The layman’s perspective on a LSD trip circa 1953

LSD trip

My 12 hours as a madman is the name of an essay–which is a fancy term for TRIP REPORT. Written in 1953 by the aptly-named Sid Katz, a Canadian journalist who had a thing for covering the mental health scene. The main part of the essay is Sid’s best, and very creatively told, recollection of an acid trip at a mental hospital, all for the sake of science. Sid takes 200 ug of very good acid and has a strong trip. By employing a variety of Ph.D. mental health professionals as trip sitters, Sid managed to keep a very good record of the trip even though he abandoned his “notebook” after the first entry! Very interesting read if you’ve never taken LSD or a psychedelic before, and probably a story you can identify with if you have. Clicking the trippy photo above this text will also take you to the essay.

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2 Responses to “The layman’s perspective on a LSD trip circa 1953”

  1. Lotus Says:

    Damn what an excellent trip report. To think this dude was one of the first to experience tripping on that drug. I can’t imagine what must have been going through his mind! Incredible.

  2. Bruno Says:

    shit. that’s amazing. lucky bastard. hit me up for some coke?

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