Grau—The Standard for Digital Trippiness

This video is absolutely fucking crazy. There’s not any other way I can reasonably explain it. Some of you may have seen this already. Watch it again! The above screenshot does very little to convey the true depth and power this piece contains. There is quite a bit of complexity to the piece overall, and the musical accompaniment is nothing short of phenomenal in terms of quality and overall emotional evocativeness. Click the above picture to go to the artist’s website, or watch the video below. I guarantee you that you’ll want to download the high quality version after viewing the full piece on youtube.


Grau on Youtube

High Quality Download (101 MB Quicktime 7)

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3 Responses to “Grau—The Standard for Digital Trippiness”

  1. Lotus Says:

    This is the coolest video ever. Every time I watch it I notice more and more things. Never ceases to entertain me

  2. Zephyr Says:

    It’s truly mindblowing. A must see for trippy-shit enthusiasts everywhere.

  3. dersty Says:

    So many different things going on at once, yet so little. Amazing video! and the sounds are also very intense, this would be crazy to watch while on a psychedelic.

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