Two strains with the word “wreck”

We have posted some trainwreck before. Today, I have another version to share with you! Bonus shot of “wreckdiculous” strain. Don’t worry, we’re collecting a stash of very HI-RES weed pictures to share with you later. Get ready for multi-mb magazine quality budshots! Until then, here are some more budshots to click on:

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16 Responses to “Two strains with the word “wreck””

  1. Foxy Methoxy Says:

    Nice pickup!

  2. dablazerr Says:

    those look like some super flame stuff, i envy u :p

  3. admin Says:

    We try.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    send me some for free

  5. 4:19 Says:

    Dude…. Pack me a bowl Bro!

  6. blair da boss Says:

    how hungry do you get after smoking that stuff?

  7. blue Says:

    like to get some of that

  8. Anonymous Says:

    looks like the trainwreck i get

  9. Anonymous Says:

    looks nice i live in colorado and still hard to find it that nice hit me up i want some

  10. Anonymous Says:

    hold on ill get you my bowl real quick lol

  11. Anonymous Says:

    shit looks dope. & it taste so good when you smokin it

  12. chettacheez Says:

    Lookin real fresh. wish i was puffing on some of that good

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Its a real chill high

  14. Anonymous Says:

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice fucking weeeeed loooks dope man

  15. 4:19GOT_ah-Min..Left Says:

    bad ass bud man haha shud blaze it up in duh bong=)

  16. budshotz1 Says:

    Yoyoyo! Dem budshotz make me DICK WANNA CHEEZE!!!

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