Waiting is something that marijuana smokers are intimately familiar with. This is unfortunate, because waiting to re-up is rarely an experience we savor. This is double the case when you’re dry. Why all the waiting? Aside from the fact that the market is concerned with an illegal product, we wait because drug dealers are very shitty business people. This is especially the case with pot dealers. The pot dealers most people have to deal with are people on the very bottom of the food chain. They’re slanging so they can smoke for free, or so they can have a meager supplement to their income. Anyway, the point that I was originally intending to make is that drug dealers are shitty business people because the nature of the market allows it.

This is the first post of the Stoner Culture blog, and I would like to welcome any new readers to the site. Post your own tales of shitty dealers by making a comment below.

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4 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. Lb13 Says:

    if they make you wait its because they can. they know you will wait because you want it. a lot of dealers don’t care about the 5 dollar sack you wanna buy so they rather go and serve all the other people that have called them for 50 sacks that called after you did.

    besides every user has to have at least two connects.

  2. Jane Says:

    That isn’t entirely true, I have waited on a 50 sack plenty of times.

  3. Foxy Methoxy Says:

    My dealer is wonderful she never makes me wait!

  4. lostheghost Says:

    its because the “shitty business man” is dealing with multiple fiends (such as yourself) at a time and if he tells you your gonna wait well then your gonna wait…guarantee after all this bitching your still gonna wait on every bag you buy and not say a damn thing to the dudes face

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