Medical Marijuana User’s Stash Stolen by the Police

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A medical marijuana user has filed a $1-million lawsuit against Seal Beach police for taking up to 50 of his pot plants and allegedly forcing him to become an informant.

The Orange County Superior Court lawsuit filed last month by Bruce Benedict, 43, of Seal Beach, said he’s a marijuana patient and caregiver who is allowed by California law to grow and distribute marijuana.

Benedict alleged he called police because of illegal construction in his apartment building and officers smelled marijuana. County prosecutors refused to file charges so officers returned to Benedict’s apartment later with federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents in tow, according to the suit.

The pot was confiscated and Benedict was arrested. California law allows medical marijuana but federal law prohibits it.

Benedict’s suit said police officers asked him to move out of the city and become an informant in various drug matters. Benedict complied, alleging police told him he would face federal charges if he didn’t work for them.

The city has declined comment.
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