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4 New Macro Budshots

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

I think these might be even better than the pics from our last macro budshot edition. The strains being featured are bonanna, executive kush, king purple haze and ogre. Click each picture for a dank high res version and don’t forget to leave a comment if you like these budshots!

The AP Says What We Were All Thinking…

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The headline states that the “US drug war has met none of its goals.” You mean just throwing trillions of dollars at a problem doesn’t make it go away? You mean people are going to do what they want regardless of whether or not the government says they can? You mean that a program that imprisons non-violent people does more harm than good? Who could have ever guessed? Apparently the new drug czar in our own great US of A did!

“‘In the grand scheme, it has not been successful,’ Kerlikowske told The Associated Press. ‘Forty years later, the concern about drugs and drug problems is, if anything, magnified, intensified.'” Well I’ll be damned. But, of course, there are the dissenters…

“‘To say that all the things that have been done in the war on drugs haven’t made any difference is ridiculous,’ Walters said. ‘It destroys everything we’ve done. It’s saying all the people involved in law enforcment, treatment and prevention have been wasting their time. It’s saying all these people’s work is misguided.'” Uh, Mr. Walters? That’s exactly what we’re saying. But don’t take my word for it! Read the entire article, and pass your own judgement, here.

A Non-Comprehensive Guide to Recreational Psychoactive Substances, or, a list of drugs.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

There is a lot of information to sift through in regards to recreational drugs. Whether it’s from the DEA, MADD, your drug dealer, or a random website you stumble across, there tends to be quite a bit of bias in the answers you find. I’m going to try to accomplish the impossible: an unbiased guide to drugs!

I am inevitably going to fail, as I am admittedly extremely biased towards the responsible use of drugs. I believe that almost any drug can be used responsibly, and if everyone was thoroughly educated on them, it would be much more common that people could do so. Drug education could also have loads of other positive effects, of course, including a reduced stigma, further research, and better addiction assistance, but that’s another topic entirely.

So without further delay, let’s begin!


Extremely Dank Macro Nugs

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

As promised earlier, I have some very dank closeups of exotic buds. Today, we have four strains: Afgooey Supreme, Boonanie, Lemon Diesel and the old standard Grandaddy Purple. The best image here is the Afgooey Supreme (top left)– it’s especially hi-res.

If you like these budshots, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment! We’ll have more exotic strains for you later if you stick around.

The Drug Experiences of Lotus

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

It’s amazing to think that I’ve been heavily into recreational drugs for 4 years now. On the one hand, I’ve gained so many experiences; looking back it seems like I’ve had a lifetime of memories in this short time. On the other hand, I’ve only been using them for a fraction of my life, and it’s incredible to look forward to all the possibilities ahead of me.

One thing is for sure, I’ve done a lot of drugs. I’ve done some drugs that most people probably only know about in a mythical sense, and some people probably haven’t even heard of! In this article, I’d like to share with you all my experiences with these drugs, and which ones I like, and dislike, the most. I’ll try to order them from most enjoyable to least enjoyable, but since drugs are such complicated issues, it wont be perfect.


Lotus’ Guide to Psychedelic Use

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

[stc: this was written by our established contributor Lotus, who is a frequent user of psychedelics and occasionally rides motocross stoned]
Tripping for the first time on a psychedelic can be a very stressful time for any person. Most people have no idea what to expect from a drug like LSD, psilocybe mushrooms, or mescaline, and the rumors and myths surrounding these drugs can make it difficult to tell fact from fiction. I’m going to try to tell you some things to help you out on what can be a life-changing experience, so that it’s a change for the better, and not the worse.


Macro budshot of the day: Dank OG Kush

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

We got some OG Kush up in here. At least, that’s what the name on the file says. One thing I know is that it looks dank.

OG Kush Budshot

I have 30 other shots in my collection like this one. They are all of exotic buds, and are all HI-RES! Leave a comment if you’re interested in seeing some more top notch macro budshots.

Picture of the day: huge box full of dank

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered what a big box full of dank looks like, you’re in luck! Below is a picture of just such a box. Original credit goes to an unknown medical dispensary for taking this picture. I realize this picture is maybe an 8/10 in technical terms but the content is what inspired the post. Who can argue with a big box of buds, I mean really. Look forward to more of our famous hi-res, hi-clarity fluffy nugshots. Our goal is to bring you the dankest pictures available on the web, so if you want to contribute just send us a pic of your buds (needs to be hi res and in focus with good lighting and most importantly good bud) and we will post it. Leave any comments below. Oh, and here’s the picture:

a cardboard box full of dank

Leave a comment and tell us you want more budshots if you like our content!

Drug overdose: Medical marijuana facing a backlash

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

This article from the Associated Press outlines some of the troubles faced by the growth-rich medical marijuana industry. From the article:


“Fourteen states have legalized medical marijuana, beginning with California in 1996, and the District of Columbia followed suit this month. The laws allow chronically ill people to buy marijuana with permission from a doctor.

But many of these states passed their laws without working out the details. And they weren’t ready for the boom in pot shops that occurred this past year after the Obama administration announced it wouldn’t prosecute medical marijuana users.

In some places, law enforcement officials and civic leaders are complaining that there are too many marijuana dispensaries, that buyers and sellers are falling victim to robberies and break-ins, that driving-under-the-influence arrests are on the rise, and that the pot is being sold indiscriminately and winding up on the black market.”


What are your views on the growing medical marijuana industry? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

WARNING: This story contains graphic content.

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Here is some modern anti-LSD propaganda right out of California. It sounds to me more like the people are doing pcp.

Arcata Police report rash of bad LSD trips