Editorial: A Look at LSD

This essay was written by the same fellow who wrote the paper on cannabis as a sensory enhancer a few posts down—King Cthulhu. He will be a regular personality here at Stoner Culture, and while his writings may not always be exactly on the topic of marijuana, they will serve to cover the drug scene—which is, at some level, inseparable from the cannabis scene itself—at large.

We all love a little ganja every so often, I’m sure of it. But what I love more every so often is the wonderful chemical lysergic acid diethylamide. In 1938, Albert Hoffman first discovered LSD and because of him, we have one of the most life changing and therapeutic chemicals ever known to man.

LSD is administered using blotter papers. The papers are “blotted” with certain amounts of LSD (LSD dosage is very small) and then torn off and given for individual consumption. The usual method is to simply place the paper on your tongue for 30 minutes. After that, you can probably expect to find yourself in happy land.

For some people, psychedelics cause a nausea feeling. This is simply oversensitivity to the acceleration and morphing of reality that LSD creates. To counter this, consume marijuana. Cannabis also has enhancing effects for LSD, and is also a great compliment to most other drugs as well.

The most important part of LSD is obviously its psychedelic potency. Its ability to change and morph your perception of reality is incredible given the small dosage; some go as far to say it’s therapeutic. As a matter of fact, scientific research has been done with LSD and has favorable results. Many patients say that the trip is “an enlightening and highly spiritual experience.” There is also research to suggest that psychoactive chemicals help treat psychological disorders such as bipolar disease, OCD, anxiety, depression, addiction, and others.

From personal experience, LSD is something you shouldn’t live life without trying at least once. It’s an amazing drug that changes your perspectives on life so drastically that the after effects can last for days, even months, possibly years. To give you sort of a preview, one of the effects of LSD is ego death. This is the complete death of your ego and all the biases associated with it; you view everything, including yourself, objectively. Chew on that while you find yourself some of this magical drug.

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6 Responses to “Editorial: A Look at LSD”

  1. Anonymoose Says:


    A lot of people recommend NOT smoking cannabis while tripping, as it often introduces paranoia, which can lead to a bad trip. If you get the least bit paranoid while high, DO NOT SMOKE when you are tripping. There is an exception to this advice though. Smoking cannabis during the comedown doesn’t seem to send many over the edge into a ‘bad trip’ while enhancing the fleeting effects of LSD.

  2. King Cthulhu Says:

    For me, paranoia has never been a problem with cannabis during a trip, its always been beneficial to someone like me who gets nauseated by the acceleration of coming up. It’d probably be beneficial to also smoke strains that are more geared towards helping nausea and anxiety.

    Mixing substances can be a tricky business as far as effects go, but chemically all the compounds don’t interact with each other, so you can guarantee yourself safety if you try it. My advice would be, if you have nausea / anxiety, or you just want to see what its like to mix, to try it once and see how it goes. Its not the end of the world if you have a bad trip; or if you’re really that concerned just don’t do it at all (though then you’ll never know).

  3. admin Says:

    Just so you guys know, King Cthulhu is the author of the article. I’ll amend the original post to reflect this.

  4. dgm Says:

    What are the sources used in this article? If sources aren’t listed, I can’t take an article like this seriously.

  5. admin Says:

    This article represents the author’s subjective views on LSD and is not meant to be taken as anything more.

  6. Echo Says:

    I don’t see how dgm can’t take this seriously, all of the stuff the guy wrote about is exactly what LSD does and has the potential to do.

    Personally though, I don’t like mixing psychedelic drugs with weed, because I feel it significantly clouds the clarity of the psychedelic experience. I enjoy seeing exactly what LSD can do by itself, it’s amazing.

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