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He is known only as “editor.” It is rumored that he once had a name, but during a period of strife he ate his name for sustenance. In any case, the man is the visionary who designed and created this very website. More myth than man, editor has been sighted driving around in his sporty little vehicle, riding around on his sporty little motorcycle, testing his endurance on a bicycle, and of course smoking the ganja (or occasionally enjoying a fine opiate). There are psychedelics in his past, but they will likely remain there for at least the immediate future.

And naturally, he’s a talented and consistent writer for the ol’ SC. His original content follows (from newest to oldest):

4 New Macro Budshots

Extremely Dank Macro Nugs

Macro budshot of the day: Dank OG Kush

Prop 203 has passed. Medical Ganja now allowed in Arizona!

The Stoner Culture Psychedelic Archives

Two strains with the word “wreck”


Kief joints <3

How Novel, Marijuana Photography

New budshot: Sensei Star

Dank Blueberry Kush

The Psychedelic Review

High Satisfaction: Munchies Gone Overboard

Budshot: An Uncommonly Dank Indica

About Face: I Take A Look At Lotus’ Vaporizer

The Obama Victory Joint

We Have A Forum

More Purple Than Green

The Best Program That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: XaoS

Some Incredibly Dank G-13 Buds

Grau—The Standard for Digital Trippiness

Another Old Standard—White Widow

On Lighters—Just Buy the Damn Bic

Waiting: The Thrilling Conclusion


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