Group Working to Legalize Dispensaries in Oregon

Full article at the Ashland Daily Tidings.

In Oregon, legally smoking “green” requires a green thumb, or knowing someone who does.

Medical marijuana cardholders — even those who are terminally ill — must grow their own marijuana or find someone else to grow it for them, according to state law.

But some local activists are aiming to change that. Voter Power, a medical marijuana activist group with an office in Medford, plans to put a measure on a 2010 ballot to create dispensaries in Oregon, similar to those in California.

“Currently, we have the grower-caregiver patient system, but a lot of patients do not have access to their medicine,” said Alex Rogers, outreach coordinator for Voter Power, who works in Jackson County. “They don’t have the time or money to grow their own, nor are they connected to someone who does.”

Voter Power, which led efforts to legalize medical marijuana 1998, hopes to create a limited number of nonprofit dispensaries where cardholders can receive marijuana.

Looks like a good plan to me. Leave your views by commenting below.

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One Response to “Group Working to Legalize Dispensaries in Oregon”

  1. Nugget Says:

    To bad I live in North Carolina, which appears to never want to legalize it in any fashion. Kudo’s for those in Cali and Oregan though. Hopefully this will spread and more dispensaries will showup in more states where it is legal.

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