Trip Report: Street Ecstasy

This trip report was written by a person who is a student at a private college in the southern US. The comments at the end of this document should serve as a reminder that it’s always worth testing the pills you get so that at the very least you know what you’re dosing yourself with. Safety should always be prioritized above all else when it comes to drug hobbies.


Experience Report: 10/25/08

Time of consumption: 10:30 PM

Substance consumed: two “ecstasy” pills

  • red, tightly packed with pink spots
  • Glock pistol logo
  • indented edge at top
  • no smell/taste (swallowed)

I purchased three hits of ecstasy a few months ago and had tried one pill back then.  It was different from these two… the first one was a blue ribbon.  The other two were red pills with pink spots packed tightly in there.  The front was outlined by an indented ring around the pill, and it was emblazoned with the indentation of a Glock pistol.

After feeling very little to no effects from the first attempt a few months earlier, I consumed both hits of ecstasy this time.  I had also smoked cannabis about 30 minutes prior to consuming the pills and a cigarillo about an hour prior.  Both pills were swallowed at about 10:30 PM.  Within 30 minutes of swallowing the pills, my heart rate seemed to increase and I began to feel stimulated.  We then headed to a party with seven kinds of drinks…

At the party, the effects started to kick in, making my vision slightly more intense and producing a “trippy” feeling in my body.  I felt similar to when I tripped on acid, as everything seemed a little distorted and out of proportion, and my body felt very awkward.  However, my skin felt very much alive, and the sense of touch seemed somewhat enhanced.  The mental effects of the drug became immediately evident in the way they influenced my speech patterns and sociability.  When combined with the alcohol I was drinking, the ecstasy gave me a much increased ability and desire to communicate with people, especially girls.  Conversation flowed easily, and everything seemed infinitely interesting.  I found myself telling people things which would have never come out sober.

Within the hour, I began to feel more and more lightheaded, with waves of sensation washing down from my head to my spine and out to my body.  I reached a plateau at this level of sensations and had a great time at the party.  The effects at this point are difficult to describe—it was as if all my skin doubled in its sensitivity to touch and my body became seemingly fluid.  Dancing seemed effortless as I flowed with the beats.  These effects continued throughout the night, although they seemed to shift toward a more speedy feeling later into the night.

About four hours after consuming the ecstasy, we left the party and headed to campus.  There we smoked two bowls of cannabis and chilled with the guitar on the balcony.  I ended up staying on the balcony until about 5:00 AM and am still awake at present (7:20 AM).  Despite smoking numerous bowls of cannabis, I cannot seem to calm my heart rate down enough to fall asleep.  I suspect that there is an adulterant added to this ecstasy in addition to MDMA… possibly methamphetamine or another strong stimulant.

NOTE: Upon later observation, meth or another strong stimulant was definitely an adulterant.  Depressed hangover feelings took over the following day, but the speedy feeling was still somewhat present.  Full recovery didn’t occur until two days later.


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8 Responses to “Trip Report: Street Ecstasy”

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  2. James Says:

    i rolled the same day it twas fun

  3. zII SkuNk IIz Says:

    Most of mdma always has methamphetamine in it. Well at least the ones I found. Depressed hangover feelings took over the following day, but the speedy feeling was still somewhat present. I get this feeling with adderall so it probably was

  4. Artie from West Tx Says:

    i had a horrible experience with pills that were red and they looked like red ribbons i was scared and every minute seemed to last an hour and i couldnt stand it i wish i could know what was in it because it was definatley not MDMA i had a horrible somewhat phsycadelic trip i felt as if everyone was different colors and i could talk to people but i was scared it made me feel like if something bad was imminent i hope i never get these pills again i live in the west texas area near El Paso

  5. Virgie Says:

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  6. Lotus Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! We have had issues lately but are busy working out as many kinks as we can.

  7. deepblade Says:

    My experience with MDMA/Ecstasy was quite similar back in 2003. At college with with a couple of close buds we scored some pink Bart Simpsons. Pillreports confirmed these were the real deal and also had methamphetamine. A first time for both substances for the three of us.

    Man, what a night that was. Freaking incredible and unforgettable. Theres nothing like your first roll – they aren’t lying when you hear that. EVERYTHING was amazing and felt like they were as good as they can get – music, smoking, touch, drinking, and menthol inhalers. OK, eating was not as it was nearly impossible.

    The stuff wore off after about 8 hours and by then it was getting light outside, which was a bummer and the beginning of the comedown. Couldn’t sleep at all that day and felt pretty crappy and didn’t feel normal for 3 or so days afterwords.

    I’m an advocate for anyone who dabbles in pyscoactive substances to try E/MDMA, if only one time. The experience can certainly change your outlook on life for the better. Just know what you are taking first!! Very important! This stuff isnt regulated. If the site is still active, pillreports dot com should be searched against your rolls first. Be safe and never have anything important planned for the next day as you will likely be feeling pretty down. It’s still gonna be worth it though.

  8. Lotus Says:

    Your comment put a smile on my face. Reminds me of my first time. I agree everyone should try it at least once, and thanks for the comment!

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