King Cthulhu’s Music Chamber—Edition One

Sometimes when I’m smoking with my hos intellectual drug companions outside, I get some mad auditory hallucinations. Musical hallucinations that must be quelled by the sweet sound of their real sister. Today’s real sister is:

STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9)—Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist from the album Peaceblaster

 (Click the song name to listen or download free from

This particular song is extremely entrancing, memorably melodic, and has a catchy beat. STS9 has some wonderful music for sleeping, or just listening to when you’re baked. Every time I listen to this song, I feel like I’m trudging through the jungle wearing a M16 on my back while chopping away foliage with my Vietnamese machete.  

Another one of my favorite albums by the group is Artifact (2005). STS9 also performs live (amazingly) and has lots of people dropping out of college to be their groupies (ACL 2008 anyone?). Speaking of ACL, our main writer is going there on Saturday! There will be coverage to some degree here, so keep checking back.

—King Cthulhu


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