Bastrop State Park – a Tribute

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One of the last great hikes I experienced

This is going to be an atypical post for our humble website. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you might know that the state of Texas is currently on fire. The most noteworthy inferno – of the dozens of scattered flames – consumed much of a town very close to the state capital, Austin. Bastrop is a relatively small city south of Austin, with a unique ecosystem that cannot be found anywhere else in the central part of the state.

As posted before, the Stoner Culture office resides in Austin, and we are an active bunch who enjoy hiking, camping, biking and all other manner of outdoor activity. Both the Editor and I have spent many relaxing hours hiding from the hot sun in the pine shade of Bastrop State Park. This 6,000 acre park consists of rare pine forest, and includes activities ranging from a community swimming pool, a natural lake, log cabins made in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and an 8 mile hike/primitive camping loop. The primitive camping area is one of the only in the state of Texas that allows for “true” primitive camping, granting visitors unrestricted access to the thick woodland areas.

Well, the devastation caused by the fire included over 1,000 homes, 4 lives, untold millions in various property damage and claimed nearly every bit of the 6,000 acre park. The fire was fueled by an intense drought, the longest 100˚ streak the state has seen in recorded history and wind gusts provided courtesy of La Niña. So far the fire has consumed over 30,000 acres, and went completely un-contained for days.

There is a video available from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, showing a small glimpse at just how quickly the fire consumed the incredibly volatile area.

As you can see, the fire quickly overtook anything in the path. Given the glorious summer I’ve spent enjoying the park, I feel like I need to share some of the unseen beauties of the park. Thanks BSP, and get well soon

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  1. Foxy Methoxy Says:

    Wonderful article.

  2. Coo Koo Kachoo of the Seven Seas Says:

    I really like the arachnid photo and the knees. Both clearly were taken by an eminent talent in the photography world.

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