A Variation On The Classic ‘Green Dragon’

This article was written for the site by potsmoker and culinary artist Sassy Not Classy.
Have you ever wanted to get drunk AND high, without having to put down your beer to smoke a bowl? Well I have the perfect solution for you. Make some weedohol!


  • Any kind of alcohol, 40% or higher
  • Tasty weed

I used half a 26oz of Bacardi white rum and 1/4oz of sticky icky delicious tasting weed. All you do is bust up the weed a bit and shove it into the bottle and shake it up. I left it in the cupboard for about a month, shaking every week or so.

Looking back, I probably should have shook it more, like every 3 days or so, but I’m a stoner and I forget things. I finished midterms last week and my friends were having a house party on Saturday so I decided to get quite drunk on this:

I strained out the plant material first, obviously. It tasted kind of piney, my friends and I agreed it tasted like Christmas, which worked out quite nicely given that it’s all pretty and wintery outside.
The high itself was not at all what I expected. I was drinking regular whiskey in between shots of the Bacardi, and while I was pretty fucking gone by the end of the night, I wasn’t blacked out or passing out like eating weed normally does to me. In fact, rather than getting ridiculously drowsy like normal, I was energized, coherent (I’m pretty sure) and had a fucking awesome time. Many awesomely drunk pictures were taken. I left around 1:30am and had a nice sleep, until the alarm went off at 8am. My brain was not so much angry at me than it was fuzzy and generally absent. Hangover bowls did nothing to help this situation either. Luckily it was Sunday and I love cleaning when I’m stoned so I just got really baked all day and clumsily tidied up my apartment.
Overall, this was probably the best time I’ve put weed in my tummy to date. I love eating weed but I always get very drowsy and end up taking 13 hour weednaps. The weedohol was great, I was really energetic and didn’t have a hard time socializing like when I get super high on edibles. 9/10 stars.
—Sassy Not Classy

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2 Responses to “A Variation On The Classic ‘Green Dragon’”

  1. Zephyr Says:

    You can shortcut this process dramatically with the use of a stove. If you put your booze in a pot, and keep it simmering just below the boiling point of ethanol(160ish F), you can steep the plant matter in there like tea. Let it brew for like 20 minutes, strain back into the bottle, let it chill, and enjoy. I did this with a liter bottle of everclear. ’twas a 2 shot party. That’s all anybody needed. Nasty, nasty, tasting shit though. Like having your throat burned out with flaming lawn clippings.

  2. Sassy Not Classy Says:

    I’ve also heard of putting the mixture in the freezer for 3-4 days to extract the thc. I’ve never had Everclear but it sounds awful, the Bacardi white mixture tasted somewhat similar to gin. It didn’t burn any more than a regular shot.

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