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Listed below are links to all the entries Lotus has made to Lotus is a consistent contributor to the blog. He is a daily smoker, and uses the occasional psychedelic. Dank is the product of choice for Lotus, and he refuses to buy otherwise. His hobbies include much more than just drugs, however, and encompass music, cooking, racing, and many things in between. You’ll see these and other hobbies appear and intertwine in some of his writings. If you want, you can follow Lotus on twitter (not that he ever updates)! Exciting new development! The staff of stoner culture entered the year 1999, and we all have e-mails! To e-mail Lotus, simply type into your mail client’s “To” field, and click send! Body and/or Subject text optional!

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What Happens When You Get Arrested for Weed?

Successfully Store, Transport and Ship Drugs

Lotus Vaporizer: Future of Portable Vaping?

SOPA/PIPA… Sopapilla?

Friendly Reminder to Stand Up for Your Rights… With Video!

Gary Johnson is a Complete Badass

“Was my weed laced?” a Handy Checklist

Stoner’s Guide to Cheating/Beating Drug Tests

Sour Diesel Weed… and a Guitar (pics)

Breaking Tolerance

Bastrop State Park – a Tribute (pics)

A Town of Texas-grown Trichomes (pics)

Dank Texas Weed (pics)

DNA of Marijuana Fully Sequenced

55% of Americans Support Legalization

The Pot Republic Airing Tonight on PBS

Drug Raid on Law Professor Ends with One Pissed Off Law Professor

LSD and the Spirit World

First Drug Legislation to Make me Chuckle Instead of Cry

Yeah, This Post is About That

Stoner Profile: The Office

A Non-Comprehensive Guide to Psychoactive Substances or, a list of drugs

The Drug Experiences of Lotus

Lotus’ Guide to Psychedelic Use

Indica Nugs: Nice and Fresh (pics)

Riding Motocross After Smoking Pot

A Case for Vaporizers

How One Might Go About Purchasing the Fine Green Herb

Driving While Stoned

The Edge of Insanity: Why Bic Lighters Aren’t Better

A Sensory Experience Courtesy of Lotus

Some Potent Acid Plus a Lake

Time to Smoke (pics)

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