more than enough. You should be ok, especially if you take some creatine and b12 before the test.

  839. stupid mistake Says:

    Hey lotus,

    Was totally clean for over 6 months, took 3 tokes off a medium strength spliff 3 weeks ago. What do you reckon my chances of passing a urine test pos. 20ng/mg Am slim build and average metabolism?

  840. Lotus Says:

    You should be fine, usually after not smoking for awhile your metabolism is more effective at processing the thc metabolites.

  841. Yikes Says:

    Lotus, I have a Pre-employment drug test coming up and I’m trying to decide whether to use a clean donors urine or synthetic urine. The synthetic urine I have is from UPASS and the guy at the smoke shop absolutely swore by it. He could have sold me a cleanse for more money but said that this product is more consistent. Getting clean urine is no problem but Synthetic just seams easier to tote around. Is there an added risk by using synthetic? I’m a daily marijuana user so pissing clean myslef is not an option.

  842. Lotus Says:

    I believe UPASS should be ok as long as it’s a basic panel test. If they send the sample to a lab it will probably be detected. Find out where your testing facility is, and you should be able to make a better decision. For example, if the test is at a place like LabCorp or Quest, go ahead and use the real pee because they will detect the UPASS for sure. If the test is at a doc-in-the-box then you might be ok.

    Personally, I would try to use the clean urine just for the peace of mind.

  843. Jerry Says:

    Ive been clean off of weed for 30 days maybe a little more…its saturday i have a probation pee test monday….how can i increase my chances of passing

  844. Jerry Says:

    Ps i have been drinking fair amounts of palo azul tea for about 3 days

  845. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Lotus,

    Did about 1.5g of some good blow last night. I Might (not officially, but it is a possibility) have a probation UA in 10 days. Think that’s long enough to piss clean without having to chug obscene amounts of water? I was also drinking along with it and I heard that can make it detectable for a longer period. Don’t know how much truth there is to that…but any advice will do!
    Thanks man

  846. Lotus Says:

    Jerry– Sorry little late for you but you should have no problem passing anyway. 30 days is plenty in most instances.

    Anonymous– I’ve never heard of alcohol extending the detection time of any drugs, and I don’t see how that work. I’d file that one under urban legend. But 10 days should be plenty to be clean, assuming you don’t use more coke in the meantime. Actually it only shows up for like a max of 4 days typically so really you could use it for 5 more days. Of course, that’s not recommended… :)

  847. Anonymous Says:

    Thx Lotus…always good advice.

    PS…only reason I’m on probation Is for getting caught with a weed pipe in an indiana casino. Sentenced me to 1yr in prison and 2 Yrs paper. Moral of the story…stay the f*** outta Indiana.

  848. Lotus Says:

    Damn! Yeah I didn’t have any reason to go to Indiana before but I’m definitely going to steer clear after hearing that. That’s some bullshit!

  849. crystal Says:

    Hi very good info here, ty. I am concerned though. I’m on intensive probation and took 300 mg of tramadol on sat. Tues afternoon they did a saliva test and sent to lab am I safe ?

  850. Lotus Says:

    Yeah you should be fine. Tramadol doesn’t typically show up and it’s usually out of the system pretty quick, especially for saliva.

  851. tomorrow Says:

    If I get someone else’s urine who is clean, and refrigerate it. How long will it stay fresh for? is 10 days ok?

  852. Lotus Says:

    10 days will be no problem. As long as it’s refrigerated within a few hours of getting the sample, and used within a few hours of reheating you won’t have any problem. It can last at least 30 days refrigerated (probably more) without going “bad”.

  853. Scaredstupid Says:

    Hey so I am totally freaking out and have been reading post with mixed results. 230 lbs w/ low metabolism. Took a pre employment 5-50 sap about 10 days ago. No word yet. Smoked one time (3puffs) & tested 13.5 days later. Not a smoker at all. Bought at home tests. All had faint lines including one taking with first void of the day. My test was at a collection site before the weekend. Question is what is the turnaround time? HR has received the results yet. Ahhhh!!! I stressing to the max here!!!

  854. Scaredstupid Says:

    Oops meant has NOT received the results…

  855. Scaredstupid Says:

    Also have you heard of one time smokers ppl passing pre-employ qurst test in just 13 days?

  856. Lotus Says:

    Scaredstupid- I know how frustrating and stressful it can be to wait for drug test results, so you have my sympathy there! As far as your situation, I’d bet that you passed (not a guarantee, but that’s my honest guess). It can take anywhere from 1 week to a month to get back results for a GC/MS. Typical turnaround is about 2 weeks, so I’d expect to hear back early next week.

    And yes, many people have passed in 13 days, especially when they only smoked one time and a small amount. You could get unlucky, however most likely you will pass. You have a better chance than most people, even given your size/low metabolism. Best of luck and let me know how it turns out!

  857. friendlyhippo Says:

    Hey, wanted to know if you could give me any feedback. I am 5’9 and 135lbs. I smoked 2 weeks prior to a panel 9 drug test with a 50 cutoff for thc. Before smoking 2 weeks ago, I smoked like 2 months prior. I did not do much excercise and I drank a normal amount of water but did not aim to dilute. The test was in the afternoon so got that going for me. What do you think my chances are? Thanks for lookin out man.

  858. Lotus Says:

    You’ve got pretty good chances. My guess is that you passed. Most people who smoke a lot still pass after 2 weeks, and since you’re a rare smoker your chances are even better. Best of luck!

  859. Taryn Says:

    On Saturday I had two long island iced teas between 2 and 3pm i have to take an etg test at 6pm on Monday about 52 hoops after last drink . i am 120 lbs and 5.3′ I have a fast metabolism been drinking lots of water today (Monday) too think I’ll be ok?

  860. Lotus Says:

    Hmm that could be cutting it pretty close. Drug test companies claim that they can detect it 80 hours after drinking, but 72 hours is typically the max. Most people will pass after 48 hours but it’s not a guarantee. Hard to say in your case, wish I could be more help.

  861. Scared shitless Says:

    Lotus, i am a chronic user who just found out i will need to take a basic drug test in about 3 weeks. I have stoped today but i normally smoke about a half gram to a gram a day. Is there anything besides working out like a mad man that i can do to pass or should I just plan to substitute with quick fix? This job would almost double my pay so its the most important drug test ive ever taken!

  862. Lotus Says:

    I think you’ll be fine passing on your own. If you want to double check get a home-test from WalGreens or a grocery store and take it a few days before the real test. If you fail that then go for the QuickFix. Most people can pass on their own after a couple weeks though.

  863. Scared shitless Says:

    Really Ive read online everywhere that chronic users may take up too 2 months to get it all out of your system.

  864. Lotus Says:

    It’s extremely rare to take that long. The average time is 2 weeks for most users, some people it takes 3-4 weeks, and I’ve only seen one in a thousand or less who took more than a month.

  865. Scared shitless Says:

    Thanks bud, seeing as how im taking a stadrard piss test thats being sent to a lab, Do you think an at home test will be acurate enough to determine if i will pass in about 2-3 weeks?

  866. ChanceTaker Says:

    Lotus if I have opiates and meth in my system the day of the test can I still dilute my piss to show up inconclusive? Please respond asap I appreciate u!

  867. Lotus Says:

    ChanceTaker– Yeah if you want to take a chance, you can try it. It’s not a guarantee of course, but it’s definitely possible to pass. If you do that, then drink a fuckton of water (like a gallon) and just make sure you’re as diluted as possible.

    Scared shitless– Yeah I mean they aren’t super consistent, so if you get like 2 or 3 of them you can be more confident. A lot of places sell them in packs, so that’s what I would do. If you can get like 5 of them, check 2 at 2 weeks, then the other 3 check at 3 weeks. If they all show up as a pass at 3 weeks then you should be ok. And remember even a very faint line is still a pass, as long as you can see it it’s good. If the line doesn’t show up at all then go with QuickFix.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, and how it turns out.

  868. paranoid smoker Says:

    Lotus, I have smoked everyday for a long time. Usually a joint or two but have not smoked since January 29. I took a few goldenseals, b-complex and some cranberry extract (advise from others). For two days now i have been drinking water and green tea with no sugar. I am a thick girl. My pre-employment drug test is on the 24 or 25. Do I have any chance of passing?

  869. Lotus Says:

    You you have a great chance of passing. You should pass unless you have terrible luck.

  870. paranoid smoker Says:

    Thanks lotus, you just made me feel much better. Greatest site I have come across, your awesome! Will let you know what happens next week.

  871. Still thc Says:

    Hey there lotus,

    I was a moderate smoker (1/8 would last me a couple weeks) and went clean for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately I had a lapse and smoked around four times in the last 3 days. Around 2 to 4 hits each. I also took some adderall today.

    How long until I’m clean? There is a risk that I may be tested in the next week or two, but nothing has been mentioned (perhaps I’m paranoid but dealing with other issues at work). I took a home test today which was positive for thc, not surprisingly. Should I invest in agent x synthetic urine? Do they normally notify you of drug screens or should I just wear my concealed urine for a few days?

  872. Lotus Says:

    Some employers will tell you, some won’t. I’d get some synthetic just to be safe, and I’d recommend getting the type that passes for uric acid (new Agent X does, and so does QuickFix Plus). It’ll last you a couple years if you don’t use it now, so it might come in handy later on. I’d wait a couple weeks to be safe before using your real urine. It might be clean in a week or so, but it’s not worth the risk in my eyes.

  873. Concerned Says:

    I had to take a pre-employment drug test this am. I did a home test yesterday and the second line for a negative test came up however only slightly. I got a clean specimen and went in for the test this am. I didn’t have enough for the amount required so I had to add about 1/4 of my own. Both samples are female and around the same age. Temps were the same as well. Should I be concerned?

  874. Lotus Says:

    No you’ll be perfectly fine. Wouldn’t sweat it at all.

  875. Still thc Says:

    Thanks lotus!! So I should carry it around in my underpants for the two weeks?

  876. Lotus Says:

    You can probably just keep it in a bag/purse/pocket or whatever. Unless you’re in the military or on probation they don’t watch you give the sample. So just keep it with you and you can mix it (if it’s powder) when they tell you you’re up.

  877. Chrash Says:

    did a DOT TEST with pac lab paml
    used quick fix plus 6


  878. Chrash Says:

    Wa state btw

  879. Lotus Says:

    Yeah shouldn’t be an issue.

  880. Coco Says:

    Ugh. So I’ve been reading everything I can find…but I figured if still post my question. So I’ve been clean for a year +. Took 3 hits off a joint 14 days before I took my urine test. The test went to metro legacy lab (don’t know if that matters). From what I could find on their web site, they test at 20ng. Night before I stayed up late drinking 2bottles of water and a large glass of OJ. Next morning I drank 2 more bottles, peed two times, then gave my sample on 3rd per of the day (pale yellow). It’s been 2 days and havent heard anything. I’m freaking out, cause it’s my dream job and I already gave my notice at my job!

  881. Coco Says:

    Oh and I passed a 50 NG home test. But I know those arnt the best :)

  882. Wondering Says:

    I took a urine drug test on Monday. How long does it take for the results to come back. I haven’t heard anything from the place I am trying to get a job at as of today. Would they have contacted me by now if it was positive?

  883. Lotus Says:

    Coco– Lab tests usually take a week or two to get back information. You’ll probably pass, but it will take a few days for the new employer to get the results.

    Wondering– Same thing as Coco, if it’s a lab test it takes a week on average or as long as two weeks. If it’s an instant test then they’ll usually send the results right away or maybe after a day.

  884. Coco Says:

    Yeah my job said it will take only a day or so for this certain lab. I haven’t heard anything and it’s been 72 hours. But who knows, I’ll take no news as good news. I’ll let you guys know if 14 days was enough to pee clean from the 3 hits.

  885. Wondering Says:

    Thanks Lotus. The lab said it would be a couple of days. That was on Monday. Its now Friday. Should I be worried? Would they have contacted me if I didn’t pass?

  886. Wondering Says:

    As Coco, I am taking it as “no news is good news.”

  887. Coco Says:

    I subbed with synthetic a few years ago and my sample was caught by the same lab (Legacy metro) and the MRO called me the next to ask about my sample (No urnic acid). I think the MRO calls if they have and suspicion of a dirty UA, so they can clarify if it’s meds you are prescribed and what not. So I’m hoping since I haven’t heard from him, I’m okay. Good luck to you Wondering!

  888. Lotus Says:

    Coco– Yeah no news is typically good news. Oftentimes an employer won’t say a word about your results, they’ll just say “come in on Monday” if you pass or “we went with someone else” if you fail.

    Wondering– It’s very common for people to post here that it has been over a week without news and they end up passing. The labs can get backed up and take longer than anticipated. They should let you know either way though. If you don’t hear back today I’d give them a call Monday and ask them what the deal is. Especially since you’re leaving an old job it’s not unreasonable to want to know when you’ll be starting.

  889. Brooks Says:

    Hey I just took a 4 panal drug test and I tested positive for weed but I haven’t smoked in a month and a week I did hang out with my budy and he was. Smoking I held my breath every time his second hand smoke came to me and I just want to know what the fuck happened

  890. Lotus Says:

    Probably a faulty test or a misreading. Those 4 panels are very unreliable. Did the person know that even a very faint line is considered passing? Ask for a retest if possible.

  891. Victaaa Says:

    Hey I have a 6 panel drug test coming up tomorrow, I’m a heavy toker, but have seen positive results with dilution, however the test is monitored in a drug clinic. Is there any other way besides dilution ? I know that I can sub a clean friends urine but how would I go about dropping the specimen, if I’m being watched ?
    Thanks, Vic

  892. Lotus Says:

    I think you are confused about dilution. You’re not tampering the sample at all, you’re using your own urine straight from the tap. All you do is drink a whole bunch of water beforehand so that your urine is watered down and doesn’t have as much THC metabolites concentrated in there.

    I do know some people that were able to keep a condom under their balls and poke it with a needle to make it look like they’re peeing when somebody was watching. That’s kinda sketchy though and you definitely don’t wanna get caught.

  893. Victaaa Says:

    I was drinking Gatorade and certo as well. But, with that it was a 5 panel nida. Ive read that those are easy to pass with dilution. But I’m just worried that imma get caught. I’ve read about putting a balloon in reactally, and using fish tubing rubberbanded inside the balloon. Then bandaid the tube under the piece. But that’s still sketchy to me. Lol. But the sample that was reactally inserted was perfect temp and all.

  894. Victaaa Says:

    & I’m talking watching with 2 mirrors one right in front of you, and one right on the side so it’s like almost impossible. Any ideas on how to make my urine real yellow during dilution without messing it up. ? I have 1000mcg B-12 as well.

  895. Lotus Says:

    Yeah if it’s stored in your ass it’s basically guaranteed to be the right temp. There’s a reason they take temperature anally haha. But yeah I probably wouldn’t bother with that, I’m not into having piss in my asshole. If you take that B12 or B6 your urine will be plenty yellow, in fact it’ll be like neon-colored, but that’s fine.

    I’d recommend taking half the B12 tonight, and drinking a good amount of water. Then tomorrow make sure you piss in the morning after you wake up, then after that drink as much water as possible without killing yourself (don’t drink more than a gallon or so). If you can get your hands on some creatine supplements then take those asap. Otherwise you might try drinking an energy drink or a soda or something before the test to add some “weight” and color to the urine.

    I wouldn’t worry much about the color honestly. Technically the color of urine is always supposed to be clear, otherwise it’s an indication that you’re drinking not enough water or too much other stuff. Sodas, gatorades, coffee, tea, and things like that give urine color because the body is filtering out all the extra crap in them. So if they give you shit about the color just tell them you stay well-hydrated.

  896. Victaaa Says:

    Thank you @lotus . But I’ve seen at the facility that they want the urine yellow otherwise it’ll be sent to the lab. But I appreciate your advice and I’ll post back my results !!

  897. Lotus Says:

    Gotcha. Best of luck!

  898. panic'd chick Says:

    Hi lotus, thanks for all the information — you really seem to have a good heart helping all of us! Wanted to run my situation by you–

    Female, everyday smoker for the past few years, 5’5″, 135lbs. Don’t workout…yoga every once and a while. I’ve been clean for about 18 days. lost some weight, been eating super healthily for a long time. I failed an at-home test without diluting at all, and then passed slightly (FAINT second line) after diluting a few hours later. Today I am diluting as much as possible, took a B supp. and am planning on taking the test tomorrow afternoon (after continuing to dilute dilute dilute!) I will be trying 2 more at-home tests.. today and tomorrow before the test.

    What do you think my chances are??? And do you have any suggestions? I was thinking of eating a fatty breakfast tomorrow to slow my metabolism bc it is normally very fast. I know I’m cutting it close but I just wanted a second opinion…

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  899. Lotus Says:

    You’ve got pretty good chances. I think the key to passing is just dilute as much as you can, and take some creatine tonight if possible and tomorrow morning. Make sure you pee in the morning before your test, and then drink as much water as possible without killing yourself.

    Best of luck, let me know how it goes or if you have any more questions.

  900. crazychick86 Says:

    Hey Lotus,
    thank you an abundance for all your great advice which has helped me a lot since my obsessiveness over pre-employment drug screening began for me 2 weeks ago.

    I was wondering if you have any recent reviews of Dr. Greens Agent X passing a urine test in 2015….my box says mine was made in 02/2014. I THINK there’s uric acid in it, i live in the northeast, but ‘m just really spazzing that its too outdated and quest lab will pick up on it being synthetic.
    hope you see this in time, my test is tomorrow. thanks again for all your help!

  901. Lotus Says:

    Agent X started using uric acid in 2012 if I’m not mistaken (2013 at the very latest), so it should be fine for you to use. I’ve had a number of people report to me that it has worked recently, including one guy from about 3 weeks ago. Let me know how it goes, and good luck!

  902. NOT SO panic'd chick Says:

    I PASSED!!!!! Lotus thank you for this site and for your advice.

    For everyone else out there — I definitely attribute my passing to: 1) Abstaining (19 days) and 2) DILUTION!. I am a heavy daily smoker (medicinal — but not recognized in my state) and was very worried about 19 days not being enough; especially since I do not work out or sweat much. Dilution was key. I took B Vitamins and ate protien-rich foods leading up to the test, which may have helped.

    The day of testing I drank water & gatorade, voided about 5-6 times before the test. My submission sample was a very clear, light yellow.

    I must say that I also did a lot of positive visualization and meditation which I also give credit to. Maybe you do not believe in that type of thing, but I do. It also helped with the intense anxiety during this entire situation (not to mention the physical pain from being off my NATURAL MEDICATION.)

    Good luck to all of you out there! Legalization is coming!!!!!!!

  903. Lotus Says:

    Awesome!! Love hearing success stories, congrats and best of luck to you. I don’t know if your test was for a job or something else, but we wish you the best in whatever it is!

  904. jenp Says:

    I was 10 days clean when my doctor sprung a blood draw to check for drugs. I have a history of smoking weed which she knows about. She ordered five vials worth! What could that be about? I am on some meds that need to show up but that is not what they were testing for. Just illegal drugs. Will I pass?

  905. Lotus Says:

    That’s lame! You shouldn’t have a problem passing at all. Blood test only detects about 7 days out at the maximum.

  906. rastadreads Says:

    I been stop smoking since last month around the 19th on the 21st I hit maybe one or two hits……i drunk certo last night and just now I have a drug test at 9 will I pass it…..I used it twice since last night drink

  907. worried Says:

    ive been clean for about 3 weeks, i only smoked about 2 times a week prior, and ive been diluting the entirety of the three weeks. I have a UA coming up in about a 4-5 days. im 5’10” and 245 lbs, what are my chances of passing?

  908. jenp Says:

    Thank you, Lotus. You definitely eased my mind.

  909. Anonymous Says:

    so soma 100% will not show up in a probation mouth swab sent to redwood toxicology lab?

  910. Lotus Says:

    Correct. Here’s their data sheet for drugs they test for:

  911. Crash Says:

    Sup lotus trying to figure a way were when I come home and be able to self medicate. I’m subject to daily swab test if there’s an incident where I damage some thing with a forklift or hurt somebody. And in 11 years of riding on I’ve only pierced one case, and never hit and one “safety first” always but there’s always the what if. How could I rest my mind if I came home from work light up a hootie and just un nerve from the days anxietyies, while being able to wake up,get to work and be positive that I will pass a saliva swab.

  912. Lotus Says:

    Gotta be honest Crash, I haven’t figured out a way to beat swab tests yet. The only thing I would be able to recommend is only smoking Friday/Saturday, that way it gives you enough time to get it out of your system.

  913. Crash Says:

    That system is already implemented, thank you for your understanding and compassion!

  914. Lotus Says:

    I’ll keep trying to figure something out, check back later and maybe I’ll have something for you. Thanks for reading!

  915. Crazystuff Says:

    Nice thread..lots of helpful info…have you heard anything good about synthetix5? Does it work?

  916. SK8tnONthinICE Says:

    Been smoking 1 to 2 bowls a day for over a week. Have a pre employment urine test for a truck driving job this coming Monday (today SAT). Have passed Urine tests for THC by dilution, or substituting, but unsure about, presently ICEsk8tN for a week now. Can water pills, b-12 vitamins & dilution help my chances of passing a run of the mill urine test, like at concentra, labcorp, etc? That I am STUDYING for upcoming QUIZ? Your thoughts?

  917. Lotus Says:

    Crazystuff– Never heard of that one in particular. Let me know if you try it, how it goes.

    SK8tnONthinICE– Yeah dilution and all the normal tricks will help for those tests. But if you haven’t been clean for over a week (preferably two) then I’d recommend synthetic urine or a clean friend.

  918. sobriety sux Says:

    I am a heavy smoker and I have an oral mouth swob test on Tuesday morning. Today is Sunday I smoked this morning… Will I still pass?

  919. Lotus Says:

    If you don’t smoke until the test you should be fine.

  920. Stressed Says:

    I smoked for about two weeks. I only smoke a little bit at night but I smoke consistently. It has been an additional two weeks since the last time I smoked. I have been using the ‘dip’ tests with the ‘two lines for negative’ feature. I keep testing positive but the test kits are about 8 months Does this make a difference or am I really still positive?

  921. Lotus Says:

    You’re probably good, but make sure you drink a lot of water the day of your test to be safe.

  922. jaime Says:

    Hey – I have to take this drug test tomorrow morning 27119N SAP 10-20/DP+BRZ2,6AM. Could you tell me what I will be tested for? I took 1 hit of a joint 14 days ago and a couple of vicodin 8 days ago. I have not smoked any weed prior to this for 8 years, I was on vacation and made a bad decision. Thanks in advance for any help and you post good info.

  923. jaime Says:

    forgot to mention that I passed a First Check home test kit I purchased from Wal-Mart.

  924. crazychick86 Says:

    Hey Lotus, almost forgot to update my situation, been working at my new job that I love for two weeks now! Although I had Agent X synthetic and it prob would have worked, the day of my test I got extra nervous that it might not and substituted with my guy friend’s clean pee. Had practiced a shit load of time beforehand getting temp perfect, heated up my agent x bottle with temp strip by dipping it into mug of hot water, then had two handwarmers wrapped to it to keep temp up and stuck it in my undies to keep it to my body temp. I checked my temp near the testing place with a thermometer, it was 101 so I knew I’d be good. I only had to wait like 15 min in testing center and my substitution went smoothly, temp was 98 by time it went into cup. Made small chat with worker lady and she checked off that temp was within range. All was good, and now I am at a happier place, and still smoking like a boss :)
    Thanks again for all your great advice! Just wanted to share with others that substituting is really not that bad at all. Next time I might just try to the synthetic.

  925. Lotus Says:

    Oh awesome! That’s great to hear, I’m glad everything worked out for you! Enjoy your new job and let your stoner friends know where you learned your tricks 😀

  926. Turtle Says:

    Need some moral support for tomorrow. I have a morning drug test and I’ve been clean for about 2 months. Last time I smoked, I smoked 3 days in a row and it was my first time smoking ever.
    Im an athlete and workout daily, 5′ 11”, 25% body fat or less, and around 180lbs.

    Do you think I’ll pass this test in the morning?
    Any suggestions, tips, or help?

  927. Lotus Says:

    Ha! I can provide all the moral support you need, because there’s no WAY you’re going to fail unless someone breaks in and tampers your test. On very rare occasions (1/1000 or less) people do fail over 30 days, but NEVER 60 days. You work out, low body fat, not a regular smoker, you’re gonna be just fine.

  928. Turtle Says:

    Thanks for the response, Ive kinda been real paranoid about this test. I took it this morning and have been worried ever since so, just to completely dispel all my stress, you think I’d pass even if it is my first pee in the morning?

  929. Lotus Says:

    Yeah that only applies to people who still have some THC left in your system. You’re not one of those people haha, nothing to worry about.

  930. Turtle Says:

    Right, thanks again! Appreciate your help.

  931. SK8tnONthinICE Says:

    UPDATE TO TEST ON MARCH 23rd. FAILED. But I am still able to get hired, only because I wasn’t employed by anyone at the time of SAID “QUIZ”. GUess I shoulda held out for longer. Im still SK8tin, with no concerns.

    Some APartment complexes in TULSA OKLAHOMA, DON”T GIVE A HELPING HAND TO OUR US. VETERANS. (which I am.) I have been having an issue paying RENT on time with my OFFICE PERSONNEL. I have however been able to see almost an entire MONTH out , That I would be experiencing a problem, with said rent.
    This was all due to PTSD, & a “PANIC ATTACK”, is what my DOC’s, & Pshycotherapists had told me just before the gave me 3 ANTIPSHYCOTICS.
    Thanx LOTUS, for the FORUM!.

  932. wade Says:

    i smoked about 2 grams of weed..i have about 25 days before a pee test…tested clean before that not a daily user…im gona drink palo azul a few days before test…..what are my chances for passing…also a walk a fair amount at work….does the tea work…ive heard many stories

  933. wade Says:

    i quit smokin a day or two before march 26…test is april 21…just to add to the above comment

  934. Lotus Says:

    Turtle– No problem!

    SK8tnONthinICE– Yeah I was worried about that, that’s why I recommended substitution. But best of luck in the future, hope you still get that job!

    wade– You shouldn’t need much help passing at all with nearly a full month. Tea and other cleansers aren’t gonna do shit, the most you can hope for is it will dilute your urine a little. If you really want to do something, take some creatine the day before and day of the test, and drink a whole bunch of water that morning. Make sure you pee at least once before you go to the exam, and then load up on water.

  935. parttimestoner Says:

    I’ve smoked once like every month for the past 3 months and I recently took a hit and I didn’t get high but a bit buzzed it wasn’t a strong hit but I have a unrine in 4 days. I’m planning to drink a lot of water and sweat it out. Do you think my chances are high at passing the test?

  936. Lotus Says:

    Hmm, I dunno that’s cutting it pretty close. Since you’re such a light smoker it’s definitely possible that you’ll pass. I’d put the odds at like 50/50 or maybe 60/40. Drinking a lot of water and so forth would definitely improve the chances. If it’s an important drug test (I guess most of them are), like to keep you out of jail or get a good job, I’d find a clean friend or buy some synthetic urine.

  937. parttimestoner Says:

    Much love. It’s a 9 panel drug test. And I’ll take some at home tests as well and see what I do!

  938. mariahane1 Says:

    Lotus- I took a Medtox saliva 5 panel test that was sent to a lab to be tested and I’m really nervous because on Medtox’s website is says that the detection period for chronic smoking is 12 weeks. I quit smoking about a week and a half before I even knew I had to take the test. I took an at home urine test that was positive, but I was working on detoxing. Do you think the 12 weeks is an accurate detection time for saliva tests?

  939. Anonymous Says:

    Hey lotus!
    Great thread. Not too many others out there like it. Need ur expertise-took about 40mgs of oxycodone orally 5 days ago. Could possibly have a probation DT tomorrow, making it 6 days total. They’re random tests…and odds are , they won’t even do it (been on supervision for 1yr with only 1 test administered…and passed). Should I be diluting? Or u think its passed by now? Late 20’s, very high metabolism, semi-active. Thanks!

  940. Lotus Says:

    mariahane1– That website is SOOO far off haha. There is no saliva or urine test AT ALL that goes back 12 weeks, even hair tests would be on the very edge of their detection time. Make sure they weren’t talking about hair tests, because that’s the only thing I can think of that would make sense. In any case, you have nothing to worry about, saliva tests pick up only 48 hours at most.

    Anonymous– Those typically show only 4 days. I think you’ll be ok, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to drink a good amount of water!

  941. Amanda Says:

    Ok so I am in probation, I smoke like 2 small bowls of loud a day but have not smoked in a week what are my chances for passing a drug test on the 8th day? Or what do I need to do to pass it without using someone else’s piss? I tried the condom thing once, don’t laugh to hard when I say this, but couldn’t figure out how to get it “up there”! Help!!!

  942. bobby Says:

    hey loutus so i smoked about one month ago but then i decided to smoke 4 days before a drug test it was a couple of hits what should i do

  943. Lotus Says:

    Substitute with synthetic urine or real, clean urine. You could maybe pass on your own if you dilute and stuff but I wouldn’t risk it.

  944. Anonymous Says:

    Hey lotus!

    My boyfriend has a drug test tomorrow at a temp agency. He smokes all the time! He normally used his friends urine, but his friend was unable to provide a sample for him. If I were to give him a sample would they be able to detect that the urine came from a female rather than a male? Please help! I’m worried

  945. Lotus Says:

    There is no way for them to tell if a sample is from a female or a male. To do so would require a completely different test, and it would be illegal to do so without their medical consent.

  946. J Alfred Prufrock Says:

    I need some moral support. I subbed for a urine test Friday morning, but foolishly capped off the sample with my own presumably tainted pee. I guess I passed on temp as the lab tech accepted it. I would say it was 3-5% mine 95-97% clean. It wasmy third pee of the day-midstream-I splashed some on toilet seat to make it look convincing…idk what I was thinking. I smoked the night before test, admittedly im a daily toker…I guess that’s why I misread the line and I freaked at scene…what do you think chances are I will pass?

  947. Lotus Says:

    You should be fine. Such a small amount of your own urine won’t screw up the sample.

  948. J Alfred Prufrock Says:

    I trust your opinion, it means a lot. I know the same question had been asked, but the extra measure of equanimity is appreciated. Pass or fail, this is undoubtedly the best site ever on the subject. Thanks again and I will follow up on results.

  949. Lotus Says:

    Please do, it’s very helpful having people report back. By the way, many people have reported substituting as much as 25% with dirty urine and still passing.

  950. Anonymous Says:

    I was smoking a joint 3 to 4 times a week & am told i may have to take a drug test in 20 days. What are my chances of passing naturally. I stopped smoking today

  951. Big man Says:

    I failed a drug test given be the by the job they sent me to labcorp. I Sub with a female urine temp was right and they took it. That was Friday now it’s Monday still have not got the results. Just worried

  952. Lotus Says:

    Anonymous– Your chances are great especially if you dilute the day of your test.

    Big man– You’ll be fine. It takes a few days up to two weeks to get results back.

  953. Michael Davis Says:

    hi I had a DUI a few years back and to retain my license I must have a drug test by the state which will be watched while I urinate and will be sent to a lab for testing I will have been clean for 30 days and I definitely plan on deluding as much as possible I’m 5 10 150 pounds I have a high metabolism and low body fat what do you think my chances are on passing? any advice would be greatly appreciated

  954. Michael Davis Says:

    by the way this test actually measures levels it’s not just a positive or negative type of test it measures ng levels?? I think thats what its called.

  955. runswithsqauws Says:

    Hey man, you’ve probably answered this somewhere but I wanna be as sure as possible. I get tested weekly with an 11 panel screen, with the strip that’s how’s lines ya know? I’ve used substitution there before but always with male. Will the secretary who does the test be able to tell the difference between male and female? I will use my girlfriends if its possible.

  956. Lotus Says:

    Michael Davis– If you dilute you should be fine. 30 days is enough for 99% of people to pass. ng just means nanogram which is how they measure the concentration of drug metabolites. For example, a cup test is usually 50ng/mL, which means if you have over 50ng of THC metabolites per 1mL then you will fail. But you can have less than that and be fine – this is because the test is not very accurate and needs that much room for error. Very exact tests can have limits of 15ng/mL. They always have some small amount allowed because your body naturally makes those metabolites even if you’ve never smoked weed.

    runswithsqauws– They cannot tell at all male or female. They can’t legally test for gender because it’s protected by medical privacy regulations.

  957. Michael Davis Says:

    thank you so very much I really appreciate that and thank you for making this page and helping all of us out answering these questions I know you don’t have to do that but you choose to you’re awesome person for spending so much time helping others god bless you and thank you again

  958. RHP Says:

    I thought I’d add my personal experience here, since you guys have helped me SO much! Had a 10-panel, lab tested, pre-employment UA today. I smoke daily but in small quantities (essentially, I use it to fall asleep or I don’t sleep at all), and for that reason was pretty sure I’d tank it, so I subbed with my husband’s urine (he doesn’t smoke). Put the urine in a clean 5-hr energy container, placed it between my butt cheeks by my “taint” (is it still a taint if you’re female? I know not), put one pair of underwear on, then placed one of those warming things for menstrual cramps in another pair of underwear (like a pad) and put that on over the other. Pair of somewhat tight jeans, couldn’t see anything. Walked in, poured my bottle in the cup, peed in the toilet a little, and walked out. Temperature checked, gave the sample, walked away.

    I don’t have the results yet of course, though I’m not really worried since my husband doesn’t smoke, but I’ll update when I do. One thing: the lab tech was obviously making small talk and checking my level of nerves, so walk in there with confidence, or you might give yourself away. I had never done this before and had to work at controlling my shaking hands.

    Lotus, a huge thank you to you for this very helpful and non-judgmental site, and all my thanks and admiration for tirelessly answering these questions and talking people off the ledge. You’re a good egg, man.

  959. amuna Says:

    I have a weekly 11 panel test for THC for court. I’m a heavy smoker, at least 3-4 grams a day, I have 3 weeks of the weekly tests to get my THC levels down. I did the preliminary test last Thursday the last time I smoked was Monday. Will my test levels be the same or will they have gone down some? I smoked right before I took the last test

  960. amuna Says:

    Actually I tested last Monday but I kept smoking all week, my last day smoking was this Monday. I cut back a lot in preparation to stop. I’m drinking a lot of water I took my multi that has b12 in it, I just wanna make sure it’ll show a change this week

  961. Lotus Says:

    Michael Davis– No problem glad to help!

    RHP– I am the eggman, I am the walrus! Haha bad joke, but thanks for your input!

    amuna– Well in theory they would go down, but in practice it will pretty much be the same. Those 11 panel tests are not accurate enough to tell how much you have, just whether you have THC metabolites or not. I doubt you’ll start seeing a tangible difference until you’re about 2 weeks clean.

  962. Anonymous Says:

    Lotus! You’re so smart!!! My bf passed his drug test using my urine!! And he was able to keep the pee warm with his body temp for 2.5 hours! Thanks for the advice

  963. john Says:

    Hello, great random job opportunity. I smoked yesterday, usually 1 gram every 2days shared with my wife. Real dank. I have 4 days to test. Can I dilute?

  964. Lotus Says:

    Your chances aren’t great if go that route. I highly recommend synthetic urine – if your job pays better it will pay for itself in probably a day of work.

  965. J Alfred Prufrock Says:

    Passed! Thanks Lotus, the small amount of my own urine was evidently not enough to screw up the test. I guess in the future if faced with a similar situation, to avoid this unnecesarry complication, I should just short the sample…
    Thanks again, I used the sub method with handwarmers and it all worked out. This site is fantastic!

  966. earl Says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful advice. I recentl(y (5-1-15) went to quest for a pre-emplyment drug test ( 1793n. Sap950/2000)..what kind of test is this? I subbed using feamle urine. Lab tech made two viles but threw one out? Why? Then she went on to tell me how they can check to see if its male of female (she told me sum story about a kids that got busted using his sisters).should I be concerned? Thankyou

  967. Lotus Says:

    J Alfred Prufrock– Very cool, love hearing success stories! Congrats and have a great day :)

    earl– That test number is an internal code, but it is a urine lab test. The lab tech is an idiot or trying to scare you, they cannot legally test for gender. If they do, congrats! You have a million dollar HIPAA case on your hands.

  968. Michael Davis Says:

    hey I have a question I have a urine test in 2 weeks that will be sent to the lab for verification I’ve been taking half a milligram of xanax for the past week I was wondering how long does it stay in your urine? I’m not taking anymore I have two weeks until the test any advice would be gratefully appreciated thank you very much

  969. Michael Davis Says:

    half a milligram a day I meant to say

  970. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, I’m a juvenile pro-be. I am a regular smoker, and I have no plans of stopping… I am expecting a home visit from my probation officer some time this week, I have put regular tap water in a container and I heat it up in expectations that she will show up sometime, oh and I put yellow food coloring in it to enhance believability… She gives me a 9 panel cup test… should I be fine, and pass, when she shows up?

  971. Jason Says:

    Please help?? What is the absolute longest time that a person can go without smoking and still test positive for thc? I am 5’11” and 200lbs. I was an extremely heavy smoker about a quarter ounce a day for about a year. I completely stopped smoking on November 5, 2014. On feburary 23, 2015 I took a drug test and still tested positive. I haven’t smoked or messed up one time. I have another drug test on May 15, 2015, do you think I will still test positive? All the research I’ve done I’ve found numerous diff answers for how long thc can stay in your system. I mean by may 15th I’ll be going on 6 months or 180 days without smoking any weed. Is there any possibility that I could still test positive after that many days? Thank u in advance for your help and your time.

  972. Lotus Says:

    Michael Davis– Xanax stays in your system for a long time actually, over a month I think. If your test is in a couple weeks I wouldn’t risk it… take some synthetic urine or clean urine with you instead.

    Anonymous– Well I assume you can’t buy synthetic urine, but I would highly recommend getting some synthetic urine or finding a clean friend to hook you up. Yellow tap water might work, but it won’t if the test has a legitimacy check on it (not all of them do). If you do decide to take the risk with tap water make sure it’s at 98˚ at least to pass the temp test.

    Jason– There is no way you will test positive. No possible way. In fact, there’s no way you could have failed last time, I think you got a bad test. I’ve heard of people failing at 2 months, but even that is questionable and only happens to a tiny minority of people.

  973. jt Says:

    i know you have said multiple times you can swap male and female urine to pass a ua but if i use my gf’s urine and she is on her period would that make a difference

  974. Lotus Says:

    Nope, wouldn’t make a diff.

  975. quik Says:

    Hey Lotus,

    First of all, it’s amazing that you’re so active on this forum. Thank you!

    Well, here’s my story. I got an offer for a job and accepted it. Well, of course there’s a drug test. My last session was the 11th. So technically I’ve been about 3 days free. I’m 5’5″ 143. Work out regularly, and eat pretty healthy as I am pretty cut up for the summer days ha. Well, I have until the 22nd to finish up the test and finish up my new hire paperwork. I do plan on taking everything the 22nd since it’s the most convenient day for me. Now, as far as history, I usually just smoke a little joint maybe 5 times a week. (an 1/8th will usually last me a week, week & a half.) —— I had this drug test scare almost last year as well, and I did everything I could to pass. I took at home tests last year and I believe I was actually passing with only 7-8 days being clean. I passed last years actual test by diluting, taking creatine, slamming redbulls & gatorade before the test. ——- Now currently, I am off the creatine supplement as I felt that I needed to take a break from it. But, now that I know I will be tested again, I will start loading up on creatine every morning with my protein shake. Now it may be tough for you to decide whether it’ll be a pass or not, but I do plan on diluting for the actual test day. I also planning on buying some at home tests to take a couple times next week to see where I am at. IF I do end up failing the at home tests, I will most likely just buy QuickFix from a local shop and just use that. But, I am trying NOT to do that because I am afraid I will get patted down or not have it at the right temperature. According to the paperwork given to me, I am taking the test at an Urgicare. The odd thing is, nothing on the paper work that was scanned to me was filled out so I have no idea if it’s being sent to a lab or whatnot. So I am just planning on printing this paper out and handing it to them with no writing on it. So I am kind of confused.

  976. Lotus Says:

    Well to be honest you pretty much know as well as I your chances of passing (probably around 60%). You’re doing everything exactly right, so there’s not much for me to tell you unfortunately!

    I can say that the test is probably a lab test, but it is likely one of the simpler tests (not a GC/MS or similar). And I wouldn’t be worried about being patted down at all. Nobody has ever reported that situation (outside of the military or jail), even people going for security clearances and probation tests. The worst case scenario is that someone would watch you (for probation or whatever), but I am 100% confident that won’t be happening. If they did act like they’re going to watch you I’d just pretend to be pee-shy and say you can’t go while they’re there.

    If it were me and it was a job I really cared about, I’d probably go for the QuickFix. But if you pass the at-home tests beforehand then you’ll probably be fine either way.

  977. quik Says:

    Thanks for the reply Lotus!
    As far as lab testing, or simpler tests, what does this really consist of? I’m assuming it’ll be similar to a home test? I mean I did take a “pre-employment” test last year as I was a temporary worker being hired in. I went in and took the test, the split my urine into two different containers and sent it off. Should I assume it will be the same? Last years test involved me going into an actual drug testing facility and they had me empty my pockets but they never patted me down. The only reason I am worried about getting patted down is because this will be at a local Urgicare and I am just unsure, but then again, it shouldn’t be that strict I’m guessing. I plan on taking a home test on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday to see how I stand. And from those results, I will consider buying QuickFix and just going into the location and taking the test since the place says they close at 9pm. Anyway, another reason I am worried is because of how I should sneak in the QuickFix. I usually wear boxer briefs so I guess I just plan on packing the little bottle right under my junk and walking in and then just putting it into the testing cup. I’m guessing I should pee into the toilet, stop, then pour in the QuickFix into the testing cup, then continue peeing into the toilet? (side note — When I took the home tests last year, I was getting a faint line around 6-8 days from the last time I smoked. I took these tests around night time and AFTER I worked out. I’m assuming that getting a faint line after working out is a good thing since working out ultimately just releases THC out of my body and into my urine? So if my logic is true, then I should be pretty good mid-day after eating some McDonald’s and drinking some water.)

  978. Michael Davis Says:

    hi I was wondering how long do you have to be clean to pass a 15ng level drug test I have one coming up I will have been clean for 30 days I’ve been deluding for a week I’m 150 lb – 5″9 should I pass it I know the 15 ng is a more accurate test just wondering how long I have to be clean and what do you think my chances are?

  979. Lotus Says:

    It varies for every person but most people are clean enough after a few weeks. 30 days should be fine unless you’re super unlucky. Your chances are like 95%. You have pretty much nothing to worry about (especially if you dilute to be safe).

  980. Kobra Says:

    Lotus good afternoon. I have UA today at 6pm and I have a clean donor and I will have them give me a sample 15 mins before and it will be in a 3oz shampoo bottle that I am leaving out in the sun til I get the sample to keep the temp of bottle warm. I will then place clean urine in 15 mins before and then keep in my genital area. My question is 15-30 min window of fresh urine going to keep close to the proper body temp time? Also is 3oz enough for the UA test?

    Thanks in advance

  981. Lotus Says:

    Sorry I didn’t get to your post in time, wish you had found us sooner. If you did everything the way you outlined then I think you did great!

  982. help me Says:

    I was a heavey smoker. Smoked the good shit daily sometimes all day. I’m 5’8″ 290lbs. Haven’t smoked since April 12 took home test today and I’m still pissing hot… I’ve been drinking about a gallon of water, had some hearbl cleansing for about a week and I walk about 4-8 miles a day ( only been doing this for about a week) what more can I do to ensure I pas . Got a test in about a week.

  983. Lotus Says:

    I think you’ll be fine doing what you’re doing, but are you sure you read the results right? Any faint line, even if it’s barely visible, means you pass. Obviously a dark line is ideal, but the tests are not consistent and you can’t rely on them 100%. I recommend taking another test and see what it says. If you fail that one too (no line visible at all) then you should be more worried.

    If you do end up failing another one, then drink a ton of water the day of your test, and take some creatine for a few days before and the day of. So if your test is on a Thursday, start taking creatine on Monday or Tuesday, and make sure to take it every day including your test day. Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions/how it turns out

  984. quik Says:

    Quick update from my last post!

    I just bought two home tests. Took one around 1145pm. I passed it with a faint line, but according to the test, the color of the line or intensity doesn’t matter. It’s been 9 days since I last smoked, and according to the test I am clean right now. I didn’t work out Tuesday and today (Wednesday), and I also didn’t drink an extreme amount of fluids either. I haven’t really changed my diet as well, as I’ve heard that you’re supposed to eat some fatty foods before the test to make a layer of fat over the old layer.
    Anyway, I plan on taking the second test I bought, sometime in the morning tomorow and see how I do. If I do end up passing, I will probably drink a couple glasses of water, then head to the Urgicare location to take the test after my day at work. Which will be around the evening time. So far, so good!

  985. quik Says:


    Another update. Took the second home test I have around 10am. It was my second pee of the day and I passed with a faint line. Water intake was normal and my pee was yellow as I wanted to test out how dirty I am considering its early in the day.

    I think I’ll be good for the actual test. I will be taking it this evening and probably will just continue to drink water and probably drink a bottle of Gatorade before the test just in case. But, I’m feeling pretty confident! What do you think?

  986. Lotus Says:

    Yeah you should be just fine. Keep doing what you’re doing and you shouldn’t have any trouble. Best of luck! And let me know how it goes

  987. quik Says:

    Update! (Sorry for the amount of posts, but hey, maybe it will help someone because I know I’ve been searching for posts like these.)

    Well, I went to the urgicare and they told me that they don’t do urine testing after 5pm. So, I will just go tomorrow in the afternoon. Not a problem at all because the way I look at it, it just gives me more time to get cleaner. My plan for the morning is to eat a big breakfast / lunch and drink a decent amount of fluids before the test and see how it goes!

  988. help me Says:

    Got a surprise test yesterday. Drank a shit ton of water. Took a home test, there was a faint pass line. Went and took the actual test and my urine was clear. Hope I passed

  989. quik Says:


    Took the actual drug test today at 11am. Feeling pretty good so far. I had a big breakfast this morning and I went to the bathroom approximately 4 times before the actual test. On my way to the test, I bought a Vitamin Water, (has some B12 and other B vitamins to help with color), chugged that, then stopped at another gas station and chugged a bottle of water. After filling out some paper work at the clinic, I waited. I finally had to pee really bad because on my way to the place, I went to the bathroom at the gas station. Anyway, I had to empty pockets, then I proceeded into the bathroom where the lid was taped, toilet blue and given a cup to pee in. I kind of wish I would have bought QuickFix because it could have been easily done! I guess im just nervous it wouldn’t work =/. Well, anyway, I peed into the toilet, then mid way i stopped and went to fill the cup to where it needed to be, then continued in the toilet. My urine was almost clear, but with a little neon yellowish tint. The nurse didn’t say anything about it. It was split into two tubes and I signed it off and away it went. Based off my last two home tests, I should pass, but I am guessing it MIGHT be diluted. If it is diluted, what’s the worst case scenario? I just re-do it? I mean I don’t have a problem with re-doing it. I would probably be way cleaner if I do happen to go back and retest considering it’s going to be a long weekend.

  990. yooo Says:

    My stupid ass Lor Brother popped Molly round 3am last night now he is scheduled for a swab for employment 11am in the morning total of less than 32 hours…..????? Advice please hasn’t used in months

  991. yooo Says:

    Have a swab in the morning took Molly less than 33 hours ago should I smash or maybe I’ll pass???

  992. Lotus Says:

    Probably not a great chance of passing to be honest. Reschedule if you can.

  993. billy Says:

    I took 2 check first tests its been 3+ weeks since i smoked…the first test showed a semi faded line hours later i took another and it was a little more faded than the first….im freakin out here i gotta take the deal in 6 hours…am i good too go or wtf please anyone

  994. Anonymous Says:

    hi, I smoked last month maybe a bowl a day, if that. I stopped 26 days ago. I’m 5’2 and 140. I also take claritin d everyday and today made a mistake and took 2. will this count as a false positive, if positive at all? I started drinking lots of water 2 weeks ago. help please

  995. Lotus Says:

    billy- you will be fine, any line no matter how faint is a pass.

    Anonymous- if you fail it won’t be due to the claritin. You said you stopped smoking about a month ago? If so you should be fine

  996. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Lotus…I took 100mg of Tramadol the night before I took a UA for military. Your article was written in 2011…do you know if they test for Tramadol now?!

  997. Lotus Says:

    What kind of test was it? I don’t know if standards have changed.

  998. Anonymous Says:

    I am not sure…I read an article stating that they use the immunoassay screening using the Olympus AU-800 Automated Chemistry Analyzer. The article also states that opiate cutoff levels are 2000ng/ml.

  999. Anonymous Says:


  1000. quik Says:


    I took a UA Friday morning, and it’s now Thursday night… and I haven’t heard any news yet. I’m kind of worried but also telling myself that no news is good news. I already have a start date for my job, which is Monday. So I am kind of hoping I don’t hear anything tomorrow (Friday)…. but, normally, if I failed, wouldn’t I have known by now??? I mean, I am also getting a background check done so I guess that’s what is taking long? But I would assume if ANYTHING came up, they would just tell me not to come in on Monday?

  1001. Lotus Says:

    Anonymous– If they’re using ImmunoAssay then they are probably testing for Tramadol as well.

    quik– No news is good news for sure. Typically they won’t explicitly tell you if you pass, they’ll just say come in on Monday or whatever.

  1002. K2 Says:

    Hey Lotus, So I have been reading this form for a few days now and appreciate all of the helpful info&quick replies! So, on the 18th of May I took a pre employment drug screen(labcorp/medtox) and I was clean except for what I have a prescription for. Since it was a holiday weekend I did not hear back from the MRO until over a week later (5/29) which is when she asked for my script info and everything checked out. However, when my employer received the results, which were negative, they said that the sample I provided was too dilute(prescription causes me to drink a good amount of water throughout the day) and asked me to do a retest. Only problem is I decided to take a few puffs off of a joint a few days after testing because I was sure that I was clear to go. Freaking out I decided to go to the only local place that sold synthetic ( Dr. Greens Agent X) the “batch date” was 02/02/2014…I looked on the website and did a lot of research prior to going back to the lab and it does say on their website that it contains uric is there anyway for the lab to detect that it is synthetic? I went and took the test and got the temp right and it was sent off.. Since my script obviously isn’t going to show up in the second sample is this going to be an issue?…

  1003. Lotus Says:

    The batch should be fine, and they won’t question a prescription that doesn’t doesn’t show up. Also that diluted thing is such bullshit.

  1004. dave Says:

    I have some clean urine that I collected from a friend of mine. I have kept it in a dark area at room temperature and have had it for about 1 month. Does the lab check to see if the urine is old/bad or is the temperature check their method of testing for fresh urine

  1005. Lotus Says:

    The problem with that is the pH and specific gravity will probably be all out of whack from being at room temp for so long. If it’s a lab test they’ll probably pick that up and fail the sample. It’s possible that you could still pass, and if the choice is between dirty urine and old clean urine, you might as well try the clean urine.

  1006. quik Says:

    Hey… so quick update… I passed everything! First week of work was great. Looking forward to the rest of my career!

  1007. Lotus Says:

    Great to hear that! I’m stoked everything worked out, best of luck to you in the future :) Now let’s smoke a bowl to celebrate

  1008. Anonymous Says:

    Hey lotus!

    Great advice, as always. Ur always my go-to for urine screening questions. Quick question…Took about 30mgs of Valium this morning and don’t have to report to the police (PO officer) in 41 days from now and potentially could have a random screen, unlikely, but possible. First time I’ve taken that substance in over 2 years. U think that’s enough time to not have to worry about it being detected? Thx man! Looking forward to ur response.

  1009. Lotus Says:

    So basically you have 41 days from your last dose? You should be ok especially since it’s your first usage in a long time, however I’d recommend not taking any more.

  1010. Love2smoke Says:

    Hey Lotus, been reading comments on here for last few days because I’m paranoid about passing a pre employment drug test. I’ve been smoking green regularly for the last 4 years, about 2-3 joints per day. I tried stopping but couldn’t… I have digestive issues and weed has been the best cure. I ordered two kinds of detox drinks but didn’t think it would work since I haven’t stopped smoking and my test is probably this week. I was planning on using my husbands clean urine in IL. I saw it was a felony in IL to use synthetic or substitute. By the way, I also ordered quick fix 6.1 but after I saw the felony in il, I decided to maybe use my husband instead. Have u heard of anyone from IL passing using clean or synthetic? Do u think I could dilute if I only stop for a couple days? And what’s the best way to transport and hide clean urine… Does it matter the kind of container to use?? What do u think is best in this situation? I appreciate anything you can tell me! Thanks!!!

  1011. Lotus Says:

    I would definitely substitute, either with clean or synthetic shouldn’t be an issue. It’s extremely rare for people to be charged with faking a urine test and nearly impossible to prosecute. In fact I’ve never heard of it happening. The only people who have ever been charged are people who were making the synthetic urine, and even then I think one guy in Ohio is the only one. So that’s not an issue.

    If you used clean real urine there’s basically no possible way to tell if you faked it or not, even if the temp was off there’s no conclusive evidence. I would go that route if you can, mostly just because it’s going to be the most effective.

    The best way to hide/transport it is to keep it in a thin bottle (like a 5 hour energy) and keep it warm either with a hand warmer or in between your legs. Use a thermometer to make sure it’s between 96˚ and 99˚F. They will often make you leave your purse or bags outside, but they typically don’t search your pockets or anything. If you keep the bottle in a hidden place you’ll be fine. You can also practice keeping it warm the day before so you’re confident going in.

    Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck!

  1012. Freaked and diluted Says:

    Hi lotus. I am 178 lbs and 5’8″. I have been smoking a bowl or two every night for almost a year and a half. I have been clean for 5 weeks. I am still testing positive at first and last void. I diluted my drug test yesterday and it came back diluted – I used creatine (but maybe too late) and vitamin b and had a gallon of water over the course of five hours. I have to go back by Tomorrow morning. What should I do?

  1013. Lotus Says:

    Do the same thing but drink a little less water. It’s very unlikely you’ll get a diluted result again.

  1014. Freaked and diluted Says:

    Really? I have a willing donor. Will they compare to see if its from the same person? I’m worried that I’ll overdue it again. Or that they’ll have a really low limit. I got a faint line second void after 33 ounces. Is that good enough to keep me from suspicion? How much water is enough do you think? I have to first thing in the am now so I’m going to wake up early and drink one liter about three hours before and a small coffee.

  1015. Lotus Says:

    They won’t compare anything, if you want to sub you can do that – it’s just a little more difficult than peeing normally. But with 5 weeks and diluting you’re at like 99% chance of passing. Make sure you were reading the at-home tests right, any line no matter how faint is a pass. Many people get confused by that, but if there’s any type of line then it’s a passing result.

    Just drink a couple glasses of water, say maybe a quart. And take the creatine again if you weren’t planning on it already. You can also drink a gatorade or energy drink instead of water to give your urine more color. So drink like one glass of water, one sports drink, and take the creatine you’ll be fine.

  1016. Freaked and diluted Says:

    So my sub had diluted urine and they asked me to come in again. I took a test before I got there and it came up with a faint but distinct line but it was way lighter in color than the sample I squeezed out an hour later. I have not heard back and I am sure I failed. I thought I was golden and I started to work out again, including the day I had to go back. I couldn’t risk another dilute so I only sipped about 5 ounces of water between the self test I did on myself and when I made it there an hour later. I barely had enough to catch anything mid stream. They’ve been pretty good with calling me back right away so I assume that the test was sent for more analysis and failed.

  1017. Freaked and diluted Says:

    It just sucks because I already had to give notice and left my job on Friday. Dumb ass move I know but I thought 38 days clean would get me somewhere. Plus I was traveling for work the three weeks bwteen and I didn’t want to arouse suspicion of delaying the test any further. I am trying to scrounge up enough for rent next month. This job was a huge pay raise and now I dint know if ill even get a job at the same salary level of the one I had to leave. So many dumb mistakes. Just so you know. I guess I’m that rare exception of the complete and utter failure levels

  1018. Pre-employmentDOT Says:

    Hey Lotus,
    I’ve been reading all of the comments for like an hour now and am hoping you can get back to me because I’m kind of freaking out. I just recently had a “negative-dilute” urinalysis based on DOT regulations and had to retake today. I went on vacation a week after I was layed off (where I tested clean on a random a week before my layoff) and smoked Cali medical for about 5 days resulting in an average 5 good hits per day. I’m pretty confident I’m clean but I am still nervous. I’m 5’10, 200 lbs. I’m a decent build but I would say body fat is still around 20-25%. I exercise about 5 days a week for 1-2 hours per session which involves intense cardio (stationary and mountain biking) and weight resistance training. I’m literally soaked in sweat when I am done. I’ve been taking metabolism increasing multi vitamins from GNC every day for 2 months (so my metabolism should be increased) and 1,000-1,500 mg of niacin a day, spread throughout the day, for about 16 of the 23 days. I drink 80-100 oz of water per day to stay healthy and I have also been eating a little cleaner than normal minus some binge days of eating pizza. Last night and today I drank some coffee and creatine but not as much water as last time because I didn’t want it to come back “negative-dilute” again. The pee was semi-radioactive looking from the multivitamin and creatine but also had a little darkness to it. I also peed a couple times in the morning before the test.

    I just wanted to see what your thoughts were on whether I would pass or not and also want to be able to come back and provide the results to help ease peoples minds that may be in the same boat as I.

    Thanks for your time!

  1019. Lotus Says:

    Freaked and diluted– What is up with this place and the diluted bullshit? I wouldn’t give up all hope just yet. First off when did you retake the test? It can take a week or more to get results back. 38 days clean is a very long time, 99.9% of people will pass with that amount of clean time.

    Pre-employmentDOT– How many days were you clean between the Cali medical and the last drug test?

  1020. Pre-employmentDOT Says:

    2 weeks, roughly, from the time I took the random to the time i went on vacation and smoked. I was clean for 2 months before I got the random. From the time I smoked the week on vacation to the current drug test today its been 23 days.

  1021. Pre-employmentDOT Says:

    Sorry, I guess I wasn’t really comprehending your question and I was typing to fast for my brain. I’m totally not stoned by the way, must have been from my glory days. Anyways, I have not smoked for 23 days and took the test today. I was completely clean before I went and smoked on vacation.

  1022. Pre-employmentDOT Says:

    So, I will add an update. My test results just came back NEGATIVE and I got the job. I provided a very rich sample, with barely any dilution. I think what really helped was intense exercise and the prolonged (but not dangerous) use of Niacin. Things to note: Most importantly, I was COMPLETELY clean before I smoked for 5 days while on vacation. My techniques may not work like they did for me for users that have been smoking for months or years. I may have been clean sooner than 23 days, but more time is always better. DO NOT exceed 2000 mg of niacin a day, DO NOT. And finally, if working a solid paying job and setting up a future for yourself is more important than weed, than just stay away from it. I used to smoke tons, and I mean tons, but realized I can work hard until i retire and get back at it. I was dumb to give myself all this stress just for some fun with my friends in California. Stick to a clean and healthy lifestyle and everything will be in your favor.

  1023. Lotus Says:

    Awesome! Really glad to hear your success story, and you did everything perfect. Sorry I couldn’t be more help but thanks for reading and sharing your experience.

  1024. fraidy cat Says:

    Hi, I am 61 years old female and overweight and must have a drug employment screen this coming Monday (June 29). I’m an old hippie and all my siblings have smoked for decades, though they are daily chronic users and I am not. I enjoy it but typically my brother will give me a few buds maybe once a month, and then I’ll smoke in the morning and again in the afternoon for about a week with 2 – 3 weeks between giving me a few buds again. I’ve been unemployed for a few years but hubby and I having a hard time making ends meet so when my old Boss of 8 years said she wanted me back, I jumped at the chance. Fantastic opportunity with high pay, I really need this job. Since I’ve never had a drug test before for some reason I wasn’t expecting it. My start date is July 6th. Anyway, I was clean from May 10th to May 31st when my brother gave me 2 little buds again. I smoked that day, clean over the weekend, then a bit each day on June 2nd and 3rd. I have not smoked in 25 days since. Despite my weight, I do exercise regularly and have for years, but after reading forums stopped exercising a few days ago and eating a healthy diet with plenty of red meat. My Sister gave me some of her old testing strips that expire 6/15. I’ve been testing with a very faint line for over a week, sometimes so faint it seems like a ghost line. However, after 2 diluting sessions this week I passed with light pink lines, thought this time distinct, and felt encouraged. I was going to test today (it’s an open date order with no expiration at a Quest collection site), but when I tested with my last strip after 2 liters of Gatorade and a few cups of coffee, the line was so faint I freaked out and decided to delay until Monday. I am a nervous wreck! My husband and I really need for me to get this job so we can move back where our daughter is. This will be a cross country move for us! I am flying out on Tuesday for some time to adjust with my daughter before I start the following Monday (that is if I pass). The HR person said it doesn’t matter to them if I test here in this state or where I’m going and they get the results back quickly in 24 hours, but my sister who is an HR person said it will look bad if I keep delaying the test. Anyway, my husband is clean and has been adamant that he thinks it’s too risky to let me sub his urine. He is taking the day off on Monday and can give me a clean sample at a nearby restroom and then I’ll store between my legs. I personally am not worried about subbing and think I should! My sister is worried that I will be too nervous, but I think I’d be LESS nervous! After reading the above forum comments and one kid saying the technician said they test for gender I’m worried again. I really need to get through this next week without having a nervous breakdown. Please advise if you think I should sub or if the very faint lines I’ve been getting on the strips is really a pass and I’ll be fine using my own. I’m an honest person, so it does feel weird to insist my husband give me a sample (he now says he will after seeing how really worried I am, but prefers not to). Anyway, a quick answer would be so appreciated for this old bird. So YES kids, even your Grammas still need to work and still enjoy a toke every now and then. Thanks in advance, Fraidy Cat

  1025. Lotus Says:

    I think you should be fine on your own especially if you drink a bunch of water before your test. Try to take some creatine every day until the test, and some B12 (or you can drink an energy drink type thing). That will help give some extra “weight” to your urine when it’s diluted from all the water. Don’t overdo it on the water, half a gallon is plenty. And make sure you pee in the morning before your test, to get as much flushed out of your system as possible.

    The faint lines on your tests strips should be reliable enough, in fact it’s pretty rare for people to get solid lines anyway. Oh and by the way they DO NOT test for gender. It is illegal to do so because of medical privacy regulations.

  1026. Anonymous Says:

    Lotus, I smoked one day ago. I drank detox and approximately 80 ounces of water before going in for my test. I urinated 5 times before dropping. I passed the “AtHome Drug Test” that they sell at Walgreens. Chances of passing a lab screening though? Pre-employment.

  1027. Lotus Says:

    Honestly not that great. If you drank enough water you might get lucky though.

  1028. anonymous Says:

    Please reply soon and help, I smoked 6/7 hits daily for about 3/4 weeks ago it’s been 11 days since then I have to take a pee test 11 panel test for my dr to make sure my medicine valium, tramadol is in my system, so worried need to pass, if I don’t I won’t get my meds , I’m 5’5 115 #’s 49 yrs old, if I take vitamins and drink lots of water and cranberry juice will I pass this test? Really stressed help please, Thanks in advance.

  1029. Lotus Says:

    Yeah if you drink lots of water you have a good shot at passing. Don’t overdo it, but you can safely drink a gallon or so over the course of a couple hours.

  1030. anonymous Says:

    Much appreciated, will let u know what happens, Thanks again for the advice

  1031. Dumbass Says:

    Hey lotus, so glad I stumbled across your site in my panic. Just got a new job in the same field and have never been tested before, but got a call today that I will be receiving a drug test/physical. I don’t have the date yet, but I won’t risk failing due to my somewhat heavy usage so I am definitely subbing. Great info on the subbing and I won’t bother you about that, but I’m concerned about being caught during the physical. I am a female and I have access to the urinator and quick fix +. I have read that I need to change into a gown for the physical, and it’s likely the physical is first. Ever hear of anyone not being allowed time/privacy to change back into their own clothes prior to the pee test? Any other advice for dealing with the physical in addition to the test? Thanks so much for your input as I am understandably freaking out right now!!!!

  1032. Lotus Says:

    Well this may be the first time I’ve been pretty much stumped by a question. I never had to take a physical at the same time as a drug test, they were always either separate or I didn’t need one. Do you typically take your bra off during a physical? If you can keep your bra on girls have told me they have great luck with keeping the sample in their bra – keeps it the right temp and easily concealed.

    This may be somewhat of a stretch, but you could also get one of those athletic knee (or ankle) braces from academy or whatever and keep it in there. Might take a little explaining (just say you tweaked your leg running or whatever) but I think it would work.

  1033. Dumbass Says:

    I might have to try that, but I hope not lol. Thought I would get the paperwork today and try saying I’d like the physical from my own doctor, but it didn’t come in the mail so I expect it tomorrow. I’ll update when I get any more info. Thanks for the reply:)

  1034. Lotus Says:

    No problem, let me know what you end up doing and how it goes.

  1035. what the fuck!! Says:

    I just went to my workman comp doctor appointment Friday 10th. the guy told me he have to swap the inside of my cheeks because the doctor needs to know how my body tolorates medication so he will not prescribe me nothing to strong.

    After I got home I got to thinking ,he’s telling a lie , motherfucker I never ever heard of this,

    My question is what is the doctor doing and I thought by law you have to let a patient know they are taking a drug test..

    After he did the mouth swap he said Ms. sign here to state I gave you a swap test to see your tolorance of medication, I said ok.

    What is it that the doctor whats to make sure you are not a dope fing or hook on drugs,, I’m not I smoked half a blunt on the 9th I didnt now I was going to have to take this swap just for my 1st workman comp appointment.

  1036. Dumbass Says:

    Got the paperwork and the physical is separate and done by my doctor. :) thank goodness! Still nervous as hell but that news definitely helped!

  1037. Lotus Says:

    Dumbass– Awesome! Yeah that will make things 100x easier. Let us know if you have any questions, and don’t forget to update us :)

    what the fuck!!– Well, I believe they need your consent to send drug test results to anyone. I’m not sure what the paper you signed was, but there is a swab test to determine how you react to certain medications. So he was probably not tricking you into a drug test.

  1038. Crash Says:

    Still nothing on a daily mouth cleanse that would work for thc? And being subjected to mouth swabs?

  1039. teuche Says:

    Lotus, I just took a double sample dot test after being smoke free for about 3 and a half weeks. I took niacin every other day between the 2nd and 3rd week as well as b12 and a purified brand omni extra strength 32oz and about 90oz of water this morning. Took an at home test just before testing and passed but I’m worried about my specific gravity being ok because I had to pee hard about half a dozen times before testing. Any reassurance? 6’2″ 185lbs. Color was a mild neon yellow.

  1040. Dumbass Says:

    Update! All went well with giving the sample. Nobody watched :) the physical was with my own doctor! Went out and celebrated pretty hard last night! Thanks for all the info!

  1041. Nervous in Indy Says:

    I just took a SAP 5-50 W/NIT test at Quest. I used Quick Fix 6.1 Plus w/ urea and got it to the right temp. It’s being sent to an MRO in New York. I’m freaking out they will be able to tell it’s synthetic. Anybody have experience with a failed test using the most recent version of QF?

  1042. Lotus Says:

    teuche– It’s very uncommon for people to fail for specific gravity. The most common dilution failures are due to creatine being too low. Hopefully your cleanser thing had some creatine in there. If it did then you should be fine. You have to be careful with all that B12 in there too cause they look for that nowadays.

    Dumbass– That’s super awesome! Very glad to hear the good news, enjoy the new job!

  1043. @Rose47 Says:

    Lotus – I don’t smoke at all. I took like 5-6 hits of a bowl last Friday and tested Thursday. For a not regular smoker will
    I be
    Ok? I drank cranberry juice and tons of
    Water?? Help :(

  1044. Lotus Says:

    You have a fairly good chance due to all the water and so forth. Can’t say for sure if you’ll pass unfortunately.

  1045. Anonymous Says:

    I had a pre employment urine test today and I saw that she checked the box yes, for suspicious temperature…does that mean I will fail?

  1046. Junior Says:

    I took a detox drink witha set of pills and followed the instructions perfectly. I took a first check home drug test and three cheaper drug tests and they all had faint lines and i know that means there negative. So i rushed to the testing lab and I had to pee already 5 minutes once i left the house (I was peeing so much because i drank two gallons the day before and drink 5 16oz bottles of water that morning along with the detox drink and pills). After i peed at the facility I left and did another test about 45 minutes later to confirm it was still effective and the results was a extremely faint line, almost nonexistent but you can see it lookin closely. Do you think i passed. Im nervous as hell

  1047. Lotus Says:

    It doesn’t mean you’ll fail necessarily. They may look more closely at the other indicators for legitimacy (ph, specific gravity, creatine, nitrites). What did you use as a substitute?

  1048. Too Old for This Shit Says:

    So, after years of not needing to worry about drug testing, I applied for a job that did not disclose a pre-employment screen and got the job (yay), but after I signed all my documents today they handed me a standard non DOT 5 Panel Urine Screen form (boo) and I have to have the screen completed before my first day of work on Aug 11th. I stopped daily smoking and have been 2-3 times per week of one chillum hit since probably June. Any thoughts on how long it will take to get myself clean if the last I smoked was last night (3 chillum hits)? I really want to take the screen mid next week with my own urine, but can use someone else’s clean pee if need be. Would just rather not have to mess with it.

  1049. Lotus Says:

    Junior– Any line no matter how faint is passing, so you’re probably ok, especially with the amount of dilution you did. Let us know what happens.

    Too Old for This Shit– Well you could maybe pass on your own with that time frame but it’s taking a pretty big gamble (like 40/60 pass/fail). I would recommend substitution, even though it’s a little bit of a pain it’ll give you peace of mind and a guaranteed passing result.

  1050. Chris Says:

    I love your work Lotus. You are a true champion of and for the community. I just felt I should comment on Aphra’s comment on Sept. 25, 2013 condemning a human’s empirical right to govern their own bodies. Aphra…knowledge is the key to freeing all mankind. Please try educating yourself on things you know nothing about. Most people would agree… Your intolerance and loss of humanity are showing. I am a Registered Nurse of 30 years. I also smoke instead of taking NSAID’s for terrible injuries sustained 2 decades ago. NSAIDS were slowly killing my kidneys. The government would rather have me on dialysis then smoke. Why do I feel they are not my friend? The world has enough hatred. Let it go my friend. Lotus…may you live long and well.

  1051. Lotus Says:

    Thanks Chris I appreciate that!

  1052. nervouswreck Says:

    Hi. I smoked Mary Jane two to three times a week. I stopped two weeks ago and I got a drop in the morning and drank one gallons of water in 5’8″ and 230#s. Will I pass?

  1053. Stupid Girl Says:

    Ok – help please! I was an occasion smoker – maybe once a week – and am know as the “one hit wonder”. My company was purchased by a new company (unexpectedly) and I got a conditional offer if I passed a drug test.

    I am 47 – 5’8″ – 125 pounds – Very fast metabloism

    I took my first test on 7/22 – it had been 10 days since I smoked. Got paranoid and must have over-diluted. I drink a lot of water anyway – but I drank A LOT of water the morning of, along with a ready clean. I had also done a 7 day detox (with pills) up to the day I did the test.

    On 7/29 – I hadn’t heard anything so I thought I was good. I took a VERY small hit. On Friday 7/31, I got notice that I had to re-rest by Monday 8/3.

    I did get a sub urine from a clean doner – but I didn’t have enough!! the girl told me she needed 6 ounces and I only had 5. I still had 2 minutes left in my time – she told me I could try to give her more – or I’d have to redo the test all together….

    So – I had to put a little of my urine with the clean urine – it was probably 95% clean – my 5% dirty.

    4 days clean – and again only that one small hit – and 10 days clean before that – and again before that maybe only 1 toke per week.

    I’ve taken several at home tests and passed all of them with first pee of the day.

    Even went to a Patient First on Saturday and paid them to test me with their rapid-test and I passed.

    What the are the chances that I’m going to pass this??

  1054. Stupid Girl Says:

    Also, my urine (that I had to add to the clean) was at the very end of my stream – and I had drank two bottles of water and peed about 4 times already that day.

  1055. Lotus Says:

    nervouswreck– Yeah you have a good chance of passing. Most people with 2 weeks clean that dilute with lots of water end up passing. Let us know how it goes.

    Stupid Girl– You should be just fine. Lots of people have added 10% dirty to their clean sample and been. I would be surprised if you didn’t pass. Let me know when you get the results!

  1056. Stupid Girl Says:

    Ive read so many differing opinions. I’m no scientist, but my thought was if you can dilute urine by drinking water… You should be able to
    Dilute dirty urine with clean urine…. So hopefully the small amount I added won’t make it test positive.

    First time I’ve ever been drug tested in my 47 years… It’s maddening.

    Does the MRO always call first (vs the employer) if it’s positive?

    And any idea on the turn time for labcorp?

  1057. Lotus Says:

    Your scientific intuition is correct, you can definitely dilute dirty with clean. It all depends on how much you use and how dirty the urine was. They’re looking for any concentration of THC metabolites above 50ng/mL, so if you have 100ng/mL in your urine, but you use 51% clean urine then the average would be under 50ng/mL. For example if you make a margarita with 4 shots of alcohol, then decide it’s too strong and put twice as much mixer, then obviously your drink will have half the concentration of alcohol and will be weaker (even though it still has 4 shots). Same concept.

    Usually they tell the employer the results positive or negative. It’s pretty rare for the employee to get the results directly. Labcorp usually takes about a week but anywhere from 3-10 days is normal.

  1058. Stupid Girl Says:

    I thought that if you tested a positive, an MRO would contact you before passing those positive results on to your company because the MRO needs to make sure you aren’t taking any meds that could cause a false positive?

    I’m asking because I could have sworn that the lab tech told me my results would be done in two days… I went Monday, they overnighted so the lab received Tuesday – so they either tested yesterday or should test today.

    I’m hoping that if I don’t get a call from an MRO today or tomorrow that I should be okay.

    Also, could one small hit on a Wednesday put you over 50ng/mL 4 days later? Again, I took a rapid test at a clinic on Saturday and it was negative. I took a home test every morning (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon) with first pee of the day and they were all clearly negative with a very solid, bright line for both the control and THC.

  1059. milkman Says:

    So i have a probation drug test tmrw if i bring clean pee would i have to worry about getting supervised it is going to be at a labcorp.

  1060. Lotus Says:

    Stupid Girl– Well typically they ask you beforehand what type of medications you’re using. If you didn’t fill out a form that asked that then they might ask you. But usually they just tell the employer you failed. A single hit probably wouldn’t put you over the limit after a few days, but it depends on your body. Usually no.

    milkman– Probation tests are often supervised by the PO, so it depends on if they’re showing up. I doubt the people at labcorp would be watching you. Try to store the sample in your pants so you can sneakily pour it in if necessary.

  1061. Stupid Girl Says:

    Test came back NEGATIVE! Yay!!!!

  1062. Anonymous Says:


    Took 25mgs of diazepam and just found out I might have a 11-panel test in about 25 days or so. I know that stuff lasts a while in system. High metabolism, 6’6″, 160lbs, young and active. Think this is anything to worry about?

    You’re the best,

  1063. Lotus Says:

    Stupid Girl– Yay indeed! I guess you can change your name now, you’re not a “stupid girl” any more 😀 Congrats though very happy to hear it. Hope everything goes well with the new owners at your job, and tell anyone you know with the same issues about our site.

    Anonymous– Well, benzos can stay in your system for quite awhile, some people who use it all the time can take like 2 months. If it was just the one dose I wouldn’t be too worried about it though. Are you a consistent user or just once in awhile?

  1064. Anonymous Says:

    Done it twice this year. Both times were relatively close to each other and around the same mg level

  1065. Anonymous Says:

    Any suggestions to speed up the cleansing process?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Doubt substitution is an option. Fairly certain it will be monitored.


  1066. Lotus Says:

    Yeah you have plenty of time to speed up the process. I would suggest working out with a lot of cardio as much as possible from now until about 4 days before the test. Try to eat as little fat as possible, and see how much you can burn. Then 4 days before the test start loading up on fatty foods, taking a creatine supplement and resting. The night before and day of the test drink a good deal of water, don’t overdo it but a gallon spaced out over a few hours is plenty. You should be fine even without doing that, but it will give you as good a chance as possible.

  1067. Stupid Girl Says:

    Lotus, I will tell others about this site. Lots of great info here. Next time I post, I’ll change my name to Victorius Girl!

  1068. Anonymous Says:

    I keep frozen urine in my freezer for Dr appointment with meds in it. Will they break down or go away or am I ok to use this urine because my meds are still in it. It is my urine that I keep in case I smoke weed. Will the meds still be there?

  1069. Lotus Says:

    They should be there no problem. You should probably make a new good sample after about a year, but until then it’s fine. Way to think ahead btw, that’ll save you a lot of headache

  1070. Bobby Says:

    Not a drug user at all. Couple vicodins when my back hurts bad. Maybe take 10/year total. Anyway me and a couple guys were in vacation and i ate half a 10 mg edible(weed) and have a drug test tomorrow. Will that amount even shoe on a test. Like i said no drugs due to random testing. Not a regular weed smoker/user at all. Been 5 years

  1071. Green Girl Says:

    Hi Lotus, I’ve been reading the comments and website, it’s the best I found so thank you for all the info. So yesterday I took a preemployment 5 panel test. I was clean for 32 days, the prior week I was smoking a drag of a one hitter, and 3 weeks prior smoked almost daily, 2-3 drags of a one hitter. I took home tests and in the past 10 days they all came negative, with different faintness of a line, but definitely a line there. The day of the test I tested again, 1 stream of a day very faint, 3rd of the day still light, but a negaitive. I just need a bit of reassurance…or not, but the waiting game is killing me. Really this has been so stressful, the daily tokes are past me now, no matter the result. My girlfriend says her husband has more chance of getting pregnant than me failing this, but I’m still worried. I will post an update, I promise. Thanks again.

  1072. Green Girl Says:

    By “prior week” I mean prior week from abstaining, so the week of July 4th

  1073. Lotus Says:

    Bobby– When did you eat the edible? It would show up but not for very long since it was so little and only once. Also you may not be an illegal drug user but you def use drugs, I love Vicodin 😀

    Green Girl– Yeah you should be just fine. Most people on this site pass with only 2 weeks clean, so 32 days is good for all but the most fringe cases (shitty tests or horrible metabolisms).

  1074. Green Girl Says:

    Thank you for the quick reply! Didn’t hear anything yet, took the test tuesday, and now it’s Th. As i said I’ll keep you updated. I have a good metabolism as i walk everywhere -5.2 ft, 115 pounds. The test was ecup, 5 panel, withing the SAMHA guidelines. I don’t know what I’m more upset about- the fact that I didn’t keep clean since March as i originally intended (started toking again June, quit second week of July as i mentioned), or that I could be punished for using a drug that helps me sleep and keeps me sane.

  1075. Jonnybegood Says:

    I am supposed to be off of soma and kaiser is now going to do a piss cup test. I take it regularly. Is there something I can do to pass?

  1076. Jonnybegood Says:

    I should tell you that I take other meds that are prescribed. I only want to “mask” the soma. Is there a way to do that? A kit?

  1077. Lotus Says:

    Green Girl– Yeah I can’t stand the illogic behind drug tests and illegal drugs in general. Let us know how it goes!

    Jonnybegood– Not really, when is the test and what other drugs are you taking?

  1078. BigTony Says:

    I am 360 lbs, smoked about a gram a day for 6 months. Gotta pass a piss test in 35 days. Is my daily ritual of 200mg Niacin, half-gallon water, and a big cup of green tea going to speed it up in time for the test? I have to pass the test before the doctor can prescribe me a new medication. I already take a few meds, but none of them are controlled substances.

  1079. Lotus Says:

    BigTony– Couldn’t hurt and yeah I bet you will be passing after 35 days of clean time.

  1080. flybinight Says:

    Hi! I’m a 39 yr old female, 5ft1in, 140 lbs, smoked a joint 10 days ago, before that I hadn’t smoked in over a year. I have a probation UA on the 19th and plan to use the “dilution” method, as this has worked for me in the past. I am allowed to have diluted urine at probation due to a kidney disorder (stones) and so there is never a problem with the lab and dilution, is even in my med file. I have 80 mg of Lasix I plan on using early morning before test. Between the lasix, not being an avid smoker and dilution, I should pass on the 19th, which will be 14 days clean, what are your thoughts on this?

  1081. Green Girl Says:

    Hi Lotus- passed the urine screen. Thank you for your reassurances. Took it late Tuesday and got my welcome letter on Monday. ( good thing I was on a fun vacation, or the stressed of the wait would have given me a heart attack). I’m greatful and happy for the new job, but these fascist methods of guilty until proven innocent are bs. I mean, it’s a desk job! I’ll donate to this website, and I’ll start getting involved in legalization at federal level.
    Just for others going through it- petite woman, fair metabolism, walking a lot but not a gym rat at all. Was a daily smoker though small quantities. Tested myself day 19 and was positive so I panicked. Increased my activity level and water intake and 3 days later I tested clean with home check. 10 days after took the preemployment escreen cup and passed. Good luck to everyone!

  1082. OnlyMe Says:

    I had been clean for about three months after being a daily crack user and relapsed July 24th with six bags. Since then I’ve quit and have been drinking a LOT of water and eating a lot if fruits and veggies. I get tested for drug court tomorrow on what I believe to be a twelve panel drug test. What are my chances on testing negative? Please help!!!!

  1083. OnlyMe Says:

    I’ve also quit smoking cigarettes and taken a home test, 4 panel, this past Friday which came out negative. I’m planning on buying a twelve panel tonight to make sure

  1084. OnlyMe Says:

    Hopefully you can get back to me before the night is over… I’m a nervous wreck! I’ve also been taking multivitamins for three weeks if this helps

  1085. EFFUP Says:

    I’m a heavy user, I smoke multiple times a day (about a dub a day), im 5’3 and 170 lbs. I recently applied for a job and got it, HOWEVER, I have to pass a drug test in a little less than 2 weeks. I really cant substitute my urine, what’s the best way that I can pass? I’m extremely nervous. I plan on just drinking A LOT of water but I’m really scared. Any tips?