Does early pot use make you dumb?

According to a newly presented study conducted by Harvard researchers, people who began smoking marijuana before the age of 16 score significantly lower on a standard test of intelligence than those who began smoking after 16. What does this study mean? Maybe the earlier onset smokers were more likely to be stoned while they were evaluated. In any case, check out the data yourself here at WebMD.

Did you smoke in your younger days? Let us know whether you think it made you dumber by commenting below.

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7 Responses to “Does early pot use make you dumb?”

  1. admin Says:

    Here at Stoner Culture we represent a variety of backgrounds and thus we all started being friendly with Ms. Mary Jane at different ages. All I can say is that if you’re going to start smoking weed before 16, you better do lots of complicated puzzles to stress your brain’s thinking centers. Otherwise you will end up the subject of a study like this and make us all look bad!

  2. Lotus Says:

    I smoked at a very early age, and I have not noticed any bad mental side effects, like the memory loss everyone touts. In fact, I remember this one time back when I was younger and I smoked weed. That was a good day. I got really hungry, but I didn’t like pineapples. This one really cute girl was there, however, and she convinced me to try the pineapple. Well, the pineapple sucked ass, but we ended up making out, and then we had a lovemaking sesh a week or so later. In conclusion, I believe the way of the future is to eat pineapples!

  3. admin Says:

    Experiences like this must be the opportunity cost of choosing to keep one’s faculties.

  4. stoner x Says:

    well i live in holland and i smoke weed since i was 13, i am 17 now.
    i never noticed any kind of side effect from the weed. i think it makes me smarter and makes me understand live more:)

  5. J Says:

    No. Just no

  6. ad Says:

    I didn’t smoke until I was 18 and I am thankful for it – it is the greatest drug in the world but you have to be mature about your use of it, I would have been stoned in high school and not cared about anything – being stoned in college isn’t nearly as big of a deal 🙂

  7. Bouttreefidy Says:

    Started at 13 6th grade. I still manage

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