$32 Million Grow Busted in Southern California


The site, which has already been cleared of some 9,139 illegal marijuana plants, was located on a 30-acre avocado orchard northeast of Orosi on the 14800 block of Johnson Drive, Orosi. Officers discovered a large-scale processing station there, including drying fans, heaters and ventilation equipment to “aid in the drying process,” deputies reported.

Equipment designed to grow marijuana indoors was also discovered at the Orosi site. Officials of electricity provider Southern California Edison revealed that power was being diverted illegally to the site.

The seized plants’ estimated street value was estimated by police to be $37.3 million. Previously dried marijuana amounting to around 500 pounds valued at $2 million was also seized and destroyed.


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Well, this is a pretty big bust. The guys they’ve arrested will probably spend some time in prison. Leave your thoughts below.

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