The Drug Experiences of Lotus

It’s amazing to think that I’ve been heavily into recreational drugs for 4 years now. On the one hand, I’ve gained so many experiences; looking back it seems like I’ve had a lifetime of memories in this short time. On the other hand, I’ve only been using them for a fraction of my life, and it’s incredible to look forward to all the possibilities ahead of me.

One thing is for sure, I’ve done a lot of drugs. I’ve done some drugs that most people probably only know about in a mythical sense, and some people probably haven’t even heard of! In this article, I’d like to share with you all my experiences with these drugs, and which ones I like, and dislike, the most. I’ll try to order them from most enjoyable to least enjoyable, but since drugs are such complicated issues, it wont be perfect.

The list:

-LSD: Goddamn I love this drug. I could write books on this particular psychedelic, and still have things to say about it. The entire experience always astounds me. My entire perception of reality, from sight to sound to touch to taste to logic and everything in between, is twisted and molded into unfamiliar but still recognizable forms. It’s the cheapest psychedelic usually, and for the price of a gram of weed, you can have a 6-10 hour journey through your own mind. No trip is complete without music, and my god I don’t know what I would do without LSD and music in my life.

-Cannabis: Following a close second is cannabis. Cannabis is incredible because it can range from a slight little mood elevator, to a full fledged psychedelic, depending on how much you take, and the method with which you take it. It’s great enough that I can use it every day, without concern of addiction, and I never tire of it. It helps with my insomnia, and the general boredom of every day life. Truly the miracle drug.

-Ketamine: Outstanding. Remarkable. Enlightening. Studies have shown Ketamine to have potential uses in treating depression, and once you’ve tried this drug that comes as no surprise. Snort a line of K, put on some headphones, and just zone the fuck out. You will wonder why you ever lived before that point.

-MDMA: Also known as ecstasy, this drug induces exactly that. I have had limited experiences with this psychoactive, but I plan on getting much more acquainted with it in the future. Everything from tactile sensations to music is enhanced, and life just seems worthwhile.

-Opiates: Sometimes I think I like opiates a little too much. These would probably be closer to the top of the list, if it weren’t for the addictive properties. They are amazing, though. I love popping some Vicodin and listening to music, going to a concert, playing music, or really doing just about anything. The one other problem I have is the motion sickness that plagues me every time I drive in a car. Oh but it’s all worth it to feel that warm glow that you only get from a nice opiate buzz.

-DMT: What a wild ride this little chemical is. I’ve done it alone, with weed, with opiates, with psychedelics, and it always seems to outdo itself. My friends and I call it a little burst of acid, and I love the occasional DMT experience. All that plus the fact that it’s a little chemistry experiment makes this drug one of my favorites.

-Nitrous: Whippits, as we call them, are a great way to pass the time. I love everything about these, and invested in a little whip cream dispenser to make things easier. Like DMT, you can apply to essentially any drug, and have a multiplied experience. It has a little minute long psychedelic experience, with ego death almost a certainty. Just as wonderful a drug as I could ask for. The only thing that puts it lower on the list is the addiction, cost, and headaches from extended use.

-DXM: This drug is my fall-back. If I can’t get a hold of any “real” psychedelics, and I’m feeling the urge to trip, it’s always nice to run up to the CVS and pick up a couple bottles of the ‘tussin. I’ve spent many a mile robo–walking around my neighborhood/parks, and it’s always fun to experience the slight visuals and strange feelings of a robo–trip.

-Adderall: This drug is alright, on occasion. The hyper-focus effect, along with the desire to “get shit done” makes this a useful drug more than a fun one. The most fun I’ve had on adderall was playing Rock Band for about 3 hours, constantly owning the expert songs. Incidentally, that was also the last time I’ve played Rock Band…

-Alcohol: This is a pretty “meh” drug for me. Some people think alcohol is just the bees knees, but I really don’t get it. It’s alright if there’s absolutely nothing else to do, but really it just isn’t that fun. I’ve never had a hangover, either, and if I did I would probably never use it. However, it does remove all social inhibitions, and it makes everything hilarious. It does have its uses. Not beer, though. Beer can suck a dick. EDIT!!! I’ve since changed my opinion on beer. I quite enjoy a fine brew, especially after a long day at work, and my refrigerator is now stocked with them pretty often.

-Psilocybe mushrooms: I’ve had a couple experiences with shrooms, but they were nothing spectacular. The experience was fairly uncomfortable both times, with fairly unspectacular visuals. I plan on trying them again, so I’ll save my final judgement till then.

-Salvia: This drug can either be the most enlightening, or the most frightening. It’s like a five minute dream state that feels like a lifetime. I’ve had good experiences, bad experiences, and just plain weird experiences. I’m usually down to do some salvia, but it’s just such an unpredictable drug, it’s getting stuck near the bottom of my list.

-Benzodiazepines: Xanax or Valiums, pick your poison. I have no real issue with them, they just bore me. It’s like fast forwarding through life, and I want to savor every second I have conscious on this planet. I suppose some of the effects are somewhat desirable; they make me feel pretty good, and music and food are generally more enjoyable, but they make me feel fairly…dumb. That plus the fast forward effect make these a very rare use for me. I’ll usually turn down the offer of benzos unless for some reason I really feel compelled.

-Cocaine: Holy shit I have discovered a new “least favorite” drug. I first tried cocaine a few days ago, and man did it suck. Let me walk you through what happened… First, I snort the coke  (obviously), which was actually the best part. It felt all cold and soft, and cleared my sinuses right out! So I chilled out for a minute, waiting for the effects to take place. About 3 minutes in, I start feeling really anxious, and since we were doing it in a bathroom, I thought I was getting a bit claustrophobic, which happens to me sometimes on drugs. So I go outside where we were hanging out, and sit on the tailgate of my friend’s truck. Immediately I start feeling really light-headed. My hearing goes really muffled and distorts, and my vision becomes “pixelated” and blurry. On top of all this, I start sweating fucking bullets (I hardly sweat at all even if I’m exercising outside in the 100˚ Texas summer). My friend notices something is up and asks me if I need to go inside. I do, and after sitting in front of a fan for 5 minutes, I feel fine. The effects of the coke were really uncharacteristic, too. I was very relaxed, and felt slowed down. All in all, something I would never do again.

Well, I think that about sums up my list. Drugs have done some amazing things for me over the years, and I wouldn’t trade anything for the experiences I’ve had (figuratively, if someone offered me a million dollars you can damn well bet you’d never see my anecdotes on this site again!). Feel free to comment on experiences you’ve had, or how much you think my experiences suck!


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13 Responses to “The Drug Experiences of Lotus”

  1. Narrfing Says:

    I’ve done most of the things on this list except the wippits thing I’d have to say opiates are probabily my top. Like the good Oxys(:

  2. CNA Says:

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  3. Honk Says:


  4. Gurok Says:

    You have done so many types of drugs! All I’ve is done Cannabis, Psilocybin, and Alcohol. I really love Cannabis for the same reasons you do. Psilocybin has taught me so much since 8 months ago when i did it. But… alcohol sucks; only makes me dizzy, act stupid and not have fun.

  5. MaryJane Says:

    i’ve done everything on this list except DMT, Salvia, & Shrooms.
    Before i read this i’ve never even heard of Salcvia where i’m from.
    But i must say you had some WACK ASS coke. whitegirl is my 2nd girlfriend my first is that bitch mary! and the coke i get is not like that at all, i suggest if you try it again get it from someone else, and make sure it’s better! put some in your mouth, if it numbds it instantly its some GOOD shit, if it takes a minute or two it’s still good, but if it takes more than two minutes it’s some wack ass shit.

  6. MaryJane Says:

    Oh & You should try Hash sometime…. one of the BEST.

  7. Lotus Says:

    I appreciate the concern, MJ, but I am fairly confident on the quality of my cocaine. I had many friends who were using the same batch, which is what actually convinced me to finally try it. Nobody else had a reaction anywhere near mine, and I’m just more of a depressant type person anyway 🙂 Oh by the way I’ve had lots of experience with hash. Good stuff! Just thought it would be redundant to say hash and weed. Kinda like saying “I like hydrocodone and oxycodone.”

    Everyone else, thanks for the comments and for reading! Glad people are getting use out of my experiences 😀

  8. harley davidson Says:

    To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds.

    Warsaw University

  9. Janne Marrisrgd Says:

    Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen.

  10. Aleta Desena Says:

    Useful post do you mind if i mention this on my blog? Thanks

  11. Parrky Says:

    Solid post bro. really informative. iv taken a few of these drugs eg. weed, shrooms, E, salvia, nitriouse, alcohol and some that arnt on your list. yeah dont know what you have against alcohol. alcohol is algud. shrooms i must say have to be my faviourt, apart from of course weed. Ummm i would really like to know what DXM is? thanks 🙂

  12. Lotus Says:

    Thanks Parrky! My opinions have since changed on the alcohol. I do enjoy me a fine brew 😀

    DXM is basically just cough syrup. Check out the erowid page on it for more information.

  13. Chuchi78 Says:

    I dunno what you had that you thought was cocaine, but it was either meth or you may have a natural tendancy to react badly to the drug. I have friends that tend to harm themselves, become completely intolerable and obnoxious, or have a bad trip depending on which drug doesn’t agree with them. Overall, what you should have felt is the energy to party all night, dance, and (for most) screw like a pornstar on, well, cocaine. You do get amped up and too much may make you paranoid or jumpy, but it’s great when you’re drinking (completely neutralizes the effects of the alcohol). Not my drug of choice, but holy shit! You sound like you had the worst trip ever. Sorry, dude :/

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