Indica Nugs—Nice And Fresh

These two images our courtesy of our own dear contributor Lotus. Click for an extremely high res copy of each! Leave your opinion on these dank nugs by commenting below.

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6 Responses to “Indica Nugs—Nice And Fresh”

  1. matt mernagh Says:

    beautiful looking nugs. the purple is very beautiful. is that a natural genetic of the strain or was this accomplished via dropping the temperature?

  2. admin Says:

    Unfortunately, the grower here is an unknown, so no idea.

  3. Kane Taylor Says:

    Yo this is definatly a 10 on my scale .. i smoked something similar to this almost as good looking so i only could imagine what that high is like 😛

  4. Kane Taylor Says:

    Who ever designed this website please email me back !

  5. skunk187 Says:

    smoked an onion of that exact same shit a while back

  6. i.c wiener Says:

    i love weed

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