4 New Macro Budshots

I think these might be even better than the pics from our last macro budshot edition. The strains being featured are bonanna, executive kush, king purple haze and ogre. Click each picture for a dank high res version and don’t forget to leave a comment if you like these budshots!

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6 Responses to “4 New Macro Budshots”

  1. mr. MAN Says:

    this shit looks fukin nasty..

  2. admin Says:

    Look at those dank ass trichromes…

  3. P Rooney Says:

    like dave chappelle once said… “i want that purple stuff”

  4. 4:19GOT_ah-Min..Left Says:

    fuck yeah nasty in a good way=) haha id smoke that bud lyk krazy (*_*)

  5. Dis dude Says:

    Amazing buds guys

  6. Lotus Says:


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