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This page is a tribute to all the random contributors to our site. Their stays were usually short, but they came to regale us with tales from all across the globe, and from a variety of different backgrounds. Without them, who knows where we’d be today. If you’d like to see your chosen moniker on this page, feel free to make some stoner-related art, or write up an article; you too can be internet famous!

Will he return? Only time will tell:
Introducing legalizeit

We uh… we don’t remember who this is:
What If Coffee Beans Were Discovered in 1993

Sassy not Classy
She was Canadian and didn’t offer any more articles. Whereabouts-unknown:
A Variation On The Classic ‘Green Dragon’
Canna-Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Sauce For Focaccia Bread
Stoner Recipe: Cannabutter Cake With Lemon Sauce

King Cthulhu
Gone but not forgotten:
Editorial: A Look at LSD
Marijuana as a Sensory Enhancer

Some random dude:
Stoner Culture Phrases

Currently living the life, whereabouts unknown:
Cannabis is Not Scheduled Appropriately

Oh I think you all know about this person:
Nugshot Wallpaper Courtesy of Anonymous
Trip Report: Street Ecstasy
Trip Report: Shrooms On A Saturday Night
Glass Pipe Sanitation and Resin
A Proper Collection

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