Introducing legalizeit

legalizeit is the simple, straightfoward name of our new editor and contributor. Here’s his picture for you:

legalizeit is a policy analyst for a major national think tank.

I’ll let him say a few words:

America is at war. Every year, billions of our tax dollars flow like a waterfall into the pockets of those responsible for maintaining and supplying this war. Every year, thousands of Americans die either directly or indirectly as a result of this war. Every year, millions of Americans are arrested and sentenced to years of abuse, followed by lives of menial wage jobs and disrespect everywhere they go, all as a result of this war.

No, this isn’t Iraq, or Afghanistan. This is the War on Drugs. It is the longest running proclaimed war in American history, and it has claimed more resources and destroyed more lives than almost every other war in our history. Our own citizens fight against members of our country in a form of inter-cultural warfare that has no parallel in our history.

It is time for the government of the United States to recognize the reality that will define the future of all of America: The drug war is unwinnable. The further we push to eradicate the so-called menace of drugs, the more underground the commerce goes, and the more violent the outcomes become.

Need proof? Look at Mexico. Until about six years ago, the country was just as safe for the average citizen as any other Central American country. Recently, however, after Mexico began an ill-planned military crackdown on the major drug cartels, the country has become dangerous for even missionaries, aid workers, elected officials, and tourists.

The government, unfortunately, has become so convinced of the ideology which maintains this war that it couldn’t change the direction of this war even if the President and all the Democrats and Congress tried to (which they’re not). No, we can’t depend on our elected leaders to end this war. It is time for the citizens of the United States to stand up for their rights and dignities as human beings, as free citizens of this country. It is time for us to say, NO MORE. MR. PRESIDENT, END THIS WAR .

As you are no doubt already aware, great things can be expected from legalizeit.

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