On Lighters—Just Buy the Damn Bic

It has never ceased to amaze me just how many stoners partake of our peculiar craft with the inferior sort of lighter that is a complete chore to get lit and keep lit. During my introductory period to the herb, I was always at the mercy of other people’s lighters, and as a result of this I am a hardcore lighter nazi. I shouldn’t have to state this, but by referring to myself as a nazi I am attempting to illustrate by means of hyperbola that I am rather picky when it comes to the sort of lighter I choose to carry. Anyway, I soon learned that the piss-poor lighters other people carry are never to be trusted when it comes time to light the bowl. The solution?


A Bic lighter:

Hell yes. These lighters are simple, practically indestructible and they always light until they run out of gas. Really: every stoner should carry a no-nonsense gets-the-job-done-every-time lighter like this. Plus, the safety mechanism is laughably simple to remove and with a minimum of work (how-to of that here) you can remove it and have a lighter that is extremely easy to strike:


We can do this, people. It’s not hard. Just buy the damn Bic next time you’re at the convenience store and you need a lighter.

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6 Responses to “On Lighters—Just Buy the Damn Bic”

  1. 19charactersorless Says:

    I’ve only began to realize just how awesome Bic lighters are, particularly if you’re using a vaporgenie.

  2. Zephyr Says:

    I was at ACL this weekend smoking, and my bic lit just fine outside, in the wind. I’ve yet to find another disposable lighter that does that, and I’ve heard zippos are shit to smoke with.

  3. Bob Says:

    What a load of pathetic, druggie scum. Losers.

  4. caliprop19ftw Says:

    bics are the shit. they are all I buy. i like finding brown ones cus they are rare near where i live haha. and yes, zippos make ur bud taste like gasoline.

  5. Lotus Says:

    Aww, Bob you’re making me blush 🙂

  6. AlexanderS Says:

    BIC and Cricket. If you see one, grab it fast 🙂

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